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Cerberus (in ancient Greek : Κέρβερος, transl .: Kerberos - trad .: “Demon of the well”; in Latin : Cerberus), in Greek mythology , it was a monstrous three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld, the underworld from the dead, letting souls in, but never leaving and shattering mortals who ventured there.

Cerberus was the son of Typhon and Echidna , brother of Ortros and the Hydra of Lerna . From his union with Chimera , the Leão da Nemeia and the Sphinx were born.

Children of Cerberus

Appearance: Cerbero triplets can have any appearance as long as the three are identical!

Personality: Tricky and proud, the Cerberus triplets are perverse and live rioting throughout the camp.


Passive Powers

Triple Transmutation

Level 1: Cerberus are nothing less than just 3 triplets (3 characters) who, when separated, will be able to act naturally and individually, having the same abilities as the other, but when they merge they will enjoy unimaginable powers (there will be a power containing these powers).

PS: The player must create 3 characters they will have the same appearance (same avatar), and the player will be able to play with them naturally like any other character (they consume only one character slot), the characters will have the same items, levels, drachmas, diamonds.


Triplet Bonding

Triplets since their birth share a great psychic bond which can help you in other people's situations.

Level 1-10: Initially the triplets will be able to feel the feelings, emotions and the state their siblings are in, being able to understand how they are.

Level 11-25: You will now be able to chat telepathically with your brothers as if they have a deep channel in your mind (other telepaths cannot hear your conversations).

Level 26-35: Now the triplets will be able to perceive everything that happens through their brothers' senses, being able to hear, see, feel and perceive everything that their brother is seeing, feeling or hearing.

Level 36-50: Cerberus will be able to change places with his brother, being able to change temporarily or permanently with his brother (brother 1 changes with brother 2, brother 2 is now 1; and brother 1 is now 2) and vice versa.

Level 51-99: Now Cerberus will be able to teleport, managing to appear wherever his brothers are.

Regenerative cure factor

Cerberus is able to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of its body with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human being. Injuries that result in massive tissue damage, such as gunshot wounds, bars, punctures, trauma, and severe burns heal completely, without as much as a scar, in a short time. Its ability to heal is at least 10 times greater than that of a human.

Levels 1-10: Regenerate wounds and cuts in a short time, taking a little time to heal burns.

Levels 11-25: Regenerate deeper cuts and wounds. Healing from burns in a few minutes, now taking a few hours for amputated limbs to be regenerated. Being able to cure certain mental injuries easily (such as head injuries).

Levels 26-35: Regenerate organs, fractured limbs within minutes. Its regeneration becomes so potent that it can regenerate from other small wounds in seconds even while in combat.

Level 36-50: Your regeneration is able to heal missing limbs in minutes, your body can take extreme physical damage, even more will remain in combat. Internal organs take half an hour depending on the extent it can increase to be able to heal, depending on the extent it can sometimes fail leading the triplets to death.

Level 51-99: The creature becomes capable of regenerating itself from almost all types of physical damage, having its bones broken or broken, but it will still heal, even in bleeding of any degree it will be able to heal in less than 5 minutes . As long as your brain or heart is not destroyed or physically uprooted they still continued to fight tirelessly, even in the worst conditions their monstrous healing factor will always heal you. It is able to recover from some brain damage (it may fail depending on the hit or skill used)



As they run, the only thing capable of seeing these Creatures is their figures, almost imperceptible.

Level 1-10: Triplets will be able to run at a supernatural speed of 300 km / h.

Level 11-25: Your supernatural speed reaches 500 km / h.

Level 26-35: Your supernatural speed reaches 700 km / h.

Level 36-50: Your supernatural speed reaches 900 km / h.

Level 51-99: Your supernatural speed reaches 1200 km / h.

Level 100-150: Your supernatural speed exceeds mach 2.

Sharp senses

Cerberos have extremely sharp senses. This uncontrolled ability consists of refining your senses in a supernatural way.

Level 1-10: Cerberus have exponentially superior senses being compared to an incredible hunter. Their vision and hearing are elevated, and they can initially have a developed vision, being able to see great distances of up to 30 meters, having infrared vision, their eyes being more developed, they can look at the sky without having to worry about the blurring sun. your vision. Their hearing extends to a dome where the offspring is able to hear everything that is within a radius of up to 30 meters, being able to hear things that would be humanly impossible, such as the walking of an ant, the breathing of small beings and among other types of sounds or noises.

Level 11-25: Your sense of smell and touch are increased in a much greater way than before, allowing your sense of smell to capture even the smallest of smells, being able to locate people through the smell, being able to find anyone after feeling it your smell for the first time. It is as if your sense of smell memorizes every smell you have ever felt in your life, and you can always remember the triplets helping them to discover where their victims are. His touch is better able to support his sense of smell, thus being able to locate his victims even better, thanks to his developed touch he is able to perceive almost everything that is possible to be perceived by the physical touch on a person, animal, corpse and among others beings. The creature is able to know how a person feels through contact, how he reacts to a certain situation, how he died (he needs to make an effort, having a good knowledge of skill), being able to relive events through his own perception so he can better identify how his victim had been killed, or what is happening to him (he needs to concentrate and be totally silent).

Level 26-35: Your capacities are now rising, your senses are enlarged, you can now see up to an area of ​​50 meters easily, having now embedded in your vision. Their hearing rises to a unique capacity, of being able to hear the sound frequency in great scales in great quality (if it is extremely low or extremely high it can cause damage to their ears) being able to hear everything that is within a radius of 50 meters. His touch now rises to psychic sensations where he can feel sensations that are either homicidal, pure, or good. It already acquires a good taste and is now able to do basic things perfectly, being one of the only senses that have been less developed.

Level 36-50: Your vision and hearing at this level they expand up to 80 meters. Their sense of smell is increased, being able to detect things that the creature was previously incapable of, being able to use their sense of smell to smell hormones and pheromones and to distinguish them quickly, being able to use them in a superior way even that of a blind man.

Level 51-100: Your senses also reach their peak and can work mutually as one and can help the offspring in different situations. It can include microscopic capabilities in small areas when your vision is focused.

Spiritual Perception

The triplets' senses are able to perceive the spiritual / mystical plane.

Level 1-10: Triplets will initially be able to see invisible beings by being able to see them naturally as if they were not even invisible. Your eyes will also be able to see spiritual blurs that are skills, souls and beings that inhabit only the spiritual plane.

Level 11-25: Now the creature will be able to perceive the spiritual plane more easily, being able to detect the fear and some emotions that its victims are feeling. In addition to being able to see souls freely and feel the essence they leave.

Level 26-35: Now these creatures are able to see the darkest moments of their victims while watching them, being able to see these memories as if they were experiencing them, when they look into their eyes, Cerberus will be able to make them see those moments dark, but in horrible ways (Cerberus will be able to change it, and may even fight against the opponent in these scenarios, making the experience more dramatic and sad). When beings weaker than Cerberus like other monsters, humans and animals they will experience delirium, an irrational fear that can cause attacks or even accelerated aging in their victims (it does not work in immortals, when in monsters this fear is moderate)

Level 36-50: Reaching its peak, the creature will be able to hear its deepest desires, needing only a look and its victims began to tell it what they really want to do, their darkest desires and thoughts that they suppress. Besides being able to read thoughts with a lot of concentration.



Cerberos are invulnerable to all conventional forms of physical damage, as well as being immune to bleeding or loss of limbs. This ability is extended to invulnerability to disease, contamination and loss of limbs. In addition to being able to bounce bullets and other projectiles in general that hit your body.

Level 1-10: At its initial level the creature demonstrates a hardened skin compared to iron thus being able to overcome even weapons made of inferior materials. Their skin proves to be resistant to the most varied types of injuries, being very resistant to bleeding by means of projectiles or blades, any enemy that tries to use this type of skill against them may turn out to be flawed, never affecting them and may bounce off projectiles in random directions, depending on the material of the weapon used. Blows involving the loss of limb become flawed due to the hardening of the skin and exoskeleton that these creatures have, only something that exceeds the iron can hurt you.

Level 11-30: Being more experienced, your body becomes extremely resistant to physical blows and low energy explosions, being able to withstand them almost always without leaving without any kind of dirt, or serious injury. Triplets are somewhat sadistic when it comes to pain, which makes them never back down in any way, loving to feel it. It is as if the pain was an entertainment for them, loving it and feeling even more in the battle because of it. At this level, the creature gains resistance to physical damage that affects its external or internal environment. The creature is completely resistant to diseases, poisons, viruses and radiation and can easily withstand them.

Level 31-50: Now the creature is shown to have a hardened skin similar to steel (even punctures or bleeds will be useless depending on the material used), being a very resistant monster leaving its opponent in total disadvantage, the offspring is much more resistant to internal and external physical damage from all these damages. Your exoskeleton acquires a very rigid and dense texture now your body is unlikely to lose limbs easily.

Level 51-99: Your body is incredibly resistant to internal and external physical attacks, having a hardened internal and external body with resistance and durability similar to adamantium.

Level 100-150: Reaches your level, your invulnerability grants you immunity to physical damage (even internal).


Claws and Fangs

Triplets are able to retract and contract their fangs and claws.

Level 1-10: Initially, their claws are able to tear and mutilate their victims (following the level of their strength) managing to transmit a toxin both in their prey and in their claws. Its poison is able to paralyze its victim's body for 2 rounds (the more blows they hit the more 2 rounds will be increased).

Level 11-25: Your poison is now able to paralyze your victim's entire body, even brain, muscle and cardiac functions are paralyzed preventing any movement for 4 rounds. (the more hits they hit the more 2 rounds will be increased).

Level 26-35: Your toxin now penetrates your mind causing you to have horrifying hallucinations.

Level 36-50: Your toxin is now able to affect your immune system (deactivates your immunities) thus making your victim to future strokes that were normally immune.

Level 51-99: Your toxin is now able to affect the way your brain works, easily letting you down, making your dark side manifest. He will begin to hallucinate the bad versions that exist in his mind, which started to instigate and provoke him by taking him out of combat for 5 rounds (he did not realize that it is a hallucination since everything he feels will be "real").

Level 100-150: Your claws and Fangs are now able to revive dead bodies and transmute them into others such as triplets (Cerberos, following individual transformation) they will have the same powers as Cerberus and will be npcs controlled by the player (if be it a demigod or beings with powers, they will be able to use their powers but it will be for the benefit of the triplets that transformed them. In sagas it becomes permanent).

Ps: Their claws and fangs are capable of hurting unattainable and spiritual beings.

Superior Beast

Triplets are able to manifest an aura, this aura is able to intimidate other monsters that are nearby. Allowing triplets to control them.

Level 1-10: Triplets are able to control these monsters and creatures less than Cerberus, including semi-monsters, such as werewolves, vampires, etc. Being able to ask them for small favors, they may deny that they want to.

Level 11-25: Now you are able to ask for small favors and they will have to do it even if they don't want to.

Level 26-35: Now you are able to ask for favors and they will have to do it even if they don't want to.

Level 36-50: Now you are able to ask for big favors and they will have to do it even if they don't want to.

Level 51-99: Now you are able to give orders to these monsters, semi-monsters and inferior creatures and they will have to do it even if they don't want to.

Ps: If the semi monster has a higher level than the triplets they can choose to do or not do what was asked.

Increased Power

Level 1-30: The triplets will be able to go to the underworld freely, managing to regain their power there, as well as being able to materialize the gates of the underworld which will act as a black hole sucking everything and everyone (except your caster) inside of it, when they are swallowed they will not be able to return, since the cerbero will prevent them.

Level 31-60: When triplets are under a pool of dead corpses or several souls, they will be able to summon a circle or ring of black fire which will circulate throughout the area surrounding it, consuming souls or bodies (it can also be both), this will allow you to increase your capacities, absurdly for a few rounds (you need to have more than 50 bodies) your capacities will rise 20x for 3 rounds.

Level 61-90: You will now be able to increase the rounds to 4 times.

Level 91-120: You will now be able to increase the rounds to 5 times.

Level 121-150: You will now be able to increase the rounds to 6 times.

Active Powers


Cerberus can create, shape and control black fire.

Levels 1-10: Cerberos are able to control black flames on a small scale, being able to create constructs through them (fireballs being the most common) and throw them at opponents, being able to fire small bursts of fire at their opponent.

Levels 11-25: Cerberos are more experienced in the use of black flames, they use their healing properties to regenerate themselves, generating a mantle of fire in their body.

Levels 26-35: Now they are able to make projections through these flames (being able to create swords, shields, etc.), this ability develops further and can generate destructive and long-range fire beams.

Levels 26-35: The skill becomes even more developed now, being able to absorb or even extinguish, different types of fire around you, being able to transmute them to the fire and use them normally (If the flames are from another demigod, it will only work if your level is higher). The demigod is able to project these flames through his mouth and can now spit them out like a dragon.

Levels 36-50: Becoming a good manipulator of these flames. Now being able to use the flames as liquid fire (similar to larva) for some time (5 rounds in a row) spending a lot of energy.

Levels 51-99: At this level, you already obtain almost perfect mastery over these flames, being able to manipulate them without expending a lot of energy, but also to create beings through the flames. The semi-monster is capable of summoning fire beings to fight on your behalf.

Levels 100-150: Your control now expands and you can manipulate the flames, even being able to choose the shape, size, intensity, density, temperature easily requiring little energy, and you can even manipulate the flames of other pyrokinetic users by turning them into your flames and using them freely in total mastery (your level needs to be higher). At that level the flames become immune and are extremely resistant to other types of flames.


Level 1-10: It is the ability to manipulate the earth in its malleable state, at this level it is possible to melt small potions of earth like a cubic meter generating lava, and to control with a little difficulty. At this stage the temperature of the lava is still lower, only 300 ° C which makes the material not very malleable. However you can feel sources of melted earth 10 km away, allowing you to control it independently of the temperature.

Ps: When in contact with an active volcano, the control over the lava of the demigod will be twice as strong.

Level 11-25: Now you have the ability to extend the control, making the material more malleable and making more precise movements in addition to generating up to 3 cubic meters from the ground. In addition, the semi-titan already manages to partially transform its legs and arms to launch itself into the sky like a rocket, or to launch bursts of pure magma at the opponents, reaching 500 ° degrees celsius.

Level 26-35: Knowledge and physical and kinetic capacities now become greater, allowing the user to create large formations with lava like waves and river courses, the temperature can easily reach 1000 ° C and feel volcanic sources at 1000 km. The semi titan will be able to merge with the lava, causing your skin and all organic matter to be replaced by molten rock, so it can launch jets of lava through your hands, and can create lava on any type of soil, mimicking completely in lava at this stage of power.

Level 36-50: They have total control over the lava, the temperature reaches an incredible 3000 ° C. With the fusion, the user will be even bigger reaching 4 meters in height and acquiring volcanic characteristics where he can launch and generate the lava of his own body, this can also be seen as an armor in his body, because the lava when it is cooled becomes a tough black rock. It can also create, model and manipulate magma with radioactive properties.

Level 51-99: At this level Cerbero can cause an area the size of a city to turn into pure magma, at 6000 ° C, while the creature can absorb all of this by turning into a mini copy of its father's magma, manipulating , molding and creating Magma as you wish, being 50 meters high in this form.

Level 100-150: Now at this level the Cerberus simply has perfect control of his magma ability, managing to make the area of ​​an entire country become pure magma, with 10000 ° C, making him become a totally human being. giant.

Chase on Fangs

When triplets start running they will be able to make a big rotational jump which will make their body start to rotate at a great speed similar to a high speed turbine, managing to tear, mutilate and destroy everything that is ahead or around, comparing themselves to a very sharp propeller.

Level 1-10: Triplets will be able to easily destroy iron and inferior materials.

Level 11-25: Triplets will be able to destroy metal and inferior materials easily.

Level 26-35: Triplets will be able to easily destroy steel and inferior materials.

Level 36-50: Triplets will be able to destroy diamond and inferior materials easily.

Level 52-99: Triplets will be able to easily destroy adamantium and inferior materials.

Level 100-150: Triplets will be able to easily destroy vibranium and inferior materials.

Level 151-200: Triplets will be able to easily destroy styrene iron and inferior materials.

PS: You are also able to do this when in Cerberian form, which will have this ability tripled.


Cerberian Transformation

The last transformation of the triplets, each one takes a different position and then when they are ready they touch each other resulting in a body connection that begins to suck the body of the two brothers to the third then they will form a single being, with the active capacities, passive, mental, physical, spiritual and instinctive initially increased 3x more. The triplets will be able to assume this form (it will not have 3 heads, being able to fight anyway if it prefers), however if it wants to transform it will be able to choose (it is necessary the permission of the brothers) if it will prefer 3, 2 or a head only in the cerberic form. The appearance of the cerberus is extremely evil, remembering a diabolical animal only its appearance will make inferior beings act like chaotic beasts, starting to create intrigue (awakening their darker side), they do not have eyes being just a darkness (not being caught in visual abilities) your body is covered by an infinite amount of submerged slugs that when they come into contact with the skin of other beings these slugs start to suck their vitality in addition to genetically altering their metabolism making them become horrendous monsters that need to suck the vitality of other people to survive (for 3 rounds after that they will fall dead, their skin, flesh, bones everything else will transmute into slugs that will return to the cerberum or go after more victims, just one of these is enough for the effect to happen) their claws and fangs they are extremely sharp and lethal, being able to injure any existing matter, and can even injure intagí their mind is immune to mental abilities even those that break immunities (because they have 3 minds they can easily protect themselves). These slugs that reside throughout the body of the cerebellum can help you heal your wounds (slugs that suck the victims' vitality when they come into contact with their spellcaster quickly regenerate their wounds) the creature also acquires the ability to revive dead bodies and summon eidolons coming from the underworld when you prefer.

Level 30-60: You will be able to maintain that shape for 3 rounds. It will have a size of 30 meters.

Level 61-90: You will be able to maintain that shape for 5 rounds. It will have a size of 60 meters.

Level 91-120: You will be able to maintain this shape for 7 rounds. It will have a size of 90 meters.

Level 121-150: You will be able to maintain this shape for as long as you wish. It will have a size of 120 meters.

PS: These slugs that reside in your body can also be manipulated, being able to transmute into several of these slugs and appear elsewhere, in addition to also being able to divide your body into up to 3 bodies (the heads can be divided into 3 bodies). When the triplets are put together (fused) when they go through a situation that could normally die, they will be able to survive, thanks to their regenerative capacities that will be extremely improved, if it is not enough, and still keep your body the triplets will be able to survive transferring all pain, injuries and trauma to one of them while the others stay alive (this will decrease the number of heads to 2, and you will not be able to replace that head unless your brother relives)

Submission Chain

Dogs are seen as submissive animals to their owners, so they always help you no matter what the circumstances. Thanks to this the Cerberos are able to materialize a large collar coated with several chains which has the ability to seal their opponents making them submissive to the will of the triplets. Once caught, you will not be able to escape or escape unless the triplets decide together of their own free will, otherwise they will be able to force you to fight for them, carry out your wills and even seal the powers, ability, memories, personalities, etc.

Level 1-10: The collar will be able to hold any type of monster, monster and creatures inferior to Cerberos.

Level 11-25: You will already be able to arrest demigods.

Level 26-35: You will now be able to arrest semi-titans.

Level 36-50: Ja will be able to arrest semi-primordials.

Level 51-99: You will now be able to arrest semi-infernals and semi-obscures.

Level 100-150: You can now hold semi celestials.

Ps: the collar can be placed anywhere on the victim's body, after that it will adapt to the body and become invisible to the eyes of others (except for those who see the spiritual plane, for triplets and the victim) the collar it is indestructible.

Wild Transformation

When triplets are furious or extremely angry they can activate this transformation, where their whole body undergoes a metamorphosis, this transformation overcomes several times the partial individual transformation. In this form, his whole body is covered with dark hair, his eyes are red like blood, his teeth grow abnormally, looking like the creature is smiling. It takes on the appearance of a dark and spectral dog, its dark skin is covered by a mantle of darkness which no other user than the cerberus itself is capable of manipulating. Its spectral appearance causes a fear in the spine of inferior beings and of other characters with levels inferior to yours.

Level 50-100: Triplets will be able to run at sound speed, their instincts will resemble those of an animal, managing to have a perception similar to that of a wild animal, being able to perceive and react to movements at the same speed at which it can move, thanks to its spectral appearance manages to be invisible and even intagible on the physical plane (minus the spiritual plane). Whenever you run, you will leave shadowy footprints and your bites / claws will be able to cause great damage to your victims, affecting even your soul. At this level their physical, instinctual and spiritual capacities will rise 10x more than normal, assuming a wild form, their scarlet eyes when seen will make their victims see the very underworld in their minds consuming them, making them see the worst there, until even tasting the tortures that are done there, making them totally lose the will to fight.

Level 101-150: Triplets will now have their physical, instinctual and spiritual abilities rising 15x higher than normal. now managing to remain invisible or intangible even to the spiritual plane, the cerberus will become so strong in instinctual issues that it will be able to perceive the habits of its adversaries being able to surprise them by elaborating basic strategies to catch its victims, being able to appear wherever death may happen or even when it has already happened by pure thought, managing to move at great speeds managing to overcome the sound speed while running.

PS: While in this form, your mind will be that of a predatory beast, killing everything that is alive or moving, its fangs and claws will be able to hurt any type of existing matter, being able to devour souls and use them as extra lives (it will only be permanent) in sagas). Your mind will behave wildly, and when you are running, it will be almost impossible to recognize them, being possible to see only the figure.

Acid Drool

The creature is capable of hardening and throwing its drool at its opponents, it contains a sulfuric acid effect.

Level 1-10: The acid from your drool is capable of destroying metal.

Level 11-25: The acid from your drool is capable of destroying steel.

Level 26-35: The acid from your drool is capable of destroying diamond.

Level 36-50: The acid from your drool is capable of destroying adamantium.

Level 51-99: The acid from your drool is capable of destroying Vibranium.

Level 100-150: The acid of its drool is capable of destroying iron Styrene.

Individual Partial Transformation

Each of the triplets are able to partially transform. In this form, its strength increases dramatically, acquiring extremely improved vision, smell, and hearing, mainly smell and hearing, in this form the hairs are more present in addition to canines and claws. Their claws combined with their strength are capable of tearing apart anything, but as the human part is still very present, their craving to kill is not so great being able to control it.

Level 1-10: Able to stay in this form for 2 rounds before losing control.

Level 11-25: Able to stay in this form for 3 rounds before losing control.

Level 26-35: Able to stay in this form for 4 rounds before losing control.

Level 36-50: Able to stay in this form for 6 rounds before losing control.

Level 51-99: Able to stay in this form for an unlimited time.

Manipulation of Fear

Cerberus are monstrous beings capable of arousing fear in their victims, being able to use this ability to their advantage, manipulating the fear of their opponents easily.

Level 1-10: It is able to make a person avoid your presence or avoid the presence of something close to you. The sensation is like a fear, the beginning of fear. He also manages not to be afraid since he sees everything from the point of view of what is dangerous and what is not.

Level 11-25: The ability to control fear rises and can scare people just by looking at them or panic someone. It can also generate illusions in your opponents, and you can use fear to make the experience as real as possible.



3 hooded overcoats (one for each twin) made with the skin of the cerberus bathed in the River Styx, defends 60% of attacks of fire, magma and darkness, besides that only the demigod and his twins can lower the hood and remove the about everything

Triple Gift

A bow and quiver with infinite arrows for the first twin, the bow is made of a different, more malleable Styrian iron, thus allowing the bow to be used, when combined with the rope made of vine found only in the underworld. The arrows are made of styrene iron. The bow is almost unbreakable and can become a bracelet with a Cerberus stamped on top.

A Sword made of Stygian Iron covered with souls that were killed by Cerberus himself for the second twin. The sword is almost indestructible and turns into a ring with 3 hellhound heads on it, each head representing one of the triplets.

A scythe made with styrene iron bathed in the Cocyte River that when touching the enemy brings a deep depression. It is almost unbreakable and turns into a necklace, which takes the 3 heads of Cerberus as shape

When less than 10 meters away, weapons become stronger

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