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Constitution of the Federative Republic of CHB 2018 is the fundamental and supreme law of the RPG, serving as a parameter of validity to all other normative species, standing at the top of the legal system.

Chapter I: Disclosures

- NO type of disclosure in groups related to Rpg is allowed. - Penalty - If the player does not know the rule, he can delete the message (Tolerable only once) if he does not delete it or it is intentional it will be banned permanently.

- Indirect disclosure is not allowed under any circumstances, excessive comments about other RPG's will be considered an irregular act and will be punished - Penalty - Removal of the group that is commenting for 48 hours, if it persists in another group SOFRERÁ will ban the RPG.

- Disclosure in Private is also a disrespectful act, especially when the player enters the RPG just to disclose his RPG, if he does so and at least 3 players comment on the disclosure he will receive a penalty for disclosure - Penalty - The same will be banned from permanently.

- Disclosure of random things like videos on youtube, fanfic's, websites, social networks etc. are allowed in RPG, as long as they are not related to other RPG's.

Chapter II: Individual and Collective Rights and Duties

- The player has the right to complain about the RPG, but with a certain limit too, if their complaints start to exceed the limits, they will receive a penalty - Penalty - Removal of the group in which they are complaining for 24 hours, if they persist in another group half of the drachmas / diamonds will be cleared from the characters and this will be removed from all RPG groups for 72 hours.

- The player has total freedom of expression to comment on matters that do not hurt: RPG integrity, integrity of RPG players and do not break the rules.

- Respect is fundamental in front of everyone, if you want to argue with someone, go in her private! -Feather- Being disrespectful to any player without reason will lead to the removal of the group for 24 hours and zero of drachmas, if the victim is a novice player the penalty quadruples.

- Be aware that in this RPG it is FORBIDDEN political and religious discussions, there will always be someone who thinks that there was no dictatorship in 1964 and someone who thinks that communism is functional, discussions like this are useless -Pena- Removal of the group that is discussing for 24 hours, penalty triples if it persists in another group linked to the RPG.

Low-slang words can be said, however, in a moderate way and that has a basis and coherence with the situation to which it applies. However, offenses against players and moderation will be severely punished. There is a difference between "strength of expression" and offenses, know how to differentiate.

- Pornographic content is prohibited before 00:00, its release is until 3:00 and after that time the content sent must be deleted. The content sent has moderate control on the part of the moderates so that players do not abuse it. -If the player breaks the rule, he will be banned from the group in which he sent the content for 24 hours, if he repeats in another group he will lose half of his levels-

- If you are going to be absent for a certain period, do your job! Notify some ADM.

- Fakes are prohibited! Reveal yourself! If you do not want to identify yourself, you can choose "nickname" in the RPG


- Players should not cover up fakes, whether they are friends or not. If a player finds out about the existence of a Fake in the RPG and does not report it, when moderation finds out, he will immediately become an accomplice and both culprits may receive variable punishments at the pleasure of moderation, including the loss of diamonds if so judges want.

- Creating external groups of contention about the Rpg, will cause the person to be banned permanently. -Pen- Removal from groups and inclusion and banning.

- Don't take any kind of fight to the personal side, try to separate OFF from ON, your life is your life, the character is just a character.

- The obstruction of investigation, in addition to withholding information on any matters of moderation by players or even moderators, is subject to immediate punishment, be it administrative in cases of players with positions up to those who may influence the game for the player, being the second is valid for any type of RPG participant.

Punishment: Loss of office, demerit of Levels / Drachmas / Diamonds, or even characters blocked indefinitely. The punishment will be decided by the RPG STF.

Chapter III: Rights of records

- The moment the player is added to the form, he has a period of 24 hours to complete the form, if the term passes it will be removed for being a ghost.

- The player has 3 days to do his test while the examiner has 6 days to do the test, during this period the player cannot wait for the test result in the chip group, but in the test group.

- Saving an avatar / god wave in order to hand it over to a friend is forbidden -Feather- All characters will have their drachmas and levels reset (First, they will suffer a warning talking about the penalty).

- A racket on the cards will be a reason for their removal!

- Creating characters and killing right away is prohibited, the player will have to wait at least 14 days and be Rank-D for your character to die on a mission on purpose, think carefully before creating a new character!


- Foreign numbers from other countries are not accepted, unless the player proves that he lives abroad or proves the need to be using such a number, for example: Being without a chip. This is done to prevent FAKES from entering.

- When a player leaves the RPG, he has 3 days to regret and come back with everything again. The avatars of the same can only be placed on a new card after three hours after the player leaves, to avoid that moderators or helpers of the cards have the advantage to get the avatar before players who are not in the cards.

Chapter IV: Moderation

- It is not due to the fact that such a player is an ADM that he has the right to break the rules, if an ADM starts cursing or breaking the rules, report him.

- Removing players from groups for no reason is forbidden -Pen- Loss of all drachmas / diamonds on all characters (First you will suffer a warning talking about the penalty)

- Spread moderation conversations to third parties -Pen- Removal of moderation and loss of office.

- Be aware of things prohibited in RPG like covering up fakes -Pen- Removal of moderation and loss of office.

- The trinity has a privileged forum, which allows them to be judged not by ordinary justice, but by themselves. The principal owner will accept responsibility for the trials and make a fair system for a particular case.


- The use of NPC's (Non Player Characters / Non-Playable Characters) is for the exclusive use of moderation in groups on, being the only exception for leaders / advisers in their respective camps, in case they want to start a plot and thus animate their Domains.

OBS .: The Guides can use NPC's predetermined for them by the responsible moderator.

- The members of moderation, despite being players like the others, are in hierarchical positions, therefore, they receive the daily stress of maintaining the RPG. For this reason, if a member of the moderation feels uncomfortable with the repeated messages in his private, moral and / or psychological harassment by the players, he can immediately remove the player from the RPG and one of the Judges (Supreme Federal Court) will assess whether or not the Player is on the Banned List. (First he will suffer a warning talking about the penalty)

NOTE: If the player wants to appeal, he must go to the RPG STF so that he can send prints confirming that he did not bother the moderator, and thus a trial will start between the accuser and the accused.

Chapter V: Falsehood

- False accusation - Penalty - RPG ban for 24 hours, if the penalty continues to quadruple and your characters will have their levels reset.

- Denouncement without grounds / evidence -Pen- Indeterminate and decided penalty through the judges of the case. (First he will suffer a warning talking about the penalty)

- People of moderation cannot spread false facts about the RPG - Penalty can even be the exclusion of moderation-

- False statements about other players without providing evidence and, despite being a violation and having a negative impact on a certain individual, it is also considered a crime against the RPG administration itself.

Punishment: Demerit of Levels / Drachmas / Diamonds, or even characters blocked indefinitely. The punishment will be decided by the RPG STF.

Chapter VI: Black Humor

- Black humor is prohibited in RPG, jokes with the following themes portrayed by black humor can generate punishment: death, discrimination, disease, rape, wars, tragedies, among others. Penalty- Banishment of the group in which the black humor of the RPG was performed for 24 hours, if the penalty continues to quadruple and its characters will lose 30% of their levels (First they will suffer a warning talking about the penalty)

Chapter VII: Trial

- The RPG has three levels of judgment,

The first instance is the group of complaints, there the player will be evaluated by a member of the moderation team.

The second instance is the STF, it is when the player does not agree with the sentence in the group of complaints and wants to appeal the decision. In the STF the player will be judged by Raul or Eduardo and the sentence may be reformulated and may be maintained, expanded by 3x or canceled.

The third instance is the STY, it is when the player does not agree either with the decision of the first instance or with the decision of the second instance and wants to appeal the decision handed down. In the STY, the player will be judged by Yuri and the sentence may be reformulated and
may be maintained, expanded by 5x or canceled.


Chapter VIII: Of Images

- Doing a montage or sticker using the image in a way that ridicules the player and the player feels offended may result in punishment. -Feather- Removal of the group that sent the montage for 24 hours, penalty triples if it persists and the player will lose 30% of the levels in the main character of the RPG.

- Doing montage with characters or with players that you have intimacy and the same does not care is not a problem.

Chapter IX: Others

- Common players who remove members from the moderation of RPG groups will receive a penalty according to the will of the one who was removed (First they will suffer a warning talking about the penalty and the player can put it back)


- Avoid doing drama, if you have problems like depression, the RPG recommends looking for a specialist in the subject as soon as possible, keep using a disease as a method of protectionism in the RPG groups will not be tolerated and are subject to harsh criticism, people will not are forced to be moved by other people's dramas, keep that kind of subject to yourself or let off steam in the private of players you trust and don't be silly like "I'm crying, stop".

- OFF 's groups in the camps are not official RPG groups, however, they have a link with themselves, and the disclosure of other RPGs and offenses to other players within them are prohibited.


- Players who perform the act considered "metagame" - mixing the off with the on, and vice versa - are subject to: if you are a novice player, warning on the first occurrence; if you are a veteran, the character will be financial zeroed the first time (zeroes for drachmas, rubies and diamonds). In case of recurrence, you can lose up to 30% of the levels of the character who was caught committing this offense, and this percentage may vary with the degree of the offense, even affecting all other characters.

Chapter XX: VIP Area





- It is allowed to comment on the content of the VIP area in a way that does not compromise its exclusivity, which is intended only for VIP's RPG players.

- In addition to the consequences mentioned above, the player who breaks the rule and shares the content, will have access to the VIP area permanently banned, and all characters will lose 35% of the levels. If you persist, you will be banned from the RPG.

- Players who are not VIP, but share the content after obtaining it illegally, will suffer all due penalties.

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