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Aphrodite is a goddess of Greek mythology. It is the goddess of love, beauty and sex. Corresponds to the goddess Venus of Roman Mythology. In the cities of Corinth, Sparta and Athens, Aphrodite was very much worshiped.

The goddess Aphrodite was born on the island of Cyprus, and for the story of her birth there are two versions:

- According to Hesiod's version, Aphrodite was born in an unusual way. After Cronos cut off the organs of Uranus (his father) and threw them into the sea, a white foam formed around these organs, mixing with the sea, as if it were a fertilization, which gave rise to Aphrodite.

- For Homer, more conventional, Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus (god of gods) and Dione (goddess of nymphs).

Aphrodite married the fire god Hephaestus. However, he had countless lovers, both gods and mortal men, and from his adventures, several children were generated.

With Ares, god of war, he had several children, such as Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Fobos, Harmonia, Adrestia, Himeros and Pothos.

With Hermes, the messenger god, Aphrodite generated the god Hermaphrodite (mixture of the names of the parents), which had, in addition to the beauty of the parents, the sexual organs of both genera.

With the god Apollo he had the son Hymenaeus (god of marriage), and with Dionysus the god of pleasure, festivals and wine, he had the son Priapus, the god of fertility, who had great genitals and not a terrible appearance.

Aphrodite also begat a son of the mortal Anquises, who was called Aeneas, and who was a hero of the Trojan War. He seduced other mortals such as Adonis, Phaeton and Cíniras.

Despite being known as the goddess of love, Aphrodite was very vindictive, and had no mercy on her enemies. Its main rivals were the goddesses Hera and Athena. In fact, his disagreement with these goddesses gave rise to the Trojan War.

At parties in honor of Aphrodite, the priestesses who represented her were sacred prostitutes, and sex with them was considered a worship ritual. The parties were considered “aphrodisiacs”, giving rise to this term.

Several artists (painters and writers) already at the time of the Renaissance, portrayed Aphrodite, like Botticelli, in his work "The birth of Venus".


Appearance: They are not "just" beautiful, they are extremely beautiful! And this for everyone who looks at them, the impossible-to-take-away type, even if they are not "the type" of the person, the power of beauty and seduction that circulates and emanates from them is stronger. Their hair can be blond, red or black, but they are all extremely straight and grow very fast, making it difficult for a son of Aphrodite to have short hair. Men have defined bodies, but they are never muscular, the features of their faces are thin, sometimes even feminine. The girls have sculptural bodies, with full breasts and outlined curves. Besides, everyone has a pint as "brand".

Personality: They are seductive and like to receive looks, many of them are extremely narcissistic and are overly concerned with their appearance, putting this attribute always first. They fall in love easily, but may find it difficult to remain faithful, because they find love totally free. Sometimes they are arrogant and self-conscious, which can break the spell they play on others.


Passive Powers

Whip Skill

Aphrodite's son has elevated whip handling and, moreover, is totally skilled at making incredible and unusual maneuvers with him, and may involve a specific member of his opponents' body with the whip to compromise their respective movement.

Levels 1-10: Even though he is new to the camp, the demigod has a high skill that lets him know the basic use of a whip, unlike other campers.

Levels 11-25: Aphrodite's son is now able to make more difficult movements by adapting the handling of the whip, being able to perform all the precise movements without expending part of his energy.

Levels 26-35: Now the demigod has discovered all the tricks and privileges exercised by the skill with the whip, being able to control it perfectly, besides having the ability to make impossible movements with it. The Children of Aphrodite are able to crack their whip quickly, and can attack twice with this weapon, if they give up using any offensive skills in this round.


Level 36-50: At this level, it is possible to perform up to three attacks and use ONE offensive skill in the same round. And Aphrodite's son manages to create 10 cm spines around his whip that last for 3 rounds, increasing his damage to his opponent.




With this ability, Aphrodite's child is able to arouse some kind of desire from a person of the opposite sex - or not - with just his gaze. If you do not find eye contact, you can also enjoy the touch.

Levels 1-10: When visual or physical contact between a demigod or human with Aphrodite's son, some smiles and sensual poses can make all the attention focused on you.

Levels 11-25: A wiggle here and there, you may even be able to manipulate a person's will with just your words and a few caresses on your body, making the target carry out approximately all your requests.

Levels 26-35: Re-manipulate a demigod perfectly through the combination of words and provocative looks, extremely persuasive, making him carry out all his requests. His wrath will bring in an enormous amount, which could cause the son of Aphrodite to defeat even a son of Ares, if his wishes are not fulfilled. If the looks were not effective the son of Aphrodite can compel anyone to do anything by singing a mere song (only lasts two posts)


Level 36-50: Now the children of the goddess, through lust, can hypnotize the enemy for a few rounds, as they do not yet fully control the power.


Level 51-99: Now, the children of the goddess already fully control the power, using the power of seduction to completely hypnotize them



Sharp Feelings


Levels 1-10: As Aphrodite is the goddess of love, her children's feelings towards people are very keen. This power enables Aphrodite's children to send feelings to other people, whether positive or negative, but for the time being they are quite weak with a great possibility of failing, as they do not yet have full control of the power.

Levels 11-25: Aphrodite's children at this level are already able to control the use of this power more, and the likelihood of it now failing is minimal, but the power itself is still weak

Levels 26-35: Control over the skill is complete, the chance of failure is theoretically zero.



Self control


Level 1-10: Your emotions must not hinder you at any time in a battle or important moment. You will not live at their mercy, you will know how to control them perfectly and you can stay focused on a battle without being influenced by any feelings. At this level, the goddess's children also have little resistance to hypnosis.


Level 11-25: Now the resistance to hypnosis of the children of Aphrodite is greater and he is not easily seduced or easily deceived when it comes to love, even if it is any other demigod of comparable beauty. Powers involving the opponent's beauty and loving spells do not reach you.


Level 26-35: No hypnotic powers work with Aphrodite's children.


Level 36-50: No psychic powers now have an effect on you.



Natural Perfume

It has an extremely pleasant natural perfume, which can become harmful according to your character's experience, while the perfume is hovering over the air, Aphrodite's son also gains some benefits.

Levels 1-10: Your character, when exhaling this perfume, attracts the attention of those around him, in such a way that he is only noticed before others. The scope of this perfume is limited to a radius of two squares, working in just two people. And at that level, Aphrodite's son is already able to communicate with pigeons and swans, being able to ask for small favors and especially information while the perfume is exhaling.

Levels 11-25: The perfume from Aphrodite's son becomes more efficient, covering a radius of four squares. It only works on four people, however, in a harmful way, making their movements and actions a little slower. When they are exhaling the perfume the children of Aphrodite will be able to change their appearance a little according to their will.

Levels 26-35: The perfume of Aphrodite's son is, in a way, unbearable. A long exposure to this aroma makes people, when inspiring it, become dizzy, slow and, depending on the proximity, faint. The perfume is able to spread in small rooms, working in a maximum of 7 people. And while exhaling the perfume, Aphrodite's children can see if the person nearby has a black past and still gains the ability to smell any type at distances of up to 100 km.



Flight of the Swan


Levels 1-10: This power allows the children of Aphrodite to jump high or float for a while

Levels 11-25: You can fly for a few minutes creating petal wings (maximum 3 rounds)

Levels 26-35: Time flying extends to 5 rounds with its petal wings.





Levels 1-10: From the expressions shown, Aphrodite's son is able to have an excellent idea of ​​what the target was thinking. Although, it is not a real mind reading.

Levels 11-25: The Son of Aphrodite will be able to read the target's mind, to know what he is thinking at that moment, and nothing more.

Levels 26-35: Aphrodite's son will be able to read the target's mind, knowing the memories up to 1 month ago.

Levels 36-50: The hero will be able to read anyone's mind freely, but it is inadvisable to read the mind of gods





Levels 1-10: Causes a fascinating effect on everyone around you. Weak monsters and enemies will not be able to attack while under the effect of this ability, but the effect will be nullified if you take damage from anyone who has not been victimized by power.

Levels 11-25: Now the effect grants the ability to be able to cause jealousy in specific people when and how they want and can manipulate the self-esteem of someone where it ends up lasting only three shifts, but in some people that sensation continues for much longer.

Levels 26-35: Using fascination, if someone tries to attack your mind with a psychic power, this power turns against the person who launched it.

Active Powers

Retractable Nails

Aphrodite's children manage to make their nails grow a few centimeters and become as resistant as iron or diamond, being very effective in attacking opponents.

Levels 1-10: Your character's nails extend a few centimeters (1-4 centimeters), however, they remain slightly fragile. They are not able to pierce the skin of targets, being used only to cause scratches. Violent impacts of metal or wood can break or damage them.

Levels 11-25: The nails become a little more resistant, growing between 4-7 centimeters. They are capable of causing deeper scratches, which can ignite and leave scars when properly treated. Wood impacts no longer damage Aphrodite's son's nails, only metal impacts are harmful. If the opponent is hit it will make the opponent feel a very strong stomach ache and be sick with anything, especially sweet.

Levels 26-35: Your character's nails become as stiff and resistant as iron. They grow between 8-10 centimeters, becoming real claws. They are practically indestructible and can even pierce opponents' bones. Not only the nails of the children of Aphrodite who can grow larger, the hair of the children of Aphrodite can grow in a controlled way, even imprisoning opponents for two posts in a row, causing them not to leave.



Aura of Passion

The demigod awakens in his target a passion so fervent that he cannot reason correctly. It is limited only to protecting its source of passion, being able to attack its friends, not allowing the son of Aphrodite to be hurt in any way, even if it ends up being hurt in the process. For the individual who had been subjected to this enchantment to return to normal, in advanced cases, just disagree.

Levels 1-10: Your character cannot completely enchant an individual. Any injury that the enchanted person suffers will cause him to regain consciousness and get rid of the enchantment. At this stage, Aphrodite's son can charm only one person for three minutes, who will remain in this state until he is injured or else until time runs out.

Levels 11-25: The enchantment is more likely to "hit". The delighted person demonstrates confidence in what he is doing, returning to normal when struck in the temple area. It is not necessary for the person to be unconscious. Aphrodite's son can charm a person for five minutes.

Levels 26-35: Your character can enchant up to two people of the opposite sex for ten minutes, forcing them to defend against their own will. The enchantment is more effective and is not easily stopped. In order to make enchanted people return to normal, it is of utmost importance that they are disagreed.


Levels 36-50: Now the camper spells the target so perfectly that he blindly obeys it. He will ignore any attacks by Aphrodite's son, and will still protect him with his life. And Aphrodite's son can make two people “fall in love” momentarily. This power, being used in battle, allows you to also affect the bonds of a pair or a group of your enemies. They will start arguing with each other, and soon you and your allies will have the perfect opportunity to attack. The arrow can also cause the heart of the creature or person to instantly stop.



Arrows of Feelings


They carry a quiver with arrows of two different types: Arrows with lead tips that, upon hitting the target, make him feel from a slight anger to extreme hatred, and arrows with silver tips, that make the target fall in love. for someone else, even if this love is not true.

Levels 1-10: Your silver arrows cause the target to feel only an attachment to another person and the lead arrows cause mild anger in the individual.

Levels 11-25: His silver arrows cause the target to do everything for his "passion", on time and as he asks. Lead ones, however, cause an intense feeling of anger in the individual.

Levels 26-35: Your silver arrows cause the target to fall unconditionally in love with another person for 10 minutes, so that they become an inseparable couple. The lead ones provoke a continuous hatred in the target, however, uncontrollable, making him behave in an insane and violent way towards others.




Levels 1-10: Aphrodite's children can cause petals to start falling around the enemy to distract him.

Levels 11-25: Now has the power to throw rose petals in order not only to distract, but to hurt with their thorns

Levels 26-35: The petals not only cut through the enemies, but now they also release a kind of poisonous smoke that leaves those who ingest it unconscious.


Levels 36-50: The petals around the enemy turn into rose bushes and take on larger proportions and grow by grabbing, wrapping the enemy around with its stem, wounding it with its poisonous spines that will gradually suck the enemy's life leaving the rose bush stronger if not destroyed or the son of
Aphrodite lose consciousness.



Love Play

Levels 1-10: Can enchant small objects, such as a dagger and cause it to float and mentally follow your instructions

Levels 11-25: Now your power is getting higher, which allows you to enchant an inanimate object of medium or large size. Lasts 3 shifts. Ex: A stone golem. Ps: This spell does not give you the right to create the creature, just control it once created.

Levels 26-35: Completely experienced in this, you can now enchant any creature summoned by another player, be it inanimate or animated. Lasts 5 shifts. Ex: Clones, ghosts, dead and so on. Ps: You can only take control of the creature if the summoner has a lower level than yours. The closer to your level, the shorter the control time.





Level 1-10: You can save someone from dying or unconsciousness with a warm kiss, "welcoming" them to life.


Level 11-25: Aphrodite's son can generate another feat with his kiss if he wants, touching one man's lips will cause his opponent to be transported to the underworld by being trapped there.


Level 26-35: The kiss gains a new effect that can be used by the son of Aphrodite, when kissing the lips, it can suck the person's vital energy from him or her, thus getting stronger and stronger, if the contact is not interrupted at person will die, if he is injured at the moment he will be completely healed.



Mask of Envy


Levels 1-10: Your character can transform himself perfectly into other people. It is worth mentioning that the voice remains the same and the duration extends to 10 minutes.


Levels 11-25: Can turn into a pigeon or a swan.


Levels 26-35: You can obtain a spray that makes you travel at 300 km / h in the sea at a depth of up to 100 meters.




Levels 1-10: All Aphrodite's children at this level are able to communicate with each other, as all brothers have a lot of love for each other.

Levels 11-25: Now Aphrodite's child can communicate mentally with her boyfriend and people he has loved

Levels 26-35: You can already communicate mentally with anyone else.



Arrow of Depression

Levels 1-10: An arrow that has a high chance of hitting the target. If the arrow hits the opponent, he will feel extreme depression, losing the will to fight.

Levels 11-25: Improved [Initial] Arrow skill. Aphrodite's son can now hit the target more easily. If the arrow hits the opponent, the target will be in a state of depression so advanced that it will collapse on the ground and start to cry.


Levels 26-35: Improvement of the Right Arrow skill [Intermediate]. Aphrodite's son hits his arrows 99.9% of the time he uses this ability. The arrow is invisible when fired and follows the target like a missile, if it hits the opponent it will reach the height of depression by committing suicide.



The Supreme Form of Love !!!


Levels 1-35: Aphrodite's son has silver hair, and gets a large jacket with some holes, it is also equipped with metallic gloves in gold colors. A mark is above your left eye. In this form his powers increase, and Aphrodite's son can launch a heart-shaped attack called "Beauty Cannon". The heart is the size of a pillow and is able to spray what it hits.


Levels 36-99: Now Aphrodite's son gains a second form, his appearance does not change, but you gain a pair of wings that give him the ability to fly like an eagle and his power increases.


Levels 100-149: At this stage Aphrodite's son gains the following ability: those who stand before him with hatred in their hearts or any negative feelings about Aphrodite's offspring will be powerless to harm or inflict damage on Aphrodite's son or anyone else , they are totally paralyzed. At this stage, Aphrodite's offspring tends to be arrogant in order to generate hatred for the opponent, and even if it doesn't work, it can change their feelings so that the opponent will come to hate you.


Level 150: At this stage, capable of firing giant 'Cannons of Beauties' like a shot from machine gun bullets, now everyone who doesn't love Aphrodite's offspring is helpless and paralyzed to battle, and in addition they also lose their powers.

The transformation lasts five rounds, can be used once per battle.


Cupid's Beast

Made of indestructible white marble, with embellished diamonds, it materializes arrows of normal silver and sacred silver, both with the heart-shaped end upside down

Electrical whip

Silver handle painted in blue or pink, according to the player's choice, the pigeon is heart-shaped, and the strip is extremely long and electric, the edges contain other small strips with diamonds on the ends






Level 20 - The Swan as a water being can control it, making small movements with it that can help its owner in battle

Level 30 - The swan will have heightened senses, being able to feel if something bad is coming, can hear up to 40 meters

Level 40 - when reaching this level, the Swan will be able to change its shape to a human of the same sex as him {if it is male it becomes a boy and if it is female a girl} for a certain time of 3 hours a day after the Sunset

Level 50 - When the swan wishes, he can create a water bubble, he will create as many as he wants at a slightly slow pace depending on the size, when he launches and hits the enemy's body, he will start to feel his body burn and will have 1st degree burns. {Lasts for the rest of your life, unless you use a medicine in the store} [Healing demigods don't work]


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