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Hercules (in Greek : Ηρακλής) is the Latin name given by the ancient Romans to the hero of Greek mythology Heracles , son of Zeus ( Jupiter for the Romans) and the mortal Alcmena . Ancient Roman sources indicate that the "imported" Greek hero came to replace an ancient mythological pastor named by the peoples of Italy as Recaranus or Garanus, and who is famous for his physical strength and bravery. While the Hercules myth incorporated much of the Greek character's iconography and mythology, he also had some characteristics and legends that were markedly Roman.


Appearance: He is tall and has great muscles, following the parameters of the Master. He has brown hair and eyes. It has the features and beautiful body, drawing the attention of female people.

Personality: He has extensive knowledge, as well as being patient and has an impressive sense of strategy. He doesn't usually get so easily irritated, but when he feels nervous, his muscles seem to grow and his eyes flare.


Active Powers



Natural Resistance


The followers of Hercules are known for their great motivation and self-confidence in battles, which guides them to always desire new types of combat. Thus their bodies demonstrate a natural resistance that allows them to transcend the impossible so that they can stay in combat.


Level 60: Your bodies will endure just as your master once was able, extremely high gravities compared to the weight of the world on your body if he wants to, as well as your bones are more dense for this reason, they will be able to withstand injuries more severe, avoiding loss of consciousness. His resistance reaches a level where he will always try no matter how difficult it is to transcend his own limits to stay in combat and thus defeat his opponents, bringing difficulties for telekinesis users who are unlikely to break their bones (requiring great mental effort) or any other done, making it difficult for telepaths to be able to influence how to change a memory or feeling they are feeling or feel.



Multiple Weapon Skill


The follower of Hercules has an elevated handling with different weapons that he wants. In addition, he is totally adept at making incredible and unusual maneuvers with them, and can even throw them at his opponents.


Levels 1-10: Even though he is new to the camp, the follower has a high skill that lets him know the basic use of different types of weapons, unlike other campers. Every weapon that it touches is blessed, acquiring the resistance of the iron.


Levels 11-25: Now the follower is able to make more difficult movements with the adaptation of brusquality already with different weapons, even if they are still initial. Resistance now equals steel.


Levels 26-35: Your character can throw different types of weapon at the opponent with certain skill, in addition to obtaining high control with these weapons, being able to perform all the necessary movements without expending part of his energy. At this stage the resistance reaches titanium.


Levels 36-50: Now the character has discovered all the tricks and privileges exercised by the skill with different weapons, being able to control it perfectly, as well as having the ability to make impossible moves with it. Now the resistance is equal to that of the diamond



Champion Strength


Hercules was recognized as the strongest deity of Olympus in terms of physical strength, surpassing even his father Jupiter. Your followers after undergoing hard training they will be able to have enormous strength. Even if she is not yet on the same level as her master, she will still allow her to accomplish many feats.


Level 1-10: The followers of Hercules are capable of destroying houses with one punch (they can easily destroy iron). In addition to making jumps up to 5 meters high and having a speed of 200 km / m.


Level 11-25: They are able to destroy an entire block (you can easily destroy steel). In addition to jumping up to 10 meters in height and having a speed of 400 km / h

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Level 26-35: They are able to destroy a neighborhood (you can easily destroy titanium). In addition to jumping up to 15 meters high and a speed of 600 km / h.


Level 36-50: They are able to destroy an entire city (You can easily destroy diamonds). In addition to making jumps up to 20 meters high, they have a speed of 800 km / h.


Level 51-99: They are able to destroy entire states (you can easily destroy adamantium). In addition to jumping up to 25 meters in height and a speed of 1000 km / h


Level 100-150: Show themselves capable of destroying entire regions (you can easily destroy vibranium). In addition to making jumps up to 30 meters high and having a speed of 1200 km / h.


Level 151-200: They are capable of destroying a country with their punch (you can easily destroy divine iron). In addition to making jumps up to 35 meters high and have a speed of 1400 km / h.


Enhanced Senses


The follower of Hercules has much improved senses.


Level 1-10: The followers have a great perception, being compared to an incredible hunter. Since the beginning of his initiation, his vision and hearing are improved, being able to see great distances of up to 35 meters, being able to include microscopic capabilities in his vision, his eyes being more developed, they can look at the sky without having to worry about the sun blurring your vision. Their hearing extends to a dome where the follower will be able to hear everything at a range of up to 35 meters, being able to hear things that would be humanly impossible, such as the walking of an ant, the breathing of small beings and among other things.


Level 11-25: Your sense of smell and touch, rise in a much greater way than before, allowing your sense of smell to capture even the smallest of odors or smells, making it possible to locate targets easily, being able to find anyone after having memorized your smell the first time. It is as if your sense of smell memorizes every smell you have ever felt in your life, and you can always remember the follower of Hercules. His touch is better able to support his sense of smell, thus being able to locate his victims even better, thanks to his developed touch he is able to perceive everything possible to be perceived by the physical touch on a person, animal, corpse and among other beings . The follower will be able to perceive how a person feels or is feeling through contact, how he reacts to a certain situation, how he died, being able to relive events through his own perception, thus being able to better identify how his victim had been killed.


Level 26-35: Your capabilities are now rising, your senses are extremely enlarged, you can now see up to an area of ​​50 meters easily, having now embedded in your vision, in addition to being able to see perfectly in night environments. Their hearing rises to a unique ability to be able to hear in great quality the sound frequency on large scales (if it is too low or too high it can cause damage to the offspring's ears) being able to hear everything within 50 meters. His touch now rises to psychic sensations where he can feel sensations that are either homicidal, pure, or good. It already acquires a good taste and is now able to do basic things perfectly, being one of the only senses that have been less developed.


Level 36-50: Your vision is now expanded, you can see with some difficulty seeing blots that are actually beings of the spiritual plane, even the powers are seen in the form of blots for the follower, at that level the follower will be able to see invisible beings (like blurs too), without being able to see their face right. Your vision expands up to 80 meters. Already their sense of smell is increased, being able to detect things that the follower was previously incapable, being able to use their sense of smell to smell hormones and pheromones and to distinguish them quickly, being able to use them in a superior way even that of a blind person. Your hearing now expands to a level where you are able to hear things within 80 meters easily.



Father of Strength Divine Items


Hercules' followers were given the ability to summon items that their master once used in combat, to help him.


Level 20-40: The follower will be able to summon a sword and a bow with several arrows that their master used in the battle against the Hydra. Your sword has a durability capable of cutting diamond and materials inferior to this, the sword also has the ability to rebuild itself and to regenerate itself from any damage it suffers. Its bow acquires a very durable texture but at the same time extremely light similar to a hunting bow, managing to use this as a weapon when it has no choices, its bow has an ability to always hit its targets once the follower has placed it in his aim, his quiver has an infinite number of arrows always recreating the arrow after it is removed, these arrows when they hit their victim even if they graze it will transmit the poison from Lerna Hydra which will kill its victim in 3 rounds (in the meantime it will experience breathing difficulties). They are able to penetrate diamond easily.


Level 41-60: The follower of Hercules is able to summon an apple made of divine bronze, that apple increases the strength of Hercules 3x more than normal allowing him to wreak havoc on the stage, that apple is capable of destroying other mundane materials and even styrene iron with its attacks.


Level 61-80: The follower will be able to summon a mantle made of the skin of the lion of Nemea on his back, which is also composed of a hood (made of the lion's head). The lion of Nemea in his time possessed a physical invulnerability that made his skin extremely dense to worldly weapons, thanks to this this costume gains him greater resistance and physical invulnerability. This costume also gives you a change in your instincts, assuming bestial instincts similar to that of a lion managing to intimidate and even cause fear in opponents with weaker levels. In his fists a pair of gloves composed of 5 claws are materialized which allows the follower to cause damage to intangible beings, in addition to a pair of leggings which increases his mobility and agility in the legs 2x more than normal.


Levels 81-100: At this level the follower is able to materialize around his fists a purple aura made of his own vital energy, which will consume his fists and half of his arm with this potent energy, these fists are capable of destroying any existing material including even divine, these fists are able to break barriers and defenses of high level of power or energy, being able to disperse other types of energy or even absorb them and convert them into more raw power and can also acquire certain capacities originating from these energies (like fire that can catch heat, like nuclear energy and among other types of things). It is capable of launching extremely powerful blasts of divine energy with the waving of its fists in vacant fields (in the air), having the same strength as its normal punches (according to the level). When these lions hit their victim's body, the pressure is so great that it causes small kinetic explosions that hurl the victim away if he doesn't have good resistance, as well as causing major internal injuries.


Level 101-120: The Follower, when reaching his peak, obtains full control over these items by matching his master in their use, being able to summon all items in a battle and use them freely for 5 rounds.


PS: Before level 101 you will only be able to summon one of these items at a time, needing to wait 2 rounds to be able to undo the item and summon, if you wish.


Battle Reflexes


Level 1-10: The follower of Hercules has instincts not yet at the supernatural level, but his reaction speed is incredibly trained, being able to react to blows within 0.5 seconds after seeing him, the normal being a human 1.3 seconds, ally to your combat knowledge, you can dodge bullets and arrows when you see them coming your way (not in quick succession).


Level 11-25: Reaches a supernatural level, reacting to blows in 0.3 seconds, after realizing his presence, his reaction speed makes him even able to dodge shots from a long distance without even seeing the bullet, managing to dodge from punch when it is inches from your face and then counter attack, being an exceptional physical combatant.


Level 26-35: Can react to blows even before receiving them, being able to predict the danger up to 1 second before the same happens in its exact location, even if not giving much time, it is something, being able to avoid the rain of bullets towards you or several strokes up to 2x faster than you.


Level 36-50: Your reflexes are at an extremely high level, managing to counteract even beings 3x faster than you, by pure instinct, with your knowledge in combat, it is very unlikely that someone with lower speed will be able to hit you, your prediction even predicts the next 2 seconds of combat (only if the opponent is in sight of the follower), even spells and powers that take by surprise can be felt, like a spider sensor in the area that will be affected, also gaining the ability to think extremely fast in a short time, being able to perfectly plan the entire fight against an army in a short time, being able to dodge various projectiles if you see them being fired, being able to dodge dozens of energy blasts at the speed of sound when you concentrate and predict the direction of the projectiles.


Level 51-99: The Follower reaches the peak of the ability, being able to predict the danger for up to 3 seconds, the follower can counterattack blows from opponents much faster than him, reaching supersonic speeds or up to 10x faster than you stop. REACTION SPEED, but is unable to counter physical attacks at such speed.


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Advanced Regeneration


The followers of Hercules are great warriors thanks to this they acquire good regenerative capacities that help him in combat.


Level 1-10: These followers will be able to recover from minor injuries, such as dislocation or breaking of bones, from illnesses, viruses, radiation, poisons and less serious toxins, their body acquires a resistance against these harms. Piercing, bleeding and damage to the body usually recover slowly according to the degree of your injury.


Level 11-25: Your resistance to physiological harms is improved, to the point of protecting you from diseases and viruses or any similar intruder that tries to enter your body. Small, shallow cuts regenerate easily, while bleeding and puncture tend to take longer. Being able to recover from broken bones.


Level 26-35: Now your regeneration evolves to the point of protecting you from these harms easily, leaving your immune system, thus being able to treat any disease derived from the nine kingdoms, poisons and radiation derived from the nine kingdoms also become almost useless to the offspring which can regenerate from them easily. It is already very resistant to pain, also managing to heal from bigger injuries, deep punctures.


Level 36-50: Your wounds heal in a more accelerated range and can treat medium wounds easily, and can even treat external bleeding. Burns are faster to heal and the skin is faster, the demigod manages to recover from injuries considered fatal to humans. It acquires a longevity, having the effects of old age reduced in addition to the toxins and diseases that become null in your body.


Level 51-99: Reaches the peak of your regeneration by recovering from almost all types of injuries, your regeneration is capable of healing you from injuries that could lead a demigod to death easily even managing to treat internal hemorrhages, achieving treat during their onset thus preventing them from continuing. Your healing process allows you to heal from many things, less from losing limbs.



Excellent fighter


The follower of Hercules since his initiation demonstrates great abilities in fights in the most diverse areas.


Level 1-10: The follower of Hercules initially learns all the existing martial arts, whether using weapons or not. Having a basic knowledge about them.


Level 11-25: Your knowledge is now average, managing to surpass any mundane fighter who is an expert in martial arts.


Level 26-35: Now your knowledge of martial arts comes to a head with perfect knowledge.


Level 36-50: Become an expert in martial arts, even managing to create your own style of fighting using movements encompassed by other martial arts (such as judo; jiu jitsu; karate and etc.).


Level 51-99: The follower becomes a master in this regard managing to perform movements much faster than normal, managing to deliver punches and kicks faster than any other fighter.


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Funeral pyre


Level 50: The follower, when he falls dead to the ground, he will be able to transform his body into a huge funeral pyre, which will start to burn and decimate the entire area around 500 meters, the explosion absorbs all the energy of anyone in the ray, releasing it later and totally decimating everything in the area, vaporizing even atoms with such power, giving the follower a dignified death.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Heat of Battle


Level 50: When they are in the heat of battle their bodies will be fully prepared for the fight, so this ability will allow the follower of Hercules to be more focused on the battle, leaving his instinct and reasoning extremely sharp thus increasing his reflexes. All secondary and tertiary (useless) information that resides in the follower's mind during the battle will be set aside, emptying his mind leaving him extremely focused on combat preventing him from having thoughts about anything other than the fight. Thanks to this, their visual and strategic capacities emerge, managing to have a vision of 360¤ degrees in addition to an increase in reflexes and instinct. Acquires mental immunity.


Muscle Memory


Upon reaching the peak of their training, then the follower will achieve this technique which involves performing offensive or defensive physical strokes without the need for their brain to process and send information. The follower will be on a much higher level than before, being able to face extremely strong opponents and more than fast. Once your body has the ability to memorize your movements and be able to execute them in battle, it will not be necessary for the camper to have to worry about sending information to each body part.


Level 01-50: You will be able to react to blows up to twice your speed.


Level 51-100: You will be able to react to blows up to three times your speed.


Level 101-150: You will be able to react to blows up to four times your speed.


Level 151-200: You will be able to react to blows up to five times your speed.


Level 201-250: You will be able to react to blows up to six times your speed.


Level 251-300: You will be able to react to blows up to seven times your speed.


Active powers




Summoning Warriors


The follower whenever he wishes, can call on warriors to help him in combat. These warriors will have the same physical attributes as the follower of Hercules (according to their level). They will be totally loyal to you, seeing you as a leader.


Level 1-10: The follower will be able to summon up to 2 warriors to help him.


Level 11-25: The follower will be able to summon up to 4 warriors to help him.


Level 26-35: The follower will be able to summon up to 6 warriors to help him.


Level 36-50: The follower will be able to summon up to 8 warriors to help him.


Level 51-99: The follower will be able to summon up to 10 warriors to help him.


Level 100-150: The follower will be able to summon up to 12 warriors to help him.


Level 151-200: The follower will be able to summon up to 14 warriors to help him.


Light Feet


The follower of Hercules is able to reduce the weight of his body for a time thus being able to run much faster than before.


Level 1-10: Can move at 300 km / h. For 2 rounds.


Level 11-25: Can travel at 600 km / h, for 3 rounds.


Level 26-35: Can move at 900 km / h, for 4 rounds.


Level 36-50: Can move at 1200 km / h, for 5 rounds.


Level 51-99: Can move at 1500 km / h, for 6 rounds.


Level 100-150: Can move at 1800 km / h. As long as you want.


Level 151-200: Can move at 2100 km / h.


Level 201-250: Can move at 2400 km / h.


Level 251-300: Can move at 2700 km / h.





Many of the opponents of these followers tend to be extremely strong men, thanks to this their Master gave them this ability. The follower will then awaken a red aura over his body, which will expand the level of testosterone in his body, thus absurdly increasing all the muscles in his body and further hardening his bones expanding his strength, endurance, vigor and among other attributes.


Level 20-40: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 5x.


Level 41-60: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 10x.


Level 61-80: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 15x.


Level 81-100: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 20x.


Level 101-120: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 25x.


Level 121-150: This mode remains for 2 rounds. Increasing your attributes by 30x.


Ps: This mode can only be used once per event.



Eye for an eye


The follower is surrounded by a black aura for a few seconds and, while under it, all attacks he suffers will be returned with the same power to the opponent.


Levels 1-20: A black aura envelops you during a round and causes light cuts and bruises, such as scratches and bleeds, delivered against you, to occur against your opponent.


Levels 21-40: The black aura now lasts two rounds and, while your character is surrounded by this aura, stronger attacks such as piercing and breaking bones will be felt by the oppressor. Whoever hit you will feel the same pain as you, and in case of punctures, the pain will also be the same.


Levels 41-60: The follower of Hercules, while surrounded by the aura (whose duration is equivalent to three rounds), will make those who hit him (from a distance or not) feel twice as much pain as he feels, so that he is reckless a fulminating attack. (NOTE: In case of critical levels such as coma, the oppressor will enter an equal coma, not being taken to death, but always physical blows).


Level 61-80: Can hit opponents magic and elemental blows, not exactly making the opponent feel the pain, that is, if someone burns you, the burn will be transferred to the opponent, ignoring resistance.


The Pegasus


The followers are able to call, through a whistle, a Pegasus which will descend from the skies emitting a strong lunar glow which will prevent anyone from seeing him (if it is daytime there will be no glow). This pegasus will have wings and a white coloring, he will be totally loyal to the follower's wishes, they will have a telepathic link and can talk mentally with each other.


Level 1-10: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 250 km / h.


Level 11-25: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 500 km / h.


Level 26-35: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 750 km / h.


Level 36-50: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 1000 km / h.


Level 51-99: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 1250 km / h.


Level 100-150: He will be able to run and fly at a speed of 1500 km / h.


Fire Eyes


Level 1-20: The follower can, with just the willpower, get rid of any fear effect on him, with his eyes radiating in flames, with pure hatred, he can increase his abilities by 2x, lasts up to 3 rounds , your blood starts pumping and circulating in your body extremely quickly, looking like smoke is coming out of your entire body.


Level 21-40: Fire eyes make your companions immune to psychic, mental and poisonous damage, while maintaining the same duration.


Spartan Fury


This ability can only be used when the spartan is in a state of intense fury, in that state your brain will have the receptors that make the offspring feel the pain are diminished thus allowing the offspring to face their opponents without feeling extreme pain. In this state the follower will only think of destroying everything around him, becoming completely irrational similar to a berserker state. Your body will experience a small increase in temperature to the point of releasing large amounts of smoke from your body, making your skin warm enough to prevent other enemies from touching your body for a long time.


Level 1-10: This state lasts 2 rounds.


Level 11-25: This state lasts 3 rounds.


Level 26-35: This state lasts 4 rounds.


Level 36-50: This state lasts for 5 rounds.


Level 51-99: This state lasts 6 rounds.


Level 100-150: This state lasts 7 rounds.


PS: The follower will still be able to feel pain (mental, internal, emotional, physical, etc.), but this pain will be in extremely small proportions.



The Twelve Beasts


This ability allows the follower of Hercules to be able to summon the 12 beasts that his master once had to face in order to complete his tasks.


Level 1-20: The first summon consists of the boar of Erimanto, which may be up to 6 meters in height or width, its body has a resistance similar to steel, being entirely golden and with bright eyes, it can run up to 500 km / h with his developed muscles, in addition to being able to use an attack capable of crossing a house with ease. Its horns are capable of piercing solid and dense materials easily with its onslaught.


Level 20-40: The second invocation of the follower of Hercules will be able to summon the Nemean Lion, which is a huge lion of approximately 5 meters, its roar is able to frighten its opponents and cause total fear in humans or animals , the lion has a body invulnerable to any kind of mundane weapon, requiring great pressure to damage it (or divine weapons), the lion's strength is able to decapitate beings with good resistance easily, its teeth have the resistance diamond and he is 2x faster than an ordinary lion.


Level 41-60: The third invocation consists of: invoking the Lerna Hydra, which will initially have 8 heads, each time a head is cut off, two more will grow seconds later. Each head is capable of spitting out balls of hot water, poisons, fire and acids.


Level 61-90: The followers manage to summon the deer of Cerineia, which runs at a superhuman speed and acquires intangibility while running.


Level 91-120: The followers become able to summon the famous Minotaur, up to 8 meters, its horns and the rest of its body has the resistance of adamantium, its attacks reach up to 800 km / h, its strength and endurance are equated (impact) to the follower, being able to crush bones easily with these attacks.


Level 121-150: Thus, the follower will be able to summon the creature that his master faced, this was the three-headed dog Cerberus, the dog of the underworld. (this will have the same powers as the Cerberus tab)


PS: You can only use this ability once per event or saga.


We are a family owned and operated business.

Overcoming Your Limits


The follower will not always be able to fight his opponents with his current abilities, so his master Hercules, thinking about this at the beginning of his journey as his disciple, gave him a little of his divine energy that will grow as time passes (until the character reaches this level). Upon reaching this level, the follower will then be able to manifest this energy, which will come in the form of a greenish aura and will constantly strengthen his entire body each round in an infinite way. In this mode all that is left in your mind is the primal will to defeat your opponents, proving to be the strongest of all. Your body will be well defined without exaggeration (being in a balanced form). Your abilities will be enhanced to an incalculable level, as it will continue to increase with each round until all your opponents have been defeated or killed. Your strength will prove to be absolute (it can affect the spiritual and physical plane), your speed will be ten times the current one, your resistance will be compared to your strength, managing to resist blows of force capable of destroying the divine iron. Your perception will be extremely sharp, with the support of your instinct you will be able to fight on an equal footing against any opponent, even the fastest ones can still be won; your eyes will be able to see everything in 360 degrees.


Level 180-200: This form lasts 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: This form lasts for 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: This form lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: This form lasts for 5 rounds.


PS: This form can only be used three times per event, after its use the character will return to normal, his body will be extremely weak, going into a coma for 48 hours. In this form the follower acquires mental immunity, and immunity to attacks, abilities and powers that involve the interior of his body. Also obtaining a great resistance to abilities, powers and spiritual attacks.


Hydra Sword

A sword enchanted with Hydra's skills, that is, whenever it is broken or broken, the blade grows back and adds on the side of the sword, a sharp hook at the base

Bright Blade

A falchion made of pure consuming fire. From the sword comes the neighing of a herd of ferocious and hungry mares. It is extremely sharp, despite being fire. However, be careful with water or anything that can put out the fire.

Cretan Slash-Gloves

A pair of gloves with swords embedded in the back. The gloves are made of white gold and sculpt a bull's head. They work as a pair of shields too, as they are armored.

Boar Shield

Shield made of bronze coated with rough gold, with a boar's head adorned in front of the shield. He is able to intimidate his opponent, that is, his opponent's blows reduce by up to 20%

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