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Gray is calm and introspective. His cold and calculating personality makes him an extremely strategic man, always with ideas to solve the most unusual problems. Gray suffered from alexithymia and was never able to distinguish well what he felt for others, especially when those feelings were intense, like love and hate. He always preferred to live in neutrality, acting with caution and intelligence, leaving his feelings aside when making decisions, but this was not always done. Despite everything, Gray is calm and friendly, as well as being upfront and trustworthy.



FULL NAME: Gray Rhee

GOD: Creos

HEIGHT: 1.76





RACE: Demigod

1st God of the Signs

2nd Heavenly Justice

3rd Pride of the Gods

4th Supreme Emperor

5th Heaven Slayers' Prince

6 ° 1 of the 24 Ministers of God

7th Former Behemoth Carrier

8th Guardian of the Galaxy

9th Former Bearer of the Mind Jewel

10th Lord of Astrology

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Gray Rhee was born during a strong winter night in Alaska, the sun had not appeared in days, and the night had no moon. After her birth, her mother became extremely weak and ended up dying shortly afterwards due to the cold and the wounds that the birth caused. He grew up being raised in an orphanage in the city where he lived. He never had any problems with the temperature of the city, just as he never had a family to adopt him. Gray always lived in his corner, isolated, but he was never bothered by it.

When he turned 11, he was adopted by an American family. In the adaptation period, Gray became an even more introverted and isolated boy, but his adoptive parents managed to create a small friendship bond with him. However, this bond did not last long. When he completed his thirteenth birthday, his parents were killed by an unknown creature, who invaded his home and bit them in their sleep killing him instantly. After that day, Gray discovered that he was not an ordinary boy, because for some reason, the creature avoided approaching the boy, and left in search of more people like him. He traveled alone, collecting information, for two years, when he finally found the Half-Blood camp.

In this time that Gray traveled through America, he supported himself through the inheritance left by his adoptive parents. He never stayed in the same place for long, something bad always happened to him or hindered his life. This only made him move further away from people and start living near forests or in isolated places.

As Gray already knew that he was not an ordinary boy and knew that he had abnormal abilities, he started to practice his powers. I didn't have much experience, but I was able to freeze small surfaces and small amounts of water. He was improving his talents until he started to be "sniffed".

One day, while sleeping, Gray was attacked by the same creature that had killed his parents. It was a type of demon with two-meter-high horns and sharp claws, its skin was hot and only the approach caused a change in the environment. The creature's eyes were bright red, as if its pupils were pureblood. Gray fought a fight with him and was going to lose, but just as he felt his last moments of life, a ray of light fell on the creature and froze it instantly, just like the whole house. Gray was disoriented by that event and his eyes began to blur. When his head fell to the side and was about to meet the ground, the boy saw the image of a man at the door of his house, but soon his vision became black and he passed out.

Hours later, when Gray woke up, the house was as if nothing had happened, and in the place where the creature was frozen there was a letter with the words:

"Go to Camp Half-Blood".

From that, Gray began his journey in search of the camp, not quite sure why his mission. Just looking for answers.

Best friends


Lorenzo Santos


Drakkon Godfield

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Trevor Belmont

Aurora Asknes

Aurora Asknes


Drake Storm

Tyler D. Kennedy

Tyler D. Kennedy




Azarg Gati'z

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Aruna Gati'z Hale

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Abisai Gati'z Hale

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Abraham Gati'z Hale


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