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Britannia is an old term for Britain , and also a feminine personification of the island. The Latin name derives from the Greek form Prettanike or Brettaniai, which originally designated a collection of islands with individual names, including Albion or Great Britain. However, around the 1st century BC Britannia came to be used for Britain specifically. In AD 43, the Roman Empire began its conquest of the island, establishing a province they called Britannia , which came to cover the parts of the islands of southern Caledonia (approximately Scotland ). The native Celtic inhabitants of the province are known as the Britons . In the 2nd century, Roman Britannia came to be personified as a goddess, armed with a trident and shield and wearing a centurion helmet.

british children

Appearance: Britânia's children are usually white and have European features.

Confident of themselves, the children of Britânia are honorable and proud of the camp they belong to, being very loyal to it.


Passive Powers

Improved Speed

Britânia's children are extremely fast in their fighting.

Level 1-10: The speed of the offspring is 600 km / h.

Level 11-25: The speed of the offspring is 1200 km / h.

Level 26-35: The speed of the offspring is 1800 km / h.

Level 36-50: The speed of the offspring is 2400 km / h.

Level 51-99: The speed of the offspring is 3000 km / h.

Level 100-150: The speed of the offspring is 3600 km / h.

Level 151-200: The speed of the offspring is 4200 km / h.

Level 201-250: The speed of the offspring is 4800 km / h.

Level 251-300: The speed of the offspring is 5400 km / h.


Britânia's offspring have their whole body strengthened to the maximum having not only great beauty, but also great physical strength.

Level 1-10: Offspring can easily break the bones of a demigod

Level 11-25: Offspring can easily destroy houses with their strength.

Level 26-35: Offspring can easily destroy buildings with their strength.

Level 36-50: The offspring can easily destroy an entire block with their strength.

Level 51-99: The offspring can easily break several blocks with their strength.

Level 100-150: Offspring can easily destroy cities with their strength.

Level 151-200: Can destroy an entire state with its strength.

King's Territory

Britannia is considered the personification of England itself as it is its own absolute dominion, thus its offspring will have a great connection with the territory in which it finds itself (it does not necessarily need to be a British territory), being considered true kings / queens possessing certain abilities within the same.

Level 1-30: Order of the King / Queen: The offspring of Britania manage to give orders to their opponents within their territory, forcing them to do whatever they want.

Level 31-60: Freedom of Energy: The children of Britânia are not affected by abilities that aim to deny or cancel their energies.

Level 61-90: Freedom from Attack: The attacks of the offspring of Britania manage to break protections and defenses of their enemies in their territory, being able to break defenses like barriers, shields no matter how powerful they are, and even deny absorptions of their powers.

Level 91-120: Royal Blessing: Britannia's offspring are able to deny space powers and powers derived from altering reality in their territory.

Level 151-180: Submission to the King: Just as all the people were submissive to the king's will, everyone within the territory of the offspring will have no immunity or resistance against his attacks.

Uncle Sam and Britania

Britânia's children have a blessing granted by Uncle Sam together with their mother, offering them some benefits.

Level 1-50: The children of Uncle Sam and Britania, do not conflict with each other. Always preferring to help each other. In addition to one power using an active power of the other.

Level 51-100: The children of Britânia when they are close to children of Uncle Sam, they feel stronger, being able to recover their energies more quickly, besides having their powers increased by 3x.

Level 101-150: Britania and Uncle Sam's offspring can now merge into an event or saga for 3 rounds.

Level 151-200: Can now merge for 4 rounds.

Ps: Fusion can only be used once per event or saga.

Divine Resistance

Britânia's children have an extremely resistant body, not being easily defeated.

Level 1-10: They have contaminating immunity, being unaffected by diseases and viruses, in addition to being resistant to physical attacks and pain.

Level 11-25: They have resistance to illusions and gravitational attacks.

Level 26-35: They have resistance to curses and elementary attacks.

Level 36-50: They have resistance to magic attacks, are not affected by attacks aimed at controlling their interior.

Level 51-99: They have resistance to dimensional / space attacks.

Level 100-150: Have resistance to energy attacks.


Level 1-10: Can heal from minor injuries, and simple damage.

Level 11-25: They are already able to heal themselves from major damage, as well as simple psychic damage.

Level 26-35: They can now heal themselves from burns and major mental damage.

Level 36-50: You can easily regenerate parts of your body, in addition to regenerating from damage inside.

Level 51-99: Can heal from extreme mental damage.

Level 100-150: Can easily regenerate from medium spiritual damage.

Breton Shield

Just like her mother in some representations, her offspring will also have a shield made of divine energy, such a shield can protect Britania's offspring from virtually any type of attack (skill shot).

Level 1-10: Initially, this shield is not as resistant, being easily undone by very strong attacks.

Level 11-25: The shield shows some resistance withstand up to 2 attacks.

Level 26-35: The shield can withstand very strong attacks without breaking, but still shows damage.

Level 36-50: The shield can withstand up to 4 attacks easily.

Level 51-99: Can now withstand almost any attack launched against the shield, depending on the difference in power between the offspring and the attacker. By successfully blocking an incoming attack, the offspring counter the effects of the attack by converting the received power into another form of energy, which is thrown back 3x stronger. As the reflection of an attack occurs suddenly and unexpectedly, the reflected attack can be difficult for opponents to escape.

Divine Trident

Like Britânia, these offspring have a huge golden trident.

Level 1-10: Initially Britania's offspring are able to handle it to the point of piercing and damaging their targets both physically and spiritually.

Level 11-25: Now you can hit your trident against the ground to create a kinetic wave capable of repelling attacks that come your way.

Level 26-35: When moving his trident, he is able to create several divine blades connected to a thread made of divine energy, the offspring can command these blades and can launch them against their opponent, once the target has its energy canceled, thus not being able to use any power for 4 rounds.

Level 36-50: Manages to create a kind of circular energy around the trident, managing to send the attacks in other directions, even managing to catch you by surprise behind your back, since the latter will not even notice what hit you.

Level 51-99: The Spear guarantees the offspring handling of water in all its states. Even managing to interfere in the control of his opponents.

Level 100-150: Britania's offspring are able to make cuts in the air at this level, and these same cuts are capable of damaging the body of their targets even if they are not close to the blade.

Active Powers

Creator of the Gods

Britânia besides being the personification of Great Britain itself, it also created all the Arthurian gods. In this way your offspring have a blessing that can be activated 2 times per event during 5 rounds of your mother granting you all the active powers of the gods of the Arthurian pantheon.

Level 70-100: Has all the active abilities of Arthurian deities from level 1-25.

Level 101-150 Has all active abilities of the other Arthurian gods at level 26-50.

Level 151-200: Has all active abilities of the other Arthurian gods at level 51-99.

Level 201-250: Has all active abilities of the other Arthurian gods at level 100-150.

Level 251-300: Has all the active abilities of Arthurian deities at level 151-200.

Cosmic Manipulation

Britânia's semi primordials are masters of space skills, managing to create, model and manipulate cosmic energies to produce almost any effect they desire, including molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter in space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of interdimensional portals and vortexes, telekinesis and cosmic consciousness, etc.

Level 50-100: Has basic control.

Level 101-150: Has medium control.

Level 151-200: Controls on a large scale.

Level 201-250: Controls in perfect scale.

Level 251-300: Controls on a global scale.


Territory Domain

Like Britânia, their offspring also have great dominance over the territory in which they are managing to perform great exploits during combat.

Level 1-10: Amenotejikara: The offspring of Britania can move themselves or other beings and objects at a distance (up to 30 meters) from their original location instantly. The scope of this technique can be extended if the exchange is with an object. Due to its speed, in combat, this technique is useful for carrying out surprise attacks against enemies within range. This ability not only changes position, it can transfer the movement and direction of switched targets.

Level 11-25: Space Time Portal: Britânia's offspring is capable of opening a dimensional rift that allows it to travel to almost any other location, including other dimensions.

Level 26-35: Ih Ragdo: Britânia's offspring as they reach out with a burst of purple, blue, green and yellow lights. Once the opponent is hit, he is thrown away and then trapped inside a bubble of divine energy which sucks his energies.

Level 36-50: Yagdo Righora: Britânia's offspring waving their hands in a circular motion, which evokes a large statue with intricate designs and patterns on their body that creates a powerful explosion completely bursting the body of their opponents

Level 51-99: Disintegrating Hand: Britânia's offspring is capable of creating an aura of grayish energy around its fist, capable of disintegrating everything in its direction, without the need for physical contact, just being in the direction of your hand.

Level 100-150: Space Spheres: Britannia's offspring create multiple spheres made of their divine energy and launch it at their opponents at quadruple their speed. The spheres will erase everything that touches them from existence.

Subspace Travel

Level 80: Britânia's offspring are capable of teleporting into and out of subspace (also known as hyperspace), an "alternative" space adjacent to the "normal" three-dimensional space and an integral part of the space-time continuum that coexists with the normal space, but it is also distinct. This allows the offspring (and anything it teleports) to travel much faster than the speed of light in normal space, as it moves instantly from one location to another, ignoring all intermediate physical obstacles.


Britânia's offspring creates a circular mass made of its divine energy and launches it against its targets, after contact, it is forcibly teleported to another location.

Level 1-10: Initially, it is necessary to take the target by surprise in order to affect it.

Level 11-25: Now reach targets below your level easily.

Level 26-35: Can affect your targets normally, so you don't need to take them by surprise.

Level 36-50: You can now control the location to which they are sent, being able to calculate the distance for example, however it is necessary to be in your view.

Level 51-99: They are now able to send their targets anywhere that the offspring have knowledge.

Spatial Duplication

Britannia's offspring can, through a section of the space, create a copy and recreate that space elsewhere. This, in effect, allows them to record and duplicate enemy attacks and use them as their own. In that case, it may seem that the offspring are manipulating time to recreate these effects, although it is simply to recreate the space (and everything that goes on inside) in another area; in short, a "copy and paste" effect. Offspring can also recreate a space that did not exist before and change their location in the space in that instance.

Level 1-50: It will only be able to register and duplicate attacks up to 2 round ago.

Level 51-100: It will only be able to register and duplicate attacks up to 3 round ago.

Level 101-150: It will only be able to register and duplicate attacks up to 4 round ago.

Level 151-200: It will only be able to register and duplicate attacks up to 5 round ago.

PS: It only works with attacks (skill shots), being able to use this skill only 3 times per event or saga.

Space Barrier

Britannia's offspring can distort or create space to create a barrier. Since the force field is created from the intangible space-time continuum, it cannot be penetrated by physical force. Unlike a barrier created from energy or matter, space barriers separate the tissues themselves from the space-time continuum. Therefore, if formed to surround an area, the interior would be completely separated from the external time zone and dimension. This allows the interior not to be affected by the flow of time and to have external attacks to pass spatially through what is being protected.

Level 1-10: Initially, this barrier is not as resistant, being easily broken.

Level 11-25: The barrier shows a little resistance withstand up to 2 attacks.

Level 26-35: The barrier can withstand very strong attacks without breaking, but still shows damage.

Level 36-50: The barrier can withstand up to 4 attacks easily.

Level 51-99: Can now withstand almost any attack launched against her, depending on the power difference between the offspring and the attacker.

Unity with the Territory

Perhaps one of the most powerful abilities of the offspring, which he inherited from his mother which allows the offspring to mix with the territory in which she is, acquiring total control of the same

Level 50-100: Once the offspring are completely united with the territory acquiring total awareness of this territory, they can read the thoughts of the individuals, elements in that territory too, as well as atoms. It manages to dominate the entire territory within a radius of 50 meters.

Level 101-150: It now acquires total control of the geographic space of the place, managing to manipulate these to its tastes. Also managing to deny and even cancel the powers of their targets, or simply disintegrate their targets, just wishing. It manages to dominate the entire territory within a radius of 150 meters.

Level 151-200: At its peak, the offspring are now able to control the laws of physics throughout their territory. It manages to dominate the entire territory within a radius of 250 meters.

Level 201-250: Acquires almost absolute control, managing to break immunities of targets within its territory. It manages to dominate the entire territory within a radius of 350 meters.

PS: 3 times per event or saga, this union lasts only 5 rounds.

British Protection

Britania's offspring have a peculiar ability that allows them to suck their body into a space barrier to travel to a respective area of ​​England (which none of their opponents have access to or can even perceive where they were sent to), being this area of access only from the offspring of Britania. This allows them to escape attacks. In addition to Britania's own son, other targets can also be sucked into the British area through his eyes, so it is quicker to use this technique on others than on himself.

Level 1-30: Initially you can send up to a part of your body, such as an arm, leg or head.

Level 31-60: You can now send up to 2 parts of your body.

Level 61-90: You can now send up to 3 parts of your body.

Level 91-120: You can send your whole body if you want.

Level 121-150: Can send a companion's body.

PS: Lasts 3 rounds.


Britania's offspring are able to materialize through their own will a spherical field that consumes a vast area around it, and within this area the offspring demonstrate total control over it. It affects an area of ​​up to 100 meters, managing to control the entire area, including the beings within it.

Level 150:
Free Movement: Offspring can appear anywhere within the territory.

Shambles: The offspring can perform operations, being able to remove and even alter parts and organs of the body, even stealing items, being something effective on the spiritual plane as well.

Attack Control: Britania's offspring are able to alter their opponents' abilities by changing directions and positions.

Molecular Control: Britania's offspring acquire manipulation of molecules in this territory.

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