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For several years the demigods lived separately in places called "Divine Campus", this since the medieval period, where divinities of innumerable pantheons sheltered their children in these places that were huge shelters and full of protection, eventually due to various confusions and with the over the years these places have undergone countless changes even today. What used to be several Camps scattered around the world, has now become a huge country with more complex buildings scattered throughout the Supernova. Due to an agreement between the Emperors and Biden, the entire infrastructure of the campuses has changed, with no more camps, but states, in this huge new country, which is now located on a piece of land created by the gods for the demigods to live - it is to point out that before it did not exist and now it exists - this independent continent being located behind the Americas, specifically in the Pacific Ocean - to some buildings that connect both continents, although the use of Helicopters is more recommended.


The territory that the demigods live in ended up being named "Supernova" and was recognized by 120 countries as a sovereign nation, becoming the "Federal Republic of Supernova". And while negotiations are ongoing with the remaining world nations, some have rejected recognition. Nations that rejected the recognition of Supernova will naturally be considered adversaries, namely: Brazil, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Saudi Arabia.



In the past, Divine Campuses were divided into various parts of the world, after a while these camps were closed and all went to a single camp. Occurring some confusions the mythologies were forced to separate, Demiurgo then simply decided to extend the area where the demigods lived to the size of a continent and also hide that continent from the outside world, being visible and accessible only to demigods, Demiurgo transferred the old Divine Campus abandoned for each part of the new territory. After the demigods came into conflict with Demiurge, concealment disappeared and the territory was exposed to the rest of the world and became a country.



Capital, Citéron: The central city of Elladaniense democracy, it has a great weight throughout the state, where all the bureaucratic part is developed. Even though it is the smallest among the other cities, Citéron is still beautiful with several buildings that often follow the Greek pattern made of marble in an almost white tone, statues of striking and iconic deities scattered throughout its territory in a meticulously calculated way, fountains crystal clear waters beautify the town even more, which is surrounded by a rich and varied vegetation of fruit trees and multicolored flower gardens which gives the town an aspect of paradise in the ancient Athenian style.

Primeval Citadel, Proélefsi: The citadel where the semi primordials live, build and work, their buildings are modern and more elaborate, most often in dark tones and sometimes more vibrant and light colors are also noticeable in the constructions of that region. There is where the arts predominate, theaters, amphitheaters, museums of various strands, all of which can be found in abundance in that city.

Titanic City, Óthrysia: The home of the semi-titans, or even being known as the city with the highest technological concentration in all of Elladanéa. Every environment in itself has a somewhat futuristic aspect, almost as if it were a kind of New York built by the brilliant minds and strong arms of the semi-titans, the lights that emanate from there can be seen for miles across almost all of Elladanéa.

Roman City, Noværoma: The home of the descendants of the Roman pantheon, the city makes a lot of reference to Roman deities such as the ancient pagan queen Eternity who has a marble statue of her right in the center of the city. Closed arenas - which are resistant enough to contain the use of extravagant powers as well as having the capacity for self-concerts - and outdoor training camps exist in various parts of the city, which are open to citizens for use, but not only this because the city also shows itself to be filled with magnificent and well-structured buildings for the residents and visitors of those lands.

Olympian City, Ágoneikós: This is where all the "magic" involving the mythology of the pantheon is concentrated, in addition to being the city where the children of the Olympian deities and lesser gods live. Despite the constructions, from the simplest houses to buildings - not to mention that this is where all the state's electric energy originates from in a practically unlimited way -, in the forests that surround Ágoneikós creatures such as nymphs, satyrs and other types of docile beings and some a little more skittish wander and often also interact with the residents of those lands and their visitors, giving a mix between two realities that until then did not seem to be even close to being together.


The state is located close to Isokan, being one of the largest in terms of geographic territory and population among all others. The nights are brighter, and even in other states it is possible to see the number of stars that illuminate the Pandemonium sky during the night. The climate is relatively common, even though it is sometimes warmer than normal. Throughout the state, underground, cities are connected by ley lines - literally invisible and magical threads, which when they collide are called convergences, when only two threads collide, it is called a junction - even the cities were built on top of junctions. They are able to teleport to another city through these lines, or signal meetings, emergencies, etc. The entire state has several “master stones” surrounding it, serving as a source of electrical energy for cities, channeling the energy that is in the soil.

Capital, Velaris; Known within Pandemonium as the city of Starlight, it is the capital of the state, where most of the demonic population is concentrated. Inside Velaris, the Central is located - a place where campers meet people from other camps, with a large market, cultural center and the restaurant of gluttony. The city has the ability, if necessary, to separate itself from the rest of the state and enter the subsoil, as a means of “protection”. In addition to being the most beautiful city, it is a place of extreme peace and also home to the most important in the state, with several castles.

Warrior City, Autem; Where the most fearless and courageous warriors build their home, where most citizens are the children of fallen angels. Also called as the City of Nightmares - due to its violent principles and warlike nature - it is spread over it several arsenals of the most varied types of weapons, arenas and battle halls. There is a portal that connects Christian hell with Autem.

Tourist City, Libidine; Being famous for its vibrant nightlife, with 24-hour casinos and other entertainment options. It is the place where the most diverse nightclubs are concentrated, generating the title of City of Sin, or Lust. The American population is more present in this city, for having an aspect more similar to Las Vegas; full of hotels with parties, drinks and eccentric foods, being the main source of income in the state. All bachelor parties are better in the city of sin!

University City, Cupiditas; Samhain's sons, Asmodeus, and other magic-related gods and demons spend most of their time. It is the city known as the Magic City, because it is the most mystical, because coincidentally, all the ley lines collide below this one, generating a convergence. In addition, there is a matrix stone, making the place imbued with pure magic. There are several laboratories, libraries, ritual halls, among others. Even though its inhabitants possess great demonic strength, they are the largest responsible for the studies of the state, where the most intelligent gather. Most hospitals are concentrated in the hospital center, present in the city center, serving all the others. It has underground caves, full of lakes where the Ley Lines interact more easily, giving light to the water: used for potions and spells. It has a magic “pole”, where you can find various objects, books and potions. Most of the technology is concentrated in Cupidites.

Prison City, Violentiam; A huge mountain in the most distant part, being at the north end of the state. Protected by a veil that makes it invisible, are the most despicable and dangerous criminals in the state and others. It is the coldest city, and the only barren one, surrounded by water and rocks. Several protections surround the mountain, preventing anyone from reaching it through its powers - at the first contact, the city itself inhibits the powers of beings, returning them after leaving. As a result, anyone who wants to visit must walk up. Once the sentence is given, the prisoner passes through the city gates, being held forever in the city, until his sentence is undone or finalized. Only the leader can undo or finish. Beings made by shadows of thought, which only emerge when giving food or to deal with restless prisoners, Prison is the law itself and the governor's blood the key to the gates. Only with the energy of the state commander himself, he can visit the city without having his powers blocked.


Mujtamae: The main city for the camp's Arabs, being reformed the place is full of monuments representative of the religion.

Jame: Capital of the Persian Zone of the STATE, it has several monuments with the image and likeness of the gods of the Pantheon, being quite attractive for visitors.

Chevrah: The Christian city is the largest area in the state, being currently the capital thanks to the leader Monotheist the city is not so flashy, with few buildings and many houses, containing several churches in its streets.

Religare: The neutral city of the State, perfect place to enjoy the little of everything between religions with various tourist spots and hotels for tourists to stay, it is also a great meeting point since it is in the center of the State



The climate throughout the state is extremely cold, being accompanied by an eternal snowfall that paints white almost the entire area of the state. In the cities of the state there are several magic matrices, where the set of runes form portals that transport beings and things between the cities of the state. The state area is filled with fjords, mountain ranges, plains and grandiose forests. The state is separated from the rest by a large sea.

Capital, Glæsisvellir; The capital is where the great Nordic warriors live. It exists between the great icy mountains, being away from everything and everyone, which is evident in the lack of technology in the place, not even having power distribution stations. On the other hand, its constructions highlight the predominant population in the city, being mostly composed of arsenals, arenas, war halls, courts and the like. The city is surrounded by an eternal river with great regenerative capacities, which spreads like a spring, until it reaches the lower parts of the mountains, where it loses its curative property. In addition, there are several bridges that cross parts of the mountain and lead to the city gates.

Worker City, Himinbjorg; Unlike the capital, it is an extremely well-developed city, with grandiose buildings and technology that accompanies the grandeur of these. It is one of the places where science and magic intersect and create great things, after all it is where dwarves live. There is nothing to be aware of, the dwarves are quiet, always focused on their inventions and items they create, being the creators of many items found in stores. The place is marked by its unique buildings, laden with technology and magic, but possessing magnificent forges for the dwarves. The city exists a few tens of kilometers away from the mountain range that houses the capital. They are one of the sources of the economy of the entire state.

Rural City, Járnviðr; It is a peaceful place, being one of the few places where the descendants of the Vanïr Gods decide to stay. It has basic technology, such as water distribution or even electricity, but not abandoning its rural and peaceful characteristics. It has basic facilities, in addition to its grand flat fertile fields. They are responsible for a large part of the food distribution throughout the state, be it for its magically improved fruits or its vigorous meats.

Hidden City, Thrymheim; It is a city inhabited by the Nordic elves, whether they are dark or ordinary. It resides within a great dark forest, where small branches of Yggdrasil exist. Distorted spaces were created inside these branches, increasing the space inside them and a grand city being built there. Unlike the rest, this is a city hidden from non-Nordics, although the Slavs and Celts can also intuitively feel its location once they enter the dark forest. It is a city without technology, but compensating for this with the intense magic that exudes throughout its interior by the galls of the "Great Tree", since this magic formulated all the systems that replaced the technology. Something that must be remembered is that even foreigners be taken to it once, they will still be unable to retrace this path alone if they wish to find it.



The state is surrounded by a mystical forest, with 128 128 marks on the Ba Guá map drawn on the ground, the predominant climate in Florásia is humid and cold, full of fauna and flora and abundant materials, in a small and isolated from the Tao Valley, there is a lagoon with extensive and magical healing properties where only Buddhist monks and Taoist priests have access

The access platforms only work if they are used by people belonging to Florásia, or by beings authorized by the leader, counselor and grand master of the state, this being the only true means of access. Any other type of attempt will result in being stopped within the mystical forest which, in addition to being able to consume the energies, consciences and senses of being, has an enchantment coming from the first druids that makes it infinite.

New Tokyo. The state capital, with the Japanese and Koreans in charge. A futuristic city endowed with the best that technology can offer, in addition to being responsible for the industrial and food sector, it can also provide you with all the benefits of a central city such as bars, casinos, nightclubs, fast food and food court. etc., being a city full of lights and with a great technological center that opens doors to several scientific aspects

Oran Mór; It consists of a large forest of dark oak trees, home to the Celtic demigods. Place where the flora and the magic stand out in front of everything in its purest form; discreet and nurturing the buildings blend with nature becoming one. The place is also endowed with a library as much as it is peculiar, being nothing less than a druid elder himself who passes on knowledge as the Celtic culture asks; from ear to ear, avoiding materialism as much as possible. The place and its beings are responsible for medicine, teaching, learning and knowledge. It is also in this city that the cradle of Eiocha is located, a small lake of whitish waters with immense healing properties, both physical and spiritual.

Tao Valley; The Tao Valley is located in the mountainous region of the state. Among the mountains this valley can be found, due to its location and geography it is here the home of the armed forces, religious temples and the largest food distribution center in the state. On the mountains surrounding the valley it is possible to find several taxi and Buddhist temples, although rare, temples related to other gods can also be found there, between the temples there is a building, The Palace of the Dragons, this is where the new soldiers are trained in all types of martial arts; Already at the base of the mountains is where the valley is located, the vast and fertile territory is ideal for agriculture and livestock, despite everything, the Tao Valley is the most peaceful place in the state, with its simple and cozy constructions.

New Shangri-la; The Imperial city. At its entrance is a statue of the goddess Kali, where she shows all her arms, representing all the values ​​imposed in that city. With its buildings covered with gold ornaments and buildings with vibrant colors, the city is a landmark in architecture, full of theaters, museums and other cultural spots, this city ends up being one of the biggest tourist spots in the state; It is also here that we find the Grand Court a building similar to, a place responsible for Florasia's legislation and legal. The city is in a strategic position in relation to the others ... being the closest to the capital.



A State perfectly in harmony with the most advanced technology, environment and magic. Its climate, on average, tends to heat, but, together with the environments and resources, the capital and other cities have a distinct climate, helping in their cultural and physical biodiversity. In total, the state has a capital and five cities, representing their cultures, each visibly separated by their structures, fauna and climate change, however, all have a large tree in the center of the city, which have a teleporter at its base, having independent energy, taken from the tree itself.

Capital, Peace: The capital of Isokan is where the democratic part and its most important points are found, such as the Laboratory, Library, Power Plant and so on. Its architecture is composed of several metallic skyscrapers, with different purposes including housing, with ducts connected to them, labyrinthine power lines and large green areas with varied fauna and flora, with the ducts being connected underground to each one. from the trees of the cities to that of the capital.

Awujo: City on which the South African culture and environment is based, having the entire area covered by the local flora, being close to the tropical forest in mixture with the savannah. Its architecture is based on simpler and lower buildings when made from local elements mixed with the technology of the plant, as well as constructions between trees, inside and outside them.

Nile: City on which the culture and environment of ancient Egypt is based, with a replica of the Nile river bathing it and a vast free desert, divided by one of the branches of the river. Its climate is the warmest in the state and its architecture is based on high-tech buildings and constructions internally but externally made of clay and sand, as a way to deal with the arid environment and the dominant heat, including its great pyramid seen from any part of the city. City.

Britânia: City on which the culture and environment of Great Britain is based, with its buildings in mix with the old style, from which it was based, with the current modernity, where there are many references to the historical reign of King Arthur and magical studies from Merlin

Blue Star: City on which the culture and general environment of continental Europe is based, being the city with the coldest climate in the state and its fauna is usually magical and in contact with the city's environment. Its architecture has many visibly old structures but internally they have the state's high technology in perfect sync. Also noted as the city with the most magical energy felt by the environment

Parisiana: City on which the culture and environment of France is based, mainly Paris. It is known for being the most popular city and that, with its replica of the famous Eifell tower, literally becomes something close to the city of light, very clear at dusk. Its structure is all based on buildings and houses very well organized that usually have more tourist purposes.



The Federal District, in the Federative Republic of Supernova, is a subnational entity with a certain degree of autonomy (self-government, self-regulation and self-collection) and endowed with its own government and constitution. Being constitutionally defined as a federation constituted by the indissoluble union between the Union, the states, the Federal District and the municipalities. All demigods can access the Federal District.

National Memorial - The Memorial is a monument where there are names listed of all campers who left their mark on the RPG. It is located next to the federal palace.

Galactic Congress - The Galactic Congress is the constitutional organ that exercises, at the federal level, the functions of the legislative power, namely, to draft / approve laws and supervise the State of Supernova, as well as administer and judge.

Federal Palace - Federal Palace is the workplace of the Supernova Presidency. It is where the Office of the President of the Republic is located and where the President also lives.

Demeter's Restaurant - Demeter is considered the goddess of food too, knowing the great movement that exists in the campers area, the divinity together with a team of MasterChef's opened a restaurant 24 hours in the area belonging to the DF, a great opportunity to take the girlfriend to have dinner, or just go to the place to eat something you don’t have in your state, the dishes are EVERYTHING! It ranges from sushi, ice cream, vegetarian food or even pure fast food.

Apolo's disco - Apolo's disco is a huge disco located near Demeter's restaurant, it works every Friday and Saturday from 18:00 pm to 6:00 am, the place is frequented by demigods who like to party and want to know new people, or even a crush on a single night, is also a great place to go for a drink.

Supernova Prison - It is a secret and highly secure prison, supervised twenty four hours a day to prevent criminals from escaping. The prison serves to imprison all those who have committed an act that is improper or even criminal in the eyes of the leader, the Emperors or also the President, being all sent to that place, it is almost impossible for anyone to escape from this prison. It is important to note that only the Four Powers - Legislative, Judiciary, Executive and Moderator - know the location of the prison as well as being the only ones who have the authority to release a criminal or even to arrest. Generally Lords can also have this ability if the president grants them

We are a family owned and operated business.

Colosseum - The Colosseum or universal arena as many campers call it, is a huge fighting arena used by demigods from different states for training and friendly battles, some campers frequent the place just to watch the battles from the stands.



The institute is nothing more than a school for the children of the ancient gods. Where, when they arrive in supernova, they are given the right to learn all possible knowledge regarding the gods, and about the most diverse types of powers and abilities derived from the great deities.

Actually functioning as a school, open to demigods from all over the world, it allows them to actually learn what is necessary.

The Instituto de Estudos Supernova, serves as a support for low-level characters, where they can learn to develop and be rewarded for it. Therefore, the demigod who reaches level 30, has completed his studies. With that, the best students will be able to receive their first titles while still in school.


Classes are divided into classes, which are:

- Class 1:

They are the initials, varied classes easier linked to the beginning of the journey of each camper. As an elementary school. From Lv.1 you can go to these classes. Duration 2 to 4 hours.

- Class 2: this is for those who have already acquired certain knowledge. Here the demigods will have greater disciplines, addressing powers and so on. The minimum level of these classes is Lv.10, with duration: from 4h to 6h.

- Class 3: to get into these classes, demigods must have at least Lv.20. This is where they will have more practical and specific training and classes, until they can graduate from the Institute when they reach level 30. Class 3 classes last 6 to 8 hours.


Like any school, the Institute has a faculty prepared to teach the most diverse classes.



There are several islands close to each other, usually the location of these islands are close to the states of Isokan, Florásia and also the Institute of Studies. Within these islands there are basic constructions, as the place is usually huge, each semi-entity usually owns a piece of this island and using it as they prefer, being also very common internal fights over territory, in addition to being a fatal environment for demigods, being the the only place where the President has no authority and the Supernova legislation is not valid, on these islands it is also permitting to kill his fellow men, usually demigods who have betrayed or disowned their states and the country of Supernova flees to these islands.



Supernova is composed of four powers: Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and Moderator.

The Moderator power is made up of the Supreme Emperors. These cannot be replaced by third parties who are not emperors. They are incubitated to judge impeachment and have the power to vote in decision-making at the Supernova Congress.

Legislative power is made up of the Supernova Congress. This is composed of a Senate and the Moderator power. The Supernova Senate will be composed of one Senator from each state, elected by the respective state assembly. The Vice President of Supernova presides over the Senate.

Executive power is made up of the President of Supernova. The President will be the supreme head of the Supernova Army and Navy, and also of the Militia of the various states, when called upon to serve Supernova's active service. It will also be the only one with control over the functions and services provided by the Infernal Lords, as well as their punishments.

The Judiciary of Supernova will be invested in a Supreme Court and in the lower courts that are duly established by congressional orders. Judges, both from the Supreme Court and from lower courts, will retain their positions as long as they serve as Kings Santos.

It is denied more than one power in the hands of the same person, being necessary to choose which one to keep.



A passport is an identity document issued by a national government that formally certifies the holder as a national of a particular state and requests permission on behalf of the sovereign or the issuing government for the holder to be able to cross the border of a foreign country.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Because Supernova is a sovereign nation, characters who want to go to other countries must have such a document so that they can enter legally.

Once with the obtained passport, the character will be able to make scenes outside of Supernova (Does not include the countries that Supernova has conflict) and even buy real estate in other countries, such as: Buying a house or a castle in the United States.

To obtain the passport, the character must first have a mural of the demigods, once with a mural, the character will only need to purchase the passport, which has the price varying according to the status of the player:

COMMON Player - 3000 diamonds. + 2000 rubys;

Player VIP Premium - 2000 diamonds + 1000 rubies;

Player VIP Red - 1500 diamonds + 500 rubies;

Diamond VIP Player - 1000 diamonds + 250 rubies;

Platinum VIP Player - 500 diamonds;

After purchasing the passport, it will be ready in up to 10 days and will be placed on the character's wall without the need to perform an update.

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