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Great Games

The Great Games is an annual event promoted by the gods in order to determine, through a series of competitions, the most powerful camp today.

Big Half Brother

Big Half Brother is a reality show where, for 1 month, a group of demigods are confined without contact with the outside world. Inside the house, where the participants are located, during this period of time, they are human and do not remember anything about their life as a semi-god

The Big Games - Champions


1st Edition: Greek and Nordic Camp.


2nd Edition: Greek Camp.


3rd Edition: Greek Camp.


4th Edition: Camp Demoniaco.


5th Edition: Asian Camp.


6th Edition: Afro-European.

Big Half Brother - 1st Edition

BHB consists of the confinement of a variable number of campers in a scenographic house, being watched by cameras 24 hours a day, with no connection to the outside world. Participants cannot communicate with their relatives and friends, read newspapers or use any other means to obtain external information. Such participants are chosen by the Boss of the program, but can choose whether or not to enter the house and have the right to withdraw at any time during the competition. Each week, two or three participants are nominated by the members to face the popular vote, where the most voted by the public is eliminated from the competition. Participants aim to overcome the weekly eliminations and stay in the house until the last day, when the public will choose who will be the winner of the final grand prize.

How will the practice of the Game in RPG work?

God, who in the game will be called “Boss” is a huge fan of reality show and he will snap his fingers and send the selected participants to that house, in the house they will be ordinary humans and will have absolutely no memory of their lives as semi-gods, only memories created by God of their lives as humans (Who will decide how the memories will be will be the players themselves). This means that inside the house nobody will meet anyone initially, making it impossible to create pots or relationships without having a considerable number of scenes.

Great Disadvantage

For the other demigods, the missing campers were just taking a “vacation”. Those selected will not be able to play on, participate in missions or any other event involving the character.

Awards and Time

Several prizes will be made available during the competition, the grand prize is the "Complete Odyssey" to the big winner of the edition, if he already has the odyssey or does not want it, he will win a special package of R $ 100.00 in the rpg.
The estimated time and competition time is 30 days.

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