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Daji ( Chinese : 妲 己, pinyin : Dájǐ, Wade-Giles : Ta 2 -chi 3), was the favorite consort of King Zhou de Shang , the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China . She is portrayed as an evil fox spirit in legends, as well as novels. [1] His identification as a fox spirit appears to have originated from at least the spike dynasty . [2] These accounts have been popularized in works such as Wu Wang Fa Zhou Pinghua (武王伐紂 平 話), Yanyi Fengshen , and the Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms . [3] It is considered a classic example of how beauty causes a dynasty to fall into Chinese culture .

In the Song dynasty , fox spirit cults, including those dedicated to Daji, became banned, although their suppression proved unsuccessful. [4] In 1111, an imperial edict was issued for the destruction of many spiritual shrines within Kaifeng, including those of Daji.


Appearance: Possessing a rustic beauty, Daji's children tend to appear brown or often red hair, similar to the tone of a fire.

Personality: They are the most cheerful campers in the entire camp, letting out contagious smiles that brighten up the environment around them. Wherever they go, everything seems to grow and improve.


Passive Powers


Levels 1-6: Just like your mother, Daji's children inherit a spirit from a fox with new tails inside them, the spirit gives it an abnormal strength, easily overcoming a human.

Levels 7-12: With punches and kicks you can easily bend iron.

Levels 13-20: It is capable of destroying pure steel with its physical strength.


Levels 1-6: Can perform jumps up to 4 meters high.

Levels 7-12: Can perform jumps of up to 8 meters.

Levels 13-20: Can perform jumps of up to 12 meters.


Levels 1-6: Your speed reaches up to 300 km / h.

Levels 7-12: The speed of sound comes

Levels 13-20: The speed of light arrives.


Tails Control

Levels 1-6: Daji's children have full control over their tails and can use them for defense or attack (Stretch up to 2 meters)

Levels 7-12: Tails are now more resistant like iron and can stretch up to 3 meters

Levels 13-20: They reach their peak by stretching up to 5 meters



Levels 1-6: Can float a few centimeters

Levels 7-12: Can fly up to 5 meters with a certain imbalance

Levels 13-20: Can fly freely




Daji's children are magical creatures, with the ability to heal other individuals with a simple touch. They can cure everything from illnesses to regeneration of entire limbs.


Levels 1-6: Daji's children can heal illnesses and minor injuries.


Levels 7-12: It is possible to heal deeper wounds and wake up campers in a coma.


Levels 13-20: Arrives at its peak, being able to heal limbs lost in battle


Levels 1-6: Daji's children have advanced regeneration and can regenerate from light attacks in seconds

Levels 7-12: Regenerate from deeper attacks

Levels 13-20: Regenerate body members within minutes

PS: The tails of Daji's children regenerate after 10 seconds

Read minds

Levels 1-6: Unintentionally Daji's children may end up entering the thoughts of people around them unwillingly

Levels 7-12: Can already read some minds with some effort

Levels 13-20: They already have full control of power, and can read the minds of anyone they wish


Level 1: Daji's children have 9 tails, each tail with a different power


We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 30: In addition to causing drowsiness causing opponents to fall asleep, Daji's children are famous for their ability to manipulate and control the dreams of other demigods, becoming omnipotent in that place, and potentially harming a victim in reality: if the user tear off an arm of a person in a dream the person will wake up with the arm torn off, etc.


Levels 1-6: Can glide over the air for a few seconds.

Levels 7-12: You can float for some time.

Levels 13-20: Can fly freely.


Level 1: You are immune to psychic attacks, mental attacks as illusions.

Elemental Control

Levels 1-6: Can create bursts of sharp air and create earthquakes in the area.

Levels 7-12: Can create bursts of fire.

Levels 13-20: Can create bursts of water.

Active Powers


Levels 1-6: With the energy of the fox that lives in you, you can create fifty clones to fight alongside you.

Levels 7-12: This number increases to 150 clones.

Levels 13-20: Can create 1000 clones.

PS: The clones are not very resistant, and can disappear with a punch depending on the level of the demigod.

Daji Sphere

The compacted nature and the speed of the fox's energy movement, allows the sphere to grind in everything it comes in contact with as to inflict great damage. This tends to spiral backwards after the target is hit or, if the target is on the ground or dropped, the destructive force is sufficient to form a crater.

Levels 1-6: Can create a small sphere, he is not yet very experienced in the technique.

Levels 7-12: You are now able to launch the sphere, and your destructive power increases.

Levels 13-20: Can fire a huge sequence of giant spheres at the opponent.



Levels 1-6: Kitsunes transform into a 2 meter fox

Levels 7-12: The fox already reaches 5 meters

Levels 13-20: The fox reaches 10 meters

PS: While it is transformed into a fox, its powers with the tails double

Tail of the Mist

Levels 1-6: You can create mists and use them as you wish.

Levels 7-12: Can cover a forest with its fog

Levels 13-20: Cover a city with fog.

Ice Tail

Levels 1-6: Gives you the ability to control the ice.

Levels 7-12: You can now freeze forests.

Levels 13-20: You can now freeze entire cities.

Shadow Tail

Levels 1-6: Gives you the ability to create black fire against your opponent

Levels 7-12: Can move around in the shadows

Levels 13-20: Can teleport others by shadow

Love Tail

Levels 1-6: This tail casts invisible thorns that if it catches the opponent, it can love or hate, whomever Daji's children want!

Levels 7-12: The level of love or hate is high enough to generate fights

Levels 13-20: Now the level becomes DEADLY

Tail of the Wind

Levels 1-6: Able to create bursts of sharp wind

Levels 7-12: Can develop tornadoes

Levels 13-20: Can create giant hurricanes

Poison Tail

Levels 1-6: When touching with the poisonous tail on the opponent, a type of poison emanates that leaves the region dormant for 1 minute (For example: Touch the arm it will remain immobile for 1 minute)

Levels 7-12: In addition to immovable it will generate immense pain in the region

Levels 13-20: Now the region will rot

Acid Tail

Levels 1-6: The tail looses acid capable of melting everything it touches

Levels 7-12: Can release up to 10 liters of acid

Levels 13-20: Can you create a mini acid river

Tail of Light

Levels 1-6: Can control and direct the light emitted by your tail, in addition to leaving parts of your body shining


Levels 7-12: The light is more intense, it is now possible to manipulate the ambient light and use it both for attack and defense by making it more rigid


Levels 13-20: Can create light that melts the enemy and can transmute your body into light

Earth Tail

Levels 1-6: Can develop tremors and small earthquakes

Levels 7-12: They can already create more extensive earthquakes

Levels 13-20: They are now able to fully control the earth element, being able to manipulate it as they wish



Level 30: Dark Daji children have the ability to possess other people, lasts 2 rounds, and the body of Daji's children is completely vulnerable. It doesn't work if the enemy is higher than you.



Level 40: Daji's children are intelligent beings, possessing infinite wisdom, being able to see and hear things anywhere in the world. (Works only with humans).



Levels 1-6: Can remain invisible for 1 round.


Levels 7-12: Are invisible for up to 3 rounds.


Levels 13-20: Can remain invisible for 5 rounds.

Space-time distortion


Level 40: You can shape reality within a radius of 20 meters as you wish, even changing the laws of physics.


O Manto da Escuridão


Trata-se de uma versão inferior do item concedida aos seus seguidores, uma capa preta feita de materiais arcanos e perdidos pelo tempo, ela é completamente negra, sendo que por dentro ela é totalmente avermelhada, como o sangue. A Capa naturalmente possui uma certa consciência geralmente sempre retornando ao seu dono. A Capa naturalmente concede dons de levitação, permitindo com que o usuário expresse o dobro da sua velocidade de viagem, enquanto estiver levitando, e sua durabilidade é de grau de uma estrela. Entre suas capacidades está a proteção contra explosões e propagações de energias contra seus corpos, repelindo quando entram em contato com o manto e consequentemente protegendo seus portadores, tentativas de invasores adentrar seus corpos também são falhas, sendo repelidos. Obviamente ameaças de potencial superior ao da resistência do manto tendem a serem efetivas.



Trata-se de um monstro criado pelo Rei Vampiro, ele se assemelha a um cachorro grande, tendo uma pelagem completamente avermelhada, e uma estrutura enorme equivalente ao de um cavalo adulto, esse cachorro possui uma aparência semelhante ao de um morto vivo.


Nível 1-50: Esses animais são bem rígidos possuindo inicialmente uma resistência física equivalente ao de um quarteirão, sendo que sua velocidade é de 3.000 km/h, o Baskerville naturalmente se mostram invisíveis aos sentidos comuns, sendo visível apenas ao plano espiritual. Normalmente estes indivíduos conseguem viajar pelas sombras e danificar almas, embora ainda não sejam capazes de destruir elas, apesar de seus danos remeterem a uma dor física aguda. 


Nível 51-100: Eles possuem agora uma velocidade de 5 machs, e uma resistência física de uma cidade pequena. Seus poderes neste nível sofrem um refinamento, sendo que agora o cachorro compartilha com seu dono da habilidade Percepção Vital, eles também passam a conseguirem separar seus corpos em um bando de cachorros (3), que compartilham das mesmas habilidades.


Nível 101-150: Eles possuem agora uma velocidade de 7 machs, e uma resistência física de uma cidade grande, tendo agora a capacidade de compartilhar da capacidade Consumo de Vitalidade de seu dono, sendo que agora podem dividir seus corpos em mais, sendo agora quatro cachorros. Esses cachorros agora podem devorar almas inteiras em seu interior o que remetem em uma dor aguda e fatal em suas vitimas. 


Nível 151-200: Eles possuem agora uma velocidade de 15 machs, e uma resistência física de uma montanha, sendo que agora eles possuem a capacidade de sugar a matéria orgânica e inorgânica a sua volta para dentro de seu organismo, sendo que seu interior tem uma expansão equivalente ao de uma montanha.


Nível 201-250: Esse cachorro consegue agora compartilhar com seu portador quando perto deste a Fisiologia Vampiresca de seu portador, sendo que agora passam a poderem caminhar pelo ar livremente ou mesmo correrem, esses indivíduos podem esguichar jatos de sangue a partir dos olhos, jatos esses que conseguem transformar a área atingida em mais sangue, sendo que sua velocidade agora é de mach 20.


Nível 251-300: Estes indivíduos portam agora de uma resistência equiparável ao de uma ilha, sendo que ja podem se mover a uma velocidade de mach 25, sendo ainda capazes de viajarem pelas sombras, surgindo na sombra de seus alvos.

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