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Lady of Magic

To describe a person's personality is to limit its aspects, we never put what we really are for two reasons: the prevention of our image, and the lack of knowledge about ourselves. The truth is that we don't even know ourselves entirely, no matter how much we believe it does. I'm going to talk a little bit about the personality I carry, but know that I am much more than that. I can describe myself as an authentic and acid woman, sometimes kind and sometimes charismatic. Even though I have a strong and complex personality, I carry a little wisdom with me, and unlike before, I don't go out barbing without much need. Or at least I don't do it that often. I don't always hesitate to measure my words, and because I am so “opinionated” I sometimes end up not seeing other people's perspectives, hurting them without intention. I can tell you how rare it is sometimes that I lose patience or posture, something that I value in myself, so I tend to try to reverse the situation with elegance, majesty and a little debauchery, perhaps because of that I am judged as disdainful and unnerving, and not that I am not, but I try my best not to show. I still have difficulty in creating bonds, this being a socially immense obstacle for me, so my intimate cycle is too small, the lack of trust in others is one of the biggest issues, but after I manage to build the beginning of it, I choose between; maintain the feat or deepen development. Well, as you can see my ego is big and I know it, but it is somewhat flexible, so to speak. I never submit myself to situations that can hurt you deeply, but it also doesn't mean that I can't let you down at times; what I normally do is put it on the scale. They usually say that my tongue is sharper than a double-edged sword, but don't worry about that, I won't cut you with it; unless you beg.


FULL NAME: Elise Simmons Chevalier

GOD: Samhain

HEIGHT: 1.70





RACE: Semi-Demon


1 ° The Illusion.

2nd Murderer of Ymir.

3 ° The Carrier of Satanic Fire.

4 ° Five Supreme Gods.

5 ° Former Carrier of the Phoenix

6th Chosen by the Phoenix.

7th Ex-Carrier of the Essence of Baphomet.

8th Grand Duchess Of Nightmares.

9 ° Marked by Fire.

10th Holy Queen Farm.



I could start by introducing myself formally with name and surname, but let's skip this bureaucracy, I believe you already know who I am, and if you say no, I can only deduce two opinions about you: either you are a newcomer who recently arrived; or you are forcing the ignorance about my existence, after all, everyone knows me. Anyway, if you are still reading this far it is because you are really interested in knowing a little bit about my history in the past, in the times when I lived a common and human life, so without further ado I will tell you a part of it, this space is for this after all. I was born in the midst of a summer solstice, exactly on the longest day and the shortest night of the year, when the sun was shining even more than on previous days. At least it was and should be. During my birth the clouds dyed pink rose a scarlet color, and the sky darkened to a deeper blue than the night. The moon positioned itself in front of the sun blocking most of the sun's rays leaving the earth mercy in the darkness. Lyon stayed that way for a short time, until I finally went out into the world. That day was marked in the history of the city as "Signe de Dieu" by the Christians and "Phénomène Cosmique" by the scientists. And all these deductions, if they were comical at the end of it, I was already the daughter of a magical demon, and what had happened was nothing related to what churches worship, or what scientists believed; it was simply powerful and inexplicable magic. In case you don't know, Lyon is the third largest city in France, close to the capital known as Paris, or city of light. I cannot say that my childhood was “easy” because I was the only one to be born on the exact day that the mystical phenomena occurred, because of this I carried a burden on my back. Some treated me really well, others a little bad based on their belief, each had their own definite opinion about me and my birth, and I also had mine; I was not only singular, I was bigger and better than they could be, and that was a fact that no one could refute. In schools, treatment with me was indifferent, teachers loved me and maybe because of that I ended up having some difficulties to create an intimate cycle, I didn't get one until I was ten. It is a hunch but perhaps most of my acid and boastful personality came from the rotten life experience I had in schools, surrounded by self-centered and hypocritical people. There was a time when debauchery and irony became my personal defense mechanism against evil looks and gossip, and I was not even twelve in that. When I turned sixteen my name was already on the covers of renowned magazines in the world, I had discovered a gift in a musical theater play that singing, acting and parading was my strongest point. I was literally a celebrity today. Adolescence was a great time in my life, and one of the things I did most often in the media world was to take a man's “dirt” and turn it into rivers of diamonds; or views. For a moment I thought it would be like this all my life, the idea was not bad and I had already gotten used to it, but as not everything is a bed of roses, I received a tsunami of thorns when I turned eighteen. My career had just ended, travel abroad happened periodically, and when I wasn't behind the cameras or over the catwalks, I was gathering information that could boost my career even more. And digging inside information was even easier in business aviation, when I was assumed to be a flight attendant, rather than owning the plane. I was determined to leave the house and would talk to my mother about it the next morning, just out of respect since I no longer needed her permission, but before I had the opportunity to open my mouth I ended up winning the tsunami in bed, at dawn. His words would react like a thermal shock to my body, it was the cold gusts after a steam bath. His voice was shaky and seemed to be desperate when he came to tell me, as if his life; or my life depended on it. It took me a while to process so much missing information, I don't know if it was because I didn't even get out of bed or because believing it seemed to be insane. Discovering a part of my life that was never mentioned, knowing who my father was and what he was, was nowhere near what I felt when I learned what my real origin was. I lived a lie inside my little pink bed, while in fact it was bathed in blood. Apparently I only knew about the tip of the iceberg, not the whole one. That same day we argued for hours and hours, until I finally made up my mind what I wanted, and took a position in my life, so I ended up going after answers. I left the house as planned, but I didn't go to the apartment in the capital as I wanted, I ended up in a half-blooded camp, before being divided by mythologies, full of people who could be similar to me. This was the place she had mentioned in the conversation ... Anyway, in short this is a part of my story, at least the beginning of it told superficially, without any such deep revelation or intriguing details that it has. Of course, before and after that some things happened that shook my psychological, and it also helped me to mature a little. In fact I am no longer the old Elise as it is in the story, maybe just a little bit of it, but this is due to so many painful and unimaginable experiences that I went through, so I was forced to mature. There are stories I can tell you about what I went through, but they stayed for the next opportunity, I am tired of revealing so much about my life without knowing anything about you, and without even having the least intimacy. So, see you later, cher.

Mesmo que houvessem distorcido seu pedido, e muito. Depois de crescido, sua mãe o entregou a um mosteiro católico, onde o garoto sofrera abusos físicos, psicológicos e até sexuais, tanto dos padres e bispos, quanto dos garotos mais velhos que moravam no local. Teve seus poderes reprimidos por sessões de tortura em forma de penitência, até não aguentar. O privavam de comida, de suas necessidades higiênicas e até mesmo fisiológicas. Era hora de dar um basta. Era hora de matá-los todos. E assim o fez. Uma explosão de energia tomou seu corpo, no quarto ou quinto ano seguido em que ocupava um quartinho de 10 m². Eles tentaram lutar. Eles tentaram fugir. Não sobrou um. Banhado de sangue e restos mortais, Erick teria sua alma lavada. Teria descoberto em si o monstro que podia ser. Era isso que Deus queria? O garoto não sabia ao certo. Apenas sabia que não necessitava somente de sobreviver. Ele precisava de uma vida. Uma família, amigos, pessoas que o amassem. Entre devaneios e roupas roubadas, encontrou o Acampamento. Encontrou a família da qual tanto precisava. Encontrou o apoio e a moral da qual necessitava para viver. Já dentro do Acampamento, fez de tudo para ajudar e salvar seus aliados, como lutar contra seres de poder inacreditavelmente maior que o seu e ainda se submeter a ultrajes divinos e negociações com líderes de estado com índole duvidosa. Lutou contra divindades traidoras ao lado de Atena e seus aliados com Armaduras de Ouro e ajudou a desmascarar os planos malignos de Cratos e restaurar a paz entre os deuses e semideuses. Teve contato com Jesus, seu salvador, que o fez reconhecer a importância do perdão, tanto para com outros quanto para consigo mesmo. Na tentativa de salvar seus queridos aliados gregos, tornou-se uma marionete de Ahazael e Tehom para seus fins malignos, realizando atos dos quais ele se arrepende até o dado momento, como tentar matar campistas demoníacos e a própria Imperadora Suprema Aurora, à qual possuía máximo respeito. Sabia que devia à ela, e o mínimo que podia fazer era ajudar a salvar sua vida, mesmo que ficasse na mira de um dos seres mais poderosos do universo, e assim o fez: com a ajuda de um feitiço de Merlin e de Drake Rosenfield, matou os filhos de Bryan Simmons e os deu em forma de cinzas para Aurora comer. Ajudou, no final das contas, a acabar com a Entidade Tehom, que buscava o extermínio deles. E o resto, é história para boi dormir.

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