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Céos (in Greek : Κοίος, transl .: Koíos), in Greek mythology , is one of the titans who were born from Gaia (Gea) and Uranus . It was the Titan of intelligence, being married to titanide Phoebe and she had Asteria , a star goddess, and Leto , the goddess of dusk.

Excerpt from Hesiod 's Theogony :

Phoebe entered the loving bed of Ceos
And fertilized the Goddess the God with love
Leto was born in a black veil
Always good to humans and immortal Gods
sweet from the start
the softest of Olympus
Astéria was also born
That Perses took to his palace
and married her, and from this union
the powerful Hecate was born
That Zeus bestowed with splendid Gifts ...

Like most titans , he had no active role in Greek mythology - he appears only on the list of titans. [1] [2] [3] - but it is important for its descendants. [note 1]

With his sister Febe , Céos was the father of Leto [5] and Astéria . [6] [7]

Although not explicitly mentioned, Lelanto is indicated as the father of Céos, or at least Leto's partner. Leto gave birth to Artemis and Apollo , children of their relationship with Zeus (son of the titans Cronos and Reia ).


Appearance: They usually have blonde hair, children of this titan are beautiful.

Personality: They are fair to everyone, they are one of the most intelligent in the whole camp, leaving great intelligence fully visible.


Passive Powers


Level 1-10: As a child of the intelligence titan, in a battle, everyone who attacks you will not be able to think straight and will miss their physical attacks against you.

Level 11-25: Now the opponent's aim will be affected and he will miss any ranged attack, as a skill target.

Historical Knowledge

Like their father, the Céos offspring are incredibly intelligent, knowing things that happened a long time ago.

Level 1-10: You know things that happened 1000 years ago.

Level 11-25: 2000 years ago.

Level 26-35: 4000 years ago.

Level 36-50: 6000 years ago.

Level 51-99: 8000 years ago.

Level 100-150: 10000 years ago.

100% use

The children of Céos are already born knowing how to use 100% of their entire brain, something never seen before among any other demigod, semi-primordial or semititan, so some powers will be developed.

Level 1-10: Teacher: Culture is not only spending the whole day reading, it is also dancing, music, singing, fighting, because of that my children will be experts in any style of art, be it music, visual or even body as dances and fights, just see something related to fight / dance etc, that you will know how to use, and in the case of the fight you can even compare to a black belt fighter in the area.

Level 11-25: Mechanical Engineer: My kids have the ability to design and create an object quickly, it can be anything from a wing to a giant robot. In addition, they have an incredible ability when it comes to flying something, being able to fly any type of thing that comes up.

Level 26-35: Scientific knowledge: My children, at this level, have extreme scientific knowledge, knowing all the chemical elements known to mankind and what their combinations can do. Creativity is your limit.

Level 36-50: Insomnia: Owls are represented for being wise animals, they sleep during the day and stay awake at night, so my children gain a somewhat peculiar ability, they no longer need to sleep, as they can start to awake at night and will not feel sleepy, and being human (or half human) they can spend the day awake too. However, the time my child is awake will ask him to spend a quarter of his time sleeping (example: if he stays up 72 hours, he should sleep for 18 hours).

Combat Ability

Level 50: Throughout a battle, the Céos offspring are able to analyze all their opponent's movements and devise strategies for victory. That way, as he fights, his abilities will improve in order for him to overcome his opponent in all aspects. Your speed, strength and agility will increase one turn after your opponent uses them to beat you.


Like owls, very large wings will now be born from its back, but these are not the same as the others, at each end of the bone filament a thorn will be born containing a titanic poison, this poison will cause temporary paralysis or lethargy, depending on the lucky necrosis, you can flying using the same but requires some training, as their wingspan, closure and movement are different from other conventional wings.

Level 1-10: At this level the Céos flies with difficulty, sometimes falling and flying only at a height of 7 meters and flying at 150 km / h.

Level 11-25: Now with a certain level of learning, the son of Céos already flies well at a height of 30 meters and flying at 250 km / h.

Level 26-35: They already fly freely at a speed of 350 km / h.


From the moment my son makes eye contact with a person, he can feel, talk and hear everything the person does and it becomes extremely dangerous.

Level 1–10: You can connect with 1 people.

Level 11-25: You can now connect with 2 people at the same time.

Level 26-35: Now increases to 5 people.

Level 36-50: Now there can be 10 people.
We are a family owned and operated business.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Mental immunity

Level 1: When it comes to being the children of the intelligence titan, they have great resistance to mental attacks, being hardly overcome or dominated by this type of attack. Even if your mind is invaded by people who manage to circumvent immunities, it will remain undecipherable because the Céos offspring have billions of thoughts at the same time. Whoever invades your mind will suffer a huge headache, which can lead to madness.

Active Powers

Psionic Manipulation

As the son of the intelligence titan, he received Psionic Manipulation which is the ability to possess all psychic powers and his vastness of abilities.

Level 1-10: Has telekinesis on a small scale. It has the ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, being able to levitate, move, throw or break any physical object (such as stones, glass, metal etc.), it is easier to control objects with hand movements than with just the mind, because , with the mind, it would be necessary, or a certain skill with this technique, or a certain effort.

Level 11-25: Now you can manipulate objects as well with your mind as with your hand. Its control is on a medium scale. In addition, it acquired the Psionic Blast, which can overload a target's mind, causing pain, memory loss, loss of consciousness, vegetative state or death after having created a psionic connection with the target's mind.

Level 26-35: Your telekinesis is on a medium scale. In addition, he acquires Telepathy, being able to mask his presence and that of others and to be able to locate traces of psionic powers from other telepaths.

Level 36-50: Your telekinesis is on a high scale, it becomes a powerful telekinetic, capable of controlling several heavy objects with ease without a single physical movement. In addition, he receives the gift of Precognition, the power to perceive future events before they happen, managing to predict an attack before it happens.

Level 51-99: Now your Precognition is better, managing to predict up to three attacks. In addition, he discovered Retrocognition, the ability to see past events and facts. Offspring are able to see past events, this happens as if they were seeing their own memories, thus seeing the past of themselves and anyone else, and 100% of the details, as a flashback.

Level 100-150: The offspring now acquire Mental Manipulation, being able to manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, the mentality and the higher functions of the brain, allowing the ability to make others unconscious, suppress their memories and deny the use of skills, increase / decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be pleasant, control thoughts, feelings of influence to induce altered perception, cause / cure mental disorders, create / penetrate mental barriers and immunities, etc.

Level 151-200: The offspring acquire Absolute Teleportation, being able to teleport anything to any place and time they wish, including physical locations, such as: in a locked room, in Space, in Heaven or in Hell and also in metaphysical places like: inside a dream, inside a heart, internal thoughts, or even inside people. This power also allows its users to teleport concepts to the physical world, such as memories and thoughts, and bring anything to reality.

Level 201-250: You are now at the height of psionic powers. It can predict up to 5 attacks with its Precognition, its Telekinesis is on a global scale, managing to manipulate magnetic fields. Your mind becomes so powerful that your skills acquire immunity to copying, and you can even erase your own copied skills from people's minds. We are a family owned and operated business.


Céos is considered the titan of prophecy, he played a very important role in the fall of Uranus and beyond Cronos, all of his warnings came true, so anywhere on the planet if my son writes a prophecy of what will happen the same will take place.

Level 1-10: It will take place within 5 days

Level 11-25: Now it can take place in 3 days

Level 26-35: It will take 1 day for the prophecy to be fulfilled.


Physics Control

My children are geniuses of physics and, because of that, they acquired an ability to manipulate it to their pleasure.

Level 10-25: They have initial control on a small scale, managing to break some rules and laws, such as the Law of Inertia and Newton's Laws.

Level 26-35: Now they are able to manipulate physics on a median scale, having the ability to change laws involving electricity and friction.

Level 35-50: At this stage, your control becomes high, managing to break space laws, such as the forces of attraction and repulsion. You can also change the laws that involve pressure.

Level 51-99: Its manipulation is now on a global scale, managing to manipulate any law of physics.

Star dust

The stars when they die release small and almost invisible particles called by the children of Céos of stardust, when they want their children can simply pass their hands in the air and “catch them”, when doing this just think about something they want or even even need and shape them giving the shape of the object / being / weapon and etc., desired, during the night the effects will be longer lasting and stronger.

Level 1-10: Can make only one object / being / weapon etc. At this level he is still fragile, being undone with any blow.

Level 11-25: Can make up to two objects / beings / weapons etc. Now his breeding is already more resistant, being able to withstand some blows from lower levels than the offspring.

Level 26-35: Can make up to five objects / beings / weapons etc. The beings created by the offspring of Céos now have part of their intelligence, serving as companions and listeners, speech has not yet been developed.

Level 36-50: Can make up to ten objects / beings / weapons etc. Your beings now have an intelligence capable of communicating, even if still in a primitive way.

Level 51-99: Can make up to fifteen objects / beings / weapons etc. Now the beings that the son of Créos creates are able to communicate commonly, until they learn little things that are taught to them, even if with a little difficulty.

Level 100-150: Your creations now have remarkable intelligence. They are able to learn things more easily, being able to match any demigod. At the maximum level of this power, his creations are able to manipulate light on a small scale.


Level 30: The children of Céos can invade people's dreams in the form of a woman / man too seductive to have sex with him, a clever technique to steal that person's soul and vital energy. The more vital energy the son of Céos has, the more difficult it will be to defeat him.
We are a family owned and operated business.

Deep desires

Level 21: It is a skill of the children of Céos, linked to limbic resonance, it is able to arouse an old desire of your opponent in a battle, this ability is so powerful that it makes your opponent stop immediately what he is doing to fulfill his desire .
We are a family owned and operated business.

Divine protection

An armor made on my son's skin created by the titans, is able to disintegrate everything that touches you, when my son is not in a battle, you can see a tattoo in the shape of (☬) on his hand, it means that my son he is not feeling threatened.

Level 1-10: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 11-25: Lasts 5 rounds.

Level 26-35: Lasts 6 rounds.

Level 36-50: Lasts 7 rounds.
We are a family owned and operated business.
We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 1–10: The children of Céos can take over their opponent's mind, thus being able to control him. My children, controlling the enemy, can command the entire body, ATTENTION: IT IS NOT A POSSESSION, it is only their conscience or their “6th sense” that is taking over the body of that particular person. Your opponent will be able to see everything my son is doing, but he will not be able to do anything, as he will be "trapped" in his own existential emptiness inside his mind. My son can remain with his conscience inside someone's body for 10 minutes, after he leaves, to have the connection with the person's body to perform this feat again it takes 1 day. Immunities have no effect against this ability.

Level 11-25: Time decreases to 12 hours. In addition, the offspring can use the ability with two people simultaneously, entering one and going to the other. (Note: the recharge time only becomes valid when the offspring leaves the second person)
We are a family owned and operated business.
Level 26-35: Now it decreases to 6 hours and you can enter three people simultaneously, jumping from one to the other.

Level 36-50: Now it is 3 hours to recharge and you can enter up to five people simultaneously, one by one.

Level 36-50: At the peak the time is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The offspring can now be jumping from person to person, up to a maximum of five, but they can return to the body of one of them, since she will not count again.

Level 51-99: At this stage, the offspring can enter up to ten people. Furthermore, the person being controlled may or may not know what is happening, it depends on the will of the son of Céos. If desired, the target, upon receiving control back, will remember nothing.

Level 100-150: Now the offspring can take possession of the ten people at the same time, without having to jump from one to the other.

Level 151-200: Now the offspring is able to make the ten people enter your body, but under your command. With that, the son of Céos will be able to use their skills simultaneously, jumping from one to the other, but the jump being executed in his body. You can use the same person for 5 shifts. The bodies of the people you are using will remain static while their consciousness does not return.

Level 201-250: Now you can use everyone's skills at the same time.

Supreme Mind

The mind of Céos' offspring reaches an unimaginable level, being able to perform feats that rare or no other deity can.

Level 1-10: Offspring are able to amplify a target's power level, matching them to their own, as well as reducing it to a minimum. This effect lasts for one turn.

Level 11-25: Now you can make the effect last for two turns, in addition to manipulating the power level of up to two targets.

Level 26-35: Now you can make the effect last for three turns, in addition to manipulating the power level of three targets.

Level 36-50: Reaching level 36, the offspring is able to make their level of power jump to 50 during the battle they are in.

Level 51-99: Can now make the target's power amplification or reduction effect last for four turns, in addition to manipulating the power level of four targets.

Level 100-150: Your mental energy becomes immeasurable, being considered infinite. You can use your psychic powers without getting tired, being the telepathic master. The effect lasts until the end of the battle.

Future forecasts

Level 150: The offspring of Céos are so intelligent that they think of all the probabilities of something happening. Because of this, they acquired the ability to change the probability of things happening, always being favored by them.

Digital Astral Projection

Level 10-25: Ability to leave your body alive and to wander like a spirit. This ability is dangerous if used away from trusted people or in total isolation to protect your body from possible attack or to be possessed by another spirit.

Level 26-35: Now you can transform yourself into a digital form or transform it into parts or totally programs, systems, games etc ...

Level 36-50: The minds of the sons of Céos will now reach the height of their power, their mind will no longer need a host, that is, their body will disintegrate and free themselves from the material plane, their powers are now incredibly indestructible, they will only appear now when you want, no object or power can hurt you, they will pass right by you, or you can manipulate it and play again with four times the force towards your enemy

Intelligence acquired

My children in contact with the enemy's blood will be able to suck all their intelligence until the end of a battle, their target will know nothing what they will do, they will act like an idiot in front of everyone. A reset to factory mode.

Level 1–10: Lasts 1 round.

Level 11-25: Now lasts 2 rounds.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Level 26-35: Now it's up to the end of the battle


Céos is also the titan of light, so my children can create and manipulate light as they see fit.

Level 1-10: Can handle on a small scale. With this, you can create light beams and launch them at your opponent, and you can even blind them or just blur your vision for a while.

Level 11-25: Can handle on a medium scale. With this, you can solidify your creations of light, which can affect tangible and intangible enemies, in addition to making objects invisible.

Level 26-35: Can manipulate on a large scale, managing to launch powerful bursts of light. Their intensity matches that of the sun.

Level 36-50: Can manipulate in perfect scale, its bursts are now more intense than the sun, surpassing it dozens of times.

Level 51-99: Can manipulate on a global scale. Any form of light in the presence of my son becomes your property, you can do whatever you want with your luminokinesis.

Complaint gifts

Draconic bracelet


A bracelet made of a special metallic alloy, which was forged by the Titan Céos himself, the same was made with a pentagram in its middle and containing in its extension two dragons that intertwine, they are with their heads lowered to the pentagram, because in its midst there is a pure diamond gem, this diamond is called La Dragons Stone, this stone was gladly awarded by the first existing dragon Draco, the dragon of the north, because of this this bracelet becomes a precious compass because it will know how to show you the correct path, even inside a labyrinth, when pressed the diamond that in the middle contains the bracelet will become a blade Broquel, this object looks like a shield but that contains on both sides a double blade made entirely of celestial silver, after activating the shield acquire a pentagram also in its center with the same diamond, this diamond will summon any dragon that is nearby, may summon even Draconian relatives like Hydras, snakes and others, this diamond can store energy, its owner just needs to touch it and transfer it, and it can also be used when asked, just touching it and mentalizing this energy back for its owner.

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