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Angra Mainyu, Ahriman, [1] Arimã [2] or Arimane is the god of darkness, destruction, death, evil and disorder for the followers of Zoroastrianism . In opposition to his twin brother, Aúra-Masda , Arimã wishes to lead men to wantonness and corruption. He is the lord of darkness that blinds men who seek true vision - his methods are vile and deceitful, he corrupts men with desires that lead them away from the "true path". He is the lord of all Devas (evil gods), and uses them for all his evil purposes.


Appearance: They are big, sometimes tall, some can be athletic, muscular or just frowning. They don't care much about beauty, since they usually walk around loose for lack of interest, or with some armor. When they get irritated, which can happen for any reason, their eyes look like they are on fire, a characteristic that pulled the father.

Personality: They are children of the Dark Lord, they have in their eyes a malice and evil that no other Semi-God has. They usually don't take shit home and it is the cottage that fights the most with others, and may not even mix with the other campers.


Passive Powers

Dark Wings

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Level 1-10: Initially the children of Ahrimã are able to manifest a pair of wings, which absorb shadows, to form their complete formation. When they are formed, it will be able to reach 300km / h.


Level 11-25: The wings can now be summoned without needing shadows, acquiring steel resistance, giving the demigod's ability to fly at 600km / h.


Level 26-35: Now the wings can absorb the shadows and envelop the demigod, making him invisible for 3 turns. With the wings the demigod reaches a speed of 900km / h.


Level 36-50: The demigod's wings are resistant like titanium, giving the ability to fly at 1200km / h.


Level 51-99: The wings now absorb the shadows and the demigod can use it to remain invisible for as long as he wants, in addition to reaching a speed of 1500km / h, having the diamond resistance.



Dark regeneration


Ahrimã's offspring have a unique healing factor that allows him to recover from major injuries, using the shadows for that.


Level 01-10: The offspring are initially able to recover naturally from minor injuries such as external cuts, small punctures and bleeding.


Level 11-25: Your regeneration allows you to recover now from major injuries such as burns of up to second degree. Your injuries close faster so that you have greater resistance to pain, managing to recover slowly from an external hemorrhage.


Level 26-35: Your regeneration now expands allowing you to recover from extremely large injuries, injuries that can lead to death. When the offspring will lose limbs, just put it back in place for 3 seconds and the limb will be relocated. Its regeneration also allows it to recover from internal damage, even from internal bleeding (except for cerebral), managing to recover from heart injuries such as lung perforation or kidney failure, among others.


Note: Offspring are unable to regenerate lost limbs.


Level 36-50: Upon reaching the peak of its healing factor, the offspring acquire the ability to expand it through physical contact with other living sources. When in physical contact with another person or animal (creature, demigod, god, etc.) it can suck the vital energy from it which will allow the offspring to recover from serious injuries such as the absence of limbs, brain hemorrhages, etc. If the victim is immortal, she will not be much affected since she has an “infinite life” allowing Ahrimã's offspring to be able to use this as an infinite resource.


Level 51-99: At this level your physical contact allows you to recover from any type of injury, of any modality or category. This could be a spiritual, physical, mental injury, etc. While maintaining contact you can recover from your injuries.


Note: Twice per event. When he is on the verge of death, and someone touches his body, the ability will involuntarily activate by sucking the victim's vital energy until all of the offspring's wounds have healed.



Dark Respect


Level 01: Monsters and mythological creatures are seen as causing destruction and death, any of them. This gives the son of Ahrimã total and complete dominion over them, and is not attacked by them under any circumstances. The monsters see you as a companion-master, always choosing to stay by your side, always following your orders.





Death, disorder, destruction, war and evil are everywhere, being the son of a god who represents everything evil in the world, they are able to close their eyes and imagine where they want to go, he will then appear in this place, as a astral projection, but being able to interact as something physical.


Level 01-10: Initially they are able to demonstrate in any city.


Level 11-25: Can go to any continent.


Level 26-35: Can go to any nation.


Level 36-50: You can go anywhere on planet Earth.


Level 51-99: Can go anywhere in the milky way. Getting quite tired in the process.


Level 100-150: Get to go to other realms like any underworld, needing to have already been there.


Level 151-200: Can go to obscure dimensions. Except dimensions that have owners that restrict their entry.





As children of the god of death, these offspring inherit great immunities.


Level 01-20: Initially, Ahrimã's offspring acquire Immunity to poisons, diseases (viruses, bacteria, etc.). Your body is resistant to exposure to radiation (at medium levels).


Level 21-40: Your body already shows physiological immunity, not needing to eat, sleep, breathe (it may even survive in a vacuum) and etc. Being able to do these due actions and interactions whenever you want.


Level 41-60: He already demonstrates a physical resistance able to withstand physical blows that affect his external, such as punches capable of destroying steel or perforations and 3rd degree burns. Your mind shows a resistance to psychic attacks, managing to break illusions and resist psychic attacks from beings lower than you. Your mind is immune to manipulation of feelings, emotions and mental control.


Level 61-80: Your body is shown to be immune to climate change, managing to survive in any type of environment, territory, dimension or reality without being affected by the harms it brings physiologically to individuals. Being able to swim in a larva volcano without being burned and melted, or stay underwater for days without drowning, etc.


Level 81-100: Your body shows resistance to spiritual attacks, such as exposure of the soul to pagan flames or spiritual weapons, etc. (they are still able to die before them, but their soul is more resistant).


Level 101-120: Offspring become timeless. Not being affected by any temporal changes. For his father was the first to be born, earning a blessing, which he passed on to his children.



Perfect Deception


As worshipers of anything that represents the worst of a person's interior, children of Ahrimã have great love for lies and cheating. Inheriting skills from their dreadful father, demigods are natural liars, capable of making the most outrageous lie seem true.


Levels 1-10: The ability to convince people with simple lies is fully developed right from the start. In case of exaggeration, however, it will be easily discovered.


Levels 11-25: The lies can be more exaggerated and still will not be discovered, however, nothing can be impossible.


Levels 26-35: You have developed a supernatural ability to make up lies and thanks to this power the chances of those who hear your lies to believe them increase in catastrophic proportions. Except those who have the means to discover lies.


Level 36-50: You can deceive just about anyone, as long as they are not directly involved in your lawsuits.

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Night Speed


The offspring of Ahrimã have superhuman abilities, being able to run at speeds that surpass normal campers, when surrounded by shadows or during the night.


Level 01-10: They are already able to move at 150 km / h. Being able to run 250 km / h at night.


Level 11-25: They are now able to move at 250 km / h. Managing to run 350 km / h at night.


Level 26-35: They are already able to move at 350 km / h. Being able to run 450 km / h at night.



Eyes Of Time


As sons of the firstborn of the Persian time god, Ahrimã's offspring inherited from their father, an eye ability, which gives them the ability to naturally visualize their target's time and life, with just a simple exchange of looks.


Level 01-10 Become able to see the real-time intentions and briefly future actions of your target, thus recognizing only your maliciousness and intentions.


Level 11-25 Now you can see more clearly, the future intentions and actions of up to 5 targets, thus enabling a possible countermeasure.


Level 26-35 At this level, when fixing such a gaze with a greater concentration than those of a single opponent, you can leave him in a state of “trance”, thus propitious while he has up to 7 of his last years searched by the offspring.


Level 36-50 Your capacities for this ability expand, so that direct contact with the eye is no longer necessarily accurate. Thus, being able to search the intentions and thoughts in real time of all (rational beings) around them, as well as preventing possible future actions. Not affecting immune.


Level 51-99 Now the offspring can search up to 18 of someone's last years, invading their "life span". This can be done with up to 3 targets that will go into a trance for this period, however the "18" will be divided into three, that is 6 years of each target, if there are two 9.


Level 100-150 In its current height, its eyes have an increased capacity for “invasion”, being able to search the entire life of a being. It can affect up to 10 targets at once, searching 10 years of the last years of these, keeping them in a trance until the end of the process. Affecting immune.


Level 151-200 Mastery with such a characteristic allows my son now, not only to go through a whole story of a single individual, but also to introduce wrong past, present and future. Facilitating the manipulation of this, in addition to being able to choose the exact moment in the life of his victims, he really wants to search, steal or alter. Affecting immune and even disabled minor gods.



Poultry Communication


Ahrimã's son has the gift of communicating with crows, one of the symbols of Death and his father, and he can demand favors and transmit calls for them.


Level 01-10: The offspring of Ahrimã are able to call or summon crows to help you. They can perform favors or help you in ways that the offspring wishes.


Level 11-25: When the offspring are being caught in an attack you can transmute your body into several crows, being able to return to their original shape whenever you wish. (3 times per).


Level 26-35: Ahrimã's offspring are already able to call crows directly from the underworld, these will be twice their worldly size. These crows have a bizarre and grotesque appearance.



Demonified Voice


Ahrimã's offspring is capable of altering their vocal cords, managing to alter, increase or decrease their speech and sound frequency, assuming different tones.


Level 01-10: The offspring can increase their voice by assuming a thick and frightening tone, when angry they can manage to frighten their opponents.


Level 11-25: It is able to lower your voice to a fine and smooth tone. Using his language he can deceive his opponents by posing as a good and innocent person.


Level 26-35: Now you can increase the frequency of your voice. When you speak your voice sounds like an extremely high frequency which can burst your opponents' eardrums so loudly that the voice will be (in addition to causing other side effects due to the loud sound that the voice is generated.


Level 36-50: The offspring may decrease the frequency of their voice to extremely low levels which can cause hearing problems in their opponents.


Note: Offspring are immune to hearing attacks.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Active Powers

Defeating Death


As sons of the Persian god of death, they have the ability to circumvent death for a time. Upon activating this technique your body will become immortal. This allows you to recover from any damage your body, mind and soul suffers. This allows them to survive fatal attacks, this ability also maintains the ability to attack your opponent. That ability gave him another benefit; after being "killed" (anyway), the offspring appear elsewhere out of harm's way, and can naturally maintain the ability.


Level 01-30: This ability lasts 2 rounds.


Level 31-60: This ability lasts 3 rounds.


Level 61-90: This ability lasts 4 rounds.


Level 91-120: This ability lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Twice per event.



Mister Mortis


Level 30-60: The offspring of Ahrimã are able to summon the gates to Persian hell which will suck everything and everyone within 30 meters. After being sucked the victims will start to have their body necrotic slowly. (In 4 rounds you will die if you do not leave the affected area.)


Level 61-90: Ahrimã's son is now able to summon soldiers, medieval knight warriors, etc. They will be killed alive but will display intelligence and experience in battle with their respective weapons and equipment.


Level 91-120: You are now able to summon undead creatures and monsters to help you in combat, similar to the undead of the previous level.


Level 121-150: The Ahrimã offspring at their peak are already capable of killing their opponents through a simple physical touch on their opponent's body for 3 seconds. Lasting only two turns of activation, and needing two more to activate again.


Level 121-150: Now at the height of his power, the son of Ahrimã is able to summon a Deva, that is, an evil god to help him.


Note: After the end of the round, it is necessary to wait 5 rounds to be able to use it again.



Soul Thief


As children of the god of death, they are able to steal the souls of their opponents, when killed, obtaining benefits.


Level 01-30: The offspring will be able to steal only 1 soul, which will be able to grant you extra lives (that is, the opponent will need to kill you twice).


Level 31-60: Ahrimã's offspring will already be able to steal up to 2 souls. Now being able to summon up to 1 of these souls during combat to help you. She will be able to enjoy the same powers she had when she was still alive, thus helping her offspring (having a certain resistance to obey.)


Level 61-100: Ahrimã's offspring will already be able to steal up to 3 souls. Being able to summon up to two souls. (Who will obey without hesitation)


Level 101-150: You will now be able to steal up to 5 souls and be able to use their passive and active powers. (If you invoke souls, you will not be able to use their powers) Now you will be able to summon up to three souls.


Note: It affects any being that has a soul, it is necessary that the offspring of Ahrimã take the victim's soul, after that, she will become part of him until he wants to summon them again in the field. Souls will have the physical bodies of when they were alive, but they will only serve the offspring (if someone resuscitates these victims, the control of the offspring over the souls will be lost). The ability only works permanently in sagas.





Being the son of Ahrimã, the Persian god of death, they learn to use necromantic magic for various purposes.


Level 01-10: Ahrimã's offspring acquire the ability to converse with the dead, and may also be able to clearly visualize the spiritual plane. It may even be able to interact with the beings that live there, this capacity expands to be able to conjure the dead to life, being a kind of living dead (zombies) that follows their wishes, limited to just 5 living dead, being any type of unless you're in the veil. (This ability extends to demigods, monsters, etc., but it is necessary that they died in the same event.)


Level 11-25: Having already had a good experience with the spiritual world, the offspring is able to redirect, now being able to feel their regrets, their hurts, being able, through physical touch, or spiritual (through the soul) to see their memories when he was still alive, thus being able to know sometimes important things, his ability to conjure the living dead increases to 15, now he can equip them with weapons, and he can even restructure damaged parts (such as spine, develop the legs, etc.).


Level 26-35: The son of Ahrimã now becomes able not only to summon as many dead as he wishes, but he is able to summon both vengeful and good spirits (ghosts) and use them for various purposes, being able to give them orders whatever they are they are, in addition to ordering their opponent among other purposes.


Level 36-50: Being able to know when someone died, being able to predict 3 minutes of the future, thus knowing what will happen within that period of time easily. At this level your living dead can acquire intelligence, not only that it can generate even a zombie apocalypse, being able to conjure a dead person and then spread death everywhere, being able to choose if you want, through touch to transform weaker beings into zombies (if you are a weaker being like human and animal NPCs these will become instantly, now demigods need to be at least 10 levels weaker than you taking 2 rounds). Through necromancy the offspring can generate the living dead with harmful, toxic or chemical agents in their organism and can use this to their advantage in events (it must be explained as well as how the bioarma works).


Level 51-99: Now achieving excellent mastery over necromancy. Being able now to cheat death (minus death itself, or beings linked to the underworld and hell). This ability allows that when the offspring is hit by any type of skill or blow that leads to death, in any modality of this, the son of Ahrimã, will be able to pretend that this all happened. In front of the opponent the offspring will appear to have died, when in fact they are only in a kind of stealth mode within the spiritual plane. If it is a skill that pulverizes the offspring, the body will then be pulverized, no matter the situation (it does not apply to blackouts), when Ahrimã's son then decides she will surprise him by returning completely alive and healthy. (Only beings linked to the underworld or death itself can discover that death was false). The offspring is capable of damaging the soul of their opponent, being able to ´´kill´´ it, being based on affecting the psychological, physical and spiritual of the victim making it “weaker”, sucking not only its vital force, but its needs to live, even your healthy feelings o consumed by negative feelings like anguish, sadness and etc. (Can only cheat death once per event)


Level 100-150: When the offspring reach their peak, they are able to deceive their death. At this level, when the offspring is about to be killed, the offspring can remove their soul from the body moments before being killed or destroyed, deceiving their opponent. (Twice per event)





Because he is the son of a god of death, he naturally has improved eyes, being able to see the spiritual plane. Being able to see the souls of people and creatures, also seeing invisible beings.


Level 01-10: Initially the offspring are able to see invisible people and souls from the astral plane, also being able to interact with these souls. However, it still does not have any authority over it and cannot compel them to fulfill their wishes.


Level 11-25: Now the offspring of Ahrimã are able to further deepen their spiritual abilities, being able to see if the individual's soul is evil or if it is good. Whether it is vindictive or good and among other things. When the offspring are in need, an aura may emanate before these souls asking them for small favors that they may or may not do; this aura has a black color when the soul is evil (usually serial killers, sociopaths, etc.) and White when they are good souls (Christians, good people, etc.).


Note: You can only ask for favors for souls who are on the spiritual plane and who have no physical body (who are not alive)


Level 26-35: You are already able to impose your will on good souls, these will obligatorily do their wills, but the camper cannot compel the soul to perform an impure act for his religion (that makes him go to hell or underworld). Only asking for favors that do not involve the murder of someone directly or indirectly.


Level 36-50: The offspring of Ahrimã are now able to impose their will on souls both good and evil, being able to compel them to carry out their wishes, being able to ask evil souls to commit heinous acts and good souls from others. He also becomes an excellent representative on the spiritual plane and can command souls at will to rival other offspring or creations of the camp. At this level the offspring acquire the ability to make their own soul invisible to other beings, also managing to implant obscure scriptures in their soul which will prevent anyone from trying to find you by any existing method (except omnipotent beings), while hidden, they will not be able to attack or interact in any way on the physical or astral plane. You can also do this with other people, however, you need to maintain constant physical contact. Such concealment lasts about 4 rounds.


Level 51-99: Now he is able to banish souls to the Persian underworld, managing to banish demigods and other beings there as well, but they can return to the same place as before if they can. This ability also expands to allow the offspring to burn souls (who are already dead) destroying them for good (you need to be furious with this one).


Note: In order to banish the demigod, it is necessary that it be of a lower level or equal to the son of Ahrimã.


Level 100-150: At its peak, the offspring can summon thousands of souls to help them as they wish. The offspring also acquire the ability to use the spiritual energy that keeps them on the astral plane for their benefit, sucking their energy (essence). If souls are good and pure, the offspring will be able to heal their companions from any injury, whether mental, physical or spiritual; also achieving a good resistance and durability being able to resist attacks capable of destroying entire continents. However, offspring are prohibited from killing any being for beast or selfish reasons (only just reasons, such as saving themselves, saving a partner, etc.). If souls are bad, he will acquire great powers, managing to increase his speed compared to lightning, in addition to being able to elevate his physical attributes to continental levels. By having bad souls the offspring cannot perform any benevolent or good acts directly. This includes saving companions or doing things because it is right. Everything is done according to your own will.


Note: If the offspring breaches the rule imposed by the use of Souls they will lose their powers for 3 rounds. Getting extremely weak. The skill remains active for 5 rounds.



Seismic explosion


Like children of a god who represents destruction, whenever he is in combat, he is able to radiate a wave of impact in the form of a gravitational explosion. It becomes able to repel anything, be it matter, biomass among other things, anyone close to the offspring (within a radius of up to 10 meters) will be destroyed if caught in the middle of the explosion


Level 1-10: the explosion reaches 10 meters.


Level 11-25: reaches 20 meters.


Level 26-35}: the explosion reaches 30 meters.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 36-50: the explosion reaches 30 meters.


Level 51-99: the explosion reaches 60 meters.


Note: The skill can only be used 3 times per event.



Natural Disorder


Level 50-100: The offspring of Ahrimã now have the ability to influence all forms of conflict, as these are still a form of destruction, so they can influence these, whether mental, physical, spiritual or conceptual, regardless of area and numbers involved, the offspring is able to control how they will progress (whether the conflict will be brutal, simple or catastrophic) and can extract power from both the conflict alone and the dying. Affecting only a small group with lower levels and not immune to mental control and the like.


Level 101-150: Its power rises to a level where the offspring shows an unusual ability. It allows the offspring to make all those who are feeling any type of destructive or negative feeling (hate, anger, revenge, fury and other similar ones) become totally impotent, and can affect anyone within 30 meters. After the skill reaches the individual it will prevent him from making any kind of movement, being completely paralyzed, besides being unable to perform any skills, being totally powerless in that situation. (The ability affects anyone, after being caught by it, you will hardly be able to remove the negative feeling from your heart, needing external help for this, or telepaths).



Deadly Dreams


All rational beings have already dreamed that they were dying in a brutal way or someone close to them, in which case my children will be able to induce a specific scenario in the target's mind, if they touch them or look directly into the eyes of Ahrimã's son, doing so go into a brief stasis. After that, it will bring to reality the consequence of this chosen scenario for your real body.


Level 01-30 Initially it can make the target go into a state of epiphany, so the scenario you want to impose on such mind, can cause damage such as partial cuts, light burns and reasonable perforations. Affecting only non-immune and lower levels. Lasting only 1 shift.


Level 31-60 By the way, the opponent's body is more affected, forming painful cuts, 2nd degree burns and deep punctures.


Level 61-90 At this level, after the brief state of epiphany, the target will suffer burns of up to 3rd degree in its real body, deep cuts to the point of reaching the bones and perforations of such a scale, leaving craters in the flesh. Affecting beings of equal levels and not immune. (Lasts two shifts)


Level 91-120 At an advanced level, cuts can easily divide meat and break bones, 4th degree burns begin to pulverize parts of your body and perforations pass through your limbs. Lasting 4 shifts.


Level 121-150 With overwhelming control over such a skill, you can induce your opponent into up to two different scenarios, choosing from the three already mentioned. Affecting even lesser gods.



Demon inside


Ahrimã was represented as a humanoid and black creature, wearing armor with snakes, his children at a time, with some training, managed to enter the black humanoid form, causing the enemies to suffer from despair.


Level 10-20: The demigod will have a surprising mutation, his skin begins to turn black as darkness, his claws are thin and capable of cutting steel and with a simple glance he can leave the enemy with a certain fear of attacking.


Level 21-30: Now the transformed demigod will obtain a dark aura around him, covering 5m, the aura will cause everyone who enters or looks at the demigod to begin to enter a state of gradual panic, not affecting stronger beings than the demigod.


Note: It takes 6 shifts for full panic.


Level 31-40: Now the mutation is more threatening, its strength is more advanced, it can break pure diamond with a simple punch, now those who look into the demigod's eyes, will see an abyss, with the image of several souls being tortured, being caught by a small trance, lasting 1 shift, making him paralyzed. Affecting only lower levels.


Level 41-60: Now the aura surrounding the demigod, can be expanded to 10m, or a part be channeled into some weaponry, which when touching the target will cause him to panic gradually, taking time (3 turns to complete everything and he passes out ), even affecting people with the same level as the demigod.


Level 61-80: The demigod's claws and strength in such a way are able to cut and destroy vibranium, in addition to the aura reaching an area of ​​25m, causing hallucinations and slowing the reasoning of those within the area, gradually affecting the immune system .


Level 81-100: Now with the apex of transformation, the demigod is able to gradually affect immune and minor gods (2 turns to affect completely), those with lower or equal levels, even non-immune panic instantly.



Gloomy manipulation


Ability to create or manipulate darkness and shadows, manipulating it in general.


Level 1-10: Can manipulate the shadow itself, increasing it, decreasing it, making different movements and creating small objects with it (such as knives, etc.). It can produce up to 5 black spheres of 15 centimeters, which can reach a target up to 25 meters away, causing burns and medium internal damage to the victim's body. He can take any source of darkness around him and cover himself, leaving his clothes, hair and eyes black and he is wrapped in a kind of shadow cocoon that allows him to withstand 30% of the damage caused. The offspring, in addition to being able to absorb the darkness and shadows around them, is capable of producing a dark gust that travels up to 25 meters. You can take the shadows around you and use them as an energy source to heal wounds and cuts (not deep cuts),


Level 11-25: Your character manages to camouflage himself in the dark and paralyze a person, "holding" his shadow; can paralyze people by freezing their shadows giving them the same effect. In addition to being able to transmute your body in shadows for a few minutes, thus crossing solid objects of a maximum of 5 meters in length or walls up to 4 centimeters in thickness. With this ability it is also possible to be immune to physical attacks. He manages to blend his body into the shadows and thus appear elsewhere, however, he has to mentally know where he will teleport to. You can teleport at a distance of up to 25 km. Now being able to create constructs of shadows and darkness perfectly. The offspring of Ahrimã are capable of creating up to 10 tentacles of dark energy,


Level 26-35: Has the ability to generate, control and manipulate the shadow, forming different shapes and making it rigid, in addition to merging the shadow, making it invisible and leaving a totally dark environment. Now it can produce 10 black spheres of 15 centimeters, which can reach a target up to 55 meters away. Your shadow cocoon is able to suck 50% of the damage it tries to do to you. Your healing becomes capable of healing serious injuries by taking a few minutes to heal completely.


Level 36-50: Can teleport at a distance of 45 km. Their intangibility becomes even more lasting, managing to pass through any solid and physical object. Now being able to summon 20 tentacles that can chase multiple targets at the same time, your cloning ability expands to 5 clones of yourself and they can use the same skills as you. Its shadow manipulation rises, releasing dark bursts and having more volatile control of the shadows, managing to telekinetically manipulate weapons around it.


Level 50-99: Being able to teleport through the shadows (up to 65 km) and also ends up receiving another effect, the shadows can move this person, he can now show some signs of the shadows on him. Now being able to control the shadows in a perfect way, having total mastery of this ability, he is able to subdue large amounts of light with his shadows, being able to increase his control for control over darkness, invoking the same ones from the underworld.


Level 100-150: As the biggest shadow dominator now manages to make perfect projections, he can even make his shadow a copy of himself by putting it into combat, in addition to being able to mimic himself in a shadow form for almost unlimited time.



Tendency to Chaos


Level 100: The offspring of Ahrimã are capable of making animals, plants and even humans, when next to him they lose their head, it is as if, the worst side of them awakens, any type of intrigue or the smallest of conflicts will generate Chaos, thus making them kill themselves, or even losing peace in one place. They can often make deities go to war with another deity near an offspring of Ahrimã. This ability consists of small pheromones that are launched into the air that makes contact with the individual sensitive to any feeling, especially those of anger.



Divine form


Upon entering this form, the body of Ahrimã's son will lose weight, the skin will have taken on a black tone, an armor similar to that of his father will emerge, which consisted of a complete black armor, with shoulder pads full of snakes that extend to 5m, poisoning whoever bites, and thus removing all purity, transforming them into puppets of the son of Ahrimã, moreover his eyes will become white, without iris or pupil, his hands and legs will lengthen, claws capable of cutting divine iron will appear, thus like a pair of wings, one completely black and the other skeletal, in addition an aura of terror will emanate from the demigod, causing panic to everyone within 15m. In such a way, the demigod will have access to black magic, soul control, in addition to the ability to absorb shadows, darkness and even the present light,


Level 180-120: Lasts two rounds.


Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Only once per event.

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