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It is a deity of the Macaw Indians, from the Xingu basin, in Pará. Strict, Akuanduba played his flute to bring order to the world. One day, because of human disobedience, they were thrown into the water. The few survivors had to learn from scratch how to continue life


Appearance: They are big, sometimes tall, some can be athletic, muscular or just frowning. They are dark and have indigenous traits.

Personality: They tend to be very friendly, communicative, warm and playful. They will always be focused on your flute, regardless of its essence.


Passive Powers

Perfect Forest

Level 1: As an offspring of an Indian God, the offspring will never be lost in forests.

Animal Control

Levels 1-6: You can impose orders on small animals like squirrels.

Levels 7-12: You can impose orders on average animals like a wolf.

Levels 13-20: They can impose orders on large animals such as rhinoceros.

Immunity to Sound Attacks

Level 1: The demigod is completely immune to attacks involving sound.

Aquatic Immunity

Level 1: The demigod is immune to attacks involving the element of water.


Levels 1-6: You can create small bursts of water.

Levels 7-12: Can create medium bursts of water.

Levels 13-20: Can create large bursts of water.

Active Powers

Akuanduba flute

An illusion of offspring that depends on the sound of the flute. Whoever listens will be attacked by the living sensation that his limbs were fastened with resistant ropes, making him unable to move freely. Even with the physical intervention of an external force, the body is robbed of all mobility, and the consciousness itself gradually disappears. At the same time, they are fueled by morbid hallucinations, which also makes it possible to execute them mentally. Since the means of transmission are based on sound, which has a range of effectiveness, on top of which it can be applied even without knowledge of the target's position, which contributes to a very convenient technique.

Levels 1-6: Any common demigod will be caught in the illusion if he hears the melody of the flute.

Levels 7-12: Even half-gods with average mental stamina will be caught.

Levels 13-20: Even half-gods in mind games will be caught.

The Seven Legendary Monsters

Using his Flute, the demigod controls his seven legendary monsters from a distance without using words. When casting specific notes, your monsters act and attack in specific ways. The demigod can also change the melody if the opponent finds the sequence of the notes.

Levels 1-6: Summons 3 monsters.

Levels 7-12: Summons 5 monsters.

Levels 13-20: Summons 7 monsters.

Spirits of the Flute

The demigod manipulates his monsters with the sound of his flute. Its melody releases materialized spirits. Materialized spirits are composed almost entirely of mental energy, so that the vital energy is in an unstable state. Therefore, they crave physical energy, so that they hunt their prey endlessly, if the spirits attack the opponent the energy of the same will be quickly sucked.

Levels 1-6: Monsters release up to three spirits

Levels 7-12: Release up to five spirits.

Levels 13-20: Releases up to eight spirits.

Final Symphony

The demigod plays his flute, emitting music that directly affects his opponent's brain, stunning him. It is impossible to stop listening to the music, even covering your ears or popping your eardrums. The sound of his flute deprives the opponent of his five senses and restricts the use of divine powers.

Levels 1-6: Remove two directions from the opponent.

Levels 7-12: Remove three senses from the opponent.

Levels 13-20: Removes the opponent's five senses.

Symphony of Death

Complement of the Final Symphony coup, when music begins to destroy your enemy, leading you to death.

Levels 1-6: 15 seconds listening to the melody and the enemy will die.

Levels 7-12: 10 seconds listening and the enemy will die.

Levels 13-20: 5 seconds listening and the enemy will die.

Energy Circle

The demigod creates a circle of energy using his flute and fires at the opponent.

Levels 1-6: Create up to two circles.

Levels 7-12: Create up to three

Levels 13-20: Create up to four.

Power Reduction

Levels 1-6: When playing your special melody, your opponent's overall abilities will be reduced by 50%.

Levels 7-12: Your overall capabilities are reduced to 20%.

Levels 13-20: Your overall capabilities are reduced to 1%.

Complaint gifts

Hypnotic flute


Carved by the god himself, this flute, when played with the notes, will cause the melody listener to enter a trance, obeying the orders given by Akuanduba's son. he doesn't need to stop playing to tell what the victim should do, just think.

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