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Sagas are events that occur in the RPG that are considered genuine or officially sanctioned, as well as the events, characters and scenarios considered to exist within the universe of the RPG. With a coherent scenario and in order to avoid problems of continuity.

Sagas are divided into three levels:

Saga Level 1 - Universal Threat Everyone can participate, but the risk of death / deletion is much greater.

Saga Level 2 - Global Threat - These are sagas that threaten the world on a global scale only, the saga minister will decide how many characters above level 300 to 500 can participate according to the proportion of the saga.

Saga Level 3 - Supernova Threat - These are sagas where the threat is focused only on the states and on planet Earth, and for that reason the minister decides how many characters above level 150 to 200 will be able to participate in the plot.

Awards and duration (Counting with the pre-saga together.)

Saga Level 1 - Up to 35 XP and lasting up to two months.

Saga Level 2 - Up to 25 XP and lasting up to one month.

Saga Level 3 - Up to 18 XP and lasting up to 15 days.

Why did we decide to include this system? Due to the fact that sagas are the "heart of the RPG", and almost all characters want to create a canonical story through sagas, and a new character, for example, will hardly be able to stand out in a saga where veterans are present and the threat of the saga it is gigantic. Also, it will encourage veteran players to end up developing stories for their secondary characters, and don't be in the sameness of focusing only on their main characters. In addition, this will give the opportunity for more than one saga to occur simultaneously, for example, a level 1/2 and a level 3.




In the past, there were demonized places of "Divine Campus" spread around the world, these places were a kind of secret training ground for demigods, each pantheon had its own Campus.

SPQR Saga : A group of demigods from the Greek Campus led by Daniel, decided to pass through the Roman Campus before leaving for the mission that Chiron would have assigned to them, however they did not imagine that the members of the Roman Campus had a feud with them and they were not friendly at all, Reynna, the campus director, saw campers as traitors, and ordered them to arrest him, only releasing them if they won the three-stage combat trial.

Uranus Saga : The primordial titan Uranus, managed to have contact with Yuri, Molly and Steve, and managed to control the three, causing them to resurrect him. Yuri was influenced by greed and ended up choosing to follow Uranus, the titan then decided to stay in his body. To prevent the Titan from possessing Yuri's entire body, Zeus decided to send a group of campers from the Greek Campus and the Roman Campus to stop the Titan who is in a castle in China, to reach the Titan they will have to pass all floors of the castle, each floor has a challenge.

Saga de Chronos : While everything seems to be at peace after the defeat of Uranus, a threat appears, but a somewhat different threat, while the timeline of the present is at peace, that of the future is in pure chaos, for a being with appearance Daniel Groove, nicknamed "Daniel Black", he has completely black clothes and is causing a catastrophe in the future, he wants to "revolution", end all humanity and all divine beings and recreate the world in a perfect way . Black only got access to the future because he stole a sacred necklace from Chronos that allows the user to travel through time, realizing that he was stolen and waking up from a sleep after 26,000 years, Chronos ends up getting mad at the situation and decides to end up playing a prank. with the big three, turning them into babies. With the great incapacitated, several wars begin between the Greek minor gods themselves to assume the leadership of the respective positions that were of the great ones, the sea is left without any control, the skies collapse, and several dead begin to flee from the Underworld. A breakdown begins in the present and in the future, Ellen (Futuro) who survived after gathering energy from Athena (Futuro) who helped her, she manages to go back to the past arriving at the final fight of the tournament explaining all the versatility of the situation. After a while explaining the situation, Black ends up going to the past where he meets Daniel, both start a brief confrontation without a winner because Black returns to the future, on the occasion Black kills Ellen of the Future, Athena then notifies Daniel and the others that Gods have become babies and several wars have started and that they have little time before the world definitively explodes.

Hell Games Saga : Zeus' sacred ray disappears, and Hades ends up becoming the prime suspect, demigods are sent to the underworld to investigate the situation, and end up being forced to participate in a kind of Olympic games from hell , the event is organized by Hades

YEAR 2001

The semi-gods manage to spend 1 year in peace without any concern, to celebrate such an event the gods of countless mythologies decide to hold a tournament between the Divine Campus around the world. D uring this year occurred some events that should be remembered.

Saga "The Great Games - First Edition": The Great Games is an event promoted by the Divine Campus in order to determine, through a series of competitions, the most powerful pantheon of all. At that time there was a hidden purpose behind it all, a group of demons disguised as gods were gathering the energy emerged by the campers during the games to free Lucifer from his prison, in the end, the campers with the help of the gods and Archangel Michael manage defeat the demons and send a weakened Lucifer back to his prison, the competition ends tied between the Greeks and the Nordics, the gods then chose to consider both champions of this edition.

Nidavellir saga: Some campers are sucked into an alternative universe, in it is the opposite of our world. In this saga, the demigods join the titans to defeat the Olympian gods of that universe. The main antagonist of the saga is Zeus from the other universe.

Marduk saga : Ancient gods that existed long before the Greeks and other pantheons manage to break a seal that imprisoned them, led by Marduk they then begin to attack the earth and as revenge they start a plan to launch the satellite against the planet earth. Lucifer manages to escape his prison with the help of demons in a mysterious way and unexpectedly helps the campers to defeat Marduk, in the end the fallen angel disappears with his demons.


YEAR 2002

2002 was also known for being the year when the Nordic demigods started to live on the Divine Greek Campus.

Cronus Saga: The primordial god Pontos ends up releasing the titans from Tartarus, Cronos then goes to Olympus with the titans and defeats all the gods and seals them and goes to Saturn, there he begins to suck the energy of the sealed gods to reach the perfection and become invincible. Only Apollo and Athena manage to escape and go to notify the demigods of what happened.

Saga of the timelines: The great Sumerian King Gilgamesh manages to kidnap the god Kairós and use his powers, he begins to modify historical events of the past such as the Vikings' invasion of Paris among others. The demigods will have to prevent events from being modified by going back in time with the help of Chronos and defeating the king.

Saga "The Great Games - Second Edition": The second edition of the great games took place where the Greeks became champions.

Saga of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse : The four horsemen of the apocalypse are revealed for the first time, someone manages to free three horsemen who were sealed to start the apocalypse. Death, who was the only knight who was not sealed and also the leader of the group, is not interested in the situation and renounces his post as an apocalyptic knight to become a more powerful entity, and delivers the post to Chronos who becomes '' Time '' ', campers need to stop the horsemen who now without a leader start to cause trouble in the land. This saga was also known to generate the first generation of demigods, some of the highlights of the saga that won positions due to the prominence were: Amethyst, Jhey, Alucard Nosferatu, Jean Chastel and Luci.
The battles caused between the campers and the horsemen of the apocalypse awoke a very old being who is sealed, known as Tehom,
Demiurge's sister (Pretending to be God) , Tehom tries to escape his sealing but fails, however, during the attempts to escape its sealing, a small portion of the energy of this creature ends up escaping and going to the earth merging in an orphaned baby of the feminine sex known as Tersa, the reincarnation of Tehom. The baby is handed over to Alucard.



10 years passed and Tersa grew up as a healthy and normal child. The Divine Greek / Nordic Campus, which previously only received Greek and Nordic demigods, now receives campers of all mythologies, becoming a global Divine Campus.

Saga The War of all the Gods: Knowing the power that Tersa had, all the Gods and creatures start a war to capture the all powerful Tersa, the reincarnation of Tehom as it became known, a battle between all divities begins, the campers try to everything to defend the same that is now on the side of good.

Eternity Saga : A cosmic deity called '' Eternity '' manages to trap Death in a magic cage, campers need to release Death and together with the knights, defeat Eternity, in this saga Lucifer reappears as an ally of Eternity, in the end Eternity and Death manages to "settle the score" and everything ends well.

Celestial War Saga: Miguel receives orders from Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) to bring Lucifer back to heaven, so that he can acquire forgiveness, Miguel meets Demiurgo's request (Pretending to be God) , Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) disappears, half from the celestial world disapproves of the idea and revolts against Miguel and Lucifer, that other half would be led by Gabriel and Uriel, a battle between the celestial world begins, in the end the campers manage to summon Jesus who ends the war, Alucard on that occasion is invited to live in heaven and become an angel too.


YEAR 2013

Goblin Saga : Goblins were created at the very beginning of everything, they were banished by God after throwing a meteor at the dinosaurs, and created the pagan gods to defeat God, after millions of years some manage to escape the "prison" and the semi -Gods need to wipe out these almost omnipotent creatures.

Apocalypse Saga : Lucifer ends up sinning along with Zacarias and Alucard and ends up falling into his cage once again, a war begins in the world, demons want to free Lucifer, while the angels want to leave him imprisoned, in the end Lucifer ends up being released and impregnates Rebbeca , creating one of the most powerful beings, the daughter of an angel with a goddess, Lucifer in the end manages to seal Miguel on his blade, but once again he is trapped in his cage by the campers



Saga of Light: After the final battle between Miguel and Lucifer ends, Metatron reveals that he caused everything and manipulated everyone in order to become the new God, Metatron proclaims himself the new God and begins to impose new rules on the universe, demigods then go against the attitudes of the seraphim, they then start the search for the sacred angel plate that reveals some way to defeat the angel, the demigods manage to reach the goal after countless twists and turns during the saga, in the end the plate released the 'Light' an entity as strong as Tehom, the Light just moves its arm towards Metatron and extinguishes the angel. showing some of his true power, Luz then created feelings for Jean, due to the fact that he was primarily responsible for freeing her, and then she created the new trinity, composed of her, Jean and Bryan, Luz was able to control all the pagan gods existing to make life difficult for those who revolted against her, in the end the campers freed Lucifer so that he could stop her, Demiurge (Pretending to be God) and Lucifer together with the campers start the final battle against Luz, Lucifer changes on its side and stands beside Luz, Luz then "kills" Demiurge (Pretending to be God) , and then Lucifer hits her in the back and seals her on his blade.

New Gods Saga: Lucifer becomes the new supreme being after defeating Luz, he is the main antagonist of this saga, he creates an army of 'new gods' made of human vices and wills, such as Facebook or Alcohol, if one starts campers' war against the new gods who intend to take over the world under the order of Lucifer, after the campers defeat practically all the new gods they face Lucifer in his final battle, the campers are transformed into angels to defeat the devil and in the end they manage to win Satan once and for all.

"The Great Games - Third Edition": In this edition the Greeks won again, during the celebration the camper Yuri encouraged the other demigods to carry out an invasion in the paradise that was somewhat fragile due to the last sagas.

Saga The Fall from Heaven: Metatron is recreated by Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) who was actually alive to serve as a butler in his personal bar and also assist him in the development of the autobiography, Metatron takes advantage that he has been recreated and communicates the creations of angels about the threat of the pagans to want to invade paradise, Metatron is later kidnapped in a mysterious way by Jeanne, who forces him to manipulate Edward to kill his friends, he is released after Jeanne disappears and then upon seeing the sky being invaded by the pagans and his room being infested by inferior beings he communicates to Alucard to erase the place, Metatron returns to the place where Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) is to continue helping him in his autobiography, at the end of the saga the pagans can theoretically succeed take on the sky.



Ragnorok Saga : 1 year has passed since paradise was taken over by pagan deities, as there were no more angels or saints or any kind of celestial being, the gods started to war with each other in paradise itself, leaving the place totally devastated, the gods then they leave paradise and return to their respective previous places, however the god Loki manages to steal sacred items called "Hand of God" that gave a gigantic power and initiates the plan of "Ragnorok" worldwide, in the end the campers manage to defeat the god and keep the peace once again in the world.

2-Year Saga : Alucard, while having access to paradise, discovers how to access the "Bar of Demiurge (Pretending to be God) " the safest place in existence, to which only Demiurge (Pretending to be God) himself had access, there he finds a lot of information including something created by Demiurgo himself (Pretending to be God) called the gauntlet of Omnipotence, a gauntlet divided into five very powerful weapons that together create something capable of supporting the power of the most powerful entities in existence, these five weapons were divided into the following kingdoms:

1 - Greek
2 - Egyptian
3 - Paradise
4 - Nordic
5 - Fairy Tale

Alucard managed to convince all campers that finding the five weapons, as it would bring definitive balance to the universe. Obviously he was lying, during the adventures in these five kingdoms, campers encounter former campers. After completing the creation of the Gauntlet, it reveals its true identity by inviting all campers who want to join it, it reveals its ideology and its goal before all creation, wanting to seal the most powerful entities in the universe in the gauntlet to reach omnipotence being the entities: Death, Tersa (Reincarnation of Tehom), Light, Son of God and Sheol.
During the battles there are several twists and turns, some demigods joined the entities and others joined Alucard, Alucard manages to seal 4 of the 5 entities in the Gauntlet, with only Sheol missing. Alucard then goes to the void in search of the last entity to become omnipotent, however he and his group are easily defeated by Sheol, while in another part of the void, several epic situations are occurring, at last the campers manage to awaken all beings who were in the void to turn against Sheol, including the Demiurge himself (Pretending to be God) who had engineered that whole plot and played the role of "Son Of God", and with the joining of all creation the void is destroyed along with its ruler.

Dream World Saga: The dream world collapsed and 3 beings from the dream world escaped into the ordinary world creating countless confusions that were later resolved. After the end of this saga, the Divine Campus ended up being separated once again,
Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) created a hidden area the size of a continent for the Campus to stay there.

"The Great Games - Fourth Edition": In this edition the Demonic team won for the first time, having as their main highlight the camper Zeldris.



With the campuses separated and "neighbors" from each other, new situations begin to occur in the plots of the RPG

Saga Heirs of Fire : Camper Bryan Simmons became his own magic after absorbing Amethyst, after which Bryan from the future began to control his body, Gray and Daniel merged to try to stop the same, the main antagonist of the plot was Alexandre O Great that in the end he was defeated.



Saga Filhos do Fogo e Sangue: After four years that passed after the end of the Saga Heirs of Fire, the Beasts reappeared in the world and Cain, the exporter of the Beast of the Apocalypse wanted control of all the remaining six. The campers to avoid this, went after each beast, where they sealed them inside. In the end, Bryan Simmons, Brendon Simmons and Kant Simmons joined forces to seal the beast within Brendon, who then all campers went to fight Cain. After the first appearance of Cain and the beasts. Everything was apparently going well, Ben, the last bearer of the beast - the apocalypse beast - was every day, trying to control himself as much as possible. Mysteriously, on his 16th birthday, in the dead of night, the beast got out of control, forcing him to enter his bestial form. The next day, all the campers who were "bearers" of the beasts disappeared. Campers from all camps went after the abductees, and also discovered that they would need to forge a weapon to keep Bren in control, where they sacrificed all of Vlad and Tehom's children to create such a weapon.



Seven years ago Jean Chastel finds the plate of angels and initiates his plan to become an archangel, Bryan who was against such an act revolts against Chastel and thus there are several wars that end up resulting in the sealing of Jean and Bryan.

New Generation Saga : Bryan's son begins his search to try to find a way to bring his father back to life, during the saga the campers join the galactic gods and begin a space journey to try to free Bryan and Jean, in the end both they are released and together with the campers they defeat the god Chaos who was devouring all the planets in the universe.

The Original Sin Saga: After all the previous events, everyone believed faithfully that the beasts had disappeared for good. Did the beasts, beings so powerful and merciless ... died? Such a question haunted the minds of all ex-bearers, and even of all the intelligent ones who left the zone of ignorance and began to think. After the last saga, nothing had been 100% stabilized. Brendon, the current and only bearer of a beast, had not even shown himself to have felt anything different until today where mysteriously: All the Ex-Bearers felt their skin burn with fire, tattoos given in the last saga of the beasts were shown and gradually expanded before their bodies. Including the sweet and lovely Aurora Asknes, whose blessing was blessed with unique and incredible power ... or will she be cursed? The point is: the little bestial energy within the ex-carriers realized that others with the same energy were loose on the ground, and very close. Vampirism and Lycanthropy had been widespread in almost all demigods, some unlocked new powers and others less so. They went after Gabriel's jewels, where by snapping their fingers, they managed to reverse everyone's illness. All former carriers fought for the protection of the universe, and ultimately lost their bestial energies entirely.

The End Saga: Brendon begins to lose control of the apocalypse beast, meanwhile campers mobilize in different ways to contain it, Brendon ends up following the instructions of his conscience to find a way to contain the beast that is sealed inside itself, during the process it is devastating all life in the galaxy and little by little completely losing his feelings, in a historical outcome Gray with the power of an archangel kills Brendon along with Bryan and then kills himself. Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) then appears announcing that that story would have come to an end, as if the life of the demigods were a simple story from a book, the campers begin to question Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) and the reason he didn't have done absolutely nothing to stop that, Demiurgo (Pretending to be God) gets angry with the campers' attitudes and decides to impose "THE END" in the universe, he then announces the 7 days of destruction (opposite of creation) initiating the true plan of the apocalypse , the demigods desperately search for innumerable ways to stop that, at the end of the Demiurge saga (Pretending to be God) he wins by killing all campers, but he chooses to give them one more chance by bringing them back and stabilizing the universe, but as punishment permanently kills Brendon and seals the apocalypse beast on Bryan.

Saga Verum Magicae: The demigods went to Avalon, where they were divided in a coup d'état that took place at the site. In the end, Melanie Cross helped to save everyone and bring Arthur and Merlin back to their proper places.



Saga Ties: Bryan accepted the judgment imposed by the Asian gods and left the divine area that encompasses the Campus to avoid a war, along with Aurora A, both went to their mother Elizabeth Simmons' house to try to control the beast, without success Azazel came to Bryan proposing that the camper join him and become a demon, acquiring the respect of the apocalypse beast, Bryan accepted and abandoned Aurora going with the fallen, Azazel introduced Bryan to some gods, being them: Baal, Moloch and Dagom, explaining for the semi-demon that they would all work together in favor of a single objective which was to rebuild hell with the five beings as the main commanders. Bryan then abandoned his old name by baptizing himself as Daeryon the demon of magic. On Campus Nordico, demons loyal to Melissa killed Trevor's wife for sheer fun, enraged Trevor asks Kali to take him back to the realm of suffering, the goddess accepts the camper's request taking him to the realm again, on the Asian campus the goddess Kali is furious to learn that the leader Hino was considering the idea of freeing Nicholas Yannick and decides to punish the entire Campus Asiatico and transform Nicholas into a kitsune medium in the worst possible way, changing the boy's feelings and memories, the whole Campus is taken to another reality that campers are unable to leave and no one can access, except authorized by Kali, Zhong Kui appears on Campus Asiatico offering Nihil the opportunity to leave that place and takes him to the Kingdom of Suffering where Trevor was. Meanwhile Daeryon begins to perform atrocities around the world, among them the death of Trevor's daughter, caused in cold blood by Daeryon, becoming more and more powerful and becoming empty of feelings. At the behest of Kali, the god Zhong Kui goes to the demonic Campus to kidnap Rey Simmons, the last one who carried the Simmons blood on him, the campers try to resist but the god succeeds in his mission and takes Rey to the realm of suffering and destroys all Demonic campus, in addition to taking Charlotte's will to live. Trevor who saw his daughter's death through the realm of suffering proclaims himself a new being, calling himself Mephisto, Nihil and Mephisto train with Lilith and Abaddon who were erased and for that reason were in that place, the campers with the demons make a pact ensuring that Mephisto and Nihil would avenge their deaths that were caused by Bryan and Nicholas. In the realm of suffering Rey Simmons is taken prisoner and his blood is collected daily by the vampire Vlad who is also in the realm of suffering along with Kali, Zhong Kui and Forseti. Rey meets Sora, a child who is said to be Kali's daughter, both create a great friendship with each other having a kind of connection. Back on earth, Noah is invited by the leader of the white company to join the organization breaking ties with his old Campus, he accepts the proposal by allying himself with the organization and removes all ambassadors from the Demonic Campus as his first mission, Daeryon and Azazel goes to the Demonic Campus after Melissa and starts a slaughter in the place that had just been rebuilt, Gray and Aurora A appear in the place and try to make Daeryon back to Bryan, they almost succeed, until the enraged beast takes control. of the body and initiates a destruction on the Demonic Campus, Azazel disappears with Daeryon before the destruction continues, Azazel questions Daeryon and says that he should have all his remaining feelings and memories erased at once, Daeryon doesn't like the idea, but Baal appears next to Azazel initiating the process, but during the process something goes wrong causing the Beast to take over Bryan's body in a totalitarian way, killing Azazel right after the possession is complete. In the realm of suffering Vlad gives Rey Simmons blood for Mephisto to drink, Sora and Forseti flee the Realm of Suffering to free Rey and take them to where their "father" was, arriving at the place the apocalypse beast that is with control of Bryan's body kills Forseti, hands the child's mother's head to the boy and threatens to kill Sora in front of him, Sora and Rey are sent to the realm of suffering again before being killed by the beast, the beast begins a series of destruction, killing Oliver's son in front of him, Charlotte and other campers, Gray decides to invite the other campuses to join the Greeks and together they can be prepared to stop the beast, the beast then notes that some campers would have accepted the invitation of Gray to flee to the Greek Campus and annihilate the areas of those Campus that were deserted, at last the beast goes to the Greeks and offers Gray a chance to avoid the destruction of all those people if he surrendered, Gray accepts and finds himself the apocalypse beast delivers, Gray is arrested and his conscience is sealed within the subconscious of Bryan's body, where Bryan was also.

3 years later

Three years pass and some campuses enter crisis and others improve, the demi-gods of the Asian campus who were in another dimension have the opportunity to return to earth if they accept being loyal to Kali, most accept, while those who do not accept are left to die in that place. Meanwhile, on the Greek Campus, which suffers a migratory crisis to support campers from four other campuses, it begins to suffer rumors of attempts by the coup d'état by Aurora Jollet, enraged the Greeks expel all immigrants from their home. Still not satisfied, the Greeks go after Aurora and try to carry out an assassination attempt against the camper, arousing the fury of Celtic gods who begin to destroy the Greek Campus, the Greek gods then go to the Campus and start a battle between them, in the end a lightning bolt by Zeus destroys the entire Greek area leaving the campers homeless, after all this Arthur tries to rebuild a new Greek Campus but is punished by Zeus, who decides to worsen the punishment making him the new Prometheus, Nihil returns from the Kingdom from Suffering and together with an army of demons slayers and Asians he destroys the demonic Campus causing a demonic slaughter, after the slaughter he returns to the Kingdom of suffering under Kali's orders. A goddess then appears in the center of the Campus area calling the campers for a peace meeting, the campers then accepting the advice of the goddess of peace who says she will try to convince the gods of a pacification pact, but she is unsuccessful since she ends up being killed by the Beast of the Apocalypse that is under the control of Bryan's body, after more battles in the Campus area the goddess Athena reaches the campers informing that the book of Crowley whose is in paradise would have something to save Gray and Bryan , in order to get to the book the campers would have to open a rift to paradise since the place is locked by God, the goddess discovers that a sword would be able to open a rift in a limited way to paradise and informs the campers that it would be divided into three parts, the campers then split into three groups to fetch the parts of the sword, one of them was with a Goblin, another in Atlantis and another with Australian gods, with the complete sword the campers start the opening of the crack, Olgierd then sacrifices his arm for this, during the process the Beast appears again and some campers like Aurora try to hold the beast while the others try to open the crack, the campers finally open the crack for the paradise and begin a journey inside paradise in search of the book where they find Cassiel and Akemi who delivers the book to them, with the book Aurora enters Bryan's subconscious to save the two and together with Gray wins the Beast causing Bryan to have the control of her body, finally when everything seemed to be over the gods Baal, Moloch and Dagon came up saying that it would be necessary to recreate hell to maintain balance and convince Aurora that she should use the demons she had previously sealed in the process and that she would have a position of importance in the new hell, when starting the process both the three gods sacrifice themselves by releasing three ancient creatures: Tannin, Kingz and Enuma, cross beasts sent by Tehom to face God and his archangels during the first battles, the intention of the Babylonian gods was to take revenge on God and not create a new hell, the beasts then begin to decimate the planet and defeat the campers in the final battle, things seemed even more lost when Kingz sucks Tannin and the energy of Vicent's perfect form for him becomes even more powerful, but then the campers' parents come to help them and with the power of hope they manage to kill Kingz, Enuma runs away with the book Crowley. After all this, Vlad III appears along with Kali at the scene arresting the campers who were without power and asking a camper to talk, Oliver takes the lead and talks to Kali who reveals that Sora is actually the daughter of Sheol and that she used the blood of girl to get the power of the void, she also says that Oliver's other companions are in a certain place and tells the demigods not to cross her path anymore, Oliver goes to the place indicated by Kali and finds Trevor, Carlos, Ragnar and Rey crucified in a state of half-dead, except Rey who was erased from the inside out like a lifeless empty shell.

Saga The Kingdom of Pollaris : The universe of the demigods is having the energy sucked by something coming from another reality, the campers with the gods start an investigation to know who and where this suction is coming from and discover that it is coming from another universe called "Neoverso" on the planet of Pollaris, but to access this alternative universe it would be necessary to join the three eyes to be performing a spell at height, the three eyes that are the supreme books of: Crowley, Merlin and Helena, after much effort the campers they obtain the three books and the realization of the spell by opening a slit for Pollaris where they discover that the person responsible for the energy suction is a machine created by Sr.D the king of all that land and that has four supreme emperors at his disposal being them: Brendon, Madame Latimore, August and Santo Blue, with a lot of effort the campers defeat some emperors and convince others that it was wrong playing them against Mr. D who The end reveals his identity, which is actually Demiurge (Pretending to be God) who disguised himself trying to create a new reality and erase the old one with a justification.

Saga "The Great Games - Fifth Edition": In this edition the Asian team won for the first time, having as its main highlight the camper Hana.

Mini-Saga - Otto's Attack: Otto finally finds the Divine Campus area and begins mass destruction around the site along with his army of slayers, the campers then find a single solution to end Otto, go back in time and change the facts that occurred previously so that he had no reason to kill the divine creatures and consequently become weaker, the campers manage to go back in time with an item from Chronos, however, Otto of the present ends up also returning and Enuma takes advantage and also travel in time, During the saga, the campers undo the events that happened before and weaken Otto, until in the final fight, Otto recognizes that he made a mistake and decides to try to commit suicide, however Enuma intervenes and makes Otto's body explode as a kamikaze attack to kill the campers.



Revenge Saga : In this saga, all Divine Campuses were attacked by Akuma, and their campuses were destroyed. The reality went into shock, in addition to some specific campuses having lost their powers by the entity. The demigods discovered that Akuma was none other than the firstborn of the Apocalypse Beast, seeking revenge against all demigods and especially Bryan. Akuma wanted to find all the semi-beasts to start chaos in the world, and with that, the demigods went to the Amazon island in search of the children of the beasts, seeking to find them before him, and after several trials, managed to find Diana, the firstborn of Leviathan. Akuma found her in the same minute, which forced the demigods to flee and the leviathan's daughter to fight alone with him. Akuma and Diana are missing, but the whole reality has returned to normal.

The Great War Saga: Gray Rhee is mysteriously kidnapped, The Pagan King threatens him with permanent death for all his crimes against Zeus who carried out the denunciation in the council of the gods. Jean Chastel is defeated by Noah Brooks and Ahazael Mir, handed over to Chronos himself, who hands him over to the Pagan King. Therefore, for its infinite acts committed, Kitsune is condemned to the same end as the god of signs. The Greek Campus begins the search for the leader, placing Aurora as the leader of the movement looking for Rhee. Aurora gets clues after allying herself with Kali on the base of the gods, and for that, she would need five pagan Campus cores. A war against the Nordics is fought, and after the Nordic defeat, there is finally just one more nucleus left. Aurora defeats Ahazael, and taking the Arab core, manages to summon a supreme djinn, giving her a divine map. Aurora manages to get the Arthurians and Demons to ally herself, and after convincing Bryan, the demon king, she gets the map to show all the bases. The war begins and the campers need to collect seven items that together form a divine key that gives access to the world of the Pagan King, the campers then start a journey to obtain the keys while the Pagan King sends the "Capitaes Titanic's" (which are semi gods that surpassed the power of a common semi-god) to disrupt the campers' plans, several battles between the titanic's take place on earth and finally the campers get six keys that create a limited space ship that goes to the planet of the pagan king. Already close to the planet, Yuri who appeared to be one of the allies reveals his true face and tries to kill Bryan who defeats him with many difficulties, at the height of the saga the most powerful titanic captain reveals himself (Maximus) and faces Greyan (The merger of Gray and Bryan) while the other demigods on earth receive the information that the Zeus who made the complaint was a fake and it was Cratos unlike his father, while Greyan faces Maximus, the demigods invade Olympus along with Athena unmasked Cratos and saves Zeus by taking him to the planet of the pagan king and ending the war. Extremely disappointed in himself, the pagan king reveals himself (Eternity) and commits suicide.

Ultimatum Saga: Tehom is finally freed from her sealing with the intention of wanting to turn all beings in existence into knights of darkness to form a gigantic army against Demiurge. Meanwhile Gray and Bryan discover through Liam that all this time they have been having their lives controlled by Demiurge and are furious, both begin to devise a plan to defeat Demiurge and end up bumping into an enraged Miguel who removes the feelings that Bryan had from Gray , consequently causing Bryan to lose control and start destroying everything and everyone. Desperate, Gray seeks Light to help him, the entity reveals that there are legends about an alleged “Plate of D.” and hands the "Sword of Healing" to Gray to annihilate the bestial side within Bryan and so he does. Bryan, Aurora, Gray and Drakkon initiate a plan to try to contact Death and discover something about D. Aurora's plaque is the guinea pig used, it is killed and its spirit goes against the deadly entity that would be in its library. Meanwhile, Lucifer's essence reveals itself within Bryan and forces him to perform a ritual to impregnate Aurora. Before the ritual is started, Gray resurrects Aurora and then Bryan seals his lips to that of a still bewildered Aurora and initiates the ritual. During the ritual, the woman feels all the side effects of abuse coming from Bryan, both in physical and in concept. spiritual that is something even more horrendous, after the ritual is completed and Bryan inherits the position of his former rival and earns the respect of macho deities, Aurora withdraws from the place totally desolate and disgusted with herself. Cassiel then reveals himself in the center of the campground and talks to Gray about someone who would probably know something about the sign, Jesus Christ. The group of campers then go to Jesus Christ who reveals the location of a hill in paradise where they find a map of the "D Plate".
Meanwhile, Tehom alongside Enuma and Johann create an army to face the entire universe, the army is made up of millions of homunculi and undead that included ancient demigods and deities, the war then begins.
The other campers arrive on the battlefield on the map, the D. plaque is divided into four different universes, while some campers will have to battle frantically on the battlefield against homunculi and undead, others will have to travel to other universes.

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RAUL Saga : ?????????????

Domination Saga:   A demon god son of Loki named Hector Symmon goes to the state of florasia to meet Akira to make a proposal, which is to dominate the other factions of demigods, since the divine continent is just one of the factions where demigods reside. in the world.

The Norseman proves to be very intelligent (even though he is sometimes a little psychopathic and Nazi) and initiates the plan together with Akira and other demigods who accept the proposal with the intention of having new alliances. Héctor then takes the demigods to HQ and introduces them to Yazh Masosu, Akira's older brother who admires the campers and who also agreed to participate in the plan to live an adventure just like his brother.

The campers then decide that the first faction to be dominated would be that of Alkhemylab. An institution created by Nicholas Flamel with the intention of training demigods to become alchemists, reconciling their divine powers with science. And so the campers do, the nerdy demigods do not approve of the campers' arrival and try to stop them using technology and traps, but it is not successful, during the invasion the campers discover that Alkhemylab is the place responsible for the creation of the majority. of the divine items used by the demigods.
The campers then arrive at Samuel Cooper, the leader of Alkhemylab, who is not satisfied and uncertain whether the campers are worthy of such an alliance, challenges four demigods to a game of D&D. The campers accept, including: Melissa, Dexter, Justyn and Tyler who manage to overcome Samuel's challenge and win the Alkhemylab alliance.

After achieving the Alkhemylab alliance, the campers leave for the Marshall Islands where the "Chick Demons" reside, a group of radical and anarchist demigods who do not follow the rules imposed by the gods. However, the challenge in the Marshall Islands ends up being much greater, due to the radioactivity and curses that the island has against invaders. The campers then end up being arrested and captured, but end up getting in touch with Ted, the leader of the Chick Demons who was heartbroken and crying due to the fact that he suspects his girlfriend Lola is cheating on him with Lawerenceville's deputy leader. Ted then asks the campers to do a spy job and get proof that she is cheating on him, because only then would he be able to get out of the illusion, it also guarantees an alliance on the part of the Chick Demons if the mission is successful.

The campers then split into three groups to go after Lola, the places of Antarctica, Paris and Tallinn (The places that Lola most likes to visit, according to Ted himself).

Celestial World Saga: After the adventure of the campers in Origo to save the universe, despite what everyone believed, not everything was left behind. With Drakkon, an object was brought from that place and, until then, it did not appear to be dangerous, but its mystical nature raised concerns in everyone who knew of its existence. In search of the meaning of that, the campers set out on a search for Urania in order to get the answers to their questions in a space adventure.

After the adventure of the campers in search of Urania, everyone waited anxiously for her return about the object, which she soon received, revealed to be the Key of Spirits. After months pass, Urania arrives on the divine continent like a meteor, extremely debilitated. After waking up, Urânia says that when she discovered how to use the key, she was attacked by a creature never seen before, which she had to imprison inside the Celestial World, which might not have been a good idea, because it was one of the sources of ethereal energy of the galaxy.

With this concern, Urânia then opens the portal again and sends the campers on a mission to eliminate the creature once and for all. However, only their spirits pass through the portal, leaving their bodies behind. This was the condition for entering the Celestial World, a world made of pure spiritual energy. Once there, the campers move from constellation to constellation of the Zodiac, some taking shortcuts, but everyone is forced to go through the challenges that each sign proposed.

Soon, a group of campers who had taken one of the shortcuts through the constellation of Ophiuchus finds a chaotic scenario, and when questioning a survivor, he ends up seeing that the constellation and the guardian spirit had been attacked by a creature very similar to the one that Urânia had shown.

They then move on, some campers end up being graced by the signs on the way, but when they arrive in the constellation of Pisces, they find the real challenge. Ophiuchus was possessed by the creature and had infected the signs he had passed through, but after uniting with the rest of the guardian spirits and fighting together with them, they managed to destroy the creature. With his end, a new key is expelled from his body and Etê sees, moments before the villain's annihilation, the image of "Oliver" in his mind.

Saga "The Great Games - Sixth Edition": In this edition the Afro-European team won for the first time, having as their main highlight the camper Arthuria.

RAUL Saga : ?????????????



Saga Brainify : Os tempos de paz pareciam finalmente terem chegado e com eles uma estagnada de eventos, alguns dos semideuses mais jovens haviam partido para uma viagem interestelar, ao mesmo tempo helicópteros começariam a pousar no solo de Supernova onde na verdade era o presidente dos EUA o Joe Biden, acompanhado de seus guarda costas ele foi conversar com Grey Rhee o chamando para uma reunião envolvendo os outros líderes mundiais. Grey após alguns dias ele finalmente vai para a ilha neutra onde encontra boa parte dos outros líderes mundiais e a reunião passa a ocorrer, nela eles descobrem após muitas trocas de farpas que incidentes estranhos estão acontecendo no mundo todo. Finalmente é revelado que tratava-se de um robô ou melhor uma Super Inteligência desenvolvida por Leonardo da Vinci (supostamente) chamada Brainify. Eles acabam sendo aprisionados pelo robô onde acabam sofrendo tentativas de homicídio, até que os semideuses viajam juntamente com alguns soldados norte americanos para salvar os líderes  mundiais. Resolvido esse questão, Joe Biden acaba solicitando apoio de Supernova para que pudesse ajudar os Estados Unidos a resolverem toda aquela situação com Brainify. Juntos então viajam para a América, para que possam resolver toda aquela situação, primeiramente tomam conhecimento da situação como um todo entendendo quem era o inimigo, seu propósito e tudo mais. Leonardo da Vinci (mais tarde revelado como um mero Clone Robô) em uma de suas mensagens avisou aos semideuses que ele havia desenvolvido um meio de eliminar aquele ser. Mas por segurança espalhou essa informação pelo mundo em três partes, localizadas em três cidades diferentes da Itália (Roma, Florença e Veneza). Apesar do caos que o mundo se encontrava devido às invasões robóticas afim de dominar a humanidade, os semideuses acabam descobrindo um pouco mais sobre o mundo fora de Supernova, e que cada país possui guerreiros poderosos protegendo seu país como na Itália seus Dez Centuriões de Roma, onde foram até então descobertos a identidades apenas de dois indivíduos a filha do lendário Júlio César,  Alina César (a primeira e também líder dos Centuriões) e por fim um seguidor de Spartacus, Cassius de Luca (O Nono Centurião). Também descobriram a existência de alguns deuses que vivem "secretamente" entre os humanos como Baco, e Fortuna. Apesar das hostilidades encontradas pelo caminho acabam conseguindo completar seu objetivo no caminho conhecendo até mesmo uma das principais ajudantes de Leonardo da Vinci a Lisa Gherardini (A Monalisa). Os semideuses após descobrirem informações vitalicias para a destruição de Brainify e tendo em posse os instrumentos de sua destruição eles acabam partindo para a Alemanha, Berlim (anteriormente uma das bases de operações de Leonardo da Vinci, dominada por Brainify) durante as invasões eles acabam sendo confrontados pelos mais diversos tipos de Robôs já desenvolvidos eliminando rapidamente muitos dos semideuses. Usando dos objetos encontrados conseguiram criar um super bloqueador de sinais para isolar Brainify de toda tecnologia mundial e assim o destruindo logo em seguida. Durante o final eles acabam descobrindo que Brainify não era uma das criações de Da Vinci, mas sim uma Super Inteligência Artificial desenvolvida por uma raça de aliens que parecia estar ligado à marca anteriormente concedida à Grey e Castiel, e também que Leonardo estava vivo e aquele que havia sido derrotado por Brainify era meramente um clone que agia como ele durante sua viagem pelo espaço.

Saga Numerus : A saga é um conflito entre os semideuses e a Numerus, uma organização criminosa formada por seres de alta periculosidade no universo primórdio, é o grupo mais procurado em todo o universo primordial. O principal objetivo do grupo era recolher todas as tábulas divinas para o seu plano de dominação universal, liderado pelo cabeça do grupo Golden cLúcifer, o filho do próprio Lucifer com uma princesa da raça pleiadiana.

Com o desenrolar da saga, a maioria dos membros da Numerus acabam sendo mortos, restando apenas uma quantidade minoritária na trama final. O líder Golden Lúcifer acaba sendo trancafiado no final saga, tendo seus objetivos frustrados pelos semideuses com ajuda de Maria, a Profetisa. 

Saga "Os Grandes Jogos - Sétima Edição" : Nessa edição o time Nórdico venceu pela segunda vez, tendo como seu principal destaque a campista Viktor.

Saga Dreamworks : Quando o céu se tornou vermelho-sangue, o planeta Terra teve sua paz cortada pela invasão de estranhas criaturas, que logo mudaria sua rotina por algumas poucas semanas. Nem mesmo a superpotência chamada Supernova pôde escapar de um fenômeno tão repentino, sofrendo baixas consideráveis, que somadas com a atual situação do mundo, teriam a atenção de um grupo de divindades para si, estes são os oniros, formados por Morfeu, Phobetor, Fântaso & Epiales. Até então, pouco se sabia sobre aquela ocorrência, e mesmo após sua viagem ao subconsciente daqueles levados ao coma (Abisai, Dashan & Finn) isso não mudou. Era estranho, mas de fato, haviam conseguido auxílio de um ser medonho, que posteriormente seria denominado como Ícelos, Deus dos Pesadelos. Ele não estava entre o grupo inicial de deidades, mas sim, os ajudaria mesmo assim, como um sábio eremita que surgia nos momentos de necessidade.
De certo, caso desejassem descobrir mais, precisariam do auxílio daquele ser, mas não foi tão simples, visto que ele não poderia ser sentido naquele corpo planetário, e foi nesse momento que surgiria a Deusa menor, Psique, e a Titânide Mnemosyne, que lhes deram uma luz; teriam de procurar ajuda para enfim serem ajudados, fazendo-os seguir os traços de crianças índigo. Eram problemáticas, mas tiveram sucesso em Chicago ao trazer Abigail Campbell para seu país, tal como em Bloemfontein, onde Arthuria faria um acordo com Adelowo, que logo foi também foi levado a Supernova. Porém, em Seul eles não tiveram sucesso, visto que tentavam obrigar um recém-nascido (Kim Yeong-Gi) a ir com eles, levando a morte de Dashan, visto que tentou lhe sequestrar, mas isso não chegou perto do que aconteceu em Berlim, onde Finn acabaria por assassinar os pais da criança, que logo matou todo o grupo, com exceção do dito cujo e seu irmão, Domhnall, que sim, agora uma informação não mostrada por lá; sim, ambos são procuramos na Alemanha por este crime hediondo, onde mataram os pais da criança em sua frente, sendo Finn o assassino, e Domhnall o seu cúmplice.
Por sorte, haviam duas criança dispostas, e logo levariam estes a Marte, que também estava a sofrer pelo mesmo ataque que a Terra. Ajudariam seus nativos, e alguns terráqueo eram reconhecidos como heróis por lá (Al'mon, Castiel, Domhnall & Cedar Wood), e sim, encontrariam aquele homem que procuravam, Ícelos, um oniro. Em paralelo, um outro grupo resolveu seguir os deuses em uma trágica viagem ao submundo, onde sim, encontrariam Hipnos completamente ensanguentado e desmaiado, junto a um humanóide branco e com um longo e grosso bico, o qual dominou com facilidade todas as divindades e seus companheiros, sequestrando os oniros e também Arthuria, os quais posteriormente seriam corrompidos e dominados por este, sendo usados como soldados como seus aliados. Mas por enquanto, foquemos no linear, que sim, o outro grupo teria sua viagem acabando com uma calma maior, isto é, uma boa noite de sono para todos, exceto Finn, que acabava sendo assolado por um pesadelo em looping, acordando em meio a noite.
"Talvez um sonho profético", possivelmente Ícelos pensou isso antes de enfim lhes levar até a Grécia, em busca de Pítia, uma antiga seguidora de Apollo, mas também a Suprema-Sacerdotisa do Oráculo de Delfos, agora em ruínas. Ela foi extremamente agressiva de início, mas se acalmou eventualmente. Por fim, teria sucesso em interpretar o sonho do filho de Baldur, fazendo-os ir a fase final de sua aventura; uma última viagem ao submundo. Houveram complicações, e como dito, enfrentariam os deuses e Arthuria, a qual foi apagada junto a Phobetor, tendo o restante dos deuses salvos pelos semideuses. Porém, é claro, chegaram tarde demais, Hipnos havia sido corrompido totalmente, e mesmo que tentassem, ele não pôde ser salvo naquele momento. Tudo aquilo era uma armação do Deus Exterior, Nyarlatothep, o qual sim, havia lhes enganado e manipulado desde o começo, disfarçando-se de Ícelos e debochando de como havia conseguido lhes ludibriar. Por fim, este abriria um portal, levando Hypnos, o qual estava instável pela mudança ocorrida consigo, nesse processo revelando que tinha mais aliados ao outro lado do portal, e enfim desaparecendo na distorção espacial juntamente ao Deus Grego.



Saga Subjugar dos Deuses : Os tempos de paz pareciam finalmente terem chegado e com eles uma estagnada de eventos, alguns dos semideuses mais jovens haviam partido para uma viagem interestelar, ao mesmo tempo helicópteros começariam a pousar no solo de Supernova onde na verdade era o presidente dos EUA o Joe Biden, acompanhado de seus guarda costas ele foi conversar com Grey Rhee o chamando para uma 

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