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At the top of the ineffable and transcendental, there was only the great, unreachable, inexplicable, omnipotent and supreme "Heavenly Father". He created an inscrutable kingdom, perfect of balance and creative power called "Pleroma", and then created two archetypal forms of consciousness called aeons being Jesus and Sophia.
The youngest and most adventurous named Sophia, wished to see beyond the Plorama Kingdom, and wished to probe outside Plorama. Christ, her heavenly consort, was unable to restrain her, who continued with her adventurous way. Confused by having nothing but Plorama, the same without authorization from the Father created the inexistence (Sheol) and then the existence (Demiurgo) that appeared as a tiny particle of light in the middle of the void.
Demiurge spread his grace through the void, but a part of the void was without the grace of Demiurge, out of the lack of Demiurge a being called Tehom arose who was created out of the darkness consuming some of the light of Demiurge due to the little space that remained in that void in which they occupied.
Tehom and Demiurgo unite and together they defeat Sheol the governor of that void, and consequently releasing the existence that was trapped within the nonexistence.
Outside of Plorama, feeling alone and helpless, she experienced all sorts of unimaginable psychic torments. Passion, grief, fear, despair and ignorance exuded Sophia's being as powerful clouds and condensed into the four elements: water, earth, fire and air, as well as thousands of other feelings that affected the two entities that were nonexistent. Christ is sent by the Father to bring Sophia back to wholeness (Pleroma). It enables her to see the light again, giving her the knowledge of the spirit (Pneuma).



Demiurge begins the creation of the universe, creates several worlds with creatures to show Tehom that there could be more than just the two, but she destroyed those worlds with wars, famine, pests and deaths, as a result of which four universal phenomena appear, which are the four knights: Death, Hunger, Plague and War.
Demiurge tries once again to create new worlds, but once again Tehom destroys them, however a specific Demiurge manages to save him and sends the creatures to a place he created called "Purgatory" leaving them out of Tehom's reach. Demiurgo then saddles three of the knights and removes the illuminated part that existed in Tehom, generating a creature called Light and leaving Tehom more weakened.
Demiurge tries to convince Luz to join him to face Tehom, but she refuses, so God faces her by defeating and sealing her.
Demiurgo tries to face Tehom but fails, he knew that alone he could not have the strength to stop her, the Heavenly Father who considered the Demiurge idea of creating lives something positive creates the first five angels: Lucifer, Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael and Metatron to helps you to defeat Tehom. Demiurge was surprised by the appearance of the creatures, but he thought they were his creations and together they started the war against Tehom that created his monster gods: Tanin, Enuma and Kingu and an army of dark soldiers.
The "Primeval Battles" begins. Kingu creates the sword "Black Fire" and faces Miguel, who uses the sword "Flame of Death". Miguel wins the battle and seals Kingu, keeping his sword. Gabriel faces Tanin using the sword "Scourge of Fire" against Tanin's "Eye of the Serpent" sword. Gabriel wins the battle and also seals Tanin. Lucifer uses the sword "Ray of Aurora" to face Enuma, who uses the sword "Blue Eyes". Lucifer wins the battle and seals Enuma. Rafael uses the sword "Espada da Cura" to battle the great army of dark soldiers, Rafael wins the battle and murders them. Metatron does not participate in the battle, only writing all the events on his holy tablet. Demiurgo faces Tehom directly. Demiurge wins the battle and sends Tehom to an eternal seal.
Heavenly Father then decides to create a more simplified and smaller version of "Pleroma" so that the angels could live there and also creates other angels, all the angels believed that whoever did all that was Demiurge who is amazed by all that, but declares himself the father of all angels with the intention of having control. The expansion of matter creates '' cosmic creases '' in the universe, giving rise to other alternative universes such as Pollaris and Nidavellir, under secrecy and fearing that someday all angels would rebel against him, Dermiugo created the seven archons who were creatures above angels, being these: Abraxas, Iao, Sabaoth, Astaphanos, Adonaios, Elaios and Horaios that were spread by the universes creating innumerable forms of life and spreading that Demiurgo was the Supreme God and creator of all existence.


After arresting Tehom, God created paradise and thousands of other angels, over the course of billions of years the most beautiful angel Lucifer began to envy and distrust the power of Demiurge and began to obtain the desire to be above him and everything, was It took more than 1 billion years for Lucifer to be able to influence much of paradise to join him and try to usurp the throne of God for himself, Lucifer suspected that Demiurge was not the true God and wanted to end him and stay above him. and the true God . Demiurgo then summons an army from the sky that was led by Miguel who after fifty thousand years battled in a cosmic war won the victory against his younger brother.  

Demiurge then created hell and threw the devil in a cage where he was imprisoned, all the angels that fought with Lucifer were also thrown to hell, even inside a cage the devil managed to create a new race to the universe, the "demons" , they joined the fallen angels to try to free their leader.

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So finally Demiurgo created the planet earth, but it was not enough, he created a species called '' Goblins '' and gave these creatures an almost omnipotent power so that they could develop the planet to their taste, Demiurgo also created a A species called '' Dinosaurs '' were creatures similar to the ones he had created in the principles which were erased by Tehom, for this reason Demiurge was very fond of them, the Goblins began to feel jealous of the dinosaurs, and at that moment a breach was opened for evil entered the land, demons and the fallen got the access they needed and began to influence the Goblins to revolt against the dinosaurs, the Goblins then created a super powerful meteor that extinguished the entire race of dinosaurs and consequently left the land in a catastrophic situation, Demiurgo was furious and banished all the Goblins to another reality locking them up, the only remnants of the dinosaurs that remained behold, they were in the depths of the earth.

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Demiurge had already given up life on earth after failing with the Goblins, when Heavenly Father resolves on his own to rebuild the earth, create Eden, and Adam. Demiurgo once again boasted that it was all his doing, and noting that Adam was complaining that he was feeling just the same created Lilith, who was flawed and imperfect and did not accept being in some way '' inferior '' to Adam and deserted the Garden of Eden, desperate Demiurge ordered angels to go after Lilith so that she could return to Eden but she refused and joined demons and had hundreds of children with them, so the first '' human-demons' came about ', Lilith was taken to hell where she received a gigantic position as queen of hell, she was one of the few beings that went to the cage where Lucifer was trapped and talked to him personally, the devil ordered her to return to the Garden of Eden and corrupted Adam, she was stopped by the angel Gadreel who guarded the place and convinced him that she was sorry by deceiving him and entering Eden once again, upon entering she noticed that Adam would have a new companion created by Heavenly Father and then with his powers granted by Lucifer he possessed a serpent and deceived both Adam and Eve by driving them both out of the Garden. Archangel Raphael went to Eden where he defeated Lilith and expelled her and sent her to hell making her a demon for good, he also sent Gadreel to hell for his mistake making him a fallen man.
Demiurge continued to intervene in the lives of humans for a long time, who were his favorite creatures in the universe and showed his true face that he was of an egocentric, manipulative, narcissistic and arrogant god.


The Goblins who were trapped in an alternative reality still had gigantic power and even in another reality they managed to create other beings in the normal reality so that they attacked Demiurge as a form of revenge, these beings created by the Goblins were nothing less than the '' Gods. Supreme '' of each pantheon, the gods did not obey the Goblins who finally gave up their revenge. The gods then created other gods in succession, they entered into an agreement that each one would keep part of the planet, the pagan gods were spreading so quickly that they created worlds for themselves like Olympus or Valhalla, they experienced wars between they like the "War of the Titans vs Olympians" among other thousands of events, the demons took advantage of the gap in the pagan world to influence humans that those gods were the creators of the universe, this worked for thousands of years until the arrival of Christianity on the planet that was gradually destroying paganism. Demiurge or the angels never fought or anything against the pagan gods , because the pagans never tried to invade paradise or take the place of Demiurge, many of them did not even know about Demiurge.


Gradually most of the pagan gods were being forgotten, but this did not kill them, many of them passed as humans on the planet and had children with other humans generating the '' demigods '', in the beginning it was normal for a demigod to live with humans as was the case with Hercules, but as time passed and technology arrived it wasn’t normal for someone to leave the center of Athens with lightning or flying, so the Half-Blood Camp was created by the Greek gods initially for their children and also the Jupiter Camp (Roman version), a place where the demigods could improve their skills and be safe from monsters or the like.


The Nordic and Greek gods suggested the idea of creating a tournament between Nordic and Greek demigods, other pantheons were invited and participated in the tournament, at the end of the tournament Lucifer managed to get rid of his cage, however the devil with the help of Archangel Michael and from their parents they managed to send Satánas back to their cage, after the end of the event and the sum of points the classification was a tie between the Greeks and the Norse, so the Greek and Norse gods reached an agreement that their children were possible living together, the Nordic demigods then went to live at Camp Half-Blood, Quiron made an invitation to several other pantheons, several of whom accepted, some rejected, and every day that passes the Camp receives a new resident!


The agreement that existed between all the camps was broken, and the camps were separated, God chose to carry out an extension of the territory of Long Island, leaving it the size of a continent, and divided the lands for each camp.

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