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Iris was the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. Like the rainbow to unite the Earth and the sky. Iris is the messenger of the gods for human beings; in this context it is often mentioned in the Iliad, but never in the Odyssey, where Hermes takes his place.


Appearance: They are endowed with rebellious threads that always seem to be messed up by the wind and their eyes are multicolored, varying according to their emotions and desires. They have a body in shape and height varying from demigod to demigod, but never too short.

Personality: His features are astute and tend to be very clever. They have a balanced heart like their mother's, thus obtaining temperance and true mercy. He tends to cooperate better with those around him, and they tend to prey on the harmony of their social circle. They avoid discussing and provoking conflict.


Passive Powers

Golden Wings

Iris is represented as a virgin with golden wings, who moves with the lightness of the wind from one side to the other of the world, in the depths of the oceans and in the underground world (Hades). Their children have bright, flashy and golden wings that can withstand up to 2x the weight of the camper.

Level 1-10: Your speed reaches 200 km / h.

Level 11-25: Your speed reaches 300 km / h.

Level 26-35: Your speed reaches 400 km / h.

Level 36-50: Your speed reaches 500 km / h.

Level 51-99: Its speed reaches 600 km / h.

Level 100-150: Your speed reaches 750 km / h.


In addition to having beautiful colored eyes, the children of irises can also change their skin leaving the color they want for perfect camouflage in any environment they are in. Each part of your body will change color, making it impossible to notice its presence just by looking.

Level 1-10: The camouflage lasts 1 rounds.

Level 11-25: The camouflage lasts 2 rounds.

Level 26-35: The camouflage lasts 3 rounds.

Level 36-50: The camouflage lasts 4 rounds.

Level 51-99: The camouflage lasts for 5 rounds.

Level 100-150: The camouflage lasts 6 rounds.


Water control

"For the Greeks, who mostly lived near the sea, the rainbow was most often seen covering the distance between the clouds and the sea and therefore imagined that the goddess replenished the rain clouds with sea water." The children of this Goddess begin to discover that they can control the water.

Level 1-10: Because he is now familiar with water handling, the demigod can only lift small amounts of water for a few seconds.

Level 11-25: Your control by the element is a little better, now you can stay for a few minutes controlling the water on a small scale.

Level 26-35: Can control on a medium scale, but gets tired quickly.

Level 36-50: The camper takes time to get tired and can use the skill more often.

Level 51-99: Your control over the water is on a large scale, but you get tired quickly and the power does not surpass that of a child of a God of the seas.

Level 100-150: Controls water easily and doesn't get tired regardless of how many times you use it.

Blinding brightness.

Just as they need water to make a rainbow, they also need light. A lightly colored and strong shine will come from the demigod's hands, where depending on the level, it can seriously affect the opponent.

Level 1-10: Such a glow will cause discomfort in the opponent's eyes, causing the opponent to see only part of the demigod. At no time will shine be a nuisance to the demigod.

Level 11-25: The brightness will prevent the opponent from seeing the son of Iris, if he tries his eyes it will start to hurt as if looking at the sun.

Level 26-35: The light is strong enough to make others slightly stunned.

Level 36-50: The camper has a chance to stun the enemy for 2 rounds leaving him with blurred vision.

Level 51-99: Anyone looking at the brightness will lose their sight for a few seconds.

Level 100-150: The light is extremely strong and will be able to blind someone, who is only facing the offspring, making it useless to just close your eyes.

Trusted words

The demigod will have the ability to convince and make another demigod trust him so that there is no war and conflict, it is a gift that arose from his mother Iris, friend of both the gods and mortals and that operates at all levels of life.

Level 1-10: What the demigod says will bring discomfort to the opponent.

Level 11-25: Your words cause a little doubt in the opponent, not yet convincing him 100% of what he says.

Level 26-35: He manages to convince, but the other demigod will still know the choices he has and can still maintain his decision if he wants too much.

Level 36-50: Your words seem to be very sincere and show the enemy your point of view, making him feel almost unable to continue the fight, if he tries, he will miss the next blow.

Level 51-99: The demigod is absolutely right and shows to be reliable, convincing the opponent 100%, soon ending the fight.

Level 100-150: Your words are able to leave even a God in doubt in what he is doing, since he identifies that he is listening to an iris son speaking.

Sword skill

The Children of Iris will have a remarkable skill in handling swords, making incredible and precise movements at the right times, in addition to being able to combine their power in the weapon to perfect it.

Level 1-10: Even if you are new to the camp and have never touched a sword before, the camper will have an accuracy and basic knowledge of how to use it, unlike other campers.

Level 11-25: Your character can perform all the necessary movements without expending part of his energy, being able to move faster to reach his target.

Level 26-35: Now the demigod has discovered all the tricks and privileges exercised by the skill with the sword, being able to control it perfectly, as well as having the ability to make impossible moves with it.

Level 36-50: The offspring notes that it is possible to combine part of their power with their weapon and thus makes their sword acquire a blade with an intense light capable of burning someone when it touches the skin, in addition to the very cut that it has.

Level 51-99: The camper's agility with the sword is good enough to even block a shot coming your way.

Level 100-150: Now he will hardly miss a blow, with a light sword in hand, his agility will increase, soon few have managed to escape a blow.

Protective iris

The iris of the offspring's eyes has all the colors of the rainbow and so depending on the color that prevails, it will give some kind of defense to it.

Level 1-10: (Red Color) Attacks that involve shadows or darkness will not affect the offspring.

Level 11-25: (Color Orange) Attacks involving body and mind control will not affect the offspring.

Level 26-35: (Violet color) Spiritual attacks will not affect offspring.

Level 36-50: (Color Indigo) Temporal attacks will not affect offspring.

Level 51-99: (Color Yellow) Attack with illusions did not work with offspring.

Level 100-150: (Color Blue) Attacks involving magic or sorcery will not affect the offspring.

Level 151-200: (Green Color) Attacks that involve controlling atoms will not affect offspring.

Level 201-250: The colors of the iris have come together and she will have all immunities together.

Active Powers

Colored Circles.

The children of Iris will have to approach the target and touch it for the ability to be activated, after being activated a circle of a certain color will appear on the target. Each color will have a different effect benefiting the fight for the offspring. Each color can only be activated once during 2 rounds and separated from the others.

Level 1-10: Aggressive beings have become calm (the green circle).

Level 11-25: Whoever is reached by this circle will lose the enthusiasm to perform tasks
(the blue circle).

Level 26-35: Makes the demigod laugh at every situation all the time, without being able to make a right scene (the yellow circle).

Level 36-50: The opponent will miss his next 2 attacks (the orange circle).

Level 51-99: The other camper will be able to see what he would least like to look at at the moment, a vision of a nightmare or memory that shook him the most to distract him, thus giving iris's son an opportunity (the circle Violet).

Level 100-150: Attracts all the enemy's blows to the circle itself, that is, all blows will be directed to the circle, returning to him (the red circle).

Heavenly Arch

When a demigod uses this Ability, he is able to Imprison Human and Non-Human Feelings in seven different colors, represented by seven different "gods" who were involved in the life of iris directly in the life of iris (Yellow for Zeus, Thunder and Betrayal, Red for Aphrodite, love and seduction, Green for Hera, Maternity and persecution, Orange for Zephyr, winds and calm, Anil for Hermes, Letters and discord, Blue for Hercules, will and pain, Violet for Hades, messages and tragedies). A skill that after "hijacking" feelings, reduces the living being to a mere gray and empty existence, without any determination or willpower, preventing its evolution, granting it only one death in life. The feelings of that being will be kept in an oinichoe (wine jug) having a single color, white, a combination of all colors.

Level 1-10: The opponent loses only 1 of the feelings, where the son of Iris chooses.

Level 11-25: The opponent loses 2 of the feelings he has.

Level 26-35: The opponent loses 3 of the feelings.

Level 36-50: The opponent loses 4 of the feelings.

Level 51-99: The opponent loses 5 of the feelings.

Level 100-150: At this level all feelings come together in the jar, forming the white color as explained.

Perfect Costumes

The son of Iris is able to manipulate the particles of light to modify his own appearance, creating perfect disguises, but he will not be able to use the power of any creature, demigod, angel, archangel or god.

Level 1-10: It can have the image of common animals, but only terrestrial.

Level 11-25: Power allows you to have the image of birds.

Level 26-35: Your image will be identical to that of another demigod in the camp.

Level 36-50: The form can be that of a mystical creature.

Level 51-99: Your image will be perfect just like an angel or archangel.

Level 100-150: You can have the image of some God.

Clones of Light

The demigod manipulates the light around him and can create his clones to confuse the enemy, they cannot be hit or hit someone because they are made only of light, but they can increase their brightness by dazzling the view of the other, following the will of the offspring during the fight.

Level 1-10: You can create only 2 clones.

Level 11-25: You can create up to 4 clones.

Level 26-35: You can create up to 6 clones.

Level 36-50: You can create up to 8 clones.

Level 51-99: You can create up to 10 clones.

Level 100-150: You can create up to 12 clones.

Energy donation

Iris was kind, even though she helped Hera with her revenge, especially when Hercules went crazy and ended up with his family. His children followed some of this kindness and could pass part of their energy to another camper just by touching it for a few seconds.

Level 1-10: Can pass a little energy to another camper since he is still a little inexperienced in it. He manages to spend only 10% of his energy.

Level 11-25: The percentage increases to 20%.

Level 26-35: Despite handling this better, the demigod begins to feel a little different due to the loss of energy, which can reach 30%.

Level 36-50: The demigod is capable of transferring 40% of his energy, getting a little weak for fights.

Level 51-99: Losing 50% of energy, your vision starts to blur.

Level 100-150: At that level the offspring can transfer 75% of their energy, but will pass out at the same time.

Level 200: No matter what anyone does, if the son of Iris wants to, he can transfer all of his energy to another camper, who would soon pass out, having only 10 more minutes to live before his death.

Rainbow Sphere

The offspring can create a sphere of energy, where it will have a mixture of various colors in constant motion. When playing this sphere it will cause an explosion in the place it touches, if it hits the enemy, the explosion will happen in him.

Level 1-10: The sphere is small, so the explosion caused by it is also small, not doing much damage if it hits the enemy.

Level 11-25: The sphere is already made slightly larger, reaching the size of the camper's hand. Its damage has also grown and can even create a gust when it explodes.

Level 26-35: The ball can accumulate a lot of energy, its size reaches half the height of the camper.

Level 36-50: The size of the sphere is the size of the camper who creates it, the longer he manages to gather energy inside it, the stronger his damage will be, but if he remains for a long time, he will fall unconscious.

Level 51-99: The explosion can reach up to 2 kilometers, when the sphere reaches 2x the size of the camper.

Level 100-150: The energy sphere is so powerful and big that it scares anyone. Its size can reach that of a mountain and when the explosion happens, it can devastate an entire city, releasing extremely strong beams of light along with a gale capable of pushing and knocking down trees or nearby houses.

Inversion of powers

With their own finger, the offspring will write on their body "transuerso" (inversion) and as soon as they write the same on the ground, the words will shine. Now any attack that the enemy uses, will have its opposite nature. Strong blows become weak, water becomes fire, speed becomes slow and so on.

Level 1-10: Lasts 1 round only.

Level 11-25: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 26-35: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 36-50: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 51-99: Lasts 5 rounds.

Level 100-150: Lasts 6 rounds.

Colorful rays.

The demigod will be able to launch colored rays that are hotter than lava, where touching will burn the opponent at the same moment.

Level 1-10: Has the ability to use only one hand to launch lightning.

Level 11-25: The offspring can use both hands to release rays that are still thin.

Level 26-35: Each hand will release a more powerful ray occupying your entire palm.

Level 36-50: Your control over this ability is greater, you can control the rays that come out of any part of your hand, and you can even use your fingers as a weapon to shoot at incredible speed.

Level 51-99: Any radius used reaches up to 1 km.

Level 100-150: When joining your hands, the rays will come out of your entire body reaching all around you, leaving nothing to escape.

Resistance wires

The hair of the demigod comes to life and reacts alone to any attack, as soon as they move, their locks create different colors activating a type of resistance to protect themselves. They reach and grow up to 5 meters, moving around easily.

Level 1-10: Hold blows that would break steel.

Level 11-25: just one of your locks is already enough and capable of holding an attack that would pierce an iron.

Level 26-35: Not even something that destroys diamond can break the colored threads.

Level 36-50: The offspring's hair can withstand attacks capable of destroying steel.

Level 51-99: Adamantium is no longer a problem for Iris's son.

Level 100-150: Attacks that would destroy adamantium would be sent back to the enemy just like a mirror.

Weakening rain

The children of iris can create a rain where their drops have a light colored glow, when they hit the opponent, he will start to lose energy, feeling weak little by little until he falls unconscious on the ground.

Level 1-10: The amount of energy withdrawn from the opponent is small, however if the light rain falls too long on his body, he will feel a slight weakness coming.

Level 11-25: The rain gets a little more intense, but nothing big. It can withdraw up to 1% of the opponent's energy every 1 minutes.

Level 26-35: In a few minutes the opponent will have lost 25% of his energy and will only be slower.

Level 36-50: The percentage increases to 35% and the opponent loses 10 lvls of speed, that is, if his speed is of the speed of lvls 11-25, he will fall to the speed of lvls of 1-10.

Level 51-99: The rain increases to 50%, your opponent cannot even stand upright after a few minutes in the rain.

Level 100-150: It takes a few likes of rain in a few seconds to remove 80% of the enemy's energy making him pass out. If the rain continues for a few hours, it can kill you.

note: rain does not affect the son of iris.


In well-lit places where the sun shines brightly, the offspring can regenerate over time, and can help them in a fight, if the light is low, the regeneration will only be slower.

Level 1-10: Gradually the light heals the skin from scratches, where they are closing as if nothing had happened.

Level 11-25: Small cuts are already closed in a few minutes due to light.

Level 26-35: Deeper cuts take a little time, but can still fully heal during the fight.

Level 36-50: Deep cuts close at the same time.

Level 51-99: loss of hands and feet is even acceptable, it takes a few minutes for the limbs to grow again.

Level 100-150: Any part of your body regenerates instantly, only if you are beheaded will you have no chance of regeneration.

Colorful fog.

The demigod conjures a very dense colored mist around his target, after casting the target in the middle of it, he is unable to leave there and see something beyond it, no matter which way he moves he will always end returning to the center of the mist.

Level 1-10: Lasts 1 round only and the fog is very light.

Level 11-25: It lasts 2 rounds and from then on it starts to get denser, where in the first round it is smooth and in the second it is heavier.

Level 26-35: Lasts 2 rounds where the fog starts very dense, limiting the opponent's vision.

Level 36-50: Lasts 3 rounds where it is impossible to see anything, only the fog dominates the environment.

Level 51-99: Lasts 4 rounds of fog in a large region.

Level 100-150: Lasts 5 rounds.

Breath of colors

The offspring contains the ability to create a great gale of rainbow-like colors when blowing. This windstorm becomes very cold over time, freezing your target for an hour.

Level 1-10: Your breath causes only a shiver to the opponent.

Level 11-25: When blowing, you are able to knock down some chairs and small tables leaving them cold.

Level 26-35: His blows make the opponent very cold, pushing him back a little.

Level 36-50: The colors that come out of your mouth can over time harden some of your opponent's limbs.

Level 51-99: The cold that becomes due to the breath is so high, that the target starts to freeze the whole body slowly if it persists to stay there.

Level 100-150: In 5 seconds, the son of Iris is able to freeze the body of the other without difficulty, forming a bright and colorful layer around the target.


Pair of Rainbow Daggers

Made from sunlight and the rainbow, one is sacred bronze and the other celestial silver, while handled, they show a seven-color chain that distracts the enemy

Necklace of Light

It contains the drawing of an rainbow, which begins in one cloud and ends in the other, when one of the clouds is pressed, the colors of the rainbow become transparent and are colored with each collected energy, when complete, launch a ray of seven colors that blinds the enemy for 3 rounds


A white gold foil. It becomes a chain with a rainbow pendant. The blade is one meter long and shines brightly, in a white color like snow, causing more damage to opponents linked to the darkness.


An onyx foil. It becomes a chain with a rainbow pendant. The blade is extremely light and indestructible, increasing the agility of the wearer by 50%.

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