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Goblins are small creatures that normally inhabit the forest. They are very similar to fairies. One of the main characteristics of this charming breed, is to be mischievous, of course that not everyone of the breed needs to be like that. However, it is almost the culture of these beings to make a joke.

They are very small and the biggest benefit is to recognize the place quickly and never get lost in a forest. They can pass through narrow places due to their size. And they have a high charisma, usually inhabiting forests and forests in the neutral zones. However it is not very difficult to see them in some holes of cassa (These would be the famous ones: "Dupres Homemade").


Appearance: Goblins can have two types of appearance, and appearance influences their power.

Appearance 1: It will look like an older dwarf, these elves are usually the most experienced and can use any avatar regardless of age, as long as it is a dwarf.

Appearance 2: It will have the appearance of a child from 7 to 10 years old, these are more inexperienced and playful elves.

In an encounter between the two goblins on the same level, the experienced goblin has a slight advantage and his blows are more powerful in relation to each other.

Personality: Goblins can be mischievous, docile and friendly, but some goblins are violent beings and get irritated easily, of course for their size this aggressiveness is apparently harmless, but despite appearing that, the goblins are just not more powerful than the children of Sheol and God.


Passive Powers

High Speed


These offspring exhibit great speed, being one of the fastest beings in existence.


Level 1-10: They can reach speeds of up to 800 km / h.


Level 11-25: They can reach speeds of up to 1600 km / h.


Level 26-35: They can reach speeds of up to 2400 km / h.


Level 36-50: They can reach speeds of up to 3200 km / h.


Level 51-99: They can reach speeds of up to 4000 km / h.


Level 100-150: They can reach speeds of up to 4800 km / h.

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Level 151-200: They can reach speeds of up to 5600 km / h.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 201-250: They can reach speeds of up to 6400 km / h.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 251-300: They can reach up to 7200 km / h.

Improved Strength


The elves, having a greater resistance than that of an ordinary camper, are naturally born with a superhuman strength.


Level 1-10: Can destroy steel.


Level 11-25: Can destroy titanium.


Level 26-35: Can destroy diamond.


Level 36-50: Can destroy adamantium.


Level 51-99: Can destroy vibranium.


Level 100-150: Can destroy divine iron.


Level 151-200: Now at its peak, Gabriel's creation can destroy even celestial iron.

Strange body
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Level 1: The elves' bodies are simply unique, because they are creatures different from deities, the body of the elves is totally different, all the organs, cells, tissues, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen existing in a common human body are NON-EXISTING in elf's body, if the opponent tries to control something like the blood against the elf he will fail, or try to control his brain he will also fail, if a demigod can see inside the elf's body he will be having the impression of seeing the body of an undecipherable being and will be totally confused, he will never be able to decipher how that body works, only the elves themselves know.

Cosmic Regeneration


Being almost supreme creatures, these beings exhibit powerful regenerative power.


Level 1-10: Goblins can recover from minor cuts and simple injuries / damage.


Level 11-25: Goblins can recover from larger cuts and external injuries. Managing to recover from more extensive drilling.


Level 26-35: The elves can recover from burns and major injuries, recovering from extensive bleeding and even bleeding.


Level 36-50: Can recover from major damage to the body including loss of small limbs, such as ears, eyes, fingers and etc.


Level 51-99: Goblins are able to regenerate large parts of the body including organs, and members of the body including vital parts of the body such as the lung.


Level 100-150: You can now recover from simple mental damage, failing to recover from extensive damage.

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Divine Immunity


Goblins are cosmic beings so powerful that they are extremely difficult to kill and your bodies and souls are extremely protected.


Level 1-20: Goblins have immunity against any human need; being naturally superior to any other form of life. You don't need to eat, drink, sleep, rest, breathe and many other things; your body does not age unless you want to. His body is naturally semi-perfect, and he never contracts diseases, viruses, plagues, curses, etc. Possessions and attacks that involve controlling your body internally or externally also do not help, being immune to these.


Level 21-40: Goblins exhibit total immunity from darkness and shadows, being it in any specific state, shape or type (primordial, divine darkness / shadows, etc.). These offspring also exhibit a timelessness over time, unaffected by your changes; other beings are not able to manipulate their bodies both internally and externally


Level 41-60: The elves already exhibit great mental immunity, their body is truly protected and immune to the most varied types of psychic and also dimensional powers. No matter how hard you try your body cannot suffer mental invasions, mental controls and etc; being that any dimensional attack does not affect you unless you wish, portals that try to pass through your body simply fall apart into darkness that is soon absorbed as a source of food.


Level 61-80: Goblins exhibit full immunity to the elements and are unaffected by any of them; however, their bodies are still somewhat vulnerable to half-blood light like Light. They demonstrate immunity to certain types of magic and also to attacks involving certain types of energy. (Cosmic energy, arcane magic still demonstrate the ability to damage these offspring).


Level 81-100: Goblins become extremely resistant to temporal abilities, which seek to alter reality and also to spells and energies that may affect them.

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Level 121-140: Demonstrate great resistance against attacks that affect your soul.


Ps: Attacks derived from energy of gods of destruction, the god needs to have a power greater than or equal to that of the offspring. Primordial weapons such as the scythe of death itself or the first blade of the sons of Cain demonstrate the ability to kill these offspring, depending on the situation even to extinguish the offspring.

Active Powers

Manipulation of Matter

Goblins are able to mold and manipulate matter, that is, anything in the universe that has substance and mass / physical form, starting from molecules and atoms, up to planets and other astronomical characteristics.

Level 1-10: Manipulate on a small scale.

Level 11-25: Manipulate on a medium scale.

Level 26-35: Manipulate on a large scale.

Level 36-50: Manipulate in perfect scale.

Level 51-99: Your control reaches an entire city.

Level 100-150: Your control reaches an entire state.

Level 151-200: Your control reaches an entire country.

Level 201-250: Your control spans entire continents.

Level 251-300: Your control reaches planets.

Fifth Dimension Manipulation

The Goblins have control and dominion over the fifth dimension, which is an interdimensional reality that exists outside the continuous space / time normally accepted and beyond the control of any other being, being the same reality where Yahweh had banished them after the destruction of the Dinosaurs. Due to its three-dimensional properties, this reality works from a set of physics completely different from that found in typical three-dimensional or four-dimensional environments. Goblins can use several unique skills thanks to their connection with that dimension, even if they are not necessarily in the fifth dimension, they can use these skills.

Level 150: Goblins can achieve feats that are fundamentally impossible on a whim and freely redefine what is possible and impossible. With it, the Duende can shape reality, metaphysics and causality with just one thought, and ignore all rules as if they did not exist, acquiring to manipulate the rules of logic.

Level 200: Goblins are able to manipulate science and this power is not a factual term used by scientists, but a super science used by great and powerful academic beings. The Goblins manipulate something known as super science, which stimulates the challenge against their own laws of physics / logic / nature / science or scientifically based physical / scientific laws. Super science is an omnipotent, limitless power that can produce effects similar to Magic, although they are the main reactants. It is one of the four category and umbrella powers that guide all other powers, such as Divine, Magic and Philosophy.

Level 250: The Goblin manages to create around his body a kind of divine aura, which allows him to transcend all concepts, conceptual powers, definitions / meanings and / or forms of logic, allowing them to exist in a state out of any perspective, understanding or classification method. This not only prevents them from being influenced or affected by conceptual powers, but it also gives them a form of total freedom, as there are no more restrictions on tying them up, as no concept can apply to them anymore. How concepts are how we define and understand reality. This aura lasts for 3 rounds and can only be used once per event or saga.

Advanced Teleportation

The Goblins are masters of teleporting with the ability to perform this skill flawlessly, being this snapshot.

Level 1: It can teleport objects and people, regardless of size. It manages to do this over interplanetary, intergalactic and even interdimensional distances.

Destruction of Creation

This same skill was responsible for destroying the creation of God the dinosaurs. The Goblin is able to focus his energy on a huge meteor or even several immense divine meteors that cannot be controlled or manipulated by other beings, that meteor is covered by a divine aura that cannot be manipulated.

Level 100: These meteors can destroy an entire planet, erasing the existence of everyone in range, these meteors prevent those in the range of destruction from using spatial or dimensional powers such as teleportation to dimensions or other places for example.

NOTE: 3 times per event or saga.

Reality Manipulation

The Goblins due to several of their games they end up changing reality most of the time, being masters in this capacity easily surpassing their creations the deities.

Level 1-30: Initially, the Goblins can change the reality in medium levels managing to undo changes caused by temporal and dimensional abilities, as well as can change the scenery around them and can also bring into existence any material or tool originating from their imagination and literally make their wildest ideas come true, managing to mix fantasy with reality, these elves make the combat completely bizarre giving life to imaginary creatures. It also becomes capable of canceling the alteration / deformation / manipulation of the reality of other inferior beings.

Level 31-60: The elves can now simulate any power, be it kinetic, psychic, elemental, etc., and can also exhaust the three-dimensional space, controlling the distance between two different points of spatial locations. As space basically acts as a limit of existence for everyone, if the space around any matter or energy is depleted, that subject will also be erased from existence, the Goblins exhibit the ability to control the laws of physics and manage to play with the to their tastes, managing to deny and annul them or even change or create new laws. They show themselves capable of canceling other forms of energy launched against you, erasing them even those used by blood means to use their powers, being this ability effective with any form or type of energy.

Level 61-90: Goblins can now affect time and also dimensional worlds, destroying them, being able to erase an individual's timelines thus erasing the opponent's existence at will, not requiring an attack with such an effect. Goblins can take their reality control to a more childlike area by being able to release / use reality / layers of reality to form various attacks of various forms and / or intensities, designed, used as part of melee attacks, etc. After the impact, the attack can cause damage or distort the reality around what to achieve, affecting all plans of that reality (be it physical, mental, spiritual, dimensional, etc.).

Level 91-120: Through their control over reality, the offspring can change their attributes, making them bigger than usual, even for a few rounds (4 rounds, 3 times per event), The Goblin can challenge the reality interacting with things that don't exist, as if they were there, not limited to actions and events, but also to the properties of matter and energy, to physics, as well as to space and time, which means that it can interact with long distances as if they were close, lifting heavy objects as if they were light objects, etc. Just as they have complete and absolute control over their own being, allowing it to manipulate its shape, density, size, that is, solid, liquid, gaseous or pure energy. They can spread their shape into smaller segments that maintain their ability to transform and recombine as they wish. Being able to assume any form he can imagine, regardless of the laws of Physics and Logic, other beings cannot interfere in this control or even force the goblin to regress to its base form unless he wishes or is more powerful than this.

Level 121-150: Goblins through thought can instantly develop powers or abilities to deal with threats or their bodies learn dynamically from experience. Reactive effects can be permanent or temporary. For example, after a certain situation, the user's skin may become more resistant. They may exhibit increased IQ after a difficult test or heightened emotions after a personal discussion. The elf can read different languages ​​after moments of research or withstand a constant bombardment of radiation. They can develop Improved Speed ​​after being hit, or increase Dermal Armor, or gain the opposite power from their opponent. (They can use the reactive adaptation only 3 times per event or saga, not being permanent, lasting only that event or saga).

Level 151-200: Your ability now manages to break your opponents' immunities and cannot be undone by inferior or even canceled beings.

Level 201-250: Your control over reality reaches almost absolute levels.

Level 251-300: With this power, the goblins become practically Nigh Omnipotent because they are able to fulfill all their desires, thoughts and dreams, but this power may not be very effective against higher beings depending on the form used.

Pixie World

Level 30: The Goblins live in a world that is beyond any dimension or reality, their location being a complete mystery, only a goblin knows how to get to this place, any other however much he may discover the location will not be able to reach the place. The elves can come and go to this place in order to recover their energy, and can also take their companions with them.

Masters of Magic

Goblins are extremely strong beings, most of their deeds are of magical origin. These beings have magical control so powerful that they can rival Merlin himself.

Level 1-10: Initially, the Goblins can use simple forms of magic, being able to create spells and enchantments and even create runes of various feats, whether offensive, defensive or aimed at support.

Level 11-25: Goblins can now use spells and enchantments from other gods, as well as they can also negate and nullify other beings' spells / enchantments and runes, and may also interfere in their control.

Level 26-35: Goblins are already able to steal their opponents' gift of magic, preventing them from using any type of magic or even magical abilities.

Level 36-50: You can now freely manipulate magical energy and also mysticism for various purposes.

Level 51-99: Now acquires control over white arts and black arts (white magic and black magic)

Level 100-150: You already acquire control over all spells, managing to use them naturally.

Level 151-200: Your control over the spell becomes tremendous which can now affect even immune to it.

Divine power

The Goblins were responsible for the creation of all existing divinities, such beings also demonstrate the ability to manipulate divine energy to their tastes to achieve the most varied feats.

Level 1-10: Initially, the elves have the ability to generate and manipulate divine energy in its primordial essence, which allows them the ability to generate, design and create constructs of pure divine energy. A special feature of the divine energy created by the elves is that it cancels out the other energies that come in contact with it, this being canceled only by more powerful beings, that is, at least category five.

Level 11-25: They then reach the ability to manipulate the divine energy present inside someone or in the environment, thus managing to manipulate the attacks created from someone's energy (Only the created ones, made through manipulation will not be manipulated) , they can also create their own matter and other sources of energy, they also have the ability to cancel, remove or neutralize the energy of beings of lower power level, making them human for as long as they wish. They can also regenerate physical, mental or astral wounds in someone.

Level 26-35: Your control over energy becomes greater, allowing for things like giving someone powers, taking away their divine essence or simply exchanging it, such as exchanging the powers of a son of Zeus for those of a son of Thor. However, it only affects beings of lower power.

Level 36-50: They then reach the capacity to increase the capacities of their companions on a quasi-absolute scale and with global reach for as long as they wish.

Level 51-99: The reach of your power becomes planetary, allowing feats like manipulating the atmosphere, ecosystem and even the four fundamental forces.

Level 100-150: Your divine energetic power becomes absolute, allowing the ability to revive up to three dead and bring a being from the erasure of existence.

Level 151-200: At this level, your energetic capacity allows you to even control quantum energy, being able to control all other forms of energy - mystical or not - in an unlimited and absolute way, even having science below your feet. They are now able to revive up to five beings, recreating up to three.

Level 201-250: Your power now allows you to revive an unlimited number of people, and can recreate up to three beings.

Level 251-300: At the height of their power, they have almost no restrictions, thus achieving feats such as recreating entire solar systems or dimensions.

Mischief Eyes

Level 100: The eyes give an enhanced power to the elf's generic abilities and each eye can also awaken different powerful hidden techniques. It can also copy the opponent's active skills and use during that particular fight (You need to see the skill)

PS: Lasts 3 rounds - 1 time per event


Energy Absorption

We are a family owned and operated business.

The elves demonstrate the ability to absorb energy for their own body managing to use it against their opponents, being able to increase their capacities and even generate constructs, bursts and attacks using these determined energies, however this absorption is not permanent, after a certain time the offspring will end up losing the energy they absorbed, otherwise they may die.


Level 1-25: The goblin can absorb worldly energies (such as nuclear energy, wind energy, etc.). You can keep this energy in your body for up to 3 rounds, managing to use it as a means of strengthening yourself, or use it offensively against your opponents.


Level 26-35: The goblin can now absorb divine and spiritual energies. Managing to keep this in your body for up to 4 rounds.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 36-50: The offspring can absorb almost all types of existing energy, now being able to absorb cosmic and magical energy. Being able to keep this energy in your body for up to 5 rounds.


Level 51-99: Can absorb any type of existing energy, even energy from destruction (if the energy of destruction comes from a being more powerful or with more levels than the offspring, it will not be able to absorb). The offspring can only absorb energies from destruction on a medium scale, managing to absorb attacks that at most can eventually erase an entire city (after absorbing it must disperse energy quickly, or after 2 rounds it will self-extinguish), if it exceeds this it will self-extinguish of existence.

Supreme Quantum Manipulation

Level 300: Goblins can manipulate quantum physics, a branch of physics that explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. With perfect quantum manipulation, the goblin can enter alien dimensions, open portals through vortexes and boomtubes, dimensional voids and open wormholes and survive a black hole. They can also insert different timelines / dimensions.

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