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Giants (in Greek, in the singular: Γίγας, in the plural: Γίγαντες), in Greek mythology, was a race of great strength and aggression, although not necessarily of great size, known for Gigantomakhía (Γιγαντομαχία), its battle with the gods of Olympus . According to Hesiod, the giants were children of Gaia (Earth), born from the ichor that fell on her when Uranus (Heaven) was castrated by her son, the titan Cronos.

Archaic and classical representations show the giants as hoplite men (ancient Greek soldiers heavily armed) fully human in their form. Later representations (after c. 380 BC) show the giants with snakes in place of legs. In later traditions, the giants were often confused with other opponents of the Olympic athletes, especially the Titans, an earlier generation of great and powerful sons of Gaia and Uranus. The vanquished giants were said to be buried under volcanoes, and so this was the cause of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


Appearance: The giants are huge, ranging in size from 2 to 5 meters in height, are muscular and have a great physical appearance

Personality: They are aggressive and angry, easily irritated, and can often attack others for silly reasons


Passive Powers
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Abnormal Body


The giants arose from the drops of blood of Uranus which Gaia indirectly generated the Giants.

Level 1: Their bodies are extremely hot, constantly releasing hot steam from all over them, making the area around the giant difficult to stay for a long time, being a kind of protection for them, since they will be protected against low temperatures. Their bodies, even when in large sizes, demonstrate an extreme lightness that allows them to fight their combats without feeling heavy.

Ps: The bodies of the giants are not affected by the steam they release, and with each passing round the steam gets even hotter.

Improved Strength

These offspring have an incredibly high Strength, surpassing any Greek monster. Their body is adapted to their own strength, so they can resist attacks of the same impact.

Level 1-10: They can easily destroy blocks. In addition to jumping up to 20 meters.

Level 11-25: They can easily destroy entire neighborhoods. In addition to jumping up to 40 meters.

Level 26-35: They can easily destroy entire cities and mountains. In addition to jumping up to 60 meters.

Level 36-50: Can easily destroy regions. In addition to jumping up to 80 meters.

Level 51-99: They can easily destroy entire states. In addition to jumping up to 100 meters.

Level 100-150: You can easily destroy entire countries. In addition to jumping up to 120 meters.

Level 151-200: Can easily destroy entire nations. In addition to jumping up to 140 meters.

Divine Resistance

They were created by Gaia with a means of revenge against the Olympians who imprisoned their children the Titans. Being creatures capable of rivaling gods this allows them to have great resistance.

Level 1-20: Demonstrate a great resistance to perforations, having an armored body, and cannot be perforated by inferior metallic alloys such as titanium. Their bodies are able to move even when they are under strong pressure.

Level 21-40: Your bodies develop resistance to physical kinetic and energy attacks.

Level 41-60: They already show a high resistance to physical and energy attacks.

Level 61-80: Their bodies now show a great resistance to the increase in gravity, managing with great difficulty to remain standing (depends a lot on how much the gravity has been increased).

Level 81-100: Demonstrate internal resistance, which allows them to resist attacks that involve their internal.

Living conditions

Level 100: The giants in mythology were created with a single purpose, to oppose the Olympians, for this reason, these giants inherit from their ancestors one of the several protections that Gaia granted to the giants. This protection consists of protecting the giant, preventing it from dying in combat for anything apparently; being the only way to really kill him, is if a god (divine forms too) and a human kill him together.

Improved regeneration

One of the protections imposed by her mother during her upbringing was the ability to heal when injured. It also gave them the ability to increase their healing process through the creation of the gods, which is human beings. Whenever these creatures come to devour humans, their healing powers may rise slightly, decreasing the regeneration time, sometimes becoming minimal or even instantaneous.

Level 1-10: Small cuts and bleeding not very deep and extensive regenerate.

Level 11-25: They can heal from medium cuts and minor burns at this level.

Level 26-35: Your cuts can be healed quickly, and extensive bleeding as well.

Level 36-50: At this level, you can heal from various external injuries, from hemorrhage to burns of any degree.

Level 51-99: Your body can now heal itself from internal damage, but it still fails if the damage is too deep. At this level, if the giant needs to recover from damage such as loss of limbs, this when touching plants or pure soil, they will be able to regenerate lost limbs, but the plant will die after that, as well as the earth will also become infertile (3 times per event).

Level 100-150: They can heal from internal damage quite easily but there will still be types of damage that cannot be cured, such as genetic changes or removal of vital organs like the heart or brain.

Hot Steam

The steam that the bodies of the giants are heated to incredible temperatures.

Level 1-10: They reach 100 ° C.

Level 11-25: They reach 200 ° C.

Level 26-35: They reach 300 ° C.

Level 36-50: They reach 400 ° C.

Level 51-99: Reach 500 ° C.

Level 100-150: They reach 600 ° C.

Ps: Each round increases +50 ° C.

Active Powers

Size Increase

Gigante's offspring can naturally increase their size, and can encompass this in only specific areas or parts. Only arms, legs, bones and so on can grow.

Level 1-10: You can freely increase your body size up to 30 meters.

Level 11-25: They can increase their size freely up to 60 meters.

Level 26-35: They can increase their size freely up to 90 meters.

Level 36-50: They can increase their size freely up to 120 meters.

Level 51-99: They can increase their size freely up to 150 meters.

Level 100-150: They can increase their size freely up to 180 meters.

Ps: Your body is adapted to your own weight and also to high altitudes, being able to breathe and move freely without difficulties.


Spear of the Giants

The offspring of Giants can raise the spear of the Giants, a weapon created by Gaia for their children the Giants.

Level 1-10: It has an iron-like resistance. They can feel life, and also communicate with animals and plants.

Level 11-25: It has a resistance similar to steel. They can generate small amounts of land and things from it and manipulate it.

Level 26-35: It has a resistance similar to titanium. It can generate small amounts of wind, which allows it to fly.

Level 36-50: It has a diamond-like resistance. They can increase the weight of everything you touch.

Level 51-99: It has a resistance similar to adamantium. They can increase the size of everything you touch.

Level 100-150: It has a resistance similar to vibranium. You can turn everything you touch into an earth statue.

Serpent Mutation

Level 25: The giants are said in some descriptions because they have the arms and legs in the shape of snakes. Thanks to this, these offspring are able, when they wish, to change the shape of their arms and legs in serpents as they wish. It can alter specific parts of the respective members in snakes, such as the fingers.

Ps: All snakes are poisonous, having a lethal toxin, capable of killing those who come in contact with the toxin. Snakes are faithful to their offspring, accepting their orders.

Gigantomachine Armor

These offspring acquire the ability to summon the great armor worn by their ancestors in the gigantomachine which, unlike theirs, contains the blessing of each of the giants who fought in this war, who seek to protect their offspring, or even strengthen them.

Level 1-20: The first blessing is that of the giant Porphyry, which guarantees these offspring the ability to cause their enemies a strong sexual desire, which makes their opponent have such a deep carnal desire for someone, that there will be no limits. so that you can quench that thirst (you may even want to rape your colleague if there is resistance).

Ps: Users of magic higher than that of their offspring, can cancel this ability.

Level 21-40: At this level they receive the blessing of Oto and Elfiades (Aloidas), which allow him to change his vocal cords, thus allowing them to imitate the screams of an owl, once he has done this, all those around you have heard, you will hear in your mind the entire time, until the combat is over or the offspring so choose (after being caught there is no way to stop the screaming).

Level 41-60: At this level the giants Enceladus and Palas grant you a blessing. Now the offspring can materialize the island of Sicily above their opponent, and release it by completely crushing their opponents. Palas, on the other hand, grants the Hardening capacity of its body in a metallic alloy as resistant as diamond.

Level 61-80: The offspring now receive full immunity to the element of fire, granted by Eurito, Clicio and Mimas. Not being affected by this.

Level 81-100: Polibotes grants you the ability to run under liquid surfaces without sinking. Hipolito allows you to see invisible. And alcioneu, allows you or a companion whenever you get killed in combat, and when touching the earth to have your body revived 2 rounds later.

Ps: The armor lasts 5 rounds and can only be used 3 times per event or saga.

Golem Creation

Giants can create golems, human beings made of earth, by shedding some of their blood on the earth. These golems, can have their shape defined according to the player's creativity, and can also attribute to them a Strength and durability / resistance similar to the level of the offspring.

Level 1-10: Can create up to 3 golems. Up to 10 meters.

Level 11-25: Can create up to 6 golems. Up to 20 meters.

Level 26-35: Can create up to 9 golems. Up to 30 meters.

Level 36-50: Can create up to 12 golems. Up to 40 meters.

Level 51-99: Can create up to 15 golems. Up to 50 meters.

Level 100-150: Can create up to 18 golems. Up to 60 meters.

Dancing Fight

The giants are able to temporarily increase their powers in combat, through a dancing combat style. The more he fights dancing, the stronger he gets.

Level 1-10: Increase your physical attributes 2x more.

Level 11-25: Increase your physical attributes 3x more.

Level 26-35: Increase your physical attributes 3x more.

Level 36-50: Increase your physical attributes 4x more.

Level 51-99: Increase your physical attributes 5x more.

Level 100-150: Increase your physical attributes 6x more.

Ps: 3 times per event or saga. Lasts 4 rounds.

Aggressive Mode

Giants are naturally extremely aggressive beings, which is why their bodies release a green aura over their bodies which strongly hardens their body preventing external damage from harming them. In this state the giant feels absolutely no pain, his mind becomes chaotic, thinking only of destroying his enemies by becoming completely irrational.

Level 1-20: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 21-40: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 41-60: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 61-80: Lasts 5 rounds.

Level 81-100: Lasts 6 rounds.

Ps: 3 times per event or saga. In this state, no external damage will affect you, and you can recover from them at an abnormal speed. His only weakness is the back of his neck, injuries in this area can be fatal.


The giants were born from Gaia the Earth and for this reason they inherit a strong connection with this element, which thanks to this they manage to manipulate the earth and its derivatives as it wishes.

Level 50: You can freely generate, control and shape the earth, being able to do whatever you want with it. Being able to control even its derivatives, such as sand, dust, rocks and etc.

Poisonous Aura

It is about the ability to emanate a purple aura over his arms where everything he touches, be it a living being, water and etc. They will be poisoned.

Level 1-10: Initially they can only cause paralysis for 2 rounds.

Level 11-25: Becomes lethal to animals and plants, as well as humans.

Level 26-35: Makes all the victim's senses start to fail seriously, failing to use them for 3 rounds.

Level 36-50: Can poison places like the oceans and entire seas, like your ancestor Polibotes.

Level 51-99: Becomes lethal to demigods.

Premeditation of Toas

The giants achieve an ability inherited from their ancestor Toas who was tasked with defeating the moiras. They have the gift of forethought.

Level 70: The giants will be able to see up to 2 rounds ahead. Thus being able to foresee everything that will happen and thus carry out your movements carefully.

Ps: 1 time per event or saga.

Black Mist

The giants can release a black mist from their mouth, which can undo any kind of magic (spells and their derivatives) from beings with a lower level than the giant. Just like your ancestor Clitio was capable.

Level 1-10: Mist affects an area of ​​up to 15 meters.

Level 11-25: The fog affects an area of ​​up to 25 meters.

Level 26-35: The fog affects an area of ​​up to 35 meters.

Level 36-50: The fog affects an area of ​​up to 45 meters.

Level 51-99: The fog affects an area of ​​up to 55 meters.

Level 100-150: The fog affects an area of ​​up to 65 meters.

Earthquake Generation

Giants can generate huge earthquakes when they are angry.

Level 1-20: They can cause an area of ​​50 meters to suffer a major earthquake.

Level 21-40: It can make an entire neighborhood suffer an earthquake.

Level 41-60: It can make an entire city suffer an earthquake.

Level 61-80: It can make an entire region suffer an earthquake.

Level 81-100: It can make an entire state suffer an earthquake.

Giant's Prison

Level 20: The giants will be able to materialize a huge volcano next to the giant, where it will then erupt spurting lava across the scene, burning everyone who is hit.

Union with Earth

When touching the land the giant can join it, entering it. As long as he stays inside, the giant can have his wounds healed and can travel to other places.

Level 1-10: You can go anywhere near you (within 50 meters).

Level 11-25: You can go anywhere in a nearby neighborhood.

Level 26-35: You can go anywhere in a nearby city.

Level 36-50: You can go anywhere in a nearby state.

Level 51-99: You can go anywhere in a nearby country.

Level 100-150: You can go anywhere on a nearby continent.

Level 151-200: You can go anywhere on the planet.

Anti-Divine Form

The giant finally reaches immense power, reaching the level of the largest of the giants, very reminiscent of its ancestor who opposed Olympus, also known as Typhon.

Being creations of two primordials, these offspring inherit a power compared to that of a god, but different from ordinary demigods, they are able to access a form totally opposite to that of the gods. His body radiates a black energy, which cannot be controlled, that same energy alters the giant's body making him as powerful as the gods that inhabit Olympus. His body grows to immeasurable levels, gaining reptilian wings which were able to completely cover the sun, his head is able to touch the celestial stars, his hands go from east to west, the offspring can also freely change parts of his body to that of reptilian animals, there were 50 dragons on each of its shoulders.

It was capable of spitting fire into torrents, as well as casting incandescent rocks into the sky. In this form the black energy always changes its attributes so that it can stay on the same level as its opponents the gods, these offspring can access the blessing of Thypon that allows them to control all Greek monsters (including offspring) and can also summon them, on this level its control over the land and its derivatives is shown to be absolute.

Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.

Ps: Once per mission.

Complaint gifts



The giants 'treasure is a war hammer designed for the Giants' clan. It is made of more resistant material than steel and weighs approximately 2200 pounds being quite resistant. This hammer is capable of creating huge craters in the ground, and can even totally destroy a person even the body of his opponents.


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