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Noble families are powerful families of campers. Characters from level 200 onwards (The player must be VIP Diamond or Platinum) have the right to register their surname free of charge so that they acquire the patent of the same, becoming the "Head of the Family" and with that the ownership over that one said surname and others may only use said surname if the Head of the Family has divine family ties between the characters and authorizes the use, which may be in the following ways.

Brother of the Head of the Family
Child of the Head of the Family
First Grade Cousin of the Head of the Family
Second Cousin of the Head of the Family

Spouse of the Head of the Family
Nephew of the Head of the Family
Grandson of the Head of the Family
Stepchild of the Head of the Family

Adopted child of the Head of the Family (It is necessary that the child is no more than 12 years old)

To know the relationship, it is also necessary to emphasize that the family bond must be considered through the DIVINE and non-human parent, example: A Head of the Family son of Zeus can authorize a camper son of Hades to use his surname because this is his cousin through the divine kinship, but cannot authorize his brother son of Amaterasu (Only by human kinship) to use his surname.


1 - Anyone can have another surname, as long as he has not already been patented, but the surname of that person becomes only a complement to the name, without honor, fame or respect among the others.

2 - People who leave a family will not be able to return to the same family, and must stay for 3 months without being able to enter other families.

3 - Each person can only have a surname, on his property, whether he is patented or not. And the same character will not be able to enter two families at the same time.

4 - The Head of the Family can expel a certain person from his family if he wants.

5 - For someone to acquire the surname, it is not necessary to pay to change the character's name

Family Fortress


The family fortress is a huge fortress located in some part of the neutral areas for members of a particular family, in the main center of the great hall there is a huge throne where the Head of the Family sits, around the entire fortress, flags with the symbol of the family are visible. The place is more intended for exclusive family gatherings and cannot be used as a residence, it is also worth mentioning that the place does not have special protections or anything like that (It is up to the Chief to protect the place), as well as it cannot remain hidden .

Family Army

The Noble Family has an army that serves exclusively for the members of the family, following the orders mainly of the Head of the Family, however the army is not that powerful, being composed of knights and even peasants not very trained in combat, the members of the army usually wear standard armor that bears the Family crest.


Family Flag

For a family to become official it is necessary to have a coat of arms, a symbol that represents it, the Chief must arrange the creation of the symbol, the family coat of arms is embedded in the armors of the army members, in the flags around the Fortress and even in the clothes of the family member campers if they wish.

Families in RPG

Simmons Family

Balthazar Family

Asknes Family

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-31 at
WhatsApp Image 2019-09-04 at
Boss: Bryan Simmons
Chef: Morgana Balthazar
Chef: Aurora Asknes

Stark family

Martell Family

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-13 at
Chef: Pietra S. West Stark
Chef: Serena

Família Ludwig

Família Hale

Chefe : Yuri Ludwig
Chefe : Adrien Kerm Hale

Família Godfield

Família Yannick

Chefe : Drakkon Godfield
Chefe : Nicholas Yannick

Asknes Family

Chef: Aurora Asknes

Família Shame

Chefe : Russel Shame

Família Rhee

Chefe : Grey Rhee

Família Royal

Chefe : N/A

Família Chastel

Chefe : Gabriel Rhee Chastel

Família Belacqua

Chefe : Asriel Jæger Belacqua

Família Keehl

Família Dumbledore

Chefe : Mihael Keehl
Chefe : Albus P. E. B. Dumbledore

Família Graylock

Chefe : Azari V. Graylock

Família Bagwell

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-18 at 15.05.54.jpeg
Chefe : Tory Bagwell

Família Perón

Chefe : Senna Perón

Família Bishop

Chefe : Bridget Ly. Bishop

Família Lannister

Chefe : Tyrion Lannister
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