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THE GREAT KING AND Pharaoh of Egypt


Alexander III of Macedonia ( Brazilian Portuguese ) or Macedonia ( European Portuguese ) ( July 20/21, 356 BC - June 10 , 323 BC), commonly known as Alexander the Great or Alexander the Great (in classical Greek : Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας ; transl .: Aléxandros ho Mégas), was king ( basileu ) of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia and a member of the Argéada dynasty . Born in Pela in 356 BC, the young prince succeeded his father, King Philip II , on the throne at the age of twenty. He spent most of his years in power in an unprecedented series of military campaigns across Asia and northeast Africa . Until the age of thirty he had created one of the greatest empires of the ancient world, which extended from Greece to Egypt and northwest India . He died undefeated in battles and is considered one of the most successful military commanders in history.


Appearance: They have fair skin, blond hair and blue or green eyes in an obligatory way, they also have an enviable physique  

Personality: Alexandre's children pull his father a little and are violent and reckless, impulsive by nature. Despite being stubborn and obstinate, they do not respond to orders from superiors, but are open to debate. They also have a more calm-perceptive, logical and calculating side. They have tremendous pride in their father and squander the surname "Magno".


Passive Powers

Super Intelligence

Alexander's children have a high degree of intelligence, having knowledge of everything there is to know worldwide. These followers understand perfectly about all disciplines, subjects, faculties, languages ​​and so on. Knowing about everything that happened in the past, as well as about all fields of modernity and antiquity such as technology, civil engineering, medicine and etc.

Level 1-10: These offspring know and understand perfectly everything that happened 1500 years ago.

Level 11-25: These offspring know and understand perfectly everything that happened 2500 years ago.

Level 26-35: These offspring know and understand perfectly everything that happened 3500 years ago.

Level 36-50: These followers know and understand perfectly everything that happened 4500 years ago.

Level 51-99: These offspring know and understand perfectly everything that happened 5500 years ago.

Level 100-150: These offspring know and understand perfectly everything that happened 6500 years ago.


The descendant has incredible skills in all possible fields. Whether in any discipline, intellectual or practical, formal or mundane: mathematics, cooking, strategy, sports, games, politics, fighting, mechanics, psychology, economics, art, medicine, research, and so on, ONLY in non-supernatural fields.

Level 1-30: Alexandre's descendant initially demonstrates basic competence in all possible fields, such as professions, university subjects (elementary, middle and higher), being able to speak, understand and read any existing language, whether existing, lost (forgotten) or dead, and can even learn other languages ​​easily. Understanding everything in a basic way.

Level 31-60: Alexandre's descendant demonstrates average competence in all possible fields.

Level 61-90: Alexandre's descendant demonstrates a very high competence in all possible fields.

Level 91-120: Alexandre's descendant demonstrates superior competence in all possible fields, managing to excel in them perfectly, surpassing anyone.

Mental Enhancement

Alexander's children have an improved mental development which makes him superior to an ordinary human.

Level 1-10: The offspring have complete control of their feelings and emotions, never being influenced by them.

Level 11-25: Your self-control is better not influenced by manipulation of feelings, in addition to being highly resistant to hypnosis and compulsion.

Level 26-35: Alexandre's offspring show an improvement in his brain, being able to process, interpret and send information more easily and with a better speed, managing to fight without much difficulty.

Level 36-50: Demonstrate mental resistance, being able to resist mental control with some difficulty.

Level 51-99: Alexandre's offspring have better resolution / recognition of perfect patterns, unlimited information storage / retrieval, perfect perception / observation skills and logical / philosophical structuring. He can read at superhuman speeds, has perfect deduction / reasoning skills and can intuitively understand what is going to happen and how to deal with it.

Level 100-150: Acquires the ability to analyze situations and scenarios, gaining a good perception of things, being able to see things beyond the current situation through analysis and hazard analysis.

Ps: Resistance only to beings of a lower level than yours

Great Perception

Alexander's offspring, being a great warrior, has very sharp senses.

Level 1: Your senses can easily overcome those of an ordinary human, but are still inferior to creatures like werewolves and vampires. However, thanks to his mental improvement, the offspring is able to see the scenario easily, literally transforming it into a map similar to a game of chess (or as the offspring wishes) in his mind allowing him to make decisions and come up with strategies. In this map nothing escapes the offspring the simple movement of a mosquito he will also notice.


Level 1: Alexander's offspring have the right to marry more than one woman. You can have more than one wife.

Ps: If the character is gay he may also have more than one partner.

Active Powers


Legends report that Alexander the Great, the one who was a direct disciple of Aristotle and the most successful and most intelligent Emperor of Greece, was the son of Zeus. Thus, their children acquire electrokinesis, the ability to manipulate rays, static, kinetic energy and electrons in general.

Level 1-10: Becomes able to briefly manipulate Electrokinesis, being able to create short rays, being able to energize small objects with electricity, shocking opponents who touch it (weak, insufficient to kill or even faint), obtaining some resistance against them , and can be struck by lightning and not have very alarming damage, just a few minor burns.

Level 11-25: Becomes able to manipulate Electrokinesis a little better, being able to now use short-range rays (up to 5 meters) that cause internal damage to opponents, can pass out with prolonged exposure, now medium objects can be energized and rays common effects have no effect on them, can, by touch, create a sensation similar to a common stun gun, with some effort, can create an explosion of energy around themselves that can have a strong impact, using kinetic energy to play everything and all (mainly magnetic targets) up to 5 meters away, causing medium damage to them, can incapacitate an ordinary human or someone without resistance.

Level 26-35: Now your control becomes average, being able to use a large amount of energy to generate a Lightning over a long distance, with the effects of a common lightning, being able to easily kill common targets or without resistance, can use up to 3 rays before running out of energy.

Level 36-50: You can now have full control (average), being able to generate energy waves in PEM form, disabling electronic devices in general, creating rays from the sky to affect opponents, storms (within a radius of 30x30 m) and controlling the rays of this storm, the energy used to generate storms is high, being at least 70%, can use electricity to control electrons individually, being able to handle extremely small and localized loads of energy, and can also now use kinetic energy with the movement to create kinetic discharges in your strokes or paralyze opponents by locking your body, and can even increase the kinetic load of your muscles to get faster or stronger.

Level 51-99: Can create lightning quicker and easier, being able to create "solid" constructs made like lightning, such as swords, shields and polarized armor, and can also enchant weapons with electricity, can make an entire city function electrically by up to a week with an electric charge, and can also cancel the air resistance to isolate the rays, managing to create rays so strong without such resistance that a simple ray can vaporize someone, and can also use kinetic energy to cancel physical blows or make weapons and any conductive metal floats with its rays, also being able to use an electrolocation, being able to feel the static electricity of any being (being that all beings produce minimum charges of electricity).

Level 100-150: Becomes an excellent Lightning manipulator, being able to do almost anything you want, partially transforming into Lightning and becoming intangible, or manipulating light to become invisible or even transforming into lightning and having the same speed .

Literary Manipulation

Level 20: Alexander's children are able to manipulate books, manuscripts and text documents, thereby being able to form and manipulate all forms of physical literary objects that are printed, written or drawn (books, comics, magazines, etc. .), including their physical forms and anything written, printed, illustrated, or drawn on them. (You can read everything better, rewrite things when lost or in bad shape, manipulate ink, paper, and allow you to write words in the air and manifest them in physical effects)

Scarlet Eyes

Alexander's offspring are able to change the color of their eyes to scarlet. These eyes allow the offspring to see in X-ray infrared and also in the dark.

Level 1-10: Lasts 1 round. Your eyes demonstrate the ability to see the surrounding scenery without any difficulty being unaffected by the sun and related things. Being able to see through fog and the like.

Level 11-25: Lasts 2 rounds. At this level, they can see the flow of energy and information sent by their opponent's brain, being able to see where they will move or move and how they will do it.

Level 26-35: Lasts 3 rounds. At this level they are able to see more in depth knowing how to distinguish abilities mainly psychic abilities.

Level 36-50: Lasts 4 rounds. These eyes allow you to copy certain physical abilities of the opponent, as long as your body and mind are able to perform them.

Level 51-99: Lasts 5 rounds. The offspring will now be able to see 10 seconds ahead, being able to predict the movements of their opponents.

Level 100-150: You can stay active for as long as you like. At this level the offspring is able to penetrate their victims' minds through eye contact inducing them to a hypnotic state. The offspring can define how the illusion works by defining characteristics and everything. At this level, the offspring are able to penetrate deeper into their minds, being able to see their memories, read thoughts, etc.

Royal Aura

The emperor's children are able to project an aura around his body which will cause everyone around them to kneel before you, preventing attacks.

Level 1-10: Lasts one round.

Level 11-25: Lasts two rounds.

Level 26-35: Lasts three rounds.

Level 36-50: Lasts four rounds. It can affect the nervous system preventing it from attacking you.

Level 51-99: Lasts five rounds.

Level 100-150: Lasts six rounds.

Ps: Who has a level equal to offspring can resist the effects, and who has a higher level will not feel the effects.

Emperor's Horse

Alexandre's offspring will be able to summon his father Alexandre's legendary horse, which will help him in combat. The offspring can also create a mental link with this animal facilitating the creation of strategies and everything.

Level 1-10: The horse moves at 250 km / h.

Level 11-25: The horse moves at 450 km / h.

Level 26-35: The horse moves at 650 km / h.

Level 36-50: The horse moves at 850 km / h.

Level 51-99: The horse moves at 1050 km / h.

Level 100-150: The horse moves at 1250 km / h.

Level 151-200: The horse moves at 1450 km / h.


Royal Army

As the son of a great general, these offspring will inherit great leadership skills, being a born leader. When he wishes, he can summon his father's army, composed of countless legendary knights.

Level 1-10: You can summon 100 knights / warriors.

Level 11-25: You can summon 200 knights / warriors.

Level 26-35: You can summon 300 knights / warriors.

Level 36-50: You can summon 400 knights / warriors.

Level 51-99: You can summon 500 knights / warriors.

Level 100-150: You can summon 600 knights / warriors.

Level 151-200: You can summon 700 knights / warriors.


Alexandre's offspring having knowledge of various professional fields, he acquires some natural skills.

Level 1-20: Demonstrate a great understanding of survival and combat, having knowledge about the different forms and areas of combat. Knowing karate, kung-fu (and etc); and also understand how to hunt, and survive in foreign environments.

Level 21-40: The same by demonstrating an understanding of forges, civil engineering, mechanics and other derived fields, will be able to create weapons, equipment, automobiles and other things.

Level 41-60: By demonstrating an understanding of modern and ancient science, it will present the necessary knowledge about understanding existing laws (law of gravity, physics, etc.) being able to create plans and equipment that seek to circumvent these laws or even use them to your advantage. Presenting knowledge in Chemistry and Biology thus being able to accomplish other types of things.

Level 61-80: Demonstrates a deeper understanding in science, understanding the various fields of medicine, being able to perform surgeries, diagnose, create medicines and etc. Having great knowledge in this area.

Level 81-100: Demonstrates understanding of the technology, learning to use it naturally, being able to create more modernized equipment and, among other things.

Ps: Nothing of divine Origin.

Accelerated Perception

Alexander's offspring are capable of creating great strategies, both during and before combat. Alexandre's offspring have the ability to perceive everything around them and calculate everything in an easier and more practical way, as fast as a computer.

Level 40: In addition to being able to perceive everything around this one more easily, you can still use that power to be able to see the best
strategies, through the possibilities of each fact happening according to their movements or that of their opponents.

Ps: The strategies are automatically created during the combat accordingly, not needing the offspring to think about it during the fight.

The Conqueror

His father was a great conquer in his time, taking many castles and forts during his conquests. Alexander's offspring can summon a huge fortress during their battles. Upon opening its gates, this fortress will release an almost infinite number of soldiers, warriors, knights, generals (and etc.) from various empires, from the Spartan, Persian and others, but all human warriors.

Level 1-20: Lasts 2 round.

Level 21-40: Lasts 3 round.

Level 41-60: Lasts 4 round.

Level 61-80: Lasts 5 round.

Level 81-100: Can stay in combat until destroyed.

Ps: 2 times per event or saga. Warriors will be totally loyal to you.

Emperor's Blade

Alexander's offspring is able to summon his father's sword. An illustrious and very well produced golden sword. This sword has the ability to increase the sensitivity of any material it touches, with each hit.

Level 1-10: As strong as iron.

Level 11-25: As strong as steel. It manages to generate strong winds through its attacks.

Level 26-35: As resistant as titanium. It can absorb medium amounts of energy energy and use it to create powerful blows (it can absorb some of the offspring's energy also to have the same effect).

Level 36-50: As tough as diamond. Can destroy magical constructs.

Level 51-99: As resistant as adamantium. Can hurt intangibles.

Level 100-150: As resistant as vibranium. Can undo elements.

Level 151-200: As strong as divine iron.

Amón Oracle

Level 90: Upon reaching this level, these offspring will be able to summon the spirit of the god Amón's oracle. The offspring will be able to ask you up to 3 questions, these being any one, he will know the answer and answer you (whether through riddles or not).

PS: Once per event or saga.

Greek King

Alexander's offspring will undergo a small transformation, where they will be wrapped in costumes of Greek origin, reminiscent of the armor of kings of the past. In this way, Alexander's offspring will be able to ask the gods of the Greek pantheon for a blessing. Your body will suffer an increase in attributes which will allow you to face your opponents.

Level 1-30: Lasts 2 rounds of blessing. Your capabilities increased 3x more.

Level 31-60: Lasts 3 rounds of blessing. His capacities increased 5x more.

Level 61-90: Lasts 4 rounds of blessing. Its capacities increased 7x more.

Level 91-120: Blessing lasts 5 rounds. Its capabilities increased 9x more.

Level 121-150: Lasts 6 rounds of blessing. Its capacities increased 11x more.

PS: In this form the offspring will be graced with the memories, experience, and natural abilities of all Greek heroes of the past.

Egyptian King

The offspring will undergo a transformation, having their garments changed to those of a pharaoh. In that way the offspring can ask any Egyptian deity for a blessing and they will grant it. Alexander's offspring will not undergo any attribute changes, but will be able to summon Egyptian statues with the design of monsters, creatures, spells or traps that the offspring may have in life during combat; each of the statues will have a skill or effect (which they can choose during the battle).

Level 50-100: Lasts up to 1 round each summon.

Level 101-150: Lasts up to 2 rounds each summon.

Level 151-200: Lasts up to 3 rounds each summon.

Level 201-250: Lasts up to 4 rounds each summon.

Level 251-300: Lasts up to 5 rounds each summon.

Persian King

Alexander's offspring will obtain black armor on his body, armor as resistant as vibranium. An immense Persian chariot will appear alongside a spear in the hands of the offspring; the carriage will have several blades which, when wounding its victims, will kill him at the same moment. She will also be able to run faster than the sonorous speed reaching mach 10.

Level 100-150: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 151-200: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 201-250: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 251-300: Lasts 5 rounds.

Ps: Alexander's offspring may ask for a blessing for the Persian deities.

Royal Treasures

Alexander's offspring inherit their immense royal treasure from their father. Alexandre's offspring always carry a small bag around his waist. This bag has an infinite space, being able to hold all your father's treasures, which can be used in combat according to your level. (Only one of each level space at a time, that is, you cannot use two of the same space. level at the same time, but you can use two of the spaces of different levels simultaneously. And of course, use the logic of use of each equipment.)

Level 1-10: Inside this bag you have all kinds of melee weapons that can be used in combat.

Black Star: A very sharp star. When he is thrown and cuts his opponent, even if he is grazing, he will feel this cut a thousand times throughout his body (according to the shape and mode of the cut).

Invisible Helm: A green helmet which allows the wearer to remain invisible.

Encoding Ring: A black ring that allows the wearer to encode or decode anything he wants (he can even encode or decode his own mind against intruders).

Level 11-25:

Combat Pills: Pills that, when consumed, cause an increase or decrease in some function, organ, bone, or body part.

Anti-Energy Pills: Pills capable of canceling any manifestation of energy for 3 rounds (the user will not be able to release or use any type of power or ability involving energy).

Energy Pills: Causes an increase in your capacities (up to 2x) for 3 rounds.

Healing Seed: Heals your wounds after being consumed, and regains your energy and vigor.

Level 26-35:

Chaotic Sphere: When it is thrown on the ground or on someone it will begin to release a gray mist that when inhaled or come into contact with the skin, will make your opponents start to doubt yourself, in addition to creating silly intrigues with your own companions.

Spiritual Lens: Allows the wearer to see the spiritual plane.

Spiritualist Syringe: Allows the victim to enter a state of near death, making his opponents think that you are dead. This state also allows the offspring to travel the spiritual plane for 3 rounds.

Force Gloves: Gloves that allow the wearer to destroy diamonds and resist attacks from energy.

Levitation Cloak: Allows the wearer to levitate a few meters from the ground.

Level 36-50:

War Spear: A scarlet spear, capable of dispersing direct magical attacks. In addition to having resistance similar to adamantium.

Gravitational Needles: Needles that when hit on something, cause an increase in weight, increasing 10 kilos each hit.

Knuckle: A knucklehead capable of generating explosions with each hit (depending on the strength the explosion can be larger or smaller).

Magic Bow: A bow and arrow. When fired, these arrows are invisible, preventing them from being seen. The bow has the ability to automatically aim at its targets, never missing.

Beserker Potion: A potion that, when ingested, causes a decrease in your humanity, leaving you extremely wild and bloody as a wild animal. In this state you will not feel pain.

Level 51-99:

Emperor's Armor: Golden armor that covers the entire body of the offspring. The armor gives him great mental toughness, in addition to immunity to hemokinesis.

Scepter of Inspiration: A scepter capable of breaking mental controls and undoing manipulations of feelings. It makes everyone around you recover your energy and become more confident of yourself.

Divine Sandals: Grants the user the ability to fly and run at superhuman speeds.

Lucky Rabbit: A rabbit made of wool which grants good luck to its bearer for 3 rounds.

Black Grimoire: A black book that allows the bearer a slight control over the black arts of magic (black magic).

Level 100-150:

Emperor's Crown: This crown makes everyone around you focus their senses and attention on you, completely ignoring your opponents and companions no matter what they do.

Belt of the Force: A great belt that grants to the bearer, to have a force capable of destroying adamantium.

Bloody Knife: A combat knife which causes bleeding to your opponent (once the wound is cut by this Blade, even if it is light, it will cause bleeding).

Arcane Scroll: This scroll comes with a black pen. Almost everything the bearer draws will come true (if you draw a tiger, that tiger will come to life and help you in combat). But he cannot use it to alter reality.

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