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To use forms of RPG in a coherent way, it is necessary to become aware of some information. It is notorious to say that this article refers only to the forms that are either conquered through levels like omega and alpha or that are bought like angelic and demonic. And not forms that are included in the active / passive powers of each demigod.

1 - The first information that is necessary is that it is not possible to increase attributes in a way through the powers of the parent, for example:

"The demigod X has a passive power capable of increasing its destructive power and its speed by 3 times. And the same demigod X is in a form that gives it sonic speed and the ability to destroy an island."

Its sonic speed and destructive capacity conquered by form will not increase.

2 - The second piece of information is about the energy expenditure of the character while he has his form activated. At the end of most forms, there is information on what is the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of each form on its respective resistance and attack power. The character can reach that maximum, but it does not mean that he will be able to do it continuously, see the examples below:

Example 1: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can carry out such an attack. and at risk of coma. "

Example 2: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying half of a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can destroy a planet. He will succeed in performing the act, however, he will lose half of his energies ".

Example 3: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying 1/10 of a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can destroy a planet. He will be successful in performing the act and will not suffer any negative effects. .

The same examples apply to the question of resistance. So it is possible to conclude that it is never wise to use all your power right away, as the character may end up paying a high price for it.

3 - The third piece of information is about when the character in a natural way already has attributes greater than that of the form. Obviously the attributes will not regress if the camper activates the form, and the attributes that will always prevail will be the most favorable to the camper. See the example:

"The semi-god X who has the passive ability to travel at a speed of 7000 km / h activates a form that is said to have a speed of 4000 km / h. The speed that will prevail will be 700km / h and not the the form."

4 - The fourth information is that it is not possible to use more than one form in a single scene, and to change from one form to the other, a specific scene is necessary, citing the change. See the erroneous example:

"The semi-godX turns into the Y shape and attacks, after that it turns into the X shape and attacks with a certain attack."

Now see the correct way:

Scene 1 - The semi-godX turns into the Y shape and attacks.

Scene 2 - The semi-godX ceases to form Y and goes to form X.

Scene 3 - The semi-godX already transformed into the X form attacks.

If the player views the scene incorrectly, the scene will be invalid and it will be considered that the character stood still and did nothing.

Other information is interesting to note:

Speed Above Allowed


If in the form it is said that the peresonage has the maximum capacity to move at an "X" speed, but the player chooses to overcome that speed nonetheless. The character will end up having his own existence compromised, being consumed by the speed factor and self-erasing himself from existence. It is interesting to say that this factor is also valid for the characters' active and passive powers.

It is known that if a character uses an attribute to its maximum, it will spend all its energy quickly. But, what if the character tries to use a power above what he can? Besides that it will probably fail, your body will begin to suffer immense side effects and the character may suffer an existential collapse.



Energeia is also known as "divine energy" or "fighting power", which directly translates to "vital force".

This force is a tangible energy within each living being, with its main focus at the center of the body. By bringing it out, an individual is able to manipulate and use it outside the body.

Energy can be used for many different techniques. As there are physical limits to the strength of the body itself, it is necessary to increase the energy to overcome this barrier and become stronger. Normally, the more concentrated the masses are, the more time the user needs to extract them when energizing.

When campers focus their energy, they are able to gain strength, speed, endurance and increase the power of their attacks to inflict greater damage on opponents. Normally, the more the energy is increased, the more difficult it is to control, so the control of energy is also of extreme importance because the increase in energy in an unprepared body can result in an existential collapse. The energy is generally inherited by the parents or the creator, there are specific forms that give the user the ability to use energy that he would not normally be able to. The "pure" energy is generally more powerful than a hybrid mixed with the common one inherited by human and the pagan inherited by a deity.

Types of Energy:

Common energy

A type of energy that is used by anyone. The appearance of this type of energy is usually transparent, but it can vary depending even on the person's preference and transformations. An example of beings that have this type of energy is humans.

Celestial Energetic

A special type of energy used by celestial beings. Heavenly energy is far superior to normal, demonic and pagan energy, however, a sufficiently large amount of energy from another class can overcome a user of heavenly energy as in the case of demons more powerful than angels. The fact that the energy is at a much higher level, users of other types of energy are generally unable to attack or manipulate the energy of the celestial. The appearance of this energy is usually a white or gray aura around the user. Examples of users with this energy are: Angels, Santos, Ziz, Leviathan, Behemot, Jesus, creations of angels and Light.

Demonic Energy

A particular type of energy that is manifested by beings with evil hearts. Usually demons have this kind of energy. This nature of energy can be changed if the user does not have bad intentions, as in the case if a demon is purified and ends up becoming a good person. The appearance of this type of energy is a black, purple or red aura. When someone who is not evil and tries to suck the demonic energy or control it can end up becoming an evil person and lose part of the feelings depending on the being.

Chaotic Energetic

A particular type of super rare energy that is used only by a small number of beings, its appearance is purple. Weaker beings that try to manipulate, suck or neutralize the energy of someone who has the chaotic energy can end up self-extinguishing from existence depending on the situation, since it is an almost inexplicable type of energy. Examples of users with this energy are: Sheol, Tehom, Death, Hunger, Plague, War, Enuma, Tannin and Kingu.

Pagan energy

A particular type of energy used by pagan beings, its appearance is green or navy blue. Examples of users with this energy are: Zeus, Odin, Minotauro, Athena etc.

Hybrid Energy

Another rare type of energy, is generally used by users who inherit two types of energy and the appearance will be a mixture of the colors of the energy used. Example of hybrid energies: Goblins (Chaotic and Pagan), Hybrid Form (Demonic and Celestial) and Semi-Deities (Common and Pagan / Demonic / Chaotic / Celestial),

Energetic Alien

A particular type of energy used by beings from other worlds, its appearance is purple or dark blue. Examples of users with this energy are: Aliens scattered throughout the universe.



On this page, the difference between death and the extinguishment of existence and what are its consequences will be clarified.


Death is the end of life due to the organic impossibility of maintaining the homeostatic process. It is the end of a living organism that had been created from its birth. When a camper receives a fatal blow and his body no longer shows signs of life, it means that he died. After dying, the soul of the being goes to a resting place, which can vary according to his beliefs, if the camper had a troubled life previously, he could end up becoming a lost soul and live on earth haunting those who hated it.
When someone who dies is resurrected, the person's soul is "pulled" from the resting place back into his body and the person remembers absolutely nothing of what he lived while he was at rest.

Extinguishing the Existence

Extinguishing of existence is when someone has both their body and their soul destroyed at once, because of this, the being that has been erased does not go to a resting place, its "essence" goes directly to the "Kingdom of Suffering" where you will be suffering forever in an infinite loop. In the past, those who were erased went directly to the "Void", but this place was destroyed and consequently replaced by the "Kingdom of Suffering".
When someone is recreated, the person's "essence" is "pulled" from the realm of suffering and is housed in a new body and the person remembers absolutely nothing of what he lived while in the realm of suffering.

Existential Annihilation

Existential annihilation is when someone is so effectively annihilated by a superior being that no one can bring him back, the victim's essence does not go to a resting place or to the "Kingdom of Suffering", but to the own being who carried out the annihilation. Very few beings are able to handle this power.

Existential Obliteration

Existential obliteration is when someone is obliterated at such a supreme level that even their own "essence" ceases to exist and everyone (Except those who performed the obliteration) completely forget that the obliterate once existed, moreover, it is erased from all existing timelines.



Speed ​​is simply how fast a character can move in a given period of time. There are five types of speed used for VS purposes: Attack Speed, Combat Speed, Reaction Speed, Travel Speed ​​and Flight Speed. The term "speed" usually refers to the combat speed.

Attack speed

The speed at which an attack moves. For example, the character X is hypersonic, but it can make an attack that is a beam of natural light, the speed of the attack is different from the speed of the user, so the attack would be the speed of light even if the user is not able to move at the speed of light.

Combat speed

The speed at which a character can fight.

Reaction speed

Reaction speed is the speed at which a character can react to an event or action. This generally guarantees only a short movement after the reaction, while several movements at the same speed change to the combat speed.

For example, let's say that character A shoots character B with a gun and character B dodges. This is speed of reaction. Keep in mind, sometimes, a person takes aim and is not that good of a feat.

As another example, let's say that character A uses a laser weapon on character B, but the laser weapon takes a second or two to charge and character B sees this. If character B dodges, he will be considered as a target, since he knew the attack was going to happen.

The speed of reaction is reacting to an attack that you don't know is going to happen, or at close range. A character's reaction speed also tends to be greater than its movement speed.

Travel Speed

The speed at which a character or object can move at a run, or through similar means that do not involve flight or teleportation.

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Flying speed

The speed at which a character or object flies a certain distance, such as going from land to sun, for example.

High flight speed logically requires similar reaction speed to maneuver when approaching different objects.

As such, we generally assume that the characters' normal reaction or combat speeds are roughly equivalent to flight speeds, unless this is clearly and specified in the god's ability.

Speed ​​Levels

Immobile (0 m / s)

Below Average Human (0-5 m / s)

Normal Human (5-7.7 m / s)

Athletic Human (7.7-9.8 m / s)

Peak Human (9.8-12.51 m / s)

Superhuman (12.51-34.3 m / s)

Subsonic (Faster than the Eye) (Mach 0.1-0.5) (34.3-171.5 m / s or 76.7-383.6 mph)

Subsonic + (Mach 0.5-0.9) (171.5-308.7 m / s)

Transonic (Mach 0.9-1.1) (308.7-377.3 m / s)

Supersonic (Mach 1.1-2.5)

Supersonic + (Mach 2.5-5)

Hypersonic (Mach 5-10)

Hypersonic + (Mach 10-25)

High Hypersonic (Mach 25-50)

High Hypersonic + (Mach 50-100)

Massively Hypersonic (Mach 100-1000)

Massively Hypersonic + (Mach 1000-8810.2)

Sub-Relativistic (1% -5% SoL)

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Sub-Relativistic + (5% -10% SoL)

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Relativistic (10% -50% SoL)

Relativistic + (50% -100% SoL)

Speed ​​of Light

FTL (x1-10 Speed ​​of Light)

FTL + (x10-100 Speed ​​of Light)

Massively FTL (x100-1000 Speed ​​of Light)

Massively FTL + (x1000 + Speed ​​of Light)

Infinite Speed ​​(Able to move indefinitely while time literally stands still, travel anywhere instantly, or move an infinite distance within a finite period of time. Teleportation does not count.)

Immeasurable (Motion beyond linear time. That is why speed cannot be measured. Since S = D / T, if T is undefined, the speed formula cannot be applied. This is the same reason why multiple dimensions also guarantee immeasurable speed.



Attack power is the term used to determine the amount of damage a character can do. It is usually the deciding factor of VS matches along with speed. It is measured in units of energy.
An alternative term for Attack Power that has a more direct meaning: The Destructive Ability to which an attack is equivalent. A character with a certain degree of attack power does not necessarily need to cause destructive feats at that level, but it can cause damage to characters who can withstand such forces.

Also, remember that Attack Power is a measure of an attack's Destructive Ability and, as such, is measured through its energy damage equivalent. Thus, characters that destroy mountains or islands are not automatically mountain or island, especially if they are small. The attack power depends on the attack's energy output, not the attack's area of ​​effect.

Attack Power Levels




Below Average





Small Building


Large Building

City Block

Multi-City Block

Small Town


Large Town

Small city



Large Mountain


Small Country


Large Country




Small Planet


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Large Planet

Dwarf Star

Small Star

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Large Star

Solar System

Multi-Solar System




High Universe

Universe level +

Low Multiverse


Multiverse +

High Multiverse +

Complex Multiverse


High Hyperverse (Destroy all universes of existence + existential plans like Paradise and Reaper World)


High Outerverse (Destroy all universes of existence + existential plans like Paradise and World of Reapers + Void)


É a relação criada ao considerar o poder base alcançado na aba Níveis e Conquistas através de seus níveis e Potência de Ataque (citada mais acima nesta mesma aba), dando uma estimativa de quão grande é a reserva energética do indivíduo e até quanto dano este é capaz de expressar com seus poderes.

Equivalência: Semi-Deuses & Similares (No Nível 300).

Potência de Ataque: Continent/Continental.


Equivalência: Monstro Mitológico, como Medusa & Ciclope. 

Potência de Ataque: Multi-Continent/Multicontinental. 


Equivalência: Forma Divina Semi-Deuses & Similares. 

Potência de Ataque: Moon/Lunar.


Equivalência: Angeli Creatures Dei/Criação Angelical (No Nível 300) & Similares.

Potência de Ataque: Planet/Planetário. 


Equivalência: Deus Menor, como Anfitrite & Leto. Pseudo-Divindades (No Nível 300).

Potência de Ataque: Dwarf Star/Estrela Anã.


Equivalência: Deus Olimpiano/Maior, como Afrodite & Apolo. Semi-Entidades (No Nível 300).

Potência de Ataque: Small Star/Pequena Estrela.


Equivalência: Deus Primordial. Forma Celeste de Angeli Creatures Dei/Criação Angelical & Similares.

Potência de Ataque: Star/Estelar.


Equivalência: Demônio Primordial, como Lilith & Asmodeus. Forma Divina de Pseudo-Divindades.

Potência de Ataque: Large Star/Grande Estrela.


Equivalência: Duende (No Nível 300) & Forma Divina de Semi-Entidade.

Potência de Ataque: Solar System/Sistema Solar.


Equivalência: Pleiadiano, Drycoris & Similares.

Potência de Ataque: Multi-Solar System/Múltiplos Sistemas Solares.


Equivalência: Anjos como Azazel & Abaddon.

Potência de Ataque: Galaxy/Galático.

Equivalência: Arcanjos como Uriel & Salatiel.

Potência de Ataque: Multi-Galaxy.


Equivalência: Anjos Primordiais como Gabriel, Metatron & Rafael.

Potência de Ataque: Multi-Galaxy+.


Equivalência: Anjos Lendários como Lúcifer & Miguel:

Potência de Ataque: Multi-Galaxy++.

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