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Alchemy consists of a form of power / knowledge both magical and scientific focused on affecting the chemical and biological composition of objects and living beings to cause a wide variety of effects. The main capabilities of an alchemist revolve around manipulating and transmuting elements, such as transforming iron into gold or controlling fire, permanently altering the states of matter or even manipulating the vital force , being able to heal living beings or grant them immortality , besides to create clones or new life forms . The alchemist can also create potions with various effects or even magic items for personal use.

In RPG, alchemists were able to explore alchemy itself together with the divine world. Performing unimaginable exploits for the ancient alchemists.

Popularly, Alchemy is used with a special focus on reaching two objects: the Philosopher's Stone and the Long Life Elixir.

  • The Philosopher's Stone is an artifact capable of transmuting the composition of metals considered "basic" and transforming them into gold.

  • The Long Life Elixir is the universal panacea capable of granting an indefinite life span and the cure for all diseases to those who consume it.

Some alchemists and scientists are honorable to quote:

Nicolas Flamel


According to legend, Nicolas made the philosopher's stone , the elixir of long life and carried out the transmutation of metals into gold through a mysterious book. Nicolas is about 700 years old, his mastery of alchemy is so admirable that he was "hired" by the pagan gods to perform some services. One of his greatest feats was to be able to clone a Supreme Emperor.

Johann Conrad Dippel was an German alchemist, theologian, and physician, known for using bizarre techniques. Johann was 347 years old when he died, he has as one of his greatest feats the implantation of divine energy and cellos of demigods in himself, besides having managed to create an army of extremely strong homunculi. Johann was also one of the alchemists who managed to find the Philosal Stone.


Victor Henry Frankenstein

Victor is a scientist who, after studying the chemical processes and decay of living beings, gains insight into the creation of life and gives life to his own creature. Victor is about 212 years old. At some point in his life he was arrested by the gods in the "Chaos Prison" and later released by Alucard. Its whereabouts are currently unknown.

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most important figures of the High Renaissance , who stood out as a scientist , mathematician , engineer , inventor , anatomist , painter , sculptor , architect , botanist , poet and musician . Legend has it that he is still alive with his close 580 years of age. Although he is not an alchemist and a critic of them. Leonardo created creations that would make any alchemist jealous, as was the case with humanoid robots

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