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When we think of a character's fighting power in RPG, we think of the strongest warriors having double, triple or even ten or twenty times more power than the others. However, this is wrong! If you think that way, you are completely wrong.

It is for this reason, that many times, the RPG players themselves end up not understanding how a theoretically weaker warrior manages to fight against a theoretically much more powerful warrior.

One fact is that, with the exception of God and the Aeons, no other being, including entities such as Demiurge, Tehom and Light has more power than the other to the point of having twice as much power as any other warrior at his height. . Explaining better, Lucifer, Miguel, Morte, Luz, Demiurgo, Tehom and even Gabriel and Enuma, are at a level of power, where neither has much more power than the other.


We need to think of the RPG characters as top athletes, high level, after all, they are really, they are high level fighters. In high level competitions, such as in the 100 meters of athletics, the difference in “power”, in this case, speed, is not so great among competitors. In the 2016 100-meter Olympics, Bolt won the race with a time of 9s 81 while the runner-up made a time of 9s 89, doing the math, we can come to the conclusion that Bolt won the runner-up being just 1% faster than he, even for the last placed, the difference was no more than 2%.
If we put this in terms of fighting power, Bolt would be the most powerful in RPG because he has a fighting power 1% higher than the runner-up and in general 2% higher for all competitors.

Here I am trying to explain, that to be the most powerful, the character does not necessarily need to be double or triple more powerful than other characters. Needing to be only 1% or 2% stronger.


However, the reality is the opposite, the more training and more development of the character, the smaller the exponential increase. Take the example of Bolt again, in 2008 he beat the world speed record with the time of 9s 69 and in 2009 he beat his own record beating the time of 9s 58, after a year of training, he didn’t triple his speed let alone doubled his speed, he increased his speed by just over 1%. And what needs to be understood is that the closer to the top, the lower the yield, the lower the gain. For those who understand the graph, the power increase graph needs to be a lot at the beginning and a little at the end and not the other way around. Even for those who work out in the gym, it's easy to notice that, on the first day you put 5kg on the bench press, on the second you put 10kg twice as much, now, for you to put 15kg which is 50% more, it will take you a few weeks, and for you getting 20 kg that would be a 35% increase would take you at least a month.
Another example, are the oldest creatures in the RPG, let's see Demiurgo, he is a being so old that his power totally stagnated a long time ago, he got to the point that increasing his power through training is almost impossible, because the exponential increase for it has become something absurdly distant. Tehom too, is an entity that has reached a level that would hardly be able to increase its power exponentially, so much so, that in the Ultimatum saga it absorbed another entity to increase its power and even so it was not twice or three times more powerful than the common one.


In short, the closer to the maximum limit, the smaller the power increase, but when everyone is very close to the maximum limit, 1% or 2% more is enough to make all the difference and this works perfectly at the power level. of the RPG characters. Let's go to the first example:

On a scale of power, Demiurgo is equivalent to number 12, Abraxas to 9 and Lucifer to 7, making it explicit that not even Demiurgo has twice the power of Lucifer, now thinking that Lucifer enjoys a hypothetical unprecedented transformation that transcends his potential by increasing his power twice, he would become a 14, passing Abraxas and also passing power to Demiurge, something totally unfounded. Now we imagine that Lucifer can achieve a transformation that increases his power tenfold, he would become a 70, passing much of the power of Demiurge.
Now thinking more logically, if Lucifer increases his power by 1% according to the aforementioned specifications, the transformation of Lucifer that increases his power by ten times would leave him with the power of 7.7 and a transformation that increases twenty times would leave Lucifer with the 8.4 power that makes a lot more sense. With this example, it becomes clearer the correct way to measure the power of beings.

In the second example, let's put Luz, Cassiel and Gabriel and introduce the concept of power decay which is a very obvious truth, the more you fight, the more energy is lost, and the energy recovery of beings has an absurdly slower speed than that the speed of loss of power, it being impossible to always have 100% passively charged energy due to this condition, and always being subject to reaching a point where the divine energy of being will be depleted once and for all. There is no secret, being something that has always been shown in sagas.

Putting Light on the power scale with a number of 10 and Lucifer and Miguel with their powers increased by twenty times, leaving them on the power scale of 8.4, and starting a battle between Lucifer and Miguel against Luz, I will show the decay of power and how it affects the fight. It is not possible to know for sure how much the energy of the being decreases with the fight, because the use of some powers, for example: alteration of reality, spatial manipulation and absolute controls, tend to cause the character to suffer the energy decay of faster way. The fact is, if Luz fights Miguel and Lucifer at the same time, she spent twice as much energy as Lucifer and Miguel, assuming that Lucifer and Miguel lost 10% due to the energy decay, then Luz lost 20%. To interrupt the energy expenditure, Lucifer and Miguel went out of their respective ways, returning to number 7 on the power scale, while Luz, which was 10, with a 20% decay, became 8, visibly, Luz continues to be stronger than Miguel and Lucifer. , but now, with a much smaller difference. This is just an example to show that the characters' fighting powers are not as far apart as many think.

Anyway, to continue with the example and show that he is right, we will put Cassiel and Gabriel in the story. A lot of people would find it absurd that Gabriel and Cassiel could face Luz, but considering the wear that Luz started to have and presenting this idea, it makes sense. Supposing that Cassiel on the scale is number 5 and Gabriel number 6, let's take the example, a battle is taking place where Luz is facing the four mentioned angels (Gabriel, Cassiel, Lucifer and Miguel) at the same time. As much as everyone had their power decaying, the power of Light would be the power that would most decay of all, assuming that her power would decline 10% for each fight she would do, her power would decrease to a level that would be close to that of Cassiel, considering that the other warriors would not have a decay as great as that of Luz, loopholes and possibilities would be opened so that both Gabriel and Cassiel could reach Luz directly.

Explaining all this, it becomes clearer how the level of power of the characters works, making it clear that the idea of millions, billions and trillions of difference in powers is something ABSURD.

I believe that with all the explanation, it will be easier to understand the concept of the level of power of the characters in the universe of the RPG, for having been misunderstood several times, the Rank of Tier will no longer be updated and the Rank's previously presented should no longer be taken as absolute truths, since in a short time they will be nothing more than outdated ranks.

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