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Dagon is a huge specimen of Deep One that has been mentioned in texts since ancient times. He is worshiped as a deity by a devout cult of humans and the Deep. Although apparently immortal, his longevity can be attributed to his fraternization with the Star Spawn , which sometimes selects formidable specimens of a particular species to protect, nourish and empower for reasons known only to them.

It may also be that there was more than one gigantic specimen of Deep Beings that could have been mistaken or confused with the original Dagon. All the Deep ones continue to grow slowly after reaching maturity, as long as they have access to sufficient nutrition. In fact, there are ancient sculptures related to Dagon that show what appear to be several gigantic Depths fighting whales.

dagon devotees

Appearance: Because they are children of other deities, the Devotee's appearance can vary entirely.

Personality: Dagon's devotees end up having their personalities changed after following Eldricht. They have a more repressed personality, are anti-social in a nutshell and prefer to spend most of their time in the depths of the seas around the divine campgrounds. Despite these characteristics, they can open up with whom they trust.


Passive Powers

High Speed


Devotees exhibit great speed, being one of the fastest beings in existence.


Level 1-10: They can reach speeds of up to 1,500km /.


Level 11-25: They can reach speeds of up to 3,000 km / h.


Level 26-35: They can reach speeds of up to 4,500km / h.


Level 36-50: They can reach speeds of up to 5,000 km / h.


Level 51-99: They can reach speeds of up to 6,500 km / h.


Level 100-150: They can reach speeds of up to 8,000 km / h.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 151-200: They can reach speeds of up to 9,500 km / h.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 201-250: They can reach speeds of up to 11,000 km / h.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 251-300: They can reach up to 12,500 km / h.

Eldricht Darkness


In addition to mastery over aquatic powers, devotees also have mastery with extremely gigantic darkness. Devotees are able to feel, read and influence the emotions / feelings of their victims (being something spontaneous if you like); being able to naturally induce the most diverse compulsive desires in their victims, awakening the darker side of their victim.


Level 1-50: Initially the devotee makes his victims think of dark things, of bad things. How to make someone pure think about the death of a person and want to make this a reality, for example. The victim will always think that kind of thing, even speaking his most horrendous acts to his offspring, as if it were something good enough to brag about.


Level 51-99: The devotee is now able to make his victims feel the darkest and wrongest desires and wishes that he can think of in that moment or situation, and the victims will try to execute if necessary. Offspring are also able to affect the reasoning of their victims, making them colder emotionally, and they will not even notice the change in their personality.


Level 100-150: The devotee already succeeds in completely obscuring the victim's mind, to the point of making the same to become successive to his wishes, where the victim had constantly heard whispers in his mind. These whispers are so strong that whatever the offspring whispers, he will perform as cruel as this act is.


Level 151-200: At this level your capacities are increased and you are now able to obscure the souls of your victims, removing qualities like goodness, love and things like that, leaving only evil, evil and things like that; managing to make someone virtuous a monster guided by their deepest and cruelest desires.


Level 201-250: At his peak the devotee is already able to make his victims his complete puppets who obeyed everything he says, having access to the darkness within.


Level 251-300: The devotee can already affect any other divine being.

Aquatic Demon

Dagon is described as a gigantic bestial fish. Thus, his devotees acquire an extreme ability in the water. They can breathe underwater and in places where it would normally not be possible. When they passively come into contact with water, their bodies create ultra-resistant scales.

Level 1-10: Its scales are as resistant as iron and when swimming its speed doubles.

Level 11-25: Its scales are as resistant as steel and when swimming its speed triples.

Level 26-35: Its scales are as resistant as titanium and when swimming its speed quadruples.

Level 36-50: Its scales are as resistant as diamond and when swimming its speed increases fivefold.

Level 51-99: Its scales are as resistant as adamantium and when swimming its sixfold speed.

Level 100-150: Its scales are as resistant as vibranium and when swimming its eppplicate speed.

Level 151-200: Its scales are as resistant as divine iron and when swimming its speed octuplets.

Level 201-250: When swimming your speed increases by 10x. Its scales are as resistant as angelic iron.

Level 251-300: When swimming your speed reaches the summit, reaching about 11x its previous capacity.


Dagon often remains "hidden", "hidden" in the depths of the sea, so Dagon's devotees are extremely stealthy and can remain hidden from human visions just like their leader

Level 1-50: Devotees can hide from super senses, being unable to be felt by any of the 5 senses, it is impossible to see the devotee if he is stuck in contact with some type of water not created by him.

Level 51-100: Devotees having a certain unpredictability, devotees cannot be felt by extra sensory senses such as the sixth sense or mystical senses.

Level 101-150: Devotees will now not be found by any magical means, divination or divination whatsoever, and cannot be found by means that try to see you indirectly as magical mirrors.


Level 151-200: The Devotee can freeze his image in space, it may appear that he is in one space location but in fact he is in another, his spatial location cannot be predicted or measured. Their future no longer exists, simulating the condition of timeless beings, Devotees may simply not exist in the future and no being is capable of predicting the result of their actions, falling short of probabilities and destiny.

Level 201-250 Almost at the end of it all, Devotees cannot be found by spiritual, mystical means or hunting methods, and their aura cannot be felt and their minds cannot be deciphered, devotees are totally mysterious in everything that involves them.

Level 251-300: At the height of skill, devotees are mysterious in EVERYTHING, having their mind totally unpredictable, even knowing the name of the Devotee is difficult and the genius can simply make everyone who knows him forget his name, face, energy trail and other attributes, being practically immune to forms of Cosmic Consciousness, Semi Omniscience, precognition, divination and any form of sensory power from lower beings. The location of your lamp is also totally mysterious, and beings who open their minds to knowledge from any location, semi omniscient and other sensory are useless to find the ultimate treasure.

Rebirth of Father Dagon

The Dagon Devotee is able to return to life if he is killed / extinguished in the following situations: Having had his life cut off while in contact with the sea or having his life cut off at night.

Level 1-50: They can be reborn regardless of the damage they receive at the end of the end of the event they are in.

Level 51-99: They can be reborn during the event after one day and can be reborn again at the end of the event if they die again.

Level 100-150: Can be reborn three times per event, choosing when to be reborn.

Level 151-200: Now they can recreate their existence if they were not previously killed. Only at the end of the event.

Level 201-250: They can recreate their existence and resurrect up to two times in a single event.

Eldricht regeneration


Devotees of a supreme deity, these offspring exhibit powerful regenerative power.


Level 1-10: The offspring can recover from minor cuts and simple injuries / damage.


Level 11-25: The offspring can recover from larger external cuts and injuries. Managing to recover from more extensive drilling.


Level 26-35: Can recover from burns and major injuries, recovering from extensive bleeding and even bleeding.


Level 36-50: Can recover from major damage to the body including loss of small limbs, such as ears, eyes, fingers and etc.


Level 51-99: Can regenerate large parts of the body that includes organs, and members of the body including vital parts of the body such as the lung.



Immortality of the Water Beast


Devotees have a relative immortality with some limitations compared to Father Dagon.

Level 1-50: Initially the degree of immortality is more limited. The camper after becoming a devotee ends up acquiring five hearts requiring him to be killed at least five times in battle before he actually dies. It should be noted that hearts regenerate one round after being destroyed. Beheading can also be a problem.

Level 51-100: Your immortality now allows you to survive countless fatal accidents, and almost any form of dismemberment, the herald is still able to speak even after having his head cut off.

Level 101-150: Your immortality is now considerably higher, Your body now has a special gene capable of allowing you to completely regenerate when you suffer a deadly attack, but if it is reduced to almost ashes it will die.


Level 151-200: The devotee is now able to regenerate with just a single cell left.


Level 300: Upon reaching the peak of regeneration, the devotee cannot be killed by natural causes in this world, his soul cannot be cut off or controlled, and you simply will not die unless your existence is decimated in some way.



Eldricht body

The bodies of Eldrichts' followers and children are altered by the creatures that make them inexplicable to others, considering that the Eldrichts are creatures older than even the angels.
We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 1: The body of the Devotee is simply unique, although it acts like an ordinary human body like other demigods, the body is totally different, all organs, cells, tissues, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen existing in a body of another common demigod is NON-EXISTING in Eldricht's body, if the opponent tries to control something like blood against Eldricht he will fail, or try to control his brain he will also fail, if a demigod can see inside from the body of the Devotee he will be having the impression of seeing the body of an alien, he will never be able to decipher how that body works, only the Eldrichts and semi-eldrichts themselves can decipher.



Cosmic Knowledge

Eldrichts are extremely ancient beings, even though they were trapped for ages in purgatory, they were able to follow events in the universe and transmit this to their followers and children.

Level 1-10: Initially, they will know everything that happened up to 3 years ago, also knowing facts that will happen in a time span of up to 3 hours, whether they may or may not involve campers or any other type of thing that is on the destiny. It can cover an area up to a neighborhood.

Level 11-25: They will have knowledge of up to 5 years ago, they will also be able to know facts that will happen in up to 6 hours. Instinctively, they will also be able to detect presences, threats, attacks, potential illnesses and many other things as long as they are in the same residence where the Devotee is at the moment. It can cover an area of ​​up to several cities.

Level 26-35: Have knowledge of 8 years ago, having knowledge of up to 9 hours in the future. Its ability to detect singularities expands, covering an entire city at this level. It can cover an area of ​​several states.

Level 36-50: Have knowledge of up to 10 years ago, having knowledge of up to 12 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several countries.

Level 51-100: Have knowledge of up to 15 years ago. 15 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several nations.

Level 101-150: Have knowledge of up to 20 years ago. 20 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​a continent.

Level 151-200: Have knowledge of up to 30 years ago. 2 days in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several continents.

Level 201-250: Have knowledge of up to 50 years ago. 4 days in the future. It can cover a planetary area.

Level 251-300: They have complete knowledge of the past since the creation of the land. A week in the future.

Note: These beings are directly linked to pseudo-omniscience, being able to predict the actions of even beings that impede such ability, seeing through the target's destiny.

Transcedental Strength


Being devotees of an extremely powerful eldricht, they exhibit exponential levels of pure brute force, and these devotees are so powerful that they can break cosmic barriers and even interfere in the spiritual realm. Your body is also adapted to your own strength, so that you can fight without difficulty.


Level 1-10: Your body is strong enough to easily destroy entire regions including anything else that is in range such as souls, intangible beings, etc.


Level 11-25: Its strength is so powerful that it shows capable of affecting entire states being able to completely destroy them by reducing them to nothing.


Level 26-50: You can now destroy an entire country if you want, and your strength at that level can break the most varied types of protection and also physical resistance.


Level 51-99: Its strength is shown at a level where it manages to destroy a continent, managing to break changes in the reality of lower level beings as if it were glass, being able to cause vibrations where it is, hitting the air and it will break like glass and at the same time earthquakes, earthquakes, tsunamis will be created throughout the territory where the fist was.


Level 100-150: Your strength grows to exponential levels, managing to completely destroy a moon if you wish.


Level 151-220: Your strength reaches a level capable of destroying several medium-sized continents.


Level 220-300: Upon reaching this level, Dagon's devotee becomes relentless, managing to destroy even a planet with his punches.



Eldrichts World

The Eldrichts' World is where the Outer Gods, and other beings in the Lovecraft universe generally live and inhabit throughout their existence. This place has a connection to the Early Universe. This world is dark and looks lifeless by human standards. Plants and other standard things are never seen there, the world is surrounded by deserts that have several strange objects.

Level 200: By almost fully mastering their powers, the Heralds are able to access the Eldrichts' World as a dimension of their own. The Devotee can live “outside” the area of ​​the Camps residing in its particular dimension and have practically absolute control while over it, thus being able to lock or freely release access to that dimension and create accesses and doors for it in the physical, spiritual or any other plans. It should be noted that other eldrichts and semi-eldrichts live in the same dimension, and possible conflicts may occur.

Active Powers

Increased Size


Pai Dagon is extremely large, having a gigantic size, due to this, his devotees also inherit some of this gift and can increase their size exponentially.

Level 1-10: Can increase your size by 50 meters.

Level 11-25: Can increase your size by 100 meters.

Level 26-35: Can increase your size by 200 meters.

Level 36-50: Can increase your size by 250 meters.

Level 51-99: Can increase your size by 300 meters.

Level 100-150: Can increase your size by 400 meters.

Level 151-200: Can increase your size by 500 meters.

Level 201-250: Can increase your size by 600 meters.

Level 251-299: Can increase your size unlimited depending on the need. Increasing at very extreme points can end up pushing your body and energy to the limit.

Note: Your strength increases by 10% for every 10 meters of height reached

Eldritch Magic


Eldritch Magic is the power to use magical forces beyond human comprehension, a form of magic that is generally derived from eldritch abominations. It is a form of magic that the followers and children of the eldrichts use. Practitioners of this type of magic are able to do things that may exceed many limitations of typical magic, but usually at the cost of their sanity or even their physical form. Eldritch magic is accomplished through the user's fellowship with their eldritch masters.

Level 50: At this level you have the following abilities through Eldricht Magic.

  • Astral Manipulation: With eldricht magic he is able to get in touch with spiritual beings on the plane.

  • Dimensional Connection: Obtain energy from higher dimensions.

  • Madness Magic: Unleash madness on enemies, giving them visions of the beyond.

  • Dream Magic: Enter mortals' dreams and even affect the dreams of entire species.

  • Mental Breakdown: Probe your opponents' minds and make their minds break.

Level 100: At this level he has the following abilities through Eldricht Magic.


  • Psionic Manipulation: Manipulates matter at the most fundamental level and the minds of multiple individuals at the same time.

  • Strange Energy Manipulation / Strange Material Manipulation: Control supernatural energies and matter that are so strange in nature that they defy the laws of perceptions of the reality of lesser beings.

  • Magic Denial / Magic Destruction: Due to the nature of eldritch magic, it is possible for the user to be able to negate "regular" magic.

  • Soul Absorption: Absorb your opponents' souls.

PS: All of these powers are variants of the Devotee's Eldricht Magic.

Primordial Water Handling

Dagon is an aquatic eldricht, having control over several different forms of water.

Level 1-10: In the beginning, the devotee is able to manipulate water in a beginner way, being able to make simple constructs such as water platforms and walls, but nothing very resistant, having common iron resistance.

Level 11-25: It is now possible to manipulate water with much more skill, having the resistance of steel. being able to make more complex water objects such as machine guns and electrical equipment, taking advantage of its high electrical conductivity to generate electricity at random, manipulating Electric Water; a type of water that has energy properties of electrical property.

Level 26-35: At this level, the Devotee is already capable of generating huge constructs such as houses and monuments made entirely of water, having the resistance of titanium, and as every living being needs water to survive, it acquires the ability to manipulate the legendary Water of Life; able to regenerate everything it touches, thus being able to manipulate “life” from its hydrokinetic control.

Level 36-50: The Devotee becomes an excellent water handler, being able to manipulate this in perfect scale, having the diamond resistance, besides being able to use the chemical capacities of the water to carry out the hydrolysis process, which is the decomposition or alteration of a chemical substance by water, being able to use this capacity to transmute water into any existing material / substance that may exist in a liquid state, thus manipulating it as if it were water.

Level 51-99: The Devotee now has full control of the water, being able to manipulate it on a global scale, having the adamantium resistance, in addition to being able to use the Space Waters, being able to use it to teleport between locations that have water / material / be composed of water, in addition to transforming water sources into dimensional portals for the Aquatic Dimension, a place where there is water and only water at infinite levels, where the Devotee is able to freely manipulate his dimensionality through this form of energy that distorts the space. It can break immunities with its hydrokinetic capabilities.

Level 100-150: At this point, the Devotee is able to manipulate water on scales so large that it can undo “immunities to drowning”, thus affecting even beings that do not suffer from the effects of lack of oxygen. Its constructs now have vibranium resistance.

Level 151-200: The Devotee can now better manipulate the Water of Life, being able to manipulate life at very high levels, being able to give life to inanimate objects such as stones, dolls, in addition to being able to manipulate the vitality of living beings, being able to increase or decrease it, being able to use this ability to heal someone's wounds or make them much worse for example, in addition to being able to neutralize the lives of those who are bathed in it, combining their deadly manipulation with manipulation over water.

Level 201-250: Now you are able to control the energy of the water, an energy generated through the waters of the cosmos that can be controlled freely, such as generating constructs, bursts, beams and mantles made with such primordial energy, the energy of cosmic waters can rival cosmic and magical energies without much difficulty.

Level 251-300: Can handle liquids in general, such as blood, sap and other variables that have water with the same mastery with which water is handled.

Aquatic dome

Dagon's devotee is able to create a water sphere of 10 meters radius from where he is, having its structure entirely filled with special water, which remains in a liquid state regardless of the temperature around it, always remaining in 10 degrees celsius. Furthermore, the water in which it is becomes much more viscous, becoming a thermal gel, making it impossible for others to move and preventing any other being than the offspring to manipulate it or move within it, however, its density and surface tension remains the same. The tension force of the water is the same as that of the eldricht, thus restricting the movement of beings that do not have high physical strength.


Level 1-10: The dome is 10 cubic meters long.

Level 11-25: The dome is 20 cubic meters long.

Level 26-35: The dome is 40 cubic meters long.

Level 36-50: The dome is 80 cubic meters long.

Level 51-99: The dome is 160 cubic meters long.

Level 100-150: The dome is 320 cubic meters long.

Level 151-200: The dome is 640 cubic meters long.


Level 201-250: The dome is 1,280 cubic meters long.

Cry of the Father

As an eldricht, Pai Dagon is able to release from his mouth various substances and powers differentiated from his screams, howls and screams. Such power allows the eldricht to be able to express supernatural powers in his cries.


Level 1-50: You can use this ability three times per event.


- Dagon 'Flame: It is capable of releasing flames through screams, thus generating extremely powerful elemental shock waves. Power depends on your physical potential.


- Banshee's Scream: Can perform an extremely powerful scream that raises the decibels to something beyond 250, which can affect an area comparable to its own physical strength and its destructive pattern is identical. It can destroy skulls and even burst bodies if they are too close.


Level 51-99: You can use this ability four times per event.


- Fus ro dah: By shouting such a word, the devotee becomes able to release a cry with extreme kinetic force that is equal to his physical strength, affecting targets at a distance and throwing them with extreme speed. All her screams from now on join the Banshee Scream and Fus ro dah optionally.


- Temporal Scream: When screaming, the Devotee is able to deform the fabric of time around him, thus making it slower for his opponents so that movements in general through him become extremely limited, initially reducing by 90% in the first shift, 70% in the second and ending in the third in 50% by automatic correction of temporal tissue.

Temporal manipulations of inferior beings are broken by the cry.

Level 100-150: You can use this ability five times per event.

- Space Scream: A Scream that can deform the space around it in an omnidirectional area, thus deforming the space so that attacks in general that reside in the common space plane are deformed and their trajectories are altered. Spatial manipulations of inferior beings are broken by the cry.

- Scream of Physical Superiority: A powerful roar capable of forcing beings that are in a transmorphic, intangible, spiritual state and other variants of beings that are not affected by the physical plane to return to their standard physical body for three rounds. It does not work with beings that are passively intangible or incorporeal.

Level 151-200: You can use this ability six times per event. From here

- Cry of the King of the Sea Beasts: A roar capable of showing Dagon's marine superiority over other aquatic beings, making any beings within reach of his attack feel an extreme emotional, physical and spiritual shock, affecting him deep in his soul in order to have an irrational fear of the devotee. Being hit by the scream can paralyze the senses totally even of being 40 levels stronger than the devotee.

- Cry of the Death of Nature: By shouting, the Devotee is able to destroy any form of nature affected by the cry, thus forcing to death any creatures, plants, birds, animals, vegetation and natural forms itself.

Level 201-250: You can use this ability seven times per event.

- Cry of the Dead King: This cry is reflected in Dagon's ability to generate an inescapable blow; the ability to use a power that, if it hits, is capable of killing practically anybody, releasing a fearful roar that shakes and destroys the physical, spiritual and mental body of each and every being around it in up to three rounds, releasing destructive shock waves that they start to disintegrate the target's body continuously and restrict any form of escape.

- Dimensional Scream: A roar so powerful that it is able to transcend dimensions, forcing a being that lives in two existential dimensions / planes or that are on another plane to return to the physical world.

Level 251-300: You can use this ability eight times per event.

- DeepOnes roar: Such a roar is so powerful that it unleashes a burst of comprehensive energy that unleashes extremely destructive apocalyptic energies against its targets. Such energy is capable of erasing stocks easily by overlapping any immunities or resistances.

Aquatic Transformation

Thanks to their great mastery over water and oceans, Dagon's devotees are able to alter their physiological state by creating changes both internally and externally that can help you in combat or even affect the matter around you.

Level 1-30: Initially the devotee is able to liquefy and solidify his entire body from a single hair, the skin, even the muscles; everything can be liquefied or solidified either in a controlled way or even completely. When liquefied, it can not be affected by attacks that seek to reach your physical body. It can also solidify your body by increasing your physical resistance to a level compared to titanium.

Level 31-60: The devotee is now able to affect the matter to which he comes in contact, managing to solidify it or even liquefy these, thus preventing them from causing damage to him. The resistance now manages to reach adamantium.

Level 61-90: The devotee is now able to affect the matter around him within a radius of 10 meters without the need to get in touch by just being within his radius of perception. The resistance is now equivalent to that of vibranium.

Level 91-120: Resistance is now equivalent to that of divine iron. They are now able to affect even the immune system or those who have some protection or inability to change their physical state.

Level 121-150: At this level the devotee is able to release his energy throughout the territory around him differently from before, all the matter around him according to the will of the offspring is transmuted into water in a way that affects even immune, this water simply starts to be absorbed by the offspring restoring their energies by 30%.

Level 151-200: By expanding his energy, he can now affect divine or mimic related transformations, whenever his target is about to transform he instead of accessing the transformation will simply turn into water, this process happens instantly. The absorbed water recovers 50% of its energy.

Level 201-250: The absorbed water recovers 70% of its energy.

Level 251-300: The absorbed water recovers 100% of its energy.

Bottomless pit


Like a huge creature that lives in the depths of Deep One and devours everything that comes close to him, Dagon is able to consume extreme amounts of food, matter or energy, thus being really a “bottomless pit”. Your devotees inherit this ability, when consuming living beings they can choose to acquire their memories, characteristics, techniques and other attributes (it does not involve powers).


Level 1-50: It can consume indefinite amounts of matter as if it were an infinite well, thus being able to eat without any limitations even nuclear bombs without feeling its effects, even if it is poisonous, toxic or that generates some delay in the semi-bestial. Everything will be useless.


Level 51-99: You can eat mundane forms of energy or even elemental and natural energies, being able to consume rays, light, shadows and etc. It can deform the space when eating, thus being able to consume even an entire large neighborhood.


Level 101-150: Acquires a high energetic capacity, being able to absorb diverse energies such as primordial elemental energies, cosmic elementals, special and pagan elements or even Christians like hellfire, black fire, etc. It cannot absorb energies of destruction, Chaotic, Holy Light and derivatives.


Level 151-200: You can suck up these types of energy with a certain limitation - excluding the energy of destruction - thus being able to keep these energies in your body for up to 3 shifts and then you are forced to release them. It can convert matter into energy and vice versa inside your body freely at its full capacity, being able to compress the matter and create spheres of pure energy capable of disintegrating almost any material and subduing most energies.


Level 201-250: Can consume up to an entire city with its suction capacity.

Lord of the Seas


Dagon is known to be the first creature to have control over the waters of the universe, long before angels, gods and humans existed. In this way, his devotees have a blessing that can be activated twice per event during 5 rounds of Dagon granting him all the active powers of some gods correlated with the water element, being these: Poseidon, Amphitheater, Neptune, Yemanjá, Boto, Oceano , Talassa and Náiades Nymphs.


Level 50-100: Has all active abilities of the deities mentioned in level 01-25.


Level 101-150 Has all active god skills mentioned at level 26-50.


Level 151-200: Has all active abilities of the gods mentioned in level 51-99.


Level 201-250: Has all active abilities of the gods mentioned at level 100-150.


Level 251-300: Has all active abilities of the deities mentioned at level 151-200.


Monólito do Pai

Este item de grande porte é nada menos que um monólito branco, coberto com talhados que simbolizam peixes, enguias, polvos, crustáceos, moluscos, baleias e outros tipos de animais marinhos. Tem 4m de comprimento e 1m de espessura. Sua dureza é de nível de um sistema solar, mas sua verdadeira habilidade é que, se por algum acaso o corpo de alguém que o descendente de Dagon tiver assassinado em um prazo de até cinco dias (em on) for jogado ali, será capaz de adquirir suas habilidades passivas (progenitor/seguidor) até o nível 300, desde que o coma por inteiro. Isso dura cinco dias em on, ou até que o seguidor de Dagon seja morto.




Nível 01-30: Sendo um sapo que carrega o nome da espécie que Dagon rege e protege, este pet demonstra uma velocidade de incríveis trinta (30) mach em seus saltos, podendo esticar sua própria língua por até dez metros em uma velocidade que é o dobro da velocidade que possui normalmente, sendo que a língua possui uma força de pressão similar ao peso de uma montanha. O sapo é do tamanho de um cachorro.


Nível 31-60: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de sessenta (60) mach em seus saltos, sendo que agora o sapo possui uma capacidade de absorção de impacto, que por sua vez é levemente superior à força de pressão que a língua exibe e exibirá, ou seja, escalando baseado na força desta. A energia absorvida é expressada como rajadas de energia cinética que cospe de sua boca, com elas tendo a mesma velocidade que sua língua. A força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de um pequeno país.


Nível 61-90: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de noventa (90) mach em seus saltos, mas agora este também possui um veneno líquido em sua pele, que por sua vez acaba por causar uma paralisia na região tocada logo na próxima rodada, sendo que na segunda rodada após o toque já terá se espalhado por todo o corpo do indivíduo. A força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de um país.


Nível 91-120: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de 130 (130) mach em seus saltos, agora, o pet também passa a conseguir expelir seu veneno na forma de um gás venenoso de cor esverdeada, mas que é inodoro. Para fazer isso ele só precisa fazer um pouco de força. A força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de um grande país.


Nível 121-150: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de cento e setenta (170) mach em seus saltos, tendo um campo de visão de quase 360°, o que dificulta que seja pego em um ataque surpresa, já que também passam a enxergar em lugares com pouca luz. A força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de um continente.


Nível 151-200: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de duzentos e vinte (220) mach em seus saltos, sendo que agora a força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de múltiplos continentes, porém, seus sistema digestivo possui um leve poder espacial, sendo maior do que deveria ser, se distorcendo de forma que possa ter o volume equivalente a um quarteirão dentro de si, bastando que engula aquilo ou aquele que deseja afetar, sendo que normalmente faz isso puxando o alvo com sua língua. Isso leva os sujeitos a uma pequena dimensão de bolso que nada mais é que o próprio sistema digestivo do sapo, uma vez lá dentro se torna extremamente difícil encontrar algo, já que como dito, é uma outra dimensão. 


Nível 201-250: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de trezentos (300) mach em seus saltos, e agora a força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de um planeta. O sapo passa a possuir o poder Stealth Aquático, desde que esteja em um ambiente úmido, não precisando estar necessariamente submerso.


Nível 251-300: O sapo agora possui uma velocidade de trezentos e setenta (370) mach em seus saltos, e por fim, a força de sua língua passa a ser similar ao peso de uma estrela anã.

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