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As in almost everything he has a pyramid of heredity, in RPG it could not be different, he has the positions that differentiate the members of moderation by their responsibilities and the importance / placement of their position. Both are divided into 2 groups that I like to call: Outer positions and volunters.

Below you can find a short summary of the 2, the positions they cover and a small summary of them.

- Foreign positions: these are the most well-known positions, which are exposed and very well represented; They are responsible for the community, safety, technical and so on (Administrators, Founder, Managers, Subdonos and Moderators).

Founder / CEO / Developer: It is the largest and most important position in existence. He is responsible for coordinating the entire team. He is also responsible for the strategies and vision of the RPG. And it takes care of the entire technical base and the community.

Subdono: It is the second position in the subsection of the most important. It can be divided into Community SubDono and Technical SubDono. The Community SubDono is responsible for the various forms of entertainment with the RPG audience. The SubDono Técnico is responsible for the technical part of the RPG. I
Weekly bonus: 2800 drachmas / 300 diamonds

Manager: Coordinated by subdonos, they are extremely important for RPG. They can create some positions to enter the Volunters, but it is recommended that you do not create so that there are not many positions. They must be active and always provided and with a vision aimed at the whole community. It is recommended that you have a maximum of 3 managers, all of whom are available and active, otherwise you can hire up to 4. I
Weekly bonus : 2600 drachmas / 280 diamonds

Administrator: It is the penultimate position in the sequence of the most disputed / major, the administrator is largely responsible for security within the RPG and even tries to take care of security outside the RPG. It is necessary that the Moderator who stands out the most be promoted to the Senior Administrator so that he coordinates all the others and even recommends others for the position. I
Weekly bonus : 2400 drachmas / 250 diamonds

Moderators: It is the last position in the sequence of the most disputed / bigger ones, however, we cannot leave them aside nor despise it because they are of great importance, the moderators also carry out social actions such as moving the amino and calling the public to the discord. I
Weekly bonus : 2200 drachmas / 200 diamonds


- Volunters: these are voluntary positions, they are responsible for internal work such as rework, guides, help group and card group.

Rework Helper : He is responsible for the creation and modification of the powers of the deities, in order to balance the RPG. I Weekly bonus: 250 diamonds / 700 drachmas + 50 diamonds x quant. of gods made.

Token Helper: He is responsible for evaluating the RPG tokens, checking whether it will be approved or not. In addition, the chip helper also assists newbies with doubts in the chip group. I Weekly bonus: 25 diamonds / 1200 drachmas

Doubt Helper: They are in charge of helping users, welcoming and answering questions and any and all users. They stay in the help group to help newbies. I Weekly bonus: 20 diamonds / 700 drachmas

Tourist Guides: A tourist guide is a position in which the player who makes sure to present the RPG to novice users with their characters or NPCs through scenes, taking them to different places in the world in the area of RPG camps, teaching how what is played, what are the items, etc. I Weekly bonus: 50 diamonds / 1200 drachmas + You can have it in a space of time.

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