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Astreus (from the Greek Ἀστραῖος, Astraios, "Estelar"), son of Crio and Euríbia, was the titan of the stars, the planets and astrology. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Astreus joined Eos and was the father of the Anemus (Gods-winds) and Astras (Gods-stars), since the arrival of the winds was heralded by the appearance of certain constellations. One of these daughters, called Astreia, was the goddess of the constellation of the Virgin.


Appearance: Most of the times they are thin, green and blond eyes, but in rare cases they can also be dark with very dark eyes.

Personality: Astreus' children are quiet and introverted, they almost never socialize, sometimes they can be a little overbearing, manipulative and rude. One thing that all the sons of Astreus have in common is the passion for books, don't be surprised if he always has a book in his hand or always gets questions about monsters, they read a lot, so they are very smart.


Passive Powers


Thanks to their stellar absorption, these offspring can reach extremely high speeds.

Level 1-30: They can reach speeds of up to 500 km / h.

Level 31-60: They can reach speeds of up to 1000 km / h.

Level 61-90: They can reach speeds of up to 1500 km / h.

Level 91-120: Can reach speeds of up to 2000 km / h

Level 121-150: They can reach speeds of up to 2500 km / h.

Level 151-180: They can reach speeds of up to 3000 km / h.

Level 181-200: Reach a speed of 3500 Km / h

Stellar Absorption

Level 1: From an early age these offspring have a differentiated body from other beings, having the ability to absorb the energy from the stars for themselves (during the night), increasing their physical capacities to extreme levels. As long as the offspring absorb stellar energy, their powers cannot be canceled or disabled, as they will be receiving energy constantly.

Ps: This absorption works only at night.

The Gift of Prophecy

Because he was known as the god of prophecy, his children and inherited this gift. By touching something or someone, Astreus' offspring can catch a glimpse of the future of that, or things related to that. If you touch a jewel, you can get a view of that jewel being used, revealing whether it has magical abilities.

Level 1-10: You can catch a glimpse of an hour in the future if you touch someone, and a day if you touch an object.

Level 11-25: Now the vision goes up to two hours in the person's future and two days of objects.

Level 26-35: The sight when touching someone expands to four hours, and objects to four days.

Level 36-50: The vision will be eight hours when touching a person, and eight days when touching an object.

Level 51-99: Vision has now increased to 16 hours with people, and 16 days with objects.

Level 100-150: Your vision increases to 32 hours with people and 32 days with objects.

Level 151-200: Now the vision will be 64 hours with people and 64 days with objects.

Star Force

Astreu's offspring have a constantly high strength, thanks to the influence that the stars provide him thus allowing him to fight his opponents in hand-to-hand combat. Being able to resist blows of the same imapcto.

Level 1-30: They are capable of destroying entire neighborhoods.

Level 31-60: They are capable of destroying entire cities.

Level 61-90: They are capable of destroying entire cities.

Level 91-120: They are capable of destroying entire states.

Level 121-150: They are capable of destroying entire states.

Level 151-200: They are capable of destroying entire Nations.

Level 201-250: They can destroy a small continent.


Astreu's sons demonstrate the ability to fly from an early age, being able to adapt their flying ability at their own speed, thus flying at much higher speeds than normal, being able to fly at high altitudes as well.

Level 1-10: They can reach altitudes of up to 50 meters.

Level 11-25: They can reach altitudes of up to 100 meters.

Level 26-35: They can reach altitudes of up to 200 meters.

Level 36-50: They can reach altitudes of up to 300 meters.

Level 51-99: They can reach altitudes of up to 400 meters. They can fly through space freely.

Level 100-150: They can reach altitudes of up to 500 meters.

Level 151-200: They can reach altitudes of up to 600 meters.

Physiological Immunity

Level 50: As long as their body absorbs stellar energy, these offspring have their physiological needs diminished to a point where they will hardly need to sleep, eat and breathe.


External Invulnerability

Level 50: These offspring have an extremely durable physical resistance, making their skin very dense to the point of making their skin semi-immune to physical attacks that affect their external. You may still be affected by these attacks, but you will feel almost no damage.

Ps: Beings with a strength similar or greater than that of the offspring can cause damage such as unconsciousness, dizziness and others. Just as internal attacks can also affect you naturally.

Active Powers

Gravity Manipulation

Offspring are able to create and manipulate gravity, one of the fundamental forces of nature, and gravitons, which are hypothetical particles that transmit the force of gravity on bodies. With this capacity, it can cause an entire area determined by it to have a lighter gravitational force, causing all the bodies present to float, or heavier, making movement difficult or impossible. It can control the area in which the altered gravity acts, and can make gravity light or heavy around a single body instead of engulfing an entire area. With the control of the gravitational force, the user is able to attract and repel matter and energy, which is an advantage both offensively and defensively. He can create gravitational fields around him to prevent enemy attacks from reaching him or even use gravitational force to crush and destroy beings and objects.

Level 1-10: The offspring are capable of controlling the gravity of an area of ​​up to 50 square meters.

Level 11-25: The area now expands to 100 square meters.

Level 26-35: The area changes to 200 meters.

Level 36-50: Controls an area of ​​up to 400 square meters.

Level 51-99: The area expands to 800 square meters.

Level 100-150: Now controls an area of ​​up to 1600 square meters.

Level 151-200: The area increases to 3200 square meters.

Level 201-250: Controls an area of ​​up to 6400 square meters.

Aerokinetic Control

Ability to control, generate, or absorb the air element. This includes producing gusts of wind, tornadoes and increasing air pressure to crush things, decreasing air resistance and derivatives in general.

Level 1-10: You can move some things with your wind gusts like chairs and tables, you can trim your fall and make a jump higher. Its wind control can also be used to remove it from some places by creating a small vacuum. If someone is hit, the wind will hit him pushing and unbalancing him.

Level 11-25: It can form air currents, causing a person to be continually pulled into a place, moreover, their gusts of wind increase, being able to throw people away.

Level 26-35: The character can create cyclones and fly, in addition to changing the density of the air making the pressure stronger or weaker. By doing this your blows with the wind become much more powerful.

Level 36-50: The character manages to make fog by controlling the air, he can also lift large objects in the wind like an entire train car.

Level 51-99: Gust control becomes stronger, creating hurricanes. The offspring can mimic parts of their body in air, managing to escape some attacks.

Level 100-150: They learn to control the wind perfectly.

Mini Star

Astreu's offspring is capable of creating a mini star in his hand, where he can use it to maintain his powers if he is in places where there are no stars, and he can also throw these small stars at his opponents as a form of attack.

Level 30-60: The star has up to 20 meters.

Level 61-90: The star is up to 40 meters.

Level 91-120: The star is up to 60 meters.

Level 121-150: The star is up to 80 meters.

Level 151-180: The star is up to 100 meters.

Level 181-200: The star is up to 120 meters.

PS: 3 times per event.

Star Rays

Astreu's offspring are capable of firing rays of energy through their fingers or their eyes, when they fire blue rays they can freeze the affected area, if they are red they can cause burns on their victims.

Level 1-10: Can fire up to 3 rays of energy.

Level 11-25: Can fire up to 6 rays of energy.

Level 26-35: Can fire up to 10 rays of energy.

Level 36-50: They can trigger small bursts of energy.

Level 51-99: Large bursts of energy can fire.

Star Connection

Level 50: Astreu's offspring will be able to connect with an existing star in their universe, thus being able to acquire capacities from these. Being able to connect with the sun and be able to manipulate it the way you want, being able to acquire powers from this star, such as pyrokinesis.

PS: You can only connect with one star at a time.


By raising both hands to the sky, the son of Astreus begins to gather all the star energy around him. When the power is concentrated at its maximum, in the form of a bluish sphere, the offspring can launch it at the enemy, sweeping the entire life of the affected area.

Level 1-40: The energy takes 30 seconds to be fully concentrated and its explosion spans an area of ​​100 meters, killing creatures from both the physical and the spiritual.

Level 41-80: The attack now takes 20 seconds to reach its peak. The area covered expands to 150 meters, killing divine beings.

Level 81-120: Having greater control over star energy, the offspring takes 10 seconds to concentrate. The coverage area expands to 200 meters, killing titans and primordials.

Level 121-160: Your control increases, taking 5 seconds to focus your energy. Now the area increases to 250 meters, killing even creatures with immunity to energy attack.

Level 161-200: Further increasing their powers, the offspring takes 2 seconds to execute the attack. The area increases to 300 meters and can kill even angels.

Level 201-240: At the height of its power, the attack takes just 1 second to execute. The area expands to 350 meters and can kill even super-angels.

Star Arch

The sons of Astreus are able to summon a bow with several arrows and a quiver in combat. Being an extremely powerful weapon, having the tips of the arrows imbued with the energy of a stellar, where its injuries can cause a large hole in the place where it was hit, like a mini explosion.

Level 1-10: These arrows can penetrate and destroy the iron.

Level 11-25: These arrows can penetrate and destroy steel.

Level 26-35: These arrows can penetrate and destroy the diamond.

Level 36-50: These arrows can penetrate and destroy adamantium

Level 51-99: These arrows can penetrate and destroy the Vibranium.

Level 100-150: These arrows can penetrate and destroy divine iron as well as affect even atoms.

Level 151-200: These arrows can penetrate, destroy or affect any other type of matter.

Personal Planet

Being the son of a titan of the planets, these offspring when they reach this level will be able to create their own planet with their own characteristics, the offspring can always come and go from him.

Level 100: They manage to create their own planet using their stellar sand and can define their characteristics (such as creatures that live on it, scenarios, environments, textures, etc.), in that place the offspring will have a total connection, being able to be anywhere, from him, as well as having absolute control over this place.

Space Devastation

Level 1-20: Astreus' offspring, when they raise their hands in the air, will be able to make star rocks fall causing great destruction.

Level 21-40: Will be able to cause an asteroid rain.

Level 41-60: You will be able to make a meteor shower fall to the earth.

Level 61-80: You will be able to make meteors fall by destroying everything around you.

Level 81-100: You will be able to make an entire planet crash into another one and destroy them due to the impact.


Astreus 'son summons a giant avatar made of stellar energy that surrounds Astreus' son's body as a protective star entity. Any move that the son of Astreus makes, the Giant will also make, but in a stronger way ... Its resistance is similar to adamantium.

Level 1-10: Lasts 1 round.

Level 11-25: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 26-35: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 36-50: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 51-99: Lasts 5 rounds.

Level 100-150: Lasts 6 rounds.


Black Control

Level 30-60: Being the son of a star god these offspring acquire the ability to manipulate plasma as they wish. Being the fourth state of matter that consists of low-density and fully ionized gas that has an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons. With this, he can mold plasma objects, fire lasers with a high degree of heat, and coat himself with a thin layer of plasma around his body to protect himself superficially, among other forms of use.

Level 61-90: Astreus' offspring learn to control fire as they see fit, being able to generate, shape and manipulate the flames, being flames as hot as the sun.

Level 91-120: The semi-titan learns to manipulate dark matter as he wishes.

Divine Sphere

Seeking to defeat large numbers of enemies, these offspring are able to focus their own energy on a baseball-like antimatter sphere. That will be levitating on the palm of the offspring's hand. By throwing it at your opponents it will grow in size.

Level 20-40: This sphere can destroy an entire city.

Level 41-60: This sphere can destroy an entire state.

Level 61-80: This sphere could destroy an entire country.

Level 81-100: This sphere could destroy an entire continent.


Dead Star

Stars, when they die, explode and release fragments that can generate new stars, in addition to particles called star dust. Thanks to this, Astreu's semi-titans will be able to materialize these particles which allows him to model them in whatever he wishes, be it an object, a weapon, or even a thing or being. These particles can solidify and group together creating a kind of space sand that will allow the offspring to use in combat as they wish.

Level 1-10: This sand can take shapes of up to 15 meters. Their modeling can be easily undone by the blows of their enemies, and the beings that the offspring have have no degree of intelligence being mere puppets.

Level 11-25: This sand can take shapes of up to 25 meters. Their creations show some resistance.

Level 26-35: This sand can take shapes of up to 35 meters. His modeling is more intelligent.

Level 36-50: This sand can take shapes of up to 45 meters. The offspring are now able to share the mind with their creations, being able to perceive everything around them through the senses of their creations, as well as reading their minds. Having incredibly sturdy weapons.

Level 51-99: This sand can take shapes of up to 55 meters. The offspring can now grant some of their own powers to these creations like star absorption or other abilities (as long as they are theirs). Just as your weapons can also receive one of your abilities. His creations come out perfectly now with the same level of power as a demigod.

Level 100-150: This sand can take forms of up to 65 meters. You can already share more than one power with your creations, having these creations of the same level of power as a semi-titan. In addition to extremely resistant, almost unbreakable weapons.

Level 151-200: This sand can take shapes of up to 75 meters.

Complaint Gift

Planetarium - An indestructible transparent sphere whose interior has the image of a star and several planets rotating around it in all directions. He has the ability to give Astreus' son, and only to him, any answer that he asks about anything that has existed since the beginning of time, but the answers given only come from the past or present, never predicting the future.

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