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The Cuca is one of the main mythological beings of Brazilian folklore . She is popularly known as an old and ugly witch (the alligator shape was created for children who steal children ). The origin of this legend is in a dragon, the culmination of Portuguese legends, a tradition that was brought to Brazil at the time of colonization . In Brazil , the "Cuca" is usually described as having the shape of an alligator with long blond hair.


Appearance: Her children are usually blond and have a medium brown complexion.

Personality: They are usually stupid and ignorant, they are wizards who are superior to others.


Passive Powers

Connection with Alligators

Level 1: Cuca, being identified as an alligator, can control, understand and talk to them.


Level 1: According to the rational version of Cuca's myth, she was a poison expert, so Cuca's children are invulnerable to him and can leave his toxic fluids and leave any poisonous weapon.

Invulnerability to Magic

Levels 1-6: Cuca children are invulnerable to weak spells (Spells up to level 9)

Levels 7-12: Now Cuca's children are invulnerable to medium spells. (Spells up to Level 23)

Levels 13-20: Cuca's children are now invulnerable to strong magic. (Blocks spells up to level 45).

Psychic Shield

Levels 1-6: Children of Cuca have a psychic shield that prevents them from suffering from psychic blows.

Levels 7-12: The psychic shield of the children of Cuca is now much more powerful.

Levels 13-20: Their psychic shield is now much more resistant.

Precognitive Dreams

Level 5: They can have this kind of dream, they can predict facts in their dreams before they occur.


Levels 1-6: Children of Cuca can teleport almost anywhere.

Levels 7-12: You can teleport and take a friend with you wherever you want.

Powerful Magic

Level 7: Cuca's children can now perform spells in magic books and make any potions. (Including those used by the healers of Apollo and the sorcerers of Hecate)

Enhanced mastery with magical objects (scepters, staffs and grimoires)

Level 1: Your character acquires enhanced mastery with any magical or magically enchanted object, be it a scepter or a staff. If a grimoire, you can perform spells with it naturally, performing them with great difficulty.

Dark aid

Level 1: In the minimal presence of darkness, you are able to receive help from it, having a considerable increase in your strength and your MP. If the moon is present, its accuracy will increase even more, and its attacks will be even more powerful, and above all certain, and can be stopped only by means of protection magicians.

Targeted Breathing

Level 1: Breathing in underground or high pressure places is like breathing in the open air, usually for those blessed by Cuca. Can be used in conjunction with submission, or when flying.

Aquatic Breathing

Level 1: You can breathe underwater.

Partial strength

Level 3: The sorcerer will be able to assume in his body the resistance of rocks present in the ground and thus become a little more resistant to physical attacks or the like. Note: Do not bar super forces or very strong attacks.

Imposing presence

Level 5: Your magical aura will be more developed. It will manifest itself in you by imposing its presence on others, this will lead them to hesitate to attack you. Saving you some time.

Skill with rituals

Level 6: Following the rules of a ritual, you will be able to perform one perfectly. (The Ritual goes from each player, as long as done with the materials and the time it would take to perfectly perform a "normal", "terrain")

Sixth Sense

Level 8: Cuca's son is an extremely sensory being, and all this is thanks to the sixth sense, which allows them to anticipate on small scales something that will happen in the near future, to orient themselves in places with little or no vision using the eyes of the soul, or serving as a keen eye - used to identify environments and other beings - but more accurately, since it is a psychic extension of the individual's mind.

Nightly senses

Level 3: At night your senses will be greatly increased

IsãoVision. Nothing will escape your vision, you will be able to see perfectly as if it were still day, and see through solid objects. (Except for magical means of protection

▬Smell. Your sense of smell will be sharper, and you will be able to distinguish different odors, without making mistakes. Due to the effect of power, various poisons and gases will have a reduced effect on you.

▬Taste. At night, no poisonous grass or any poison ingested can lead to death, resulting in a slight dizziness at most to a more serious degree. (Note: It applies to anything harmful, that you may ingest)

▬Audition. Your hearing will be perfect. You can hear from meters or even miles away, and you can distinguish any sound you have heard before in any adverse situation. Enabling great counter-attacks and decreasing the chance of being caught off guard.

AtoTact. One of the senses that stands out the most in you at night. Through touch, you can transmit sensations to your opponent, ranging from sensations of pleasure, to sensations of intense pain. You can seduce an enemy by inducing him to do anything you want, or transmit cold or heat to him, even causing a thermal shock.

Odds change

Level 15: Magic is always explained in many ways, but one of the most common views is that it consists in changing the probability of something, making the impossible possible, and vice versa. Once per mission with this power, sorcerers will be able to come up with any plan and change the odds in their favor, making it work and conspire for themselves and / or their allies. Environment, obstacles, and everything else. After being used once, this power will still have an effect, but it will be reduced by the narrator as much as he thinks cohesive. [It also works in an indirect way, being able to change the course of projectiles launched at you, or any medium-effect magic. When in use the first two times the narrator will have to accept his plan if it proves cohesive enough]


Level 4: During the night, you are able to blend in with the gloom and become completely invisible.

Supporting metamorphosis

Level 10: At this level you can transform parts of your body into common animal characteristics, without distinction. You can have everything from claws of lions to the eyes of an eagle, assuming also the advantages and disadvantages of such.

Blinding Celeste

Level 14: When under the roof of the sky, the brightness of the stars will fall on you, and they will be able to blind the enemy on a large scale, or to induce even a lesser deity to do what you want, when together with the power of persuasion arising from its beauty, that is, it is almost impossible to resist its charms. Moderate his will and only works as an inducer if his flash directly affects the victim.


Level 20: You will be able to learn anything without being taught, being able to translate languages without much effort and learn them with equivalent speed. In this way, you will be able to copy any other person's abilities, common or not. [It extends to someone else's abilities allowing you to use them, however, after three times used, the damage that someone else's power inflicts is halved compared to the original and you can only use it if you are close to its true holders, and at most five times]


Active Powers


Level 1: Children of Cuca great beauty so they are able to perform magic charms of love by sounding brief words to the opposite sex and thus being able to control them.

Control of Natural Elements

Levels 1-6: You will be able to control not very well the natural elements (water, earth, air and fire), managing to do only basic things like lifting small stones, causing light breezes, levitating a few centimeters and causing a small flame in your hands .

Levels 7-12: You will now be able to better control the elements, being able to create a gale, some waves, cracking the ground, being able to create holes, and launching flames at a maximum distance of one meter.

Levels 13-20: You have the four natural elements just for you, being able to use them at will, even making them appear, for example, water in a desert.


Level 1: With a touch, they can absorb HP and energy from others.


Level 9: You can heal yourself by touching anything that has life.

Energy Ball

Level 12: You create strong spheres of energy, so be careful, they can now crack large stones and are very dangerous.


Level 13: This achievement is also one of the most usual; being them is to summon dead bodies under the control of the necromantic wizard (you) and thus use them as armies or something else; they are slaves.

Offensive Transformation

Level 14: Children of Cuca can bewitch the enemy and turn them into animals, like their mother. (Lasts 3 rounds)


Level 4: They can create several clones of themselves, totally equal to him and with his abilities.

Experienced Natural Element Control

Level 15: You have the four natural elements just for you, you can use them at will, you can even make them appear, for example, water in a desert, but that takes a lot of energy.

Temporary Transformation

Level 10: You can turn any person, monster or demi-god into an animal for 2 rounds and use its abilities.


Level 7: Grows all kinds of poisonous grass wherever you are


Level 20: With these dolls you can control both people and their feelings.


Levels 1-6: As your body is infested with magic inside, your character can levitate lighter and smaller objects, and can throw them without much dexterity against anyone you want.

Levels 7-12: Acquires the ability to lift heavier and medium-sized objects in the air, in addition to being able to throw these at whoever you want with more skill.

Levels 13-20: At this level you can lift objects and people of enormous volume and weight without great difficulties, however, you cannot exaggerate by lifting something very surplus. The speed is much lighter and more accurate.

Magic of Confusion

Level 2: Your character can confuse the enemy, preventing him from defending himself. (Lasts one round and only twice per mission).

Magic of Chance

Level 2: With this, you hex your enemy, making him not hit any attack. (Lasts two turns and can only be used twice per mission)

Protection magic

Level 3: Your magical aura is something highly powerful, through which you can summon a force field to protect yourself. This force field, however, will be flexible, appearing exactly where the attack would take place on you and covering your body only in that part, only covering it entirely, in case the attack is taking place throughout your body. It will manifest itself through blue fluids, like billowing smoke.

Magic of Illusion

Level 5: This technique magically causes several illusions (usually with your image, but they can be others) to appear and surround the enemy, confusing you a lot when pronouncing Illudere.

Magic of Pain

Level 9: Conjuration - Dolor Mendacium - Creates an illusion in the target's mind that causes him to experience extremely powerful psychological pain, causing the continuous loss of energy as a consequence.

Magic of Fear

Level 6: Conjuration - Αφήνω φοβάσαι - With this power, you cast a spell that makes your enemy apprehensive and slow in the fight for 2 turns.

Lucky Magic

Level 2: When saying Alea jacta est, opposite to the Magic of Chance happens, your character manages to defend himself from all attacks for a two rounds. Can be used twice per mission.

Shadow Magic

Level 10: Summon - saying obscure bestia - any of these creatures to aid in combat: • Infernal Hound
• Fury
• Skeleton

Night Magic

Level 1: This power allows you to blind the enemy for two turns when saying Tenebris. (twice per mission)

Magic of Thought

Level 1: The user is able to read the target's thinking.


Level 8: Mist manipulation is the ability to control a natural form of energy, also known as magic. For example: creating snow, changing the climate, turning people into other animals, etc. Thus, giving you control over almost everything. Magic is a very complex and dangerous force, as it gives control of natural energies in order to produce positive change, but it could also be used for evil purposes. Thus, it acquires control of the mist and can leave humans, demigods and the monsters themselves clouded with effects that many know by magic. This power gives you a wide capacity to create spells for certain needs, some are already specific to the active powers, these are not. You are the one who creates the magic, as long as it is consistent with the level you are at.

Hatred Magic

Level 15: Gives the user the ability to induce the target - whatever it may be - to attack whoever you want by saying Continere super odium. (Only twice per mission)

Time Magic

Level 18: Stop the time for a round saying Dominum tempus. All posts will be canceled, except yours (1 time per event).

Nercusius Verdicu

Level 2: Wizards' first offensive attack. This attack consists of casting rays of white energy mixed with a water-green color from the wizard's hands. It can cause moderate damage if it hits having the electrical and impacting effect on the target.

Environmental Camuflalis

Level 3: Allows the sorcerer to camouflage himself in any environment, apparently assuming his properties. However, with each round that this power is active the energy expenditure continues, which prevents this power from being in constant use.

Badickinis Metalalurca

Level 2: Used to capture the enemy by wrapping him or her in medium-strength metal cables that materialize around the individual.

Twista Combetitis

Level 2: Conjures a black energy snake in front of the user, preventing attacks from enemies. However, it can also give strength to the user, by moving his orders and serving as a powerful form of attack.

Objectum anime

Level 1: When recited the sorcerer can bring an inanimate object to life, allowing it to move on its own. The User can manipulate objects, such as cars, dolls, chairs, etc.

Emocha Objecti

Level 5: Fires a beam of powerful energy from the magician's hand.

Vaporis Camuflet

Level 6: Creates an enormous amount of hot steam that can cause third degree burns on the opponent, leaving wounds not only on the flesh but also on the soul, where there is no repair. Once someone is hit by this spell and remains on its effect for more than thirty minutes, their soul will be completely burned, becoming nothing more than ashes in an empty body.

Tewat Lacuria

Level 4: Create a tornado and shoot it at the opponent


Level 12: Allows the sorcerer to create fire and lightning, and can convert fire into fireballs or other forms of attacks, such as lightning.

Apendaja Rigori

Level 9: Immobilizes the target for a period of time. As long as the sorcerer can visually fixate on the target and can aim it using one of his hands.


Level 11: Induces the enemy to fall into a deep sleep. However, this spell requires a lot of concentration and a constant visual connection.

Transferra Identica

Level 13: Transferra Identica is a spell that the sorcerer can use to transfer his body to someone else's. It can be used to exchange other people's bodies as well. The words of the spell must be said three times to work.

Time Traveling Spell

Level 10: This spell allows the sorcerer to cause a triangular portal to appear above him, sucking him in and through him he can move for great distances. However, this spell requires time to complete, so if used to evade immediate effects it proves to be a failure.

Magic Circles

Fly (Level 5). When running a little under the feet a magic circle will appear, this when complete should give a small boost and from the circle a force will cause you to levitate for a short period of time.

Dark clouds (Level 22). Raising your hands in the air, a magic circle will appear and a bluish and white energy will come out going directly to the sky, making the weather cloudy and icy. Combining with the magic of water, it can cause rain storms.

Water whip (Level 4). When you open your palm, a magic circle will appear slightly larger than your hand and will produce a trickle of water the size of a common whip, the water is consistent without changing its shape, the damage produced by the whip is great.

Hot Jet (Level 9). When opening the two palms, two magic circles will appear, one in each hand and will form a little water in the palm, when joining the hands with the palms directed to the target, a jet of water at high speed and very hot, boiling, will be thrown towards the opponent, or not.

Water cannon (Level 13). As you close your eyes and hold your breath a little, a magic circle will form under you. You will be able to throw a ball of very strong water directly from your mouth which, upon hitting your opponent, can cause you great damage. The damage on hitting it is high, but your chances of making even more mistakes.

Tremor I (Level 3). When you direct your hand to the earth, a magic circle will appear on the ground and in a tanned light it will penetrate the earth and make the whole floor shake enough to unbalance.

Tremor II (Level 8). When you direct your hand to the earth, a magic circle will appear on the ground and in a tanned light it will penetrate the earth and make the entire ground shake enough to unbalance even the heaviest and biggest monsters.

Tremor III. (Level 14) When you direct your hand to the earth, a magic circle will appear on the ground and in a tanned light it will penetrate the earth and make the whole ground shake enough to cause a real earthquake.

Wall (Level 17). Directing the hand to the earth, a magic circle will appear and moving the hand upwards, a rocky barrier will appear twice its size. Resistant to long-distance attacks.

Submission (Level 10). As you take a deep breath and concentrate a little, a magic circle will appear on the ground. Hecate's witch doctors can then submerge into the earth, using it to escape attacks or for different purposes.

Suction (Level 25). When you direct your hand to the ground, a magic circle will appear on the ground. You will be able to make the ground open quickly, and with that your will will suck the opponent and crush it between the walls that will open.

Animal summoning (Level 16). Allows you to summon different animals. You can summon a maximum of two, they will have 100 Hp each and received damage normally. Their narration is your responsibility. The magic circle will appear in front of you and will assume the size of the summoned animal.

Anti-curse (Level 20). When you find an item or someone cursed - and / or blessed by magic - touch it and a magic circle will appear on it, freeing you from the curse or blessing. Some blessings and curses when stronger and more powerful, such as punishment given by the gods, cannot be undone. Some can be broken only temporarily, but after a while they return to vigor.

BOOK OF SHADOWS [Use it for Potions]:

AMORTENCE Powder: Orange
The most powerful Love Potion. However, it does not bring true love, but an obsession that lasts 2 rounds.

Helps calm down in difficult situations

Activates forgotten memories.

PEACE POTION Powder: Yellow
Used to calm anxiety and slow down agitation. The only danger is if the ingredients are poorly administered they can cause a state of coma that is sometimes irreversible.

LOVE POTION Powder: Green
Common domination for all potions in order to make someone else fall in love with you.

Very strong potion to fall asleep. [Lasts 3 rounds]

Widely used by Wicked Witches, it is a potion that changes the person's appearance, making them more beautiful.

Production restlessness and mental confusion [Can be added to the weapon]

When taking this potion, Circe's sorceress takes no fire-related damage.

Mainly used by healers to cure bleeding. Heals 50 HP [can only be used once per mission]

It serves to transform one person into another. [It has the effect of 2 rounds. ]

It must be dumped on top of the wound (s) causing them to heal. [1 time per mission]

CUCA SOLUTION Powder: Violet
You can turn anyone into a guinea pig. [Lasts two rounds]

Potion of Truth. Should be added to any drink, whoever takes it is unable to lie for 2 rounds

Complaint gifts

Magic Scepter


Made from the trunk of the brazilwood, this scepter has an implanted magic stone and will give improved, precision and a greater focus to the demigod's spells and spells.

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