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Exú Caveira before being an entity, Tatá Caveira lived in physical land, just like all of us. We believe that he was born in 670 AD, and lived until December 698, in Egypt, or according to the entity itself, "In my sacred land, on the banks of the Great River". The myths have several explanations for what is Exú in particular Caveira is a very old entity.

His name was Próculo, of Roman origin, given in honor of the head of the Roman Guard at that time. Also called João Caveira and Tata Caveira.

Próculo lived in a village, being part of a very humble family. Throughout his life, he struggled to grow and accumulate wealth, mainly in the form of goats, camels and land. At that time, to have a woman it was necessary to buy her from her father or guardian, and this was the motivation that led Próculo to strive so hard for financial growth.

Próculo actually lived a great passion for a girl who had been raised with him since he was a child, as a friend. However, his caution made him accumulate a lot of wealth, as he did not want to run the risk of having his desire for union refused by the girl's father.

Fate played a bitter trick on Próculo, because his blood brother, knowing the intention that Próculo had in relation to the girl, was the key to a very serious betrayal. Just when Próculo managed to acquire more than half of the village where they lived, thus being sure that no one could offer more money for the girl, he was stabbed in the back by his own brother, who bought her hours earlier. In fact, the girl was bought the night before the morning that Próculo intended to fulfill his request.

Upon hearing what happened, Próculo was extremely hurt by his brother, but he respected him because he was the blood of his own blood. His brother, although older, was very envious and did not own half the wealth that Proculo had accumulated.


Appearance: The children of Caveira are endowed with great beauty, their hair is as black as at night, thin and extremely straight. The eyes follow the black color, golden or even red, responsible for giving a severe and morbid look. The body is sculpturally pale and defined.

Personality: They tend to be cold and calculating, like their father. Faced with any situation that involves death, the children are unshakable, as if a reason for suffering and loss did not exist for them.


Passive Powers



Exu Caveira has had many lives on earth and even today he reincarnates. One of his lives was that of a simple man named Proculo. It happens, however, that many things that happened in your incarnated life passed into your spiritual life, in the form of powers. These who were passed on by their offspring at birth.


Level 1-10: Próculo had a simple origin, but in life managed to save enough money to own 50% of his village. Thus, the offspring will have great wealth, obtaining twice as many diamonds and drachmas in the missions.


Level 11-25: Próculo had his village attacked by the wealth it held, which aroused great fury in him and the other 49 survivors of the attack. Thus, the offspring will be able to awaken the most powerful fury of their enemies, taking them to their control, attacking all but the offspring.


Level 26-35: Próculo and the 49 survivors were filled with a deep hatred against their enemies, the same that has not disappeared from their history. The offspring will have part of this hatred inherited from their parent, inducing hatred among people, even those who have great haste between two people.


Level 36-50: Próculo and the 49 survivors sought revenge, but failed terribly, resulting in their death. Revenge is a characteristic present in the existence of Exu Caveira's offspring, be it yours or that of another. Anyone who has someone who wants to take revenge on him, the offspring will deal 75% more damage.


Spiritual Plan


Exu Caveira belongs to the spiritual realm, being able to see both spirits and people in the spirit world. Offspring, even though they have a physical body, also belong to their parent's plan. Spirits include souls of the dead and local spiritual entities.


Level 1-30: The offspring will be able to talk to spirits, see them in their plan and touch them as it belongs to both plans.


Level 31-60: The offspring can ask favors from the spirits, who will obey the offspring, which can be from investigating places, guiding you through places, warning of dangers, or even possessing bodies of people / beings weaker than the offspring.


Level 61-90: The offspring will be able to personify that spirit and give their power to it, thus materializing it with all powers (those of the spirit) while the offspring itself becomes a spirit until the end of 4 rounds, without being able to affect in any way none the physical plane. The offspring can do this 2 times per event.


Fire resistance


Proculum died burning at the stake, as did other people. In other versions of his story, he again burns to death. Thus, he and his offspring developed an unusual fire resistance.


Level 1-20: The offspring will not be hurt as much by the fire, having a small resistance to it.


Level 21-40: The offspring have a medium fire resistance.


Level 41-60: The offspring have a high resistance to fire, and those who have the same level as him do no more damage to him.


Level 61-80: The offspring have a very high resistance, most flames are no longer able to do anything to him.


Level 81-100: The offspring have such resistance to the element that only the flames of someone more powerful than they can do something to it.


Exu incarnations


It is said that Exu Caveira and the other exus reincarnated many times on earth, even after being named exus. When he returns to the spiritual plane, Exu Caveira remembers all his times that he was reincarnated and the offspring will inherit those memories, also acquiring their experiences and abilities that they had in life.


Level 1-20:

• Hunter: The offspring will have all the knowledge of a skilled hunter, knowing all the techniques used by them.


Level 21-40:

• Mage: The offspring will have a magical aura that will protect them from magical attacks, decreasing the damage caused by them by 50%.


Level 41-60:

• Prophet: The offspring may enter a trance in which they may have glimpses of future moments, and cannot be caught by surprise attacks.


Level 61-80:

• Monk: The offspring will be able to manipulate their inner (vital) energy to strengthen part of their body by 100%.


Level 81-100:

• Priest: The offspring will be able to sing a song that will protect them from dark and demonic powers, and may even purify places with great negative energy.


Level 101-120:

• Shaman: The offspring will be able to resonate their soul with that of other spirits and then materialize them in the form of weapons with the resistance of the vibranium.


Level 121-140:

• Jesuit: The offspring will be able to resist attacks from demons and infernal beings, being even dangerous for those who try to attack him. He will also have immunity from Christian attacks and reduced powers by Christian powers.


Strengthening by Blood


After being taken by hatred and induced by terrible actions by his executioners, Exu Caveira walked for a long time spreading destruction wherever he went, killing men, women and children, without distinction, pity or mercy, only anger and cruelty. With so much blood spilled, the offspring acquired the ability to strengthen themselves through the blood of their enemies.


Level 1-20: Upon seeing your enemy's blood, your stats will all increase by 25%. Eating it will restore 10% of its energy and deal 15% more damage to that specific enemy.


Level 21-40: When you see your enemy's blood, your stats will all increase by 50%. Eating it will restore 20% of its energy and deal 30% more damage to that specific enemy.


Level 41-60: When you see your enemy's blood, your stats will all increase by 100%. Eating it will restore 30% of its energy and deal 45% more damage to that specific enemy.


Level 61-80: When you see your enemy's blood, your stats will all increase by 150%. Ingesting it will restore 40% of its energy and deal 60% more damage to that specific enemy.


Level 81-100: When you see your enemy's blood, your stats will all increase by 200%. Ingesting it will restore 50% of its energy and deal 75% more damage to that specific enemy.




Taking into account the many lives he had and his work at each disembodiment, Exu ended up acquiring great experience and skills, among them immunities to many things.


Level 1-30: After his painful disembodiment, Exu Caveira acquired immunity to pain, no longer feeling it at all. His death was caused by the influence of evil spirits that induced great hatred in him in one of his lives, but after becoming Exu Caveira, he acquired immunity to any action of evil spirits and also to any kind of induction of feelings. These immunities will be inherited by the offspring.


Level 31-60: In one of his incarnations, Exu Caveira was a wizard, which granted him immunity to sorcery (not the same as magic) and curses. Exu Caveira also prioritizes loyalty to others above anything, so nothing that is done will make you turn against yours, no matter the way. These immunities will be inherited by the offspring.


Level 61-90: Finally, Exu Caveira, after being manipulated by his former executioners, becomes immune to any control imposed on him by others. Exu also acquired special immunity from immortals. Your job of making the right price pay can't be stopped by anything, not even by immortals, so your attacks will allow you to affect immortals as they would affect mortals, because nothing will get in the way of your function. These immunities will be inherited by the offspring.




When he became an Exu, Exu Caveira developed a higher speed, also due to the characteristic of his body becoming lighter, in this case, a skeleton, which allows him to even walk on water.


Level 1-10: Your speed is 200 km / h.


Level 11-25: Your speed is 400 km / h.


Level 26-35: Your speed is 600 km / h.


Level 26-50: Your speed is 800 km / h.


Level 51-99: Your speed is 1000 km / h.


Level 100-150: Your speed is 1200 km / h.


Level 151-200: Your speed is 1400 km / h.


Level 201-250: Its speed is 1600 km / h.


Level 251-300: Its speed is 1800 km / h.




Level 100: Exu Skull is neither good nor bad, he is fair, never exaggerating too much for anyone, always being in the right measure. If someone deserves good things in life, then Eshu on the spiritual plane will bring happiness to that person, and vice versa. This became a skill for their offspring. Upon reaching this level, any enemy found by the offspring that has a higher level will be weakened until it reaches its level.




Level 1: "Understanding and studying, to judge with due wisdom". This is one of the important commitments that exus must fulfill in their work. Being Exu Caveira's offspring, the offspring will also have to comply with this rule. When the situation demands, the offspring will have at their disposal a great wisdom that will help them to judge wisely what they should do.




After his death, Exu Caveira wandered for a long time with his spiritual body, deteriorating until he became a "worm", in the words of Exu himself in his letter. However, he was able to heal himself with the help of his master, which later granted him a regeneration ability, which was passed on to his offspring.


Level 1-20: Offspring can heal minor injuries in a matter of seconds.


Level 21-40: The offspring can heal medium wounds in a matter of seconds.


Level 41-60: The offspring can heal deep wounds in a matter of seconds.


Level 61-80: The offspring can heal serious injuries in a matter of seconds.


Level 81-100: Even if on the verge of death, the offspring can heal in less than a minute, but cannot regenerate limbs.



Active Powers

Revenge of the Algozes


Even after killing them, Exu Caveira was chased by his former executioners, those who took his wife's life in one of their lives, but they pay for their crimes by serving the offspring. The offspring of Exu Caveira will be able to call them, invoking and materializing them in the form of skeletons. They will have the same speed as the offspring.


Level 1-10: The offspring can summon 10 skeletons, all of which will be knights, that is, carrying swords.


Level 11-25: Offspring can summon 30 skeletons.


Level 26-35: The offspring can summon 60 skeletons, now half of them will be archers.


Level 36-50: The offspring can summon 90 skeletons.


Level 51-99: The offspring can summon 140 skeletons, now a fourth will be an archer and the others will be wizards capable of releasing fireballs.




In one of his past lives, Exu Caveira had a noble origin. He ended up purchasing a carriage which allows his offspring to invoke for locomotion.


Level 1-20: The carriage has the strength of steel and has a horse pulling it that has twice the speed of the offspring, taking up to 5 people in it. You can traverse any type of terrain without any problems.


Level 21-40: The carriage has the strength of steel and has three horses pulling it which has three times the speed of the offspring, taking up to 10 people in it. The offspring can disconnect one of the horses from the carriage and ride on it. With the horse, he will have a powerful whip that can cut the resistance equivalent of the offspring's shadow constructs.


Level 41-60: The carriage has the strength of steel and has five horses pulling it which has four times the speed of the offspring, taking up to 25 people in it. You can run on water without any problems. You can release 5 horses, now also purchasing a pistol that fires weapons with the ability to pierce the offspring's own shadow constructs. On the other horses, they will have dark copies of their offspring.


Level 61-80: The carriage has the strength of steel and has ten horses pulling it which has five times the speed of the offspring, taking up to 50 people in it. The offspring can also summon only 10 horses (that is, without summoning the carriage) with 9 copies of their own, maintaining the same characteristics as before. Now the horses will be able to breathe fire.


Level 81-100: The carriage has the strength of steel and has twenty horses pulling it which has six times the speed of the offspring, taking up to 100 people in it. The carriage can now fly through the skies. The offspring will be able to summon 20 horses with their copies on top of the others. Hunting dogs will run alongside you at the same speed as horses, with claws and jaws capable of breaking vibranium.



Level 30: Exu Caveira is one of the Exus guardians and he makes people pay for what they did in their past lives, if someone is good, they will receive good things, if more, calamities will occur in their life. Everything that goes around comes around. So will the ability of the offspring. She will be able to touch her enemy and transfer all the damage she received in combat to the enemy, whatever the source of the wound. That way, the offspring will heal from their wounds and restore 50% of their energy while their opponent receives full damage and I know tiredness.


The destroyer


Exu Caveira went into an uncontrollable state of fury, which resulted in his loneliness and the destruction of several places. The offspring may incarnate their parent's wrath, undergoing a simple transformation, with a skull mask on their face and reddened eyes.


Level 20-50: Upon entering this state, the offspring will have their speed increased by 3 times and their strength will be able to destroy diamonds due to their fury that allows them to overcome the natural limits of their body. The offspring will receive a long, thin sword with the vibranium resistance.


Level 51-80: Upon entering this state, you will have 4 times your speed and the strength to destroy adamantium. With the tip of your sword, you will be able to carve the same from the earth, injecting shadows from the earth, and summon a zombie legion to fight by your side, including even those who died moments before will return (and if they do, they can use their powers). They will have no souls and cannot be controlled by anyone other than their offspring.


Level 81-110: Upon entering this state, you will have 5 times your speed and the strength to destroy vibranium. While in this state, the offspring will have perfect control of the flames and can use them in combat.


Note: The transformation lasts 5 rounds, as well as the legion, sword and fire control that will disappear as soon as the transformation is over.




Exu Caveira has a strong meaning with the past, not with its own, but with those of others. The return of something has great significance for the Exu Caveira, and it became his power, as well as that of his offspring.


Level 1-20: Offspring can reduce the level of their enemies by 10.


Level 21-40: Offspring can reduce the level of their enemies by 20.


Level 41-60: Offspring can reduce their enemies' level by 30.


Level 61-80: Offspring can reduce the level of their enemies by 40.


Level 81-100: Offspring can reduce the level of their enemies by 50.


Level 101-130: Offspring can revive an ally, 1 time per event.


Level 131-160: The offspring can revive, 1 time per event.




As a being from the other world and having a dark past and origin, Exu acquired powers to control the shadows, which was passed on to his offspring.


Level 1-20: Has small-scale control of shadows and can form constructs with the strength of steel.


Level 21-40: Has medium-scale control of shadows and can form constructs with the strength of titanium.


Level 41-60: Has large-scale control of shadows and can form constructs with diamond resistance.


Level 61-80: Has perfect control of the shadows and can form constructs with the resistance of adamantium.


Level 81-100: It has global scale control of the shadows and can form constructs with vibranium resistance.




Exu Caveira is like a guardian spirit of someone, and also acts in the place around that person. Being a guardian, he acquired powers to perform his function.


Level 1-30: Offspring can absorb negative feelings from a person or group, thus calming and strengthening them, increasing their attributes by 30%. The offspring will also be able to use their spiritual energy to generate a shield that can be used for their defense, which serve both for the physical and the spiritual, having the strength of their wooden constructs. He can also create a sword with the same characteristics.


Level 31-60: The offspring can become invisible for 3 rounds, and disappear when necessary, reappearing somewhere a few meters away. The offspring can affect the spiritual plane itself with their body, being able to directly reach the soul of an enemy in this way, their hands becoming skeletal and entering his body.


Level 61-90: The offspring may, as long as they are stronger than the victim (if they are stronger, need their permission), remove the souls of others from their body, without killing them, and can return them when they wish , or simply stop them from coming back. The offspring also acquire the ability to possess the bodies of others, thus remaining for a few rounds, up to 5 in those weaker than the offspring, 3 of the same level and 2 of the strongest.




Level 60: Offspring inherited their parent's characteristic of being loyal to their groups, someone who would never turn their back on them. The offspring will be able to sing a song that will strengthen their allies, increasing their attributes by 100%.




Level 50-100: The offspring may take some spirit and incorporate it within themselves, acquiring the ability to use their powers (if they have them), but limited to the level of the offspring. When incorporating a spirit, the offspring will have their appearance changed to that of the spirit when in life. The incorporation will last 4 rounds.


Level 101-150: Offspring may incorporate more than one spirit, but it will not be possible to use the powers of all of them. Instead, he will be able to concentrate all their energy in a melee weapon (at the player's choice), having the resistance of the vibranium, and being able to affect both the body and the soul of the enemy. Offspring can keep souls together for up to 5 rounds.




Level 150: Exu Caveira is one of the Exus responsible for people's disembodiment. Upon reaching this level, the offspring acquire a special ability. By touching it and concentrating a little, the offspring can force the person to disincarnate, removing his soul from his body, as well as all his vital energy, thus killing him. Then, the offspring can order the newly dead to rise. He will have gray and wrinkled skin, but will be able to use the same powers he had in life, thus making the servant of the offspring. When the offspring wishes, he can send the person to the other world.


Soul King Form


The offspring, after reaching a certain level, will acquire a transformation, a total representation of their awakened powers. The offspring will be dressed in an expensive black suit, with a white dress shirt with ruffles on the edge, a purple vest with golden details, a red scarf around the neck and a cape on their shoulders that reaches to the feet. On your head, you will have a black hat with purple ribbon in it. In your hand, you will have a cane that ends in a skull, the object having the resistance of the Divine Iron.


The offspring will have the speed of 6 Mach and the strength to resist the destruction of an entire country, while also acquiring absolute control over darkness and spirits. The skull of the cane allows the offspring to shoot rays that devastate neighborhoods, release a very powerful light that blinds enemies, generate an iron barrier and ropes with the vibranium resistance that bind the enemy. The offspring can also discard the underside of the cane, revealing a sword wrapped in an aura of the offspring itself. With the aura, the offspring can attack with the sword and can create a shock wave, freeze the wounds caused by the sword's attack immediately when causing them.


Level 180-200: The transformation will take 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: The transformation will take 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: The transformation will take 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: The transformation will take 5 rounds.


Note: Reload time of 10 rounds after the end of use.

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