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In Mayan mythology it is the god and king of Metnal , the underworld , who was the worst of the nine hells. Described as a skeleton or corpse with a jaguar (or ox) face adorned with bells;

It corresponds to the fourth place, and in the order of its representation, to the god of death, who appears 88 times in the three manuscripts. It has a skull on its head, shows the naked back and spinal projections; his body is covered with flesh, and we see it swollen and covered with black circles that suggest decomposition.

Essential accessories of the dress of the god of death are his ornaments in the form of rattlesnakes. These sometimes appear tied to your hair or to bands that adorn your forearms and legs, but sometimes they are attached to a collar in the shape of a collar. These rattlesnakes of all sizes, made of copper and sometimes gold, were found in considerable quantities during the drainage of the Chichén Itzá Sacrifice Well. It is supposed to be the place where the victimized victims had been thrown.

Ah Pouch, the antithesis of Itzamná , has like him the hieroglyphs of his name, and is, after this, the only deity that is distinguished in this way. The first represents the head of a corpse with eyes closed by death, the second the head of the god himself, with a truncated nose, fleshy jaws and a sickle as a weapon for sacrifices. A sign that is frequently associated with the god of death is something similar to our percentage sign (%). The god of death was the paternal deity of Día Cimí, which means "death" in Mayan.


Appearance: They are too thin, have black eyes like darkness, and their skin is pale like a corpse.

Personality: They are quiet, rarely socialize with another camper


Passive Powers


Body immunity


Being the son of the god of death, these offspring inherit great immunities.


Level 01-20: Initially Ah Puch's offspring acquire Immunity to poisons, diseases (viruses, bacteria, etc.). Your body is resistant to exposure to radiation (at medium levels).


Level 21-40: Your body already shows physiological immunity, not needing to eat, sleep, breathe (it may even survive in a vacuum) and etc. Being able to do these due actions and interactions whenever you want.


Level 41-60: He already demonstrates a physical resistance able to withstand physical blows that affect his external, such as punches capable of destroying steel or perforations and 3rd degree burns.


Level 61-80: Your body is shown to be immune to climate change, managing to survive in any type of environment, territory, dimension or reality without being affected by the harms it brings physiologically to individuals. Being able to swim in a larva volcano without being burned and melted, or stay underwater for days without drowning, etc.


Level 81-100: Your body shows resistance to spiritual attacks, such as exposure of the soul to pagan flames or spiritual weapons, etc. (they are still able to die before them, but their soul is more resistant).


Level 101-120: Offspring become timeless. Not being affected by any temporal changes. For his father was the first to be born, earning a blessing, which he passed on to his children.



Dark regeneration


Ah Puch's offspring have a unique healing factor that allows him to recover from major injuries, using shadows or the death of beings as a sacrifice.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 01-10: The offspring are initially able to recover naturally from minor injuries such as external cuts, small punctures and bleeding.


Level 11-25: Your regeneration allows you to recover now from major injuries such as burns of up to second degree. Your injuries close faster so that you have greater resistance to the pain, managing to recover slowly from an external hemorrhage.


Level 26-35: Your regeneration now expands allowing you to recover from extremely large injuries, injuries that can lead to death. When the offspring will lose limbs, just put it back in place for 3 seconds and the limb will be relocated. Its regeneration also allows it to recover from internal damage, even from internal bleeding (except for cerebral), managing to recover from heart injuries such as lung perforation or kidney failure, among others.


Note: Offspring are unable to regenerate lost limbs. Ex: Spraying the arm.


Level 36-50: Upon reaching the peak of its healing factor, the offspring acquire the ability to expand it through physical contact with other living sources. When in physical contact with another person or animal (creature, demigod, God, etc.) it can suck the vital energy from it which will allow the offspring to recover from serious injuries such as the absence of limbs, brain hemorrhages, etc. If the victim is immortal, she will not be much affected since she has an "infinite life" allowing Ah Puch's offspring to use this as an infinite resource.


Level 51-99: At this level your physical contact allows you to recover from any type of injury, of any modality or category. This could be a spiritual, physical, mental injury, etc. While maintaining contact you can recover from your injuries.


Note: 2 times per saga. When on the verge of death, and someone touches your body, the ability will involuntarily activate by sucking the victim's vital energy until all of the offspring's wounds have healed.



Dark Respect


Level 01: Monsters and mythological creatures, some demons and ghosts are seen as causing destruction and death, any of them. This gives Ah Puch's son complete and complete control over them, and is under no circumstances attacked by them. The creatures see him as a companion-master, always choosing to stay by his side, always following his orders.


Note: Respect increases with the level, so you can affect stronger demons.



Immunity to Hell


Ah Puch was the King of Metal, the worst of the underworlds or also called the underworld, in this existential plane innumerable beings live, among them the offspring of Ah Puch became able to immunize themselves against them.


Levels 01-10: Ah Puch's offspring become resistant to any ability linked to the underworld taking only 79% of the damage.


Levels 11-25: Resistance increases now taking only 59% damage from abilities linked to the underworld.


Levels 26-35: Takes only 45% of damage from abilities linked to the underworld.


Levels 36-50: You are now able to take only 35% of the damage.


Levels 51-99: Your body now takes only 25% of the damage and receives almost no damage.


Levels 100-150: Powers linked to the underworld become almost nil for Ah Puch's offspring, receiving only 5% of all damage.





Level 01-10: Ah Puch's son can go to Metnal to regain his strength. Being able to recover 25% of its energies.


Levels 11-25: The offspring can recover 45% of their energy.


Levels 26-35: Recovers 65% of energy.


Levels 36-50: Recovers 85% of energy.


Levels 51-99: Recovers 95% of energy.


Note: Only once per event.



Demonic Wings


Ah Puch's offspring since birth have the ability to summon demonic wings that allow him to fly.


Level 01-10: The offspring of Ah Puch is capable of manifesting dark, dark wings that come straight from his back. These wings allow you to fly at a speed of 200 km / h it also guarantees the offspring an adaptation against the light that dazzles people's eyes on clear days, their lungs are also adapted to fly. These wings have a durability and resistance as if it were Iron, which allows you to perform some feats when necessary.


Level 11-25: Your wings are now as tough as steel. Its speed reaches 400 km / h. Now the offspring can use the wings as weapons in combat, and can make the wings like blades extremely sharp (does not affect the offspring).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 26-35: Your wings are now as tough as Titanium. Its speed reaches 800 km / h. Now being able to shoot spikes at the opponent. When they come into contact with the victim's skin, they will enter a state of skin corrosion and may also be able to pierce the person's skin if it is not resistant.


Note: Corrosion only leaves the area black, taking 7 rounds to completely rot.


Level 36-50: Your wings are now as tough as Diamond. Its speed reaches 1000 Km / h. These wings manifest a black aura that makes everyone looking at the offspring see the image of a cruel demon in front of them that will make them afraid. It affects only lower levels.


Level 51-99: Your wings are now as sturdy as Adamantium. Its speed reaches 1200 Km / h. Now the aura makes people see Ah Puch's Reflection before their eyes, making them feel a horrifying fear that makes them traumatized and even suffer from cruel hallucinations. For a few rounds (4 at most).



Underground Breathing


Level 01-10: Breathing in places of high pressure and in underground and closed places is the same as breathing outdoors for the children of Ah Puch. Can withstand high pressure, take up to one minute without breathing and withstand temperatures up to 60 ° C.


Level 11-25: Can breathe for five and a half minutes and withstands temperatures up to 120 ° C.


Level 26-35: Can breathe for ten and a half minutes and withstands temperatures up to 180 ° C.


Level 36-50: Withstands temperatures up to 240 ° C.


Level 51-99: Can breathe for thirty minutes and withstands temperatures up to 300 ° C.


Level 100-150: Can breathe for an hour and withstands temperatures up to 360 ° C.



Providence of Darkness


Level 01-20: Eventually, Ah Puch's son will have visions that show the death of people. Victims are always people who have already come into contact with the demigod in some way. At the initial levels, the offspring can only see after life has been cut short.


Level 21-40: Now your visions begin to precede the death of your friends, managing to predict 5 seconds before your soul is cut.


Level 41-60: Having even greater control, you can have a vision of 10 seconds before the death of your friend.



Aura of Fear


His character emanates an aura just like his father Ah Puch, who wherever he goes, instills fear in those who see him.


Level 01-10: Your character chills people who live with him. Opponents will falter when using the first attack against their offspring, giving them time to react.


Level 11-25: Ah Puch's son emanates fear directly to a person when facing him. In combat, all movements of the opponent's first scene will not have the maximum speed applied, damage to the offspring time to dodge all attacks. (Can only be used twice.)


Level 26-35: Wherever you go, your character will instill fear in others, some even retreat, afraid. Offspring below the level of Ah Puch's son will have their first failed attack due to their fear of it.


Level 36-50: Now the aura and fear caused are so intense that, children below Ah Puch's son's level, will have the entire first attack scene failed, as well as the first defense attempt. (3 times per battle).



Heart of stone


Level 01-10: The strong and hateful personality of the children of Ah Puch basically "shields" their hearts and minds, making them less susceptible to emotional attacks by lower-level offspring.


Level 11-25: Ah Puch's children now own themselves and rarely undergo mental advances due to their strong personality and closed heart. Being able to break illusions and resist psychic attacks from beings lower than you.


Level 26-35: Ah Puch's children are now almost expressionless, never being intimidated, flattering or giving in to other people's lip service or charm, gaining immunity from any form of emotional attack.





Cadaverous Form


Ah Puch was portrayed as a skull-headed creature, Jaguar or ox, in addition to the body being skeletal, or decomposing, wearing a necklace with live gold snakes, his children at a time, with some training, manage to enter the cadaverous form, causing enemies to suffer from despair.


Level 10-20: The demigod will have a surprising mutation, his skin starts to become cadaverous, his hands give way to sharp bones capable of cutting iron and with a simple look he can leave the enemy with a certain fear of attacking.


Level 21-30: Now the transformed demigod will obtain a dark aura around him, covering 5m, the aura will cause everyone who enters or looks at the demigod to begin to enter a state of gradual panic, not affecting stronger beings than the demigod.


Note: It takes 6 shifts for full panic.


Level 31-40: Now the mutation is more threatening, its strength and resistance are greater, being similar to steel, and can even cut the same with your fingers, now those who look in the eyes of the demigod, see an abyss, with the image of several souls being tortured, being caught by a small trance, lasting 1 shift, causing him to be paralyzed. Affecting only lower levels.


Level 41-60: Now the aura surrounding the demigod, can be expanded to 10m, or a part be channeled into some weaponry, which when touching the target will cause him to panic gradually, taking time (3 turns to complete everything and he passes out ), even affecting people with the same level as the demigod.


Level 61-80: The Resistance becomes diamond, in addition to the aura reaching an area of ​​25m, causing hallucinations and slowing the reasoning of those within the area, gradually affecting the immune system.


Level 81-100: Now with the apex of transformation, the demigod is able to gradually affect immune and minor gods (2 turns to affect completely), those with lower or equal levels, even non-immune panic instantly.



Gloomy manipulation


Ability to create or manipulate darkness and shadows, manipulating it in general.


Level 01-10: Can manipulate the shadow itself, increasing it, decreasing it, making different movements and creating small objects with it (such as knives, etc.). It can produce up to 5 black spheres of 15 centimeters, which can reach a target up to 25 meters away, causing burns and medium internal damage to the victim's body. He can take any source of darkness around him and cover himself, leaving his clothes, hair and eyes black, and he is wrapped in a kind of shadow cocoon that allows him to resist 30% of the damage they cause. The offspring, in addition to being able to absorb the darkness and shadows around them, is capable of producing a dark gust that travels up to 25 meters. You can take the shadows around you and use them as an energy source to heal wounds and cuts (not deep cuts),


Level 11-25: Your character can camouflage himself in the dark and paralyze a person, "holding" his shadow; can paralyze people by freezing their shadows giving them the same effect. In addition to being able to transmute your body in shadows for a few minutes, thus crossing solid objects of a maximum of 5 meters in length or walls up to 4 centimeters in thickness. With this ability it is also possible to be immune to physical attacks. He manages to blend his body into the shadows and thus appear elsewhere, however, he has to mentally know where he will teleport to. You can teleport at a distance of up to 25 km. Now being able to create constructs of shadows and darkness perfectly. The offspring of Ahrimã are capable of creating up to 10 tentacles of dark energy,


Level 26-35: Has the ability to generate, control and manipulate the shadow, forming different shapes and making it rigid, in addition to merging the shadow, making it invisible and leaving a totally dark environment. Now it manages to produce 10 black spheres of 15 centimeters, which can reach a target up to 55 meters away. Your shadow cocoon is able to suck 50% of the damage it tries to do to you. Your healing becomes capable of healing serious injuries by taking a few minutes to heal completely.


Level 36-50: Can teleport at a distance of 45 km. Their intangibility becomes even more lasting, managing to pass through any solid and physical object. Now being able to summon 20 tentacles that can chase multiple targets at the same time, your cloning ability expands to 5 clones of yourself and they can use the same skills as you. Its shadow manipulation rises, releasing dark bursts and having more volatile control of the shadows, managing to telekinetically manipulate weapons around it.


Level 50-99: Being able to teleport through the shadows (up to 65 km) and also ends up receiving another effect, the shadows can move this person, he can now show some signs of the shadows on him. Now being able to control the shadows in a perfect way, having total mastery of this ability, he is able to subdue large amounts of light with his shadows, being able to increase his control for control over darkness, invoking the same ones from the underworld.


Level 100-150: As the biggest shadow dominator now manages to make perfect projections, he can even make his shadow a copy of himself by putting it into combat, in addition to being able to mimic himself in a shadow form for almost unlimited time.



Defeating Death


As children of the god of death and underworld, they have the ability to circumvent death for a time. Upon activating this technique your body will become immortal. This allows you to recover from any damage your body, mind and soul suffers. This allows them to survive fatal attacks, this ability also maintains the ability to attack your opponent. That ability gave him another benefit; after being "killed" (anyway), the offspring appear elsewhere out of harm's way, and can naturally maintain the ability.


Level 01-30: This ability lasts 2 rounds.


Level 31-60: This ability lasts 3 rounds.


Level 61-90: This ability lasts 4 rounds.


Level 91-120: This ability lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Twice per event.



Mister Mortis


Level 30-60: Ah Puch's offspring are able to summon the gates to the Metnal hell which sucks everything and everyone within 30 meters. After being sucked the victims will start to have their body necrotic slowly. (In 4 rounds you will die if you do not leave the affected area.)


Level 61-90: Ah Puch's son is now able to summon soldiers, medieval warriors, knights, demons and the like. They will be killed alive but will display intelligence and experience in battle with their respective weapons and equipment.


Level 91-120: You are now able to summon undead creatures and monsters to help you in combat, similar to the undead of the previous level.


Level 121-150: The Ah Puch offspring at their peak is already capable of killing their opponents by simply touching their opponent's body for 3 seconds. Lasting only two turns of activation, and needing two more to activate again.


Level 121-150: Now at the height of his power, Ah Puch's son is able to summon a great executioner with a sword, who will fight and reap the souls of everyone he touches.


Note: After the end of the round, it is necessary to wait 5 rounds to be able to use it again.



Soul control


Level 01-30: The offspring will be able to steal the soul of any human or animal and have total control over it and may even destroy it if they want to or just absorb it. Each soul that the offspring absorbs will be like an extra life, and all of them can be sacrificed if they die, thus returning to life. It can absorb 8 two souls.


Level 31-60: Now the number of souls that can be absorbed becomes 6, and can take from creatures, if the offspring is killed and has a full stock of souls, you can sacrifice the six and return to life.


Level 61-90: Now you can absorb 4 souls, just sacrifice the 4 souls and you can return.


Level 91-120: It is enough that 3 souls are sacrificed for the offspring to return. Being able to take from demigods, if they are killed.


Level 121-150: Now 2 souls are enough to return to life.


Level 151-80: Now a single soul is enough to return to life.


Note: In order to take the soul, its owner must be dead, or be killed. Being able to use it once per saga, twice per mission.





Being the son of Ah Puch, the Mayan god of death, they learn to use necromantic magic for various purposes.


Level 01-10: Ah Puch's offspring acquire the ability to converse with the dead, and may also be able to clearly visualize the spiritual plane. It may even be able to interact with the beings that live there, this capacity expands to be able to conjure the dead to life, being a kind of living dead (zombies) that follows their will, limited to just 5 living dead, being any type of unless you're in the veil. (This ability extends to demigods, monsters, etc., but it is necessary that they died in the same event or saga.)


Level 11-25: Having already had a good experience with the spiritual world, the offspring is able to redirect, now being able to feel their regrets, their hurts, being able, through physical touch, or spiritual (through the soul) to see their memories when he was still alive, thus being able to know sometimes important things, his ability to conjure the living dead increases to 15, now he can equip them with weapons, and he can even restructure damaged parts (such as spine, develop the legs, etc.).


Level 26-35: Ah Puch's son is now able not only to summon as many dead as he wishes, but to be able to summon both vengeful and good spirits (ghosts) and use them for various purposes, being able to give them orders either whatever they are, being able to order their opponent to possess among various other purposes.


Level 36-50: Being able to know when someone died, being able to predict 3 minutes of the future, thus knowing what will happen within that period of time easily. At this level, your living dead can acquire intelligence, not only that it can generate even a zombie apocalypse, being able to conjure a dead person and then spread death everywhere, if you want, you can choose, through touch, to transform weaker beings in zombies (if you are a weaker being like human and animal NPCs they will become instantly, now demigods need to be at least 10 levels weaker than you taking 2 rounds). Through necromancy the offspring can generate living dead with harmful, toxic or chemical agents in their organism and can use this to their advantage in events and sagas (it must be explained as well as how the bio weapon works).


Level 51-99: Now achieving excellent mastery over necromancy. Now being able to cheat death (minus death itself, or beings linked to the underworld and hell). This ability allows that when the offspring is hit by any type of skill or blow that leads to death, in any modality, Ah Puch's son will be able to pretend that this all happened. In front of the opponent the offspring will appear to have died, when in fact they are only in a kind of stealth mode within the spiritual plane. If it is a skill that pulverizes the offspring, the body will then be pulverized, no matter the situation (it does not apply to blackouts), when Ah Puch's son then decides she will surprise him by returning completely alive and healthy. (Only beings linked to the underworld or death itself can discover that death was false). The offspring is capable of damaging the soul of their opponent, being able to 'kill' it, based on affecting the psychological, physical and spiritual of the victim making it "weaker", sucking not only its vital force, but its needs to live, even your healthy feelings o consumed by negative feelings like anguish, sadness and etc. (Can only cheat death once per event or saga)


Level 100-150: When the offspring reach their peak, they are able to deceive their death. At this level, when the offspring is about to be killed, the offspring can remove their soul from the body moments before being killed or destroyed, deceiving their opponent. (2 times per event or saga)





Geokinesis is the ability to control the earth element, including sand, stones, minerals, rocks or dust. It is possible to levitate rocks, cause earthquakes, know where the tectonic faults are and derivatives.


Levels 01-10: It has the ability to control the earth element, manipulating it only in piles, erecting blocks of earth like the telekinesis. You can handle only 100 kg of rock, sand or any material of the earth element at a time. It can generate small tremors in an area of ​​5 square meters, leaving people and objects out of balance. It can unbalance all people who are in that area of ​​action, leaving them vulnerable and receiving, in addition to creating a stone shield up to two meters in diameter, protecting the user from power and one more ally. You can feel the earth, the movements of a person walking on a rock next to you. It can attract and retract sand and rocks, also being able to make blocks of earth move away or appear close.


Levels 11-25: Become able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, allowing them to perceive their surroundings as seeing precisely as normal. The demigod is able to perceive the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural deficiencies, etc. It is capable of controlling large stones and generating tremors. It can lift and manipulate blocks of rock up to 250kg. These blocks are capable of serving as a means of transport for the user, reaching a speed of 110km / h. at that level, it can only transport the user and no one else. You can create rock bridges 10 meters away and columns up to 15 meters high. You can create 2 clones made of rocks to fight you.


Levels 26-35: Acquire full manipulation of the land by controlling walls, sand, metals, rocks, crystals and derivatives, changing their forms, in addition to transforming sand into rough earth, rough earth into metal and derivatives. You can create a stone shield up to two meters in diameter, protecting the demigod from the powers of opponents and yet another ally. This protection, even if not very strong, is destroyed after the first defense. Feel the tectonic plates and their limits, knowing perfectly well where to find areas more conducive to creating earthquakes, areas of greater vulnerability. You can sense earthquakes and even help to calm one, even though it is an earthquake with a maximum level 8 of the Richter scale. It can generate small tremors in an area of ​​5 square meters, leaving people and objects out of balance.


Levels 36-50: The user is able to make weapons and even armor from stones, crystals, metals, sands and even dust in addition to perfectly controlling the metal, also achieving enormous mental resistance against mental strikes suffering only 40%, in addition to being able to generate a small sand or fine earth storm, which can be used to blind / hinder the vision of your enemies. The storm lasts a maximum of two shifts and affects an area of ​​10 meters.


Levels 50-99: The demigod is able to project a stone shield up to two meters in diameter, protecting both him and his ally from physical powers. It also becomes able to create earth golems freely, they have the same geokinetic abilities as the offspring according to their level, they do not waste energy.


Levels 100-150: It reaches its maximum level, being able to freely control geokinesis easily, being able to encompass other skills freely. Also being able to transmute your body into an earth mimicry, where you can use your abilities in a more abusive way, without consuming almost anything of energy.



Hell fire


You are able to conjure black flames from the Sibalbhá and command them at will. The user is able to generate and manipulate a type of fire that has a dark nature, as if it were a kind of "negative side" of the fire. This type of flame, in addition to having almost the same capabilities as ordinary fire, has some peculiarities: In addition to having more destructive power than ordinary fire, black flames cannot be extinguished by ordinary means, such as the use of water or ice. . They also have an anti-regenerative property that prevents targets affected by them from recovering from damage, which, in some cases, can affect even immortal beings.


Levels 01-10: The sons of Ah Puch, are able to conjure the flames of Sibalbhá on a small scale, being able to create constructs through them (fireballs being the most common) and throw them at opponents, being able to fire small bursts of black fire on your opponent.


Levels 11-25: Ah Puch's sons are now able to make projections through these flames (being able to create swords, shields etc.), this ability develops further and can generate destructive and long-range beams of fire.


Levels 26-35: The skill becomes even more developed now, being able to absorb or even extinguish, different types of fire around you, being able to transmute them to black fire and use them normally (according to your level). The demigod is able to project these flames through his mouth now and can spit them out like a dragon.


Levels 36-50: By becoming a good manipulator of these flames, the demigod is able to burn, scald, scorch, dry, vaporize, evaporate and incinerate virtually any being or object that the demigod touches, taking 3 seconds for the process to take place. Gradually improving on previous skills. Being able to summon a firestorm that can cover great distances, from 4,000 square meters to an area with a radius greater than 80,000 kilometers (Exhausting all its energies).


Levels 51-99: Your control now expands and you can manipulate these flames even being able to choose the shape, size, intensity, density, temperature easily requiring little energy, and you can even manipulate flames from other pyrocinetics users and use them freely in almost total mastery. . Its control is able to interfere in the mystical (spiritual) plane, seriously affecting its opponents, in addition to becoming immune to any type of fire.


Levels 100-150: Becoming a pioneer, he acquires total mastery in this ability, being able to transmute his whole body into a fire appearance, being able to use the flame without consuming any energy, creating them from his own body. Your body just thinking about it can create these flames, and can even spontaneously combust itself without causing any harm (If the opponent tries to do that to you, it will not harm you), in addition to being able to control these black flames to perform the most delicate welding work. It can fuse craters, holes or openings in walls, floors, ceilings or the floor.



Death Weapon


Ah Puch's sons, when in possession of his scythe, he will be able to transfer some of his deadly aura to his weapon where it will make him stronger, in addition to being linked to his offspring, allowing him to always summon him wherever he is or appear where he is. it is (you can also switch places with your scythe when you want in the middle of combat). The offspring can also grant this aura to other types of weapons they are using and can enjoy the same abilities. (If your scythe is destroyed, it can be rebuilt from the pure will of its bearer, where he can use it again.)


Level 01-10: Your weapon gains iron-like strength and durability. In addition to being able to paralyze your opponents for 3 rounds after hurting him.


Level 11-25: Your weapon will now be able to poison your victim, with extremely lethal poisons even managing to kill your opponent after a few rounds (3 rounds). It is so potent that it seems that all the poisons in the world have been transmitted to the offspring's weapon (less divine poisons and does not affect the immune system). Its resistance will be compared to steel.


Level 26-35: Your weapon is now capable of causing damage to your opponents, these damages not only affect the physical plane but also the astral plane, managing to affect your opponent's soul. Its resistance will be compared to titanium.


Level 36-50: The weapon now has a resistance compared to the diamond in addition to being able to manifest black fire, this fire may consume the entire weapon (even the hands of the offspring, which it will not be affected). Being able to use black fire in combat.


Level 51-99: This weapon, when injuring your opponent on the astral plane, will not only be able to remove your immortality but your years of life (in some exceptions it may fail, as in beings with a certain immortality or retarded in aging). After 4 injuries his victim is completely lost his life and his soul will be the child of Ah Puch. Being able to use it as an extra life (If you die you can use the soul instead). Its resistance will be compared to adamantium.


Note: While you are in possession of these souls, you may come to summon one of them in combat to help you, she will have the same level as Ah Puch's offspring regardless of who she is or has been.



Deadly Curse


Level 50-100: Ah Puch's offspring by ingesting his opponent's blood (no matter what he is like will not harm him) then his opponent will fall into a curse which will link his life to that of Ah Puch's offspring, causing any kind of damage that Ah Puch's offspring suffers, whether physical (external, internal or kinetic), mental or spiritual, will be transferred to the accursed, making him feel everything including the pain that he will cause. The curse will only end when the victim is dead. (While in this cursed state, all damage to Ah Puch's offspring will be regenerated in a matter of seconds, no matter what this may be)


Level 101-150: At this level the curse affects even those immune to curses.



Divine form


Ah Puch's son, when entering such a form, will have a sudden change in his appearance, becoming similar to his father, a being with decomposing body, with scattered black marks, like the plague, a skull head, jaguar or ox ira appear, in addition to necklaces with gold snakes. In his right hand a bone scythe with divine iron resistance will emerge, this one totally black and bathed in infernal flames, already in its left-hander a vase, which will keep all the souls mowed by the demigod. In addition to this change, he will have the ability to bring Sibalbhá to the battlefield, bringing several Camatoz (Bats that represent the worst deaths), in addition to the 3 Judges who judge souls, to help him, apart from absolute control over the infernal flames, being able to deny, absorb or transform ordinary flames into infernal, being able to control at will. (Except beings with absolute control)


Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Once per event.

Complaint gifts



As children of the god of death, everyone inherits a scythe which, when leaning against the opponent, starts a process of disintegration and necrosis, killing him after a while.

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