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There is not only one universe, but several, totaling seven in total ... And each one goes his own way. But, with situations and the same effects, they all have some similarities, only a few random events differentiate them, for example, in another universe, the sky of the planet earth may be red, in a third, it may have been conquered by demons and so on .

Much of the events in the RPG take place in the Early Universe where the demigods live, which by the way was the first universe to be created, later the expansion of matter created '' cosmic creases' in the primordial universe, giving rise to other alternative universes such as Neoverse and Nidavellirse, the exact number of existing universes is seven, these together make up the multiverse.
The Multiverse is the plane of existence in several layers, composed of the continuous space-time and dimensions within them. It is separated from the higher planes of existence, known as divine kingdoms that are accessible through rituals, passages and / or only after death, the known kingdoms are: Paradise, Purgatory, Kingdom of Suffering and Hell.
The Supernatural Realms are unique, and none exist in each universe, they all have the same functionality in general

Travel between universes is extremely restricted and difficult to achieve , unlike entities that are able to travel smoothly between existing universes.



The early universe was the first universe to be created and is considered the "orginal" and favorite universe of Demiurge, it includes planets, stars and a large number of galaxies the content of intergalactic space and all matter and energy. The Early Universe is known to be the father of all universes and is connected to the other universes. It is in this universe that almost all RPG events occur. The color of the early universe is a pale beige, similar to the color of a latte. The archon designated by Demiurgo to be responsible for this universe was Abraxas.



Neoverse is one of the existing universes that make up the multiverse, it is there that the "Planet of Pollaris" or "Kingdom of Pollaris" (Alternative version of Planet Earth in the early universe) is located. Neoverse has some oddities, such as the sun that has a baby face among other things. Demiurge was quite present in this universe using another identity which he called himself "Mr. D" and used it as he justified to end the early universe, an attempt that did not succeed. The color of this universe is emerald green.



Nidavellirse is one of the existing universes that make up the multiverse, it is there that the "Inverse Planet Earth" (Alternative version of Planet Earth in the early universe) is located. Nidavellirse has many oddities, most of the demigods in it are the opposite of their versions of the early universe, another oddity is that the first time it was presented, the evil beings were the gods and the good beings were the titans. Nidavellirse is tiny compared to the early universe, it is the universe with the smallest number of inhabitants. The color of this universe is orange and the archon designated by Demiurgo to be responsible for this universe was Sabaoth.



Aweverse is one of the existing universes. In this universe, the sky on planet Earth is constantly cloudy and red lightning flashes in the clouds, bodies and skeletons often cover the soil, and the only other traces of life are the skeletons of dead vegetation. Giant spears in the shape of a demon blade also protrude from the ground, with bodies impaled on them. Other parts of the world remain intact with wild forests and mountains, where colonies of surviving demigods are living.
Aweverse had her balance completely broken after Brianna became the demon queen and put the demons at the top of the universal hierarchy. The color of this universe is red and
the archon designated by Demiurgo to be responsible for this universe was Iao.



Newverse is one of the existing universes that make up the multiverse. The newverse is set in an era full of technological wonders. The universe has many of the devices and structures that are similar to the Google style. Global warming, inflexible bureaucracy and substance abuse are some of the themes subject to futuristic exaggeration, in a world where such problems have become not only more extreme but also more common. In this universe, the demigods are seen as superheroes while others, use their powers powers in favor of evil, something curious in this universe, is that divine beings are designated as legends, not even the demigods come into contact with your parents, unlike other universes where contact with the divine world is something constant and common. The color of this universe is blue.



Xenoverse is one of the existing universes that make up the multiverse. Little is known about this universe, only that the archon responsible for this universe is Horaios and he has great influence on the inhabitants of xenoverse. The color of this universe is black.



Loverse é um dos universos existentes que compõem o multiverso do RPG. Ele é composto por planetas, estrelas e uma grande quantidade de galáxias. Anteriormente, os habitantes deste universo enxergavam às figuras femininas como inferiores, passando a escravizar as mulheres, isso mudou, quando Katarina Montgomery mudou o destino de loverse, colocando as mulheres no topo da hierarquia. A cor desse universo é rosa. 




The Empty World is a void that existed before Demiurge manifested and Tehom. Nothing has ever escaped the Void, which serves as an afterlife for beings whose lives have been erased, with both their physical bodies and souls decimated and unable to go to heaven or hell, going into the void where essence of them sleep for all eternity. The ruler of this place was a cosmic entity that remained asleep for almost the entire time, the void is not part of existence itself, making Demiurge almost powerless over the void. After the creation of the angels, Demiurgo ordered an angel to stay in a place where the "door to the void" would be, so that he could see who had access to the void and recreate the unjustly erased.


Luz had a different ideal from Tehom, similar to Demiurgo she approved the idea of ​​creating other worlds, however she wanted to create beings that adored her as the queen of the universe, resulting in the total fury of Demiurge that sealed her for such selfishness, but Luz created a single world before being locked up by Demiurgo, the land of oz a land of fairy tales, created by Luz itself. Long afterwards an angel inspired the writer L. Frank Baum to create a work talking about the world created by Luz The Land of Oz is located on an isolated planet in the early universe.


After creating his first five angels, God created a place for them to stay, right after he filled the place with thousands of angels, paradise is known as the most beautiful place of all existence, later the place started to be used as a way to compensate good people after death. Paradise itself is a single divine kingdom, however, it is divided into seven parts, called "The Seven Heavens" each part is connected with one of the seven universes that make up the RPG multiverse.


After the fall of Lucifer, Demiurgo created a place for Lucifer to be trapped for eternity, that place is the hell known as "ETERNAL FIRE", also as "LAKE OF FIRE".
Similar to paradise, there is also a single hell for all universes, being divided into seven parts, only different from paradise where angels have free access to all parts of paradise. The demons assigned to take care of the infernal part of the early universe do not have access to and contact with Neoverse's part of hell or with the demons.


It is a world created by Demiurge where most souls, who if they do not go to hell, and are not pure enough to immediately enter Paradise, will go to Purgatory. If a believer sins mortally, does not confess and dies, he goes to hell, even if it is only a mortal sin. If a believer sins mortally and confesses validly and lawfully (that is, with true repentance and the intention of never sinning again) and dies, he will be saved because he had his mortal sin forgiven, but he will suffer in purgatory for that mortal sin (if have not done penances while still alive to repair his mistake) to enter Paradise without blemishes.

The souls in purgatory are not in danger of going to hell, they all go to Heaven.
Purgatory was also the place where monsters go after death, in addition, Purgatory has been used as a prison for the Eldrichts for millennia.
Purgatory is a divine kingdom valid for all seven universes and has no universal barriers like Paradise and Hell, in short, a monster from the Early Universe and from Neoverse can find themselves in purgatory after death.



After the destruction of the "Empty World", a new world emerged, created by the goddess Kali who used the power of Sheol's daughter, to make those whose lives were erased be sent to the place, the world was still little explored and the only one thing that is known is that the site is headed by the goddess Kali and is linked only to the early universe.



No alto do inefável e transcendental, vive o apenas o grande, inalcançável, inexplicável, onipotente e supremo "Pai Celestial". Ele criou um reino inescrutável, perfeito de equilíbrio e poder criativo chamado de "Pleroma"  um local separado dos universos  e muito distante deles. Neste reino, também é a terra natal dos aeons, seres com formas arquetípicas divinas de consciência praticamente onisciente. 



The reaper worlds is an existential plan where the Gods of Death and Shinigami usually live and inhabit throughout their existence. This place has a connection with the Human World, by which the Gods of Death are able to communicate with humans without necessarily being present at the place, this world was possibly created by Death, who is the one who commands the place.



Monte Olimpo, Asgard, Kariu e outros mundos divinos conhecidos nos contos mitológicos, na realidade, são planetas cujo possuem uma conexão extradimensional com o planeta terra, e só podem serem acessados através de meio específicos. Por exemplo, o Monte Olimpo só pode ser acessado por deuses gregos e por outras pessoas que detenham autorização, caso alguém que não tenha autorização queira ter acesso ao planeta, terá que burlar às proteções divinas. 

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