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He is considered one of the seven kings or princes of hell below Satan alone. He is the demon representing the sin of Lust. Its origin differs a lot according to the source, some consider him as a fallen angel, however some Jewish writings indicate Asmodeus as the "Forgotten King of Sodom", in this tale Asmodeus is seen as the most impure man ever born, and the one who guided Sodom to lust. Some theologians consider the destruction of Sodom as a means of killing Asmodeus, and not as a prelude to the Flood. In Tobias' deuterocanonical book, he is mentioned as the murderer of Sara's boyfriends. God sends Archangel Raphael to guide Tobias, find Sara and arrest the demon in the highest earthly peaks. After completing his mission, the Archangel heals Tobit Tobias' father and returns to the heavenly court.

According to Satanic sects, the initial letter of his name is an integral part of the acronym Baal , the name of the pagan god cited both in the holy scriptures of the Torah (Judaism) and in the Bible (Christianity), which translates into the names of the demons Beelzebub, Astarot, Asmodeus and Leviathan.


Appearance: They have black hair like their father's, skin color can vary, they usually have red eyes when they are angry.

Personality: They are one of the most intelligent and smart campers in the camp. They have a habit of planning for most contingencies, as well as the courage to take big risks in business. They are dishonest and treacherous. They also have an extreme instinct for self-preservation, making them one of the most dangerous campers.


Passive Powers

Lord of Hell

Level 1: Being the son of one of the most powerful demons in existence, your children will have free access to all the existing hells, being able to recover injuries and energy just by going to that location. They still have their own hell.

Improved Speed

Level 1-10: Can run at 150 km / h.

Level 11-25: Can run at 250 km / h.

Level 26-35: Can run at 350 km / h.

Level 36-50: Can run at 450 km / h.

Level 51-99: Can run at 550 km / h.

Level 100-150: Can run at 650 km / h.


Level 3: Children of Asmodeus have the ability to own other campers, just as many demons do.

Demon Knife

Level 5: Asmodeus' children inherit a special knife from their father, such a knife can kill demons.

Knife of Angels

Level 5: Asmodeus' children inherit a special knife from their father, such a knife can kill angels.


Sons of Asmodeus have the ability to copy the opponent's skills.

Levels 1-6: You need to see the ability to copy.

Levels 7-12: You can copy only '' listening '' to the skill being issued.

Levels 13-20: They can copy only by feeling the conjuration of power.


Level 1: Ability to transform into anything.



Level 1: The son of Asmodeus is not immortal, but has the '' semi '', causing physical attacks to be quickly regenerated preventing him from dying, but if he is to be totally disintegrated he will not be able to return.


Level 1: Your appearance does not age it can go on for years and years you will always be younger looking just like the physique is always in healthy conditions.


Level 1: She does not need to eat, drink or breathe to stay alive so in a situation of extreme difficulty it does not affect sin so along with her longevity it ends up becoming immortal.

Omnipotent Control over Lust

Level 1: Has total omnipotent control when it comes to using lust to your advantage, the effect is thousands of times greater than that of Aphrodite or Eros, being able to manipulate beings even with such immunity.


Active Powers

Demonic Dance

The Demonic Dance is a series of poses that are performed by the son of Asmodeus along with another camper of similar powers and statures. To perform the fusion correctly, they need to pose in a perfectly symmetrical image of each other. The result of a correct fusion is a superior being whose powers are multiplied several times from the original people. If the dance is performed incorrectly, it will result in an obese or skeletal character who is much weaker than each individual.

Levels 1-6: The fusion lasts 2 rounds.

Levels 7-12: The fusion lasts 3 rounds.

Levels 13-20: The fusion lasts 6 rounds.

Supreme Infernal Sphere

This technique was created by Asodeus himself to defeat Archangel Raphael, it is an extremely deadly technique. Asmodeus' offspring raises their left hand to carry a sphere of black energy. And then the offspring smashes the sphere in the palm of their hands, throws the explosion of dispersed energy towards the opponent that disintegrates the opponent and his soul inside.

Levels 1-6: Disintegrates the opponent's body in a few seconds.

Levels 7-12: Disintegrate the opponent's soul if the shine reaches the heart.

Levels 13-20: Deletes the opponent's existence, destroying both the physical body and the soul.

Demonic Form

Level 25: The son of Asmodeus now releases his demonic form, by releasing that form he is as strong as the gods.

Time Jump

Levels 1-6: The son of Asmodeus and paralyzes time for 0.01 seconds, at that moment, in conjunction with his speed, attack the enemy by delivering a few blows on him, after the normalization of time the enemy feels the blows.

PS: It is impossible for the enemy to notice at first that time has stopped, he will probably think that you use invisible blows from a distance or something like that

Levels 7-12: Stoppage increases to 0.3 seconds, the higher your speed, the greater the number of strokes

Levels 13-20: The stoppage time increases to 0.5 seconds, finally reaching its peak. With divine speed, the longer this time the son of Asmodeus will certainly damage the enemy

Remove Timelessness

Level 1: The son of Asmodeus is able to withdraw '' immunity to temporal attacks '' from all demigods, except supreme deities are not affected.


Prison Daggers

There are three daggers with a pentagram, each pentagram of a color and each dagger an effect, these effects being:


Chain imprisonment: when hitting the opponent, this dagger invokes indestructible chains that will wrap around his body leaving him totally neutralized and trapped in the chains. [Lasts 3 rounds].


Mental prison: when hitting the opponent, this dagger will make you unconscious, being trapped inside your own mind seeing memories of the people you love and seeing the deaths of those you love. [Lasts 3 rounds].


Drowning prison: when hitting the opponent, this dagger will give you the feeling of being drowned, and you may even die with that feeling. [Lasts 3 rounds] ps: it doesn't work with demigods who breathe under water.

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