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To use forms of RPG in a coherent way, it is necessary to become aware of some information. It is notorious to say that this article refers only to the forms that are either conquered through levels like omega and alpha or that are bought like angelic and demonic. And not forms that are included in the active / passive powers of each demigod.

1 - The first information that is necessary is that it is not possible to increase attributes in a way through the powers of the parent, for example:

"The demigod X has a passive power capable of increasing its destructive power and its speed by 3 times. And the same demigod X is in a form that gives it sonic speed and the ability to destroy an island."

Its sonic speed and destructive capacity conquered by form will not increase.

2 - The second piece of information is about the energy expenditure of the character while he has his form activated. At the end of most forms, there is information on what is the MAXIMUM CAPACITY of each form on its respective resistance and attack power. The character can reach that maximum, but it does not mean that he will be able to do it continuously, see the examples below:

Example 1: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can carry out such an attack. and at risk of coma. "

Example 2: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying half of a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can destroy a planet. He will succeed in performing the act, however, he will lose half of his energies ".

Example 3: "The demigod X uses a destructive power capable of destroying 1/10 of a planet. In the form he is using, it appears that he can destroy a planet. He will be successful in performing the act and will not suffer any negative effects. .

The same examples apply to the question of resistance. So it is possible to conclude that it is never wise to use all your power right away, as the character may end up paying a high price for it.

3 - The third piece of information is about when the character in a natural way already has attributes greater than that of the form. Obviously the attributes will not regress if the camper activates the form, and the attributes that will always prevail will be the most favorable to the camper. See the example:

"The semi-god X who has the passive ability to travel at a speed of 7000 km / h activates a form that is said to have a speed of 4000 km / h. The speed that will prevail will be 700km / h and not the the form."

4 - The fourth information is that it is not possible to use more than one form in a single scene, and to change from one form to the other, a specific scene is necessary, citing the change. See the erroneous example:

"The semi-godX turns into the Y shape and attacks, after that it turns into the X shape and attacks with a certain attack."

Now see the correct way:

Scene 1 - The semi-godX turns into the Y shape and attacks.

Scene 2 - The semi-godX ceases to form Y and goes to form X.

Scene 3 - The semi-godX already transformed into the X form attacks.

If the player views the scene incorrectly, the scene will be invalid and it will be considered that the character stood still and did nothing.

Other information is interesting to note:




   Apesar de não serem necessariamente mais poderosas que as magias comuns, certamente são mais difíceis de serem aprendidas e utilizadas por outros seres, com suas capacidades não sendo exatamente restrita a um tipo de coisa ou efeito, já que como um todo, suas capacidades são variadas.


   As magias ancestrais são aquelas que se originaram em certos grupos mitológicos e culturais, e devido a isso o acesso a estes é dado somente a seres que realmente estão relacionados com aqueles que lhes originaram. Suas capacidades são diversificadas devido a sua origem normalmente divina, de fato, originada em tempos antigos, e por isso sendo chamado de ancestral.


   Por fim, o tipo mais poderoso de magia, originada de criaturas e forças poderosas existentes, e obviamente sendo um tipo de magia que transcende todas as outras, sendo simplesmente inigualável em relação a todas as outras, com exceção das outras magias profundas.

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