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Agni is a Hindu deity. The word agni is Sanskrit for "fire" (name), with the same origin as the Latin ignis.

In Hinduism, he is a deva, according to the power and importance attributed in Vedic mythology, only surpassed by Indra. He is twin of Indra, and thus, son of Dyaus Pita and Prthivi. In another version, he is the son of Kasyapa and Aditi or a queen who hid her pregnancy from her husband. He has ten mothers, or ten sisters, or ten servants, who represent the ten fingers of the man who starts the fire. He has two parents: they represent the two sticks that, when both are rubbed together, create fire. Some say that he destroyed his parents when he was born, because they couldn't take care of him. He is married to Svaha and father of Karttikeya through Svaha or Ganga. He is one of the Ashta-Dikpalas, charged with guarding and representing the Southeast.


Appearance: They are black or brown, they have black or brown hair, their eyes are dark brown, they have a body that is not very extravagant, but defined.

Personality: They are in theirs, but they usually get angry easily, and when they get angry, they usually cause a little destruction to calm themselves.


Passive Powers

Super strength


Agni's children are extremely strong, with their fists constantly exhaling a deep heat that can severely burn matter through their punches.


Level 1-10: Can destroy iron.


Level 11-25: Can destroy steel.


Level 26-35: Can destroy titanium.


Level 36-50: Can destroy diamond.


Level 51-99: Manages to destroy adamantium.


Level 100-150: Manages to destroy vibranium.


Level 151-200: Can destroy divine iron.



Super speed


Agni's offspring have a very defined body and are able to move at high speeds. While running their bodies are composed of light rays that are wrapped around their body preventing and damaging anything that comes close to it during their movements, their body also shows great agility and in addition to being able to think very fast.


Level 1-10: Can move at 400 km / h.


Level 11-25: Can move at 800 km / h.


Level 26-35: Can move at 1200 km / h.


Level 36-50: Can move at 1600 km / h.


Level 51-99: Can move at 2000 km / h.


Level 100-150: Can move at 2400 km / h.


Level 151-200: Can move at 2800 km / h.

Level 201-250: Can move at 3200 km / h.


Level 251-300: They can move at 3600 km / h.



The messenger


One of Agni's titles was to be the messenger of the gods, being the one who reports the messages to the gods.


Level 30: The Son of Agni as well as his father will always be welcome anywhere, being able to teleport anywhere in the universe or even go to dimensions and realities if he wishes to never be hindered.


The Cosmic Presence


Just like your father, a little of the offspring's existence is contained within each existing living being including the blood itself.


Level 20-40: He gets to know the history of all living things by knowing each one as well as they know themselves.


Level 41-60: The offspring can talk telepathically or even read the thoughts of any existing living being.


Level 61-80: Agni's offspring know where each living being is no matter where in the world they are in dimensions or other realities, knowing how they are feeling physically and psychologically, being able to appear where they are.


Level 81-100: Agni's offspring knows the future of every living thing.





Agni was able to grant immortality to mortals, so his children were blessed with immortality.


Level 1-50: These offspring after reaching a certain age, they then stop aging. Reaching a state where you cannot age anymore. Thanks to this, these offspring can live indefinitely, acquiring a body immune to diseases and genetic imperfections.

Level 51-100: After a long time your body exhibits greater immortality, this allows you to revive once you are killed. No matter how it gets killed it will always come back (as long as the soul is still accessible). If the offspring dies in an event it will only return after the end of the event, if it dies in a saga it will return within 5 rounds.



Two Bodies


His father Agni has two bodies identical to each other, so his offspring also inherit two bodies.


Level 1: The offspring have two bodies one identical to the other, having 2 pairs of 3 arms and 2 legs normally, and the two bodies do not actually have a separate consciousness, being a shared consciousness where the offspring can perceive through both bodies, being able to fight their opponents on both sides without being caught off guard.


Ps: The offspring can divide their body if they want.



Black Eyes


It was said that his father's eyes were black, so his offspring will also inherit those same eyes, which always help him during the fighting.


Level 1-10: These eyes can see much further than ordinary eyes being able to see up to at least 100 miles ahead easily, unaffected by harmful screens.


Level 11-25: They can see their victims' bodies both externally and internally, being able to see in x-ray and infrared.


Level 26-35: Your eyes are able to see the conversion and shaping of the energy of your opponents, managing to interrupt this process through attacks directly in the area, once this he will not be able to use his active powers.


Level 36-50: The beings that inhabit it can see the astral / spiritual plane, being able to interact with them.


Level 51-99: Your eyes can see the weakest points of your opponents' bodies and even the weakest areas of each skill (skill shot), and you can undo those skills if you hit that area.


Level 100-150: Once your eyes are redirected to those of another being, he can control his body, making the victim's eyes go black like that of his offspring, allowing him to take possession of his body and control it as a puppet.



Foreign Immunity


Because he is the messenger of the gods, he needs to face hostile, bad and foreign environments so, like his father, these offspring acquire foreign immunity.


Level 1-10: Agni's offspring can resist climate change and its changes.


Level 11-25: They can resist diseases, viruses, poisons and radiation that the environments where the offspring are, being able to deliver their messages.


Level 26-35: Your body can adapt anywhere it goes, being able to enter volcanoes if necessary and not be killed for it, or to enter water and not be drowned, etc.


Level 36-50: Become immune to the effects that any environment, dimension or reality can offer them.



Sexual Desire


His father was always invoked by humans on carnal occasions, so his offspring exude a beautiful perfume in his air that affects everyone around him.


Level 1-10: Initially everyone's scent will notice the offspring and feel like having the offspring.


Level 11-25: The perfume can neutralize other odors and smells leaving only the perfume as predominant, making your opponents feel desires for their offspring.


Level 26-35: The perfume manages to cause muscle relaxation in its victims, preventing him from fighting properly, in addition to the desires being more intense at this level, making him have fetishes.


Level 36-50: The offspring are able to make those with levels below or equal to yours, be completely mesmerized by their beauty, making them want to protect you always. Since the desires of his victims are now so deep that they will not even be able to hide them, being ecstatic.





Just as Agni represents the divine spark within each living being, he also represents the spark in his children protecting them from bad influences, giving him a passive and golden aura around his body.


Level 1-10: The aura protects you from emotional control, allowing you to control your feelings and not be influenced or affected very well by negative emotions.


Level 11-25: The aura of purity allows you to partially resist dark attacks.


Level 26-35: Allows you to resist attacks that seek to corrupt your victims.


Level 36-50: Allows you to resist attacks of darkness.


Level 51-99: Allows you to resist light attacks.


Active Powers

War sacrifice


The user has the ability to create an equivalent exchange process, being able to sacrifice his blood, soul or vital energy to achieve great deeds


Level 1-10: The user is able to sacrifice small amounts of his own blood to be able to transmute matter in an unlimited way (depending on the amount of blood), always applying the concepts of equivalent exchange the user is also able to sacrifice blood in order to create weapons and armor simple, created by normal men.


Level 11-25: Its capacities are increased, being able to sacrifice smaller amounts of blood in order to transmute the matter in an almost unlimited way (as if forming a transmutation circle around the user), being able to create agreements involving the blood of the constituents that cannot be broken (otherwise there will be a condition). Being able to create several weapons with their blood, the offspring can strengthen a weapon by shedding their blood on it, we acquired a selectable property such as invulnerability, sharpening, cutting and burning, etc., now being able to sacrifice part of his vital energy to achieve more.


Level 26-35: The offspring has the full capacity to create basically any feat using blood, it is no longer necessary to be just their blood (it will be less efficient if it is that of other people, and even less for animals), being able to use as if were "spells" with blood magic, which allow you, for example, to heal someone who ingests your blood, to curse places, food or items by shedding your blood on them. Now get the summoning feat, being able to summon living dead, creatures, mythological monsters and beings from the underworld like Wendigo, Ghouls and Werewolves, depending on the amount of blood the being can come even stronger than they originally are, being totally faithful to those who invoked.


Level 36-50: Any feat is made possible using blood magic, being able to manipulate your own right now the user has the ability to transmute blood into energy, being able to create to control thermal, electrical, relative energy and etc. using blood, are necessary small amounts to be able to summon dozens or hundreds of worldly weapons, being able to create divine weapons (they only last up to 3 rounds, after that they become common weapons) with the ability to hurt even gods. Your blood agreements become stricter, serving as curses those who approve the agreement can have the condition whether mental manipulation, coma, self-effacement or instant death, can summon minor demons at this level without apparent difficulty, can use their blood as an "energy" "of destruction, making it corrode, destroy and obliterate anything that touches progressively.


Level 51-99: Can use the blood of other beings without consequences, being able to create massacres and massacres to perform great deeds using blood magic, not even omnipotent magicians and sorcerers have the ability to break their blood curses or sealed pacts and agreements , being able to plant feelings through blood consumption, can devastate large areas and project apocalypses from sacrifices.


Level 100-150: You can sacrifice whole lives to achieve your goals, you can create times of peace or influence wars by sacrificing lives, you can resurrect other beings or even bring an erasure, you can invoke ancient entities and ancestral gods with great blood sacrifices, being able to create demons from small amounts of blood and projecting alterable DNA, like creating clones and genetic copies from blood (not only from the blood itself, it can create genetic copies of itself or of other beings), being able to genetically copy memories and expertise from genetic copies of the blood of others, can suck the vital energy to generate other feats with sacrifices, being able to sacrifice life time, souls or essences, and can even give up feelings and memories (not only of oneself) in exchange of something.



Seven Rays of Light


Agni's children have the ability to create, control and shape the seven rays of Light.


Level 1-30: Purple Ray - The offspring can use this ray to teleport to other places in the world or even to other dimensions.


Level 31-60: Red Lightning - This is a lightning bolt used to damage your opponents having enough power to easily kill their victims.


Level 61-90: Blue Ray - When creating this ray, the offspring receives an aura of electricity around their body which strengthens their abilities 4x furthermore and also allows the offspring to move as fast as lightning.


Level 91-120: Yellow Lightning - This lightning bolt can heal your injuries or those of your teammates, restoring energy and vigor.


Level 121-150: Orange Ray - This ray can disintegrate both your opponents physically and spiritually.



The Purifier

Agni was able to purify people by removing impurities, sins and things like that, their offspring are also capable.


Level 1-10: He can remove his sins and those of his companions by making them pure beings.


Level 11-25: The offspring can purify their bodies and that of their companions, eliminating them by eliminating poisons and diseases.


Level 26-35: It can purify the body of your companions and yours, eliminating any type of corruption, whether mental or spiritual.


Level 36-50: You can undo exposures to radiation, dark energies, etc.



Stellar Manipulation


It was said that the stars were also part of their spark for this reason their offspring inherited their stellar control.


Level 100: The offspring can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of the stars, self-luminous celestial bodies consisting of a mass of superheated gas held together by its own gravity in which the energy generated by nuclear reactions inside is balanced by the flow of energy. to the surface, and the gravitational forces directed inward are balanced by the pressures of gas and radiation directed outward.



The Incarnation of the Primordials


Agni was considered as the reincarnation of two members of the supreme trinity of the Hindus, this being the destroyer (Shiva) and the creator (Brahma) therefore he has some related abilities which his children also inherit.


Level 100-200: Agni's offspring is capable of materializing an extremely hot red aura around their fists or weapons, where anything the offspring hits will disintegrate both body and soul, being able to disintegrate any type of matter let it hit and can also bounce energies (less Destruction energy).


Level 201-300: The offspring can create any form of matter or energy around their hands and use it against their opponents, also managing to restore matter (small and simple things, less characters) as long as he has some part or fragment of what he wants be restored.



Internal Energy


Agni's offspring are able to access their father's spark that dwells within them, and can manifest that same latent energy that resides in their physical body.


Level 60: Agni's offspring can generate, control and shape chi.



The Divine Mediator


His father was the mediator between the gods and mortals, so that gives them some telepathic abilities.


Level 1-10: Agni's offspring initially demonstrate the ability to read minds, being able to hear thoughts, see memories, feelings and emotions.


Level 11-25: The offspring is able to talk telepathically with other people, as well as being able to create mental bonds with other people, being able to know how she is feeling even being able to perceive things through her. You can also project and replicate information, knowledge, memories and feelings to other people.


Level 26-35: The offspring demonstrates the ability to overwhelm their victims' minds, causing damage to them through psionic energy. Being able to design psychic shields seeking to protect your mind from invaders, and you can even hide your mind and that of others around you from other psychics.


Level 36-50: The offspring are now able to manipulate, generate and shape the feelings and emotions of their victims, in addition to giving orders on it through persuasion.


Level 51-99: You now acquire the ability to control the mind of your victims freely, and at this level you can even take control over their minds and thus force them to do their will. Being able to influence the minds of their victims, managing to induce them to a certain state if they wish.


Level 100-150: Acquire the ability to exchange your body mind with another being, for a temporary time of up to 5 rounds.



Divine fire


Being the son of a fire god, these offspring have great control over the flames and can generate, shape and control them.


Level 1-10: Initially, Agni's offspring can generate small potions from these flames, which can be shaped into fireballs or solid constructs. At this level, they can generate these flames in small fragments or particles which burn the skin of their victims slowly, as it mixes with the air.


Level 11-25: You can release these flames in greater proportions now being able to release bursts of fire against your opponent, being able to control these flames better. The offspring are also able to control the heat around them and can increase the temperature to extreme levels.


Level 26-35: Your flames are able to materialize in an aura around your body which allows you to quickly burn everything that comes.


Level 36-50: Achieves an excellent control of these flames, being able to generate, control and mold them freely, but still not being able to affect the internal of its victims.


Level 51-99: You are now able to control the flames skillfully and can easily make an entire city devastated by these flames, managing to affect and manipulate the internal and external of your victims with these flames, creating combustion and etc.


Level 100-150: They acquire perfect control of the flames, being able to affect the whole planet with these flames and can increase the climate in the whole planet if desired and among other feats.


Level 151-200: A master in the flames is shown managing to perfectly control other types of flames





According to Rig Veda Agni, he was a Deva who resided in the waters, just as the Veda Gods have a connection with the elements of nature, these offspring are also capable of controlling water.


Level 1-10: Initially they are able to generate small proportions of water that can be used to heal you, or even to create small constructs made of water.


Level 11-25: You can now generate, shape and control average water proportions that allow you to perform countless achievements. Just like creating creatures out of water.


Level 26-35: The offspring are able to mimic parts of their body in water or their entire body if they prefer.


Level 36-50: Can defeat and absorb water-related attacks against you (from lower-level characters), extending your power to large areas and being able to control entire rivers if you prefer.

Level 51-99: Despina's offspring are now able to manipulate water in a more advanced way, reaching the molecular level if they wish.

Level 100-150: At its peak you can control all the water on the planet if you prefer, achieving total control over the water element, but not absolute.



Southeast Spear


Agni together with a select group of deities known as Devas were responsible for protecting the cardinal regions, and Agni protected the southeastern region. In order to protect the southeast, he had his spear, which his offspring can summon during their battles, being taken by an aura of divine fire and electricity that does not hurt the offspring.


Level 1-10: The spear is capable of denying regeneration and immortality with its attacks.


Level 11-25: The spear is now capable of injuring intangible beings or in mimicked forms (light, shadow, dark matter, etc.). It can also delay sending your opponents' brain information through their attacks.


Level 26-35: Can damage any type of solid matter, in addition to being able to deform your spear freely.


Level 36-50: The offspring is able to undo and negate the elements and even attacks and elementary skills with their cuts, and can even absorb them for themselves and launch big attacks with at least 3x stronger.


Level 51-99: The offspring can transmute the sword into a form of divine fire and by making cuts in the air, they will be able to create a cut in all the direction the sword went, and can even pierce a mountain that is miles away away from where the offspring are.


Level 100-150: The boom can spray anything that comes in contact if the offspring so desires.



Divine Form


Agni's offspring entering its divine form reaching the potential of a Deva like his father Agni. His whole body is covered by armor on his body, having shoulder pads, two helms one on each of the two faces, having two pairs of arms where each is equipped with blades made of divine flames so powerful that they can kill your opponents with very easy, since the heat emitted by the blade prevents resistance to prevent the body from trying to resist, being easily sliced. It also acquires a huge goat being able to survive in any type of environment, even in total heat or cold, being able to move at the same speed as the offspring. In this form the entire territory surrounding the offspring is heated in an extreme heat which prevents their enemies from being within range, at this level it acquires absolute control over the fire and all its derivatives.


Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.


Ps: 1 time per event.


Volcanic Sword


A sword made of volcanic rocks and blessed by Agni, making it sturdy capable of piercing even the toughest of metals. It has the ability to absorb any kind of flames that are launched against the demigod and absorb it for itself, enveloping it and making it an even more dangerous weapon.

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