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Supernova is composed of four powers: Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and Moderator.

The Moderator power is made up of the Supreme Emperors. These cannot be replaced by third parties who are not emperors. They are incubitated to judge impeachment and have the power to vote in decision-making at the Supernova Congress.

Legislative power is made up of the Supernova Congress. This is composed of a Senate and the Moderator power. The Supernova Senate will be composed of one Senator from each state, elected by the respective state assembly. The Vice President of Supernova presides over the Senate.

Executive power is made up of the President of Supernova. The President will be the supreme head of the Supernova Army and Navy, and also of the Militia of the various states, when called upon to serve Supernova's active service. It will also be the only one with control over the functions and services provided by the Infernal Lords, as well as their punishments.

The Judiciary of Supernova will be invested in a Supreme Court and in the lower courts that are duly established by congressional orders. Judges, both from the Supreme Court and from lower courts, will retain their positions as long as they serve as Kings Santos.

It is denied more than one power in the hands of the same person, being necessary to choose which one to keep.


The Four Supreme Emperors are the four most notorious and most powerful supernova demigods (according to all deities not limited to only pagans), but they are neither allies nor enemies of each other, preferring to remain autonomous in most circumstances. These four most often reside individually within their own planets that they gain by obtaining such a title, exercising influence and control over dozens of armies that serve them.

Their strength and influence are such that they live, literally, as if they were emperors, doing what they want and as they please. Individually, they are considered the most powerful demigods in the world, being either a holy ex-king or even a hellish ex-lord or simply neither, also having a powerful army. Because of their power, they can declare the end of a war with just a single warning, the mere request of one of the emperors is often enough for the others, both demigods and deities, to recognize their authority. Each of the emperors has its own planet. These planets benefit from the protection of the emperors, keeping the borders safe from any faction that may want to invade them, the only ones who can go to such planets are the emperors themselves, guests of the same or very powerful entities.
The possibility of two or more Emperors forming an alliance is a sufficient threat to cause the gods to panic. A war between two of the Emperors is considered a terrible crisis, leaving the demigods of the mute in shock and terrified, leaving the gods "in a cold sweat".
Emphasizing that the Emperor can be both a good person and can also be an ambitious and evil being, there is no prerequisite for honor or dignity to be an emperor. Another observation is that in the emperors there is no placement distinguishing the strongest from the weakest, the four are classified with the same level of threat to the gods.

Requirements to be a '' Supreme Emperor '':

- Be at least level 600

- Being a semi-god with a reputation for being extremely powerful and having already proved the reason for his respective fame.

- Having many, many achievements in canonical RPG stories.










- If a Supreme Emperor remains very inactive from canonical events, and another demigod begins to stand out, it is possible that he will lose his position.

- Supreme Emperors can intervene in matters related to other states.

- A Supreme Emperor can sever all ties with his home state that he will remain without any indication of being a criminal.

- A Supreme Emperor does not follow rules like ordinary demigods.

- When a demigod gains the position of '' Supreme Emperor '' he receives the following titles:

- Supreme Emperor
- One of the Four Supreme Emperors

- The Supreme Emperors have armies that are given by the gods to serve him, a series of creatures that will have the appearance that the emperor desires, these reside on the planet of the emperor.

- Finally, all those who are '' King Santos '' have a housing allowance, they get a private planet (If they lose their position, they also lose the planet). The emperors' four planets are located in four distinct parts of the universe.


The "Holy Kings" are semi-gods recognized by the gods as ten extremely powerful demigods, being endowed with extreme power and being below only the Emperors.
To become a Holy King, an individual must be awarded the title by the council composed of gods of all mythologies. There are differences between the demigods who hold this prestigious title, although the acquaintances are elite demigods from their respective states or even state senators. In fact, some members of the Reis Santos do not belong to any state, and may be semi-entities that live on independent islands. The strength of the Ten Holy Kings is known to be so immense that they are well-known throughout the Supernova. The members of the Ten Holy Kings are exceptionally powerful, in proportion as one member is capable of defeating several medium demigods at the same time or defeating more powerful demigods with little effort. Furthermore, if two members, current or former, faced each other in a fight, it would cause a "cataclysm".
In addition, the five most powerful Holy Kings are carriers of such divine power that they are not even considered humans, but gods, being known as the Five Supreme Gods.

Requirements to be a '' Holy King '':

- Be at least level 300

- To be a '' legal '' demigod, who is not allied with criminal organizations or who is not considered a traitor by his camp.

- Have great achievements in canonical RPG stories.












Information :

- If a Holy King remains very inactive from canonical events, and another demigod begins to stand out, it is possible that he will lose his position. A demigod defeating a holy king at an event is a huge loophole for such a demigod to become a holy king

- Reis Santos get special robes and can wear the same, such robes show a more formal and less showy costume: They wear an elegant dark jacket, with light edges and two bands buttoned on each cuff. Over a lighter shirt, with the dark symbol of the organization, which is a cross, wide and light trousers, fastened by a massive belt, light gloves and light and distinct shoes. Here is the costume example:


- When a demigod gains the position of '' Holy King '' he receives the following titles:

- ?? º Holy King

- Holy grail

- Five Supreme Gods (If you are part of the first five)

We are a family owned and operated business.

- The position of '' Holy King '' can be lost if the demigod ends up becoming a miscreant.

- The Kings Santos have servants who are given by the gods to serve you, a series of strange humanoid creatures, reminiscent of
amphibious anthropomorphs, partially covered with spots, who are perfectly capable of speaking, and fulfill various roles, such as those sent as guards , follows the model:


- Finally, all those who are '' Rei Santos '' have a housing allowance, they get a private castle (If they lose their position, they also lose the castle). The castle can be located both in the state of the demi-god and in one of the independent islands .


The "Seven Infernal Lords" are seven powerful and well-known demigods who abandoned their states on their own and accepted the invitation to ally themselves with the President of Supernova .

Although they work for the President, many infernal lords do not care and / or do not respect the President or even other infernal lords, and are often considered by other demigods to be horrendous beings.
A demigod may choose to join the Infernal Lord position if the group has a vacancy available (meaning that at least one Infernal Lord must leave or be expelled from the group). However, in order to become an Infernal Lord, it is also necessary that the demigod in question must be able to show his strength against other demigods in order to fulfill the promise of loyalty to the President.
Once a demigod becomes famous, the position may be offered to him, if there is no other who will prove the greatest triumph for the President.
The lords do not offer open opposition to the President, but are not guaranteed to follow his orders completely. They are only allowed to attack other demigods when necessary. Each of the members of the Infernal Lords must also have strong intimidation skills and fearsome representation. Furthermore, it can be assumed that a member of the Infernal Lords cannot be defeated, or that other demigods have extensive knowledge about defeat.
In exchange for these services, the Infernal Lords are forgiven for their previous actions and any existing prizes are revoked as a request to capture the state, the lords are also authorized to kill other state demigods as well as invading these.
In short, Lords tend to be designed to play the dirty role that most demigods do not.

Requirements to be an '' Infernal Lord '':

- Be at least level 300

- To be a semi-god who is not associated with any state;

- Have great achievements in canonical RPG stories.









- If a Lord Infernal remains very inactive from canonical events, and another demigod starts to stand out, it is possible that he loses his position.

- The Infernal Lords despite being an organization do not usually go together, each one lives his own life on an island created specifically for the lords, they can also recruit other deserter demigods to form a small group that will serve him.

- When a demigod gains the position of '' Lord Infernal '' he receives the following titles:

- ?? Infernal Lord
- Renegade Demigod

We are a family owned and operated business.

- The position of "Lord Infernal '' can be lost if the demigod ends up returning to a state or ends up betraying the president and he chooses to have that position removed from you.

- The Infernal Lords have servants who are given to serve you, a series of strange humanoid creatures, reminiscent of
amphibious anthropomorphs, who are aggressive and a little irrational, following all their orders, follows the model:

Power Score_ Dungeons & Dragons - A Guid

- Finally, all those who are "Infernal Lords" have a housing allowance, they get a flying boat (If they lose their position, they also lose the boat). The boat works both in water and in flight, it is also able to hide the presence and is highly resistant thanks to the gods, as well as capable of firing explosions.


Senator is the political office that represents the power of the state administration and the representation of the state in its legal, political and administrative relations, defending its interests before the Presidency. To be a Senator it is necessary to be at least level 100.

The Senator can:

- Create an event for the demigods of your state;
- Appoint a director;
- Give titles to demigods influential in your state;

- To expel a demigod from his state;

- Declare a demigod from his traitorous state;

List of Senators according to the respective State:

Nova Utgard - Nicholas Yannick
Isokan - Inaê Tuiuti

Pandemonium - Bryan Simmons

Elladanéa - Adrien Kerm Hale

Araboth - Lancelot Eucliffe

Florásia - Akira Masosu

President is the one who has the function of occupying the first place in Supernova, being the highest authority of the Executive Power and of the Republic, with the tasks of head of state and head of government.
Followed by the President, comes the Vice President, who is the second highest position in the executive branch of the federal government of Supernova, after the President of Supernova , and occupies the first place in the presidential succession . He has the function of replacing the President in case of travel abroad or impediments and succeeding him in case of resignation, death or removal from office by impeachment process. He must also give advice to the President, if requested.

Supernova President and Vice President List:

President - Gray Rhee
Vice-President - Régulos Black

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