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Ahura Mazda, Ormasde, [1] Ahura Mazda or Ormuz [2] was the principle or god of good , according to Zoroastrianism and Persian mythology . He lived in constant struggle against his twin brother, the principle or god of evil known as Arimã . Both were sons of the first creative god, Zurvan (the time). Arimã, as the firstborn son, was more powerful than Aúra-Masda and would have reigned for a thousand years. However, after that period, he would be defeated by Aúra-Masda.

Aúra-Masda was also the god of heaven, wisdom, abundance and fertility. I could prophesy . He was defended by a group of spirits called Amshaspends . He was the father of Atar , the fire of heaven; Gayomart , the first mortal human being (the first human being, according to Persian mythology, had been Yima , who was immortal), created from light and which would have given rise to all other human beings; and Mitra , god of wisdom, war and the sun.


Appearance: Ahura's children have black hair, usually long and wear in the old samurai style, while girls usually wear Persian armor and have gray eyes.

Personality: They can be calm, outgoing, respectful, honorable or any other personality, there is a great variation


Passive Powers


Super intelligence


Level 01-10: Ahura Mazda's son was initially born with an incredibly improved mental development with an eidetic memory, in addition to knowing how to calculate the various possibilities that exist on certain occasions through his own perception and choosing the one that is most likely to materialize, or the best person for the occasion. Offspring always stand out among the others in the camp, knowing all types of martial arts, with any type of weapon, or without weapons, having the experience of a master in the arts of fighting. The demigod has medium knowledge of the basic subjects taught in elementary, middle and higher education such as Portuguese, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, history, geography and among other subjects. This allows you to be aware of the rules that each subject imposes and you can use this to analyze your situations and formulate both military and territorial strategies, such strategies almost never fail to be extremely formulated. (It is necessary to know the place, or the army, to know the details that it adds to be able to generate a well elaborated strategy, if the offspring knows all the necessary information they can formulate the strategy in the best way, being able to change it in the middle of the battle , or when it goes wrong, adding new things if possible)


Level 11-25: Now, your mind becomes completely wise, being able to know exactly all the basic subjects taught in elementary, high school and higher education. Not only that, but his mind now expands to a psychological level, where the follower becomes able to understand how the mind of any being works, just spending a few minutes with it, being able to predict the next movements of his opponent through pure perception that almost never fails (it is necessary to know the person and always be talking to him, whether during combat or not, also being able to decipher it through habits, actions and movements).


Level 26-35: Now the demigod learns about various areas involving mechanics, civil engineering, besides being able to build technological things or not and among other related worldly modalities. Knowing how to fix broken things (of any kind, even divine in most cases, but you need to know how the material was made and what types of items were used in its creation). In addition to understanding about civil engineering, which is the branch of engineering that encompasses the conception, design, construction and maintenance of all types of infrastructure necessary for the well-being and development of society, in addition to the preservation of the natural environment, in addition to understand about construction and forges,


Level 36-50: The offspring are now expanding their mental capacity and are now able to understand perfectly about military, chemical and nuclear branches as well as understanding about advocacy. The demigod understands how each existing strategy, protocols, rules and punishments of divine or mundane origin works, holding knowledge that involves the use of both chemical and nuclear substances, of harmful, toxic or radioactive origin, among other things. The demigod basically extends his intelligence to inhuman levels, being able to use his knowledge for various purposes, being able to use his skill in advocacy to find ways to break even the most impossible rules to break, even the simplest ones, being a master in robberies and thefts, being able to perform the most complicated operations easily, even the simplest.


Level 51-99: Your mind reaches capacities beyond inhumane now a cosmic intelligence. The offspring expands their mind to a level compared to the gods, while a simple demigod sees an ant, or a certain inanimate or alive thing, as it really is in its formation. The demigod can see something bigger, even being able to see the essence, knowing just by looking at his opponent how good he is and how good he can get, through pure deduction. The eyes of Ahura Mazda's son become able to see everything that is possible, from physical, mental, deductive, empathic and various other types through the eyes, having eyes that never fail. Being a very intelligent being he can understand the mind of any being, easily sympathizing with other beings, having a very convincing language.


Level 100-150: The demigod has his mind at its peak, having a mind dozens of times superior to the greatest geniuses of humanity. Covering any worldly or divine modality, having knowledge about everything that was invented by gods and humans since the beginning of time. The offspring becomes one of the wisest demigods in knowledge and can know how to make any being nervous or calm easily. He is incredibly good at manipulating his opponents and can induce his allies, opponents or anyone, even an entire army, to do his bidding through his own labia. Whether by blackmail, a threat, a scam, a motivation among many other possible things, his ability to analyze the probabilities expands to extremely high levels,





Ahura Mazda was considered to be a very kind and good god, who used to not get involved in wars and the like. Your children can only with your presence make everyone feel pure and good feelings, removing negative feelings.


Level 01-10: You can make everyone around you feel good psychologically, being taken by a strong peace of mind. Not feeling feelings or emotions like hate, anger, sadness, fear and etc. Of course affecting only demigods with low levels, or animals.


Level 11-25: The demigod can now make everyone around him feel a strong desire to protect his allies, even if he doesn't deserve it he will still feel that need, just like anyone else around. Except immune.


Level 26-35: The demigod can make a place with a tense climate, become harmonious and good, preventing everyone around him from fighting, insulting and etc. Except immune.


Level 36-50: His abilities rise to the point of undoing alterations in the feelings of other beings with levels below his own, making it possible for the people around him to have their feelings and emotions changed as he wishes now.


Level 51-99: Gain great resistance to manipulation of feelings without being affected by them unless you want to.





Levels 01-10: As Ahura Mazda is the god of the sky, his children, when they concentrate, can increase the field of vision by up to 5 kilometers in front of them.


Levels 11-25: the sky has light even at night, so the eyes of Ahura's children will always have light, allowing them to see dark places clearly.


Levels 26-35: Now, in addition to the field of view being able to increase, you can see not only in front but also from the sides, being able to deviate the field of view of objects without even moving. Distance of 10 kilometers is the limit.


Levels 36-50: Ahura's children have a 3D replica of the place that is literally at their fingertips, as if instead of seeing the future they see the present wherever they are.


Levels 51-99: before being able to see the whole present, today being able to see what the sky also sees. Ahura's children can see the past from a small area. You can review up to 24 hours ago, the limit of the return area is 500 km².


Levels 100-150: The limit of the vision of the past is increasing. You can completely review what happened in the same place, but with a 24 hour return limit.


Note: it takes a lot of time and concentration for the return to be effective, the character stays 1 minute off with what is happening around him because his brain is being prioritized to process the events at an incredible speed.



Luminous absorption


Level 01: From an early age these offspring have a differentiated body from other beings, having the ability to absorb energy from the heavens (sun, moon, stars), increasing their physical capacities to extreme levels. As long as the offspring absorb this energy, their powers cannot be canceled or disabled, as they will be receiving energy constantly.


Note: This absorption works only when outdoors, with the stars appearing.



Luminous Wings


Level 01-20: The demigod, from the beginning, can create a pair of wings on his back, made of light, with which he can fly very high and very fast, reaching up to 300 km / h.


Level 21-40: The demigod's wings are bigger and more resistant like steel, allowing the demigod to fly up to 600 km / h. The wings emanate a warm energy that warms the demigod when it is in a cold environment, but they will not do so in a hot environment.


Level 41-60: The wings now allow the demigod to fly at 900 km / h. He can take a person with him. The resistance of the wings is such that it is similar to titanium and can cut steel with them. The heat of the wings can cause first-degree burns to the enemy in case of contact, but only if the demigod wants to hurt him.


Level 61-80: The wings allow the demigod to fly at 1200 km / h. He can take two people with him. The resistance of the wings allows it to cut titanium as if it were butter and its resistance is similar to diamond. The heat of the wings can cause second-degree burns to the enemy in case of contact, but only if the demigod wants to hurt him.


Level 81-100: The wings allow the demigod to fly at 1500 km / h. The resistance of the wings and similar to adamantium, allows them to easily crush diamond. The heat of the wings can cause third-degree burns on the enemy in case of contact, but only if the demigod wants to hurt him.


Level 101-120: The wings allow the demigod to fly at 1800 km / h. The resistance of the wings and similar to Vibranium, allows the wings to cut adamantium as if it were nothing. The heat of the wings can melt metals and cause burns to enemies just by proximity, but only if the demigod wants to.



Solar Amplitude


Ahura mazda was also a god of the sun, as demigods, the sons of Ahura, were descended from the same, receiving gradual and significant increases in strength when in ideal conditions.


Level 01-40: In the beginning, when they are under some source of energy or solar light, they receive potential increases in their standard abilities. All of his physical gifts that would have been previously common, now expand, making it possible for the demigod to: run at twice the speed for one round, see up to 300 meters at 360 degrees around him (if the place is lit) , hear audible sounds for ordinary humans in a range of 150 meters as if you were close to them and smell smells up to 300 meters, without being able to distinguish them yet. Exposed to the sun its stealth increases by 25%, making you more skilled in camouflage.


Level 41-80: When exposed to an energy source or solar light, the demigod manages to further expand his previously listed capabilities, run at double speed for two rounds, see up to 400 meters at 360 degrees (if the location having luminosity), listening to audible sounds for ordinary humans within a radius of 250 meters as if the source were close to you and feeling more complex smells up to 500 meters, without a perfectionist distinction. Exposed to the necessary conditions, his stealth increases by 35%, making him more skilled in the art of concealment.


Level 81-120: Now there is no need to be only solar sources, in addition to these, the demigod also receives increases when exposed to a source of Light of significant power. Can run at twice the speed for three rounds, see up to 600 meters at 360 degrees (if the place is not bright, needs a heat source), hear inaudible sounds for humans within a radius of up to 350 meters, and feel varied smells up to 600 meters, managing to distinguish them from each other. Exposed to the conditions mentioned, its stealth increases to 50%, making it almost imperceptible if you are trying to hide.


Level 121-160: Now, in addition to being able to benefit from separate light sources, you can also enjoy the buffs when near a high heat source. Can run at twice the speed for four rounds, see up to 800 meters at 360 ° Degrees (Any demigod that has body heat), hear imperceptible sounds to dogs within a radius of up to 450 meters and experience unexplained aromas or smells up to 800 meters , and may even differ a series of mixed aromas. Its stealth increases by 60% when exposed to conditions.


Level 161-200: At this level, any source of Light, heat or even solar benefits you. You can run at twice the speed for five rounds, see at a distance of 1 km in 360 ° degrees (Everything that emanates energy), hear sounds imperceptible to the most demigod perspective in 550 meters and smell odors at 1 km, and you can even identify the source of such. Its stealth reaches 75%, hiding completely as soon as it gets out of the opponent's view.


Level 201-240: At the height of the skill in question, the individual already benefits from any source of Light, Energy or Heat that he has nearby. Runs at twice the speed for six rounds, achieves the ability to see at any distance if it is bathed in sunlight or has warm sources to be seen, hear sounds that no one else would hear in 700 meters, and feel / distinguish any aroma or fragrance up to 1.5 km, even without direct contact with the source. Your stealth bonus is 100%, and you can hide even from detailed views.



Natural immunization


Level 01-20: Because they are descendants of the god of the sun, fire, intelligence, Ahura's children acquire resistance to temperatures up to 1500 °. In addition to the ability to resist illusions, manipulations and auras of weaker demigods. Just as they do not suffer severe damage from luminous abilities.


Level 21-40: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 2000 °. Just as they can be caught in illusions, auras and manipulations of demigods with the same level or 5 levels above, knowing that it is happening, but not getting out yet. As well as being affected only 80% by luminous abilities.


Level 41-60: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 2500 °. When affected by illusions, auras, manipulations, can get rid of them after 3 rounds. As well as damage by luminosity and only 70%.


Level 61-80: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 3000 °. Being able to get rid of illusions and the like, in two rounds, as well as damage to luminous abilities affect only 60%.


Level 81-100: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 3500 °. They manage to get rid of illusions in one round. Just as luminous abilities affect you 50%.


Level 101-120: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 4000 °. They are no longer affected by even a psychic ability, except stronger beings. Light abilities only affect 40%.


Level 121-140: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 4500 °.


Level 141-160: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 5000 °.


Level 161-180: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 5500 °.


Level 181-200: They are now resistant to temperatures up to 6000 °. Now not even illusions, auras and the like of lesser gods affect him, just as luminous abilities affect him 5%, and can even convert the damage into healing for himself or allies.



Divine Purity


Children of Ahura Mazda are extremely pure, never being corrupted under any circumstances.


Level 01-10: The demigods are resistant to persuasive skills that involve your body, thanks to their purity, skills that force you to do things you don't want are useless. When used at lower levels.


Level 11-25: You are already immune to skills that force you to do anything you don't want to. These demigods are pure in soul and body, thus managing to protect themselves from attacks that corrupt their soul.


Level 26-35: They are able to create a transparent and shiny dome of 10 meters which will be able to share its purity protecting all but infernal or dark offspring (if they get close their body will start to go into a state of purification burning their body and soul gradually).


Level 36-50: The dome is now able to consume 20 meters, easily protecting everyone that the offspring wants, in addition to being able to use this as an offensive way to hurt hellish or obscure beings.


Level 51-99: The dome now evolves now, allowing the offspring to distinguish who they want to protect and who they want to purify, and can make the dome stay within a radius of 30 meters and can burn the soul and body of anyone they don't want that enters the dome (even if it is not infernal or obscure)


Note: The dome works for 5 rounds, then it will be undone automatically.



Hazard Sensor


Ahura Mazda's offspring have a great protective blessing, which allows them to naturally have a danger alert. Whenever the offspring is attacked or affected by an attack or skill, your danger sensor will alert your brain through a tingling in the mind. Upon sensing this alert the offspring will automatically be on the alert seeking to deflect or defend themselves from the ability.


Level 01-10: The offspring perceives physical blows coming towards them, at a speed of up to 300 km / h.


Level 11-25: Performs blows and physical skills at a speed of 600 km / h.


Level 26-35: Perceives skills, powers and physical blows at speeds up to 900 km / h.


Level 36-50: Perceive skills of any modality up to 1200 km / h.


Level 51-99: Perceives skills of any modality up to 1500 km / h.


Level 100-150: Understand skills of any modality up to 1800 km / h.


Note: Even though the offspring perceive the danger, the offspring will still not know how to define, from where (their sensor will be stronger when it is in the place where the danger comes, or will come), when, and how this danger will come. Since the offspring cannot see the spiritual plane, the offspring will not be able to define how the attack will come.



Future Psychometry


Because he is known as “He who prophesies”, children of Ahura and inherited the ability to see the future. By touching something or someone, Ahura Mazda's offspring can catch a glimpse of the future of that, or things related to that. If you touch a jewel, you can get a view of that jewel being used, revealing if it has magical abilities.


Level 01-10: You can catch a glimpse of an hour in the future if you touch someone, and a day if you touch an object.


Level 11-25: Now the vision goes up to two hours in the person's future and two days of objects.


Level 26-35: The sight when touching someone expands to four hours, and objects to four days.


Level 36-50: The vision will be eight hours when touching a person, and eight days when touching an object.


Level 51-99: Vision has now increased to 16 hours with people, and 16 days with objects.


Level 100-150: Your vision increases to 32 hours with people and 32 days with objects.


Level 151-200: Now the vision will be 64 hours with people and 64 days with objects.


Note: You can see your future together, if you have a link (friendship, passion) with the target or object (if it is bathed in your blood, I belong to someone you have a link to.)



Active Powers


Sun light


The demigod can concentrate the sunlight and use it to make energy attacks, such as large spheres made of that energy. This type of attack will do more damage and hit an area that the skills of manipulating light or transforming your body into light. It can only be used during the day.


Level 01-20: The demigod will be able to concentrate the energy to the size of a ping pong ball and when launching it, he will have enough strength to destroy a steel defense and an area of ​​25 m².


Level 21-40: The demigod will be able to concentrate the energy to the size of a baseball and when launching it, he will have enough strength to destroy a titanium defense and an area of ​​115m².


Level 41-60: The demigod will be able to concentrate his energy to the size of a handball and when launching it, he will have enough strength to destroy a diamond defense and an area of ​​325 m².


Level 61-80: The demigod will be able to concentrate his energy to the size of a soccer ball and when he launches it, he will have enough strength to destroy an adamantium defense and an area equivalent to that of a neighborhood.


Level 81-100: The demigod will be able to concentrate the energy to the size of a large sphere of 1.5 m radius and when launching it, it will have enough strength to destroy a vibranium defense and an area equivalent to that of a large forest .





Ability to create or manipulate light, manipulating it in general.


Level 01-30: Can manipulate the light itself, increasing it, decreasing it, making different movements and creating small objects with it (such as knives, etc.). It can produce up to 5 white spheres of 15 centimeters, which can reach a target up to 25 meters away, causing burns and medium internal damage to the victim's body. He can take any source of sunlight around him and cover himself, leaving his clothes, hair and eyes golden and shiny and he is wrapped in a kind of cocoon of light which allows him to resist 20% of the damage that he does . The offspring, in addition to being able to absorb the photons around them, are capable of producing a luminous burst that travels up to 25 meters. You can catch the sunlight around you and use it as an energy source to heal wounds and cuts (not deep cuts),


Level 31-60: Your character can camouflage themselves in broad daylight, having the ability to create stakes of light that cross the opponent. In addition to being able to transmute your body into light for a few minutes, (not being able to have your speed). With this ability it is also possible to be immune to physical attacks. He manages to mix his body with light and thus appear elsewhere, however, he has to know mentally to the place to which he will teleport. You can teleport at a distance of up to 25 km. Now being able to create constructs of light perfectly. The offspring is capable of creating up to 10 tentacles of light energy, capable of stretching up to 25 meters to reach several targets at the same time.


Level 61-90: Has the ability to generate, control and manipulate light, forming different shapes and making it rigid, in addition to merging with the photons of the environment, becoming invisible and leaving a fully lit environment to obscure the vision of opponents. Now it manages to produce 10 15cm white spheres, which can hit a target up to 55 meters away. Your cocoon of light is able to suck up 30% of the damage it tries to do to you. Your healing becomes capable of healing serious injuries by taking a few minutes to heal completely.


Level 91-120: Can teleport at a distance of 45 km. Their intangibility becomes even more lasting. Now able to summon 20 tentacles that can chase multiple targets at the same time, your cloning ability expands to five clones of yourself that cannot use the same abilities as you. Its manipulation of light rises, releasing bursts of light and having a more volatile control of photons in general, managing to telekinetically manipulate weapons around it.


Level 121-150: Being able to teleport by the ambient light (up to 200 km) and also ends up receiving another effect, the light can move this person, he can now show some signs of light on him. Now being able to control the light in a perfect way, having total mastery of this ability, he is able to subdue large amounts of light and darkness with his light, being able to increase his control for control over the light, invoking the same ones of the Sun itself, being able to also create animals of light and infuse divine energy to create large animals of light and energy to help you, and you can now also infuse divine light to heal people with minor and medium injuries.


Level 151-180: As one of the best light masters now manages to make perfect projections, he can even transform part of the ambient light into a copy of himself putting it into combat, in addition to being able to mimic itself in a form of light for almost unlimited time, too being able to have light speed. Now the semiprimordial gains the ability to control energy and divine light, being able to banish demons from the Greek underworld using light, also being able to create an aura of peace around it as a Sanctuary, anyone who tries to attack it will not succeed (but neither can you attack), lasting up to 2 rounds and once per event. Now divine light can heal your opponents instantly, giving them almost divine regeneration to other beings.





Because they are the children of a sky god, they have a certain affinity with air, being able to better understand its properties, its shape, fusions and mixtures.


Levels 01-10: With air you can create weapons and any small object. Although the creations look fragile, they are moderately resistant, being able to cut iron after a lot of impact, and can also lift objects weighing up to 20 kg.


Levels 11-25: Now you can modify the air so that it becomes harmful, such as the attraction of radioactive particles, on a small scale, now allowing it to create winds of up to 40 km / h.


Levels 26-35: You can now absorb the gases around you and keep them in you, in addition to being able to fuse gases. Effective area, a radius of 20 meters, and can also create winds of up to 70 km / h, being able to pull cars and heavier objects.


Levels 36-50: You can now have greater control of aerokinesis, thus expanding the distance of action of previous skills and adding greater magnitude, being able to easily handle climate changes, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, acid rain and so on.


Levels 51-99: can create high-resistance aerial platforms, these will be invisible to the naked eye, but solid like Adamantium, being able to basically create what you want with Air, creating vortices and hurricanes capable of sweeping cities and causing chaos with storms and can even destroy buildings with gusts and whirlwinds in a cylindrical shape, looking like a cylindrical hurricane.


Levels 100-199: An evolution from the previous stage. Now having more knowledge and power in its Aerokinesis, being able to create hurricanes above the F5 scale, being able to create hurricanes and hurricanes capable of sweeping entire states easily, and now being able to manipulate the divine wind, capable of regenerating the body of those who come into contact (allies ), for example: The demigod creates golden breezes that revitalize allies, being able to heal almost any injury in one minute, being burns, torn limbs, etc.


Level 200: Ahura Mazda's son gains total and perfect control of the air element, being able to manipulate Heaven with equally perfect mastery.





Ahura is also considered the god of prophecy, he played a very important role in the fall of Ahrimã, all his warnings were fulfilled, so anywhere in the world if my son writes a prophecy of what will happen it will be realized.


Level 01-30: It will take place in up to one week days


Level 31-60: Now can be accomplished in 5 days


Level 61-90: Now it takes 4 days.


Level 91-130: It takes 3 days.


Level 131-150: It takes 2 days.


Level 151-180: It takes one day.


Note: Only twice per event.





Ahura Mazda's children are endowed with the ability to generate, control and shape fire at will.


Level 01-10: These demigods can initially only increase the temperature around them, and can also bathe weapons in a fire aura, managing to melt common metals as well.


Level 11-25: Demigods can now materialize their flames into something better, like fireballs, and can even shape their flames into the shapes of weapons, animals, or constructs you desire.


Level 26-35: You can now release your flames in bursts and even shape them into great forms of attack and can even mimic fire naturally.


Level 36-50: Acquires a great control of pyrokinesis and can release large amounts of flames and control them freely. You can now control the temperature of your flames.


Level 51-99: It shows itself capable of affecting the molecules around it, managing to kill its opponents easily. Creating combustion around you easily. Now he is immune to fire-related attacks and can absorb or even nullify them.


Level 100-150: Can control pyrokinesis perfectly, being able to make an entire state be covered by its flames if desired.





Level 70: Ahura's son has the power that can remove darkness, evil, possession, curse from people or objects, as well as being able to turn evil into good or simply make someone pure. The demigod can clean up bad memories and trauma. You can also use your power on yourself to be immune to corruption, darkness, possession and curses.





Children of Ahura Mazda have the ability, when starting or ending a mission and events, to activate this power that gives them the ability to double their rewards at events.


Level 01-50: You can use it twice a week.


Level 51-100: Can use 4 times a week.


Level 101-150: Can use 6 times a week.


Note: This ability does not work in sagas.



Monetary Manipulation


As children of the god of abundance, these offspring, in addition to always finding any form of money, they awaken some fortune-related skills.


Level 01-20: It is initially able to create, manipulate and shape coins and money notes, as desired. Being able to make them sharp.


Level 21-40: He now learns to create, generate and manipulate precious stones at will.


Level 41-60: Learn how to create, control and shape gold, silver, bronze and platinum as you wish.


Level 61-80: Acquires the ability to create and manipulate the diamond at will.


Level 81-100: At its peak, the offspring of Ahura Mazda learn to manipulate any form of money, or things of high monetary value. Like oil, rare metals like adamantium and vibranium and among other things of high financial value. You can even offer it as an offering to your father, acquiring blessings that increase your powers, endurance and the like by 200%, depending on the quantity offered.



Aura of peace


Children of the personification and god of good, are able to expand during an conflict, battle or war, expand an aura capable of making everyone drop their weapons, and even not release their powers.


Level 01-30: The aura covers an area of ​​10m², affecting only lower level creatures, humans and demigods. Lasting only 1 round.


Level 31-60: The aura reaches an area of ​​20m². For two rounds.


Level 61-90: The aura of peace reaches 50m², affecting demigods of equal levels to Ahura Mazda. For 4 rounds.


Level 91-120: The aura affects an area of ​​150m². For 5 rounds.


Level 121-150: The area reaches 300m², affecting minor gods. For 6 rounds.


Level 151-180: The area reaches 500m², lasting 6 rounds.


Level 181-200: At the height of its power, it affects an area of ​​1.5 km², affecting everyone in this perimeter, lasting as long as necessary.



Ahura Mazda prison


Through the absorption of energy contained in the sky (sun, moon, stars, clouds, wind, etc.), the demigod forms a celestial body of energy, capable of trapping the target in a prison, like a satellite formed in the sky. This prison is able to seal absolutely anything, it has become the only alternative to defeat a being as powerful as Ahrimã.


Levels 50-99: Such a prison is capable of sealing demigods and monsters.


Levels 100-149: And able to seal minor gods (those needing to be weakened), low-level demons.


Level 150-199: You are now able to seal high-level demons, lesser gods, and some greater gods.


Level 200-250: It is able to seal any existing being, except entities, but can paralyze them for 4 turns.


Note: Twice per event.



Divine form


The offspring of Ahura Mazda when releasing its divine form, and taken by pure light, from its back appear a pair of angelic wings covered with light, a complete armor of divine iron covers its body, in its right hand a divine iron sword , bathed in divine light, the temperature of the solar core itself had appeared, and in its left-hand a crystalline sphere will appear, giving it the ability to predict the future up to 5 times. Other than that, the demigod will have total dominion over light and its derivatives, becoming omnipotent in such a way, besides being able to cancel or suck powers related to light. As well as an aura of kindness will stay around the demigod, causing all those evil beings to be purified, having their essence totally weakened, in addition to evil powers becoming weaker in his presence.


Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.

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Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Once per event.

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