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Hypnos, in Greek Mythology, was the son of the night goddess, Nix, and Erebus, who symbolized the primitive darkness constituted at the moment of creation. He had countless brothers, the most important of which was his twin Thanatos, the deity responsible for the sphere of death. The rest were conceived only through Nix's desire or through the help of Erebos.

According to Homer's Iliad, this god resides in Lemmos, along with his wife Grácia Pasitea, presented to him by Hera, goddess of the family and jealousy, for the services rendered. It adopts the human configuration, but when retiring to rest it becomes a bird.

It narrates the Greek mythology that it hovered softly on the Planet, bringing to all living creatures the blessed and restorative rest. Researchers on this topic believe that his palace was located in a vast deep cavity, close to the space inhabited by a group that, according to Homer, has always existed in eternal darkness.

The historian Herodotus described them as the primitive residents of southern Russia. They were later moved across the Caucasus to the region of Asia Minor. According to these researchers, poppies and other vegetables grew close to the cave opening; from the essence of these plants the Night seems to remove sleep, which was spread over the land dominated by shadows.

The Lete, known as the river of forgetfulness, flowed from the opposite bank of this region, and on the other edges countless plants grew, which, with their soft whisper, combined with the calm lamentation of the waters, induced beings to sleep. Peace and quiet prevailed in this region. Inside the palace the main element was a beautiful bed, surrounded by black curtains, on which Hipnos rested.

He had several children, among them Ícelo, creator of nightmares, Fântoso, responsible for the lifeless artifacts that are also present in dreamlike visions, and Morpheus, god of dreams, who watched over his father's sleep. They are the best known dreams, that is, some of the thousand faces assumed by dreams. Hipnos' only daughter is Fantasia, the image par excellence of chimeras and ravages.

Hypnos was seen as a deity who wore pieces in golden tones and hair of the same color, just like Tânatos, his twin brother, was always represented in silver coloring. The god of sleep is also portrayed, sometimes, as a boy with wings, with a flute on his lips, playing sweet melodies that bring men to sleep.

Sleep, which brings with it the moderation of sensory perceptions, is essential in the composition of myths and folklore of the most varied civilizations. The need to understand this process goes back to ancient times in human history. This concern also extends to the occurrence of the dream, considered by primitive peoples to be a supernatural event.


Appearance: They have fine curls that appear to be made of gold or completely black, childlike and colored features that are always serene as if you were sleeping awake. The green and clear eyes also convey a deep peace and unconcern. They have lean bodies, and are not very tall.

Personality: Their children were very calm and detached people, because they were so peaceful they often had few friends, due to the fact that they did not talk much with others. Endowed with incredible intelligence, the sons of Hipnos were very funny people when they were well known. They usually read many books and sleep a lot, after all they were children of the god of sleep.


Passive Powers


Touch of Panic


Your character has the ability to invoke the worst nightmares in the target's mind involuntarily. The duration is equivalent to a few seconds, but enough to distort the target's concentration and focus, destabilizing it.


Level 1-20: With their touch, the offspring is able to bring a fragment of a nightmare into the eyes of the enemy, making him see him even awake and without being there.


Level 21-40: With your touch, the offspring can bring feelings to the enemy he had in a past nightmare.


Level 41-60: With your touch, the offspring can bring a whole part of the enemy's nightmare to his present, with only the offspring and his enemy visible.


Level 61-80: With their touch, the offspring can bring a nightmare figure in front of them and the enemy. The figure cannot affect him, but it will be so real that the enemy will think that he is playing with him.


Level 81-100: With your touch, the figure will be real, now visible to everyone and will be able to hurt the enemy as you would have done in a nightmare, the damage being real, and permanent as long as the offspring deems the presence of the figure necessary (in short) , the wound does not heal).


Sleeper Consciousness


Even asleep, Hipnos' son still sees and hears, even better than if he were awake, covering all possible angles of vision around him, allowing him to wake up to defend himself if he is threatened.

Levels 1-20: While sleeping, the son of Hipnos can feel and perceive movements and sounds within a radius of ten meters.

Level 21-40: While sleeping, you can perceive and feel things more easily, within a radius of twenty meters.


Level 26-35: While sleeping, the son of Hipnos can feel movement, see and hear sounds much more clearly, within a radius of 30 meters.


Level 36-50: While sleeping, the son of Hipnos can feel energy if movement moving towards you, within a radius of 40 meters.

Level 51-99: While sleeping, the son of Hipnos can feel everything in his mind as if he were fully awake, within a radius of 50 meters.

Subject to sleep

Everyone is subject to sleep at the moment when it is necessary to recover energy or a skill that makes its user go into a coma or in a state of exhaustion, so all beings are conducive to sleep, even gods, titans and monsters. One moment it is necessary to recover energies, so they are also vulnerable to the effects of their children.


Levels 1-10: Affects humans, animals and beings less than monsters and offspring.


Level 11-25: You can affect monsters and beings below them with your powers.


Level 1-20: When it is night, the offspring's body will be dark, partially camouflaged in the shadows.


Level 21-40: When it is night, the offspring's body will have no shape, becoming only a mass of darkness that mixes with the dark.

Level 41-60: When it is night, the offspring's body will be one with darkness, not being visible even if a light is turned on to ward off the darkness.


Level 61-80: When it is night, the offspring will be completely invisible, as if they were in their natural habitat.


Level 81-100: When it is nighttime, the offspring will be one with the same, it is not possible to tell if she is there or not, being more vulnerable to her, like someone who is vulnerable when sleeping.


Chain Expertise

The children of Hipnos can be great fighters, of course, if they have a chain with them, with one of these in their hands he can kill a person, he can make quick, subtle, fleeting movements, etc.


Level 1-10: The offspring, unlike many other campers, have an abnormal skill with chains, feeling natural to have them in hand and being able to handle them with basic knowledge.


Level 11-25: The offspring now have an intermediate knowledge of handling chains, being able to use them perfectly, without any problem, even having one in each hand.


Level 26-35: Offspring now have advanced knowledge in chain management, now being able to handle three chains in each hand.


Level 36-50: The offspring now have the knowledge of a master in chain management, being able to handle five chains in each hand.


Level 51-99: The offspring demonstrate superior knowledge in handling chains, being able to handle ten chains in each hand, without getting in the way or tangling with them.


Level 100-150: At this level, the offspring's knowledge is so good with chains, that they become an extension of your body once they fall into your hand. In this way, the offspring can make them perform impossible movements, as if they were their own conscience.

Level 151-200: Now, the offspring, having touched a chain once, can make them move according to their will, having their conscience shared with the chains.

Divine Body

Hipnos' offspring have a different body from other living beings, being strengthened by the divine energy in their body, allowing it to overcome the natural capabilities of a living being.


Level 1-10: Can move at 200 km / h.


Level 11-25: Can move at 400 km / h.


Level 26-35: They are able to move at 600 km / h and have great mental toughness.


Level 36-50: Can already move at 800 km / h and already shows mental immunity ,.


Level 51-99; You can already move at 1000 km / h.


Level 100-150: You can now move at 1200 km / h.


Level 151-200: They are now able to move at 1400 km / h.


Level 201-250: You can already move at 1600 km / h.

Level 251-300: You can already move at 1800 km / h.

Sleepy Consciousness

The Sons of Hypnos naturally keep their eyes closed, implying that they remain in deep sleep, but even so they are still aware of the actions around them. In that state, these offspring have some capabilities.


Level 1-10: Daydreaming: The Children of Hypnos are able to daydream.


Level 11-25: Improved Perception: Even with eyes closed, the remaining four senses of these offspring are enhanced to a superhuman level, resulting in a radar. Being able to constantly feel countless things, including balance, direction, minuscule changes in air density, vibrations and blankets of temperature variations, which are generally imperceptible to humans. This, combined with acute hearing and olfactory senses, allows the offspring to evaluate their surroundings in what they describe as an "impressionist painting" of the world around them, which, according to him, looks like "the world on fire". His enhanced superhuman senses give him tremendous awareness of the environment in a wide variety, which makes him extremely alert to danger.

Level 26-35: Reading Minds: The son of Hipnos is constantly able to read the minds of his opponents, even to psychically converse with them.

Level 26-35: Oneirociencia: The children of Hipnos are aware of the dreams of those who dreamed and / or are dreaming. Allowing for a deep understanding of the knowledge that dreams can possess, discerning the deepest desires of others and understanding secrets that are kept consciously hidden. These secrets can range from the best dreams to the worst nightmares.

Level 36-50: Real Dream: The offspring of Hypnos can see through their dreams events that are happening all over the world. Happening naturally during your fighting. (This ability does not hinder offspring in combat).


Level 51-99: Premonitive Dream: The offspring through their dreams can foresee the danger through living and real dreams, which occur quickly, these visions happen in a very early way, giving time for the offspring to defend themselves.

Level 100-150: Pregonitive Dream: They are now able to dream about the future or the past, knowing exactly what is about to happen or even events that have already happened, seeing it in flash memory forms.


Level 151-200: Awareness of the Astral Plane: The Sons of Hypnos can perceive the astral plane and even interact with it without difficulty.



As much as the sons of Hipnos do not need wings to fly, since by their very nature it already allows them to fly freely without their assistance, at this level, the sons of Hipnos have already developed wings on their backs. The wings help you in different situations, since the demigod will be interconnected forever with the wings. They will not hinder your flights and your air movements, as they may be hidden inside the son of Hipnos and only open themselves to his command, or instinctively. Usually, the son of Hipnos always has his wings "active" but in the form of a shirt, or something like that, disguising them. They are covered in a soft and well-padded plumage, being as beautiful as the wings of any other winged being, but do not be carried away by their beauty as they are as strong as the diamond. From the moment that the son of Hipnos develops them, they become a single being, among the virtues that the wings have as; instant healing, they may also become intangible like the air that circulates around Hipnos's son. The feathers will be retractable, so they can be thrown at something or someone go to their vital areas, the wings fit into the different powers of the children of Hypnos, such as the feathers that can be coated in another material, and the wings can take any form that the son of Hipnos desires (such as a backpack, or even a shirt). They are almost indestructible and nothing and no one will be able to pull them out or cut them, because Hipnos himself had blessed them with the vitality and precise resistance, and in addition to the involuntary defense that it has, for example: if something tries to attack you from behind , their wings will appear and will stand in front defending the attack. With such wings, it can fly at absurd speeds.

Level 60: With their wings they are able to fly at twice the speed they normally move.


Level 90: With their wings they are able to fly at a speed 3 times the speed that they normally move.


Level 120: With their wings they are able to fly at 4 times the speed they normally move.

Level 150: With their wings they are able to fly at 5 times the speed they normally move.

Level 200: With their wings they are able to fly at 6 times the speed they normally move.


Level 250: With their wings they are able to fly at a speed 7 times greater than the speed that they normally move.


Level 300: With their wings they are able to fly at a speed 8 times the speed that they normally move.

Active Powers




Hipnos' offspring are capable of hypnotizing their victims, making them believe whatever they want, even giving orders to them.


Level 1-10: Initially, they are able to hypnotize their victims by constantly looking at their victims, not working very well.


Level 11-25: They are now able to hypnotize their victims better, still needing to keep an eye on their victims.


Level 26-35: They are now able to hypnotize their victims with just an exchange of looks, needing to maintain eye contact.

Level 36-50: They are now able to hypnotize their victims with just one look.

Level 51-99: Can break resistances easily.


Level 100-150: Can break your opponents' immunity.



As children of the God of sleep, these offspring will naturally have great dominion over dreams and sleep and can manipulate them.

Level 1-10: Initially, the children of Hipnos will be able to implant memories, emotions and thoughts in the minds of their victims, as well as observe, relive and even deny their victims' dreams, managing to invade those dreams and even attack their victims in such places.


Level 11-25: It can also cause the target's mind / brain to enter the desired state, causing changes in emotions, sensations, memories, etc.


Level 26-35: The offspring are now able to imprison their victims in an endless dream, even if the victim is awake, they are able to imprison their conscience, leaving the target completely vulnerable, also managing to control, shape and project fear to their tastes.

Level 36-50: The offspring at this level already acquire the ability to generate and manipulate the esoteric energy present in the world of dreams. Now managing to implant thoughts or ideas in his victims' subconscious, making him think that these were his own thoughts, managing to manipulate his victims perfectly, being an imperceptible process.

Level 51-99: The offspring are now able to manipulate everything that is hidden within their subconscious or other beings, including ideas, wants or desires, traumatic memories, painful emotions, etc. This allows them to manipulate the hidden aspects of the mind in a number of ways, for example, organize memories as they wish, awaken secrets and information hidden deep within the subconscious and shape emotions or thoughts hidden within the mind. It can also manipulate the psyche of its victims such as the ego, id, superego. They can manipulate your identification, which contains a person's instinctive and basic needs; the ego, which acts according to the principle of reality and balances the needs and reality of the id; and the superego, which reflects the internalization of cultural rules. They can influence these things to determine what a person can do, whether good or bad, and they can replace or strengthen one of the three. They could also weaken or deny the three parts of the psyche. Also being able to project on the astral plane when sleeping.

Divine Control of Existence

Because these offspring manage to bring out their dreams, they naturally manage to alter their dreams and everything in them according to their imagination, the same serves the characters present in these events, allowing the offspring to affect the existence of their opponents.

Level 1-10: Shape Change: Initially the offspring can change the shape of their victims, making them assume the appearance of an insect, a bird or a feline for example, and that the victim will not be able to use metamorphic powers after that , it still maintained its powers, despite its physical attributes being reduced by 75%.


Level 11-25: Denial of Attack: The children of Hypnos will be able to undo attacks (skill shot) directed against you or their companions, managing to make them just something imaginary (Once in combat).


Level 26-35: Change of Objective: Hypnos' offspring will now be able to change the objective of their opponents, making them do other things, be it facing another being, or even not facing offspring and allying with it for example.

Level 51-99: Attribute Change: Hypnos' offspring are now able to alter the existence of their targets to the point of making a demigod have the attributes of an ant, or an animal for example. Impossible your target to use his powers efficiently, since now his attributes and energy are much lower than the natural when compared literally to an ant. It lasts four rounds and needs four more to be used again.

Level 100-150: Imagination: You can now create inanimate items and things around you only with your imagination, but the more complicated the object / thing, the greater the energy spent.

Ps: Works only with beings of lower level / power.

Sleep Aura

The Sons of Hypnos have the ability to expel a bluish aura from their body, which when in contact with their opponent causes various mystical effects, such as corporal paralysis, or even the creation of nightmares. Aura is activated. but it has no duration limit.


Level 1-20: When activating this ability, the relative of Hipnos manages to create a bluish aura in a single part of his body, where upon contact with living beings they will make them drowsy, lowering their fighting potential drastically. Expands by ten meters.


Levels 21-40: The sleep god's relatives may release the same sound aura through the mouth, but the effect is still slight. But even so, of great importance in a fight. Whoever has minimal contact with the aura will automatically be drowsy, and the next turn will fall to the ground sleeping. The effect lasts for two turns and expands for twenty meters.


Levels 41-60: You are now able to cover your entire body with the aura, and with that, gaining resistance to psychic abilities. You can also manipulate the shape of the aura as you wish, giving physical forms to it. For example, being able to launch a sphere of the sonic aura, which when in contact with the opponent will make him fall to the ground sleeping. The effect lasts for 3 turns.


Levels 61-80: The aura explodes around you, no longer limited to your body. It can cover up to 40 square meters. The location affected by the aura causes everyone to lose 50% of their speed, just as the son of Hipnos has his speed increased by another 50%.


Air Handling


After Hipnos put Zeus into a deep sleep, the divinity is then said to throw powerful gusts of wind over the sea during the war; For this reason, their offspring also demonstrate the ability to generate, manipulate and shape air.

Level 1-10: Manipulate air on a small scale.


Level 11-25: manipulate air on a medium scale.


Level 26-35: Manipulate air on a large scale.

Level 36-50: Manipulate the air on a perfect scale.

Level 51-99: You can already affect a territory compared to an entire neighborhood with your skill.


Level 100-150: You can already affect a territory compared to a city with your ability.


Level 151-200: You can already affect a territory compared to a big city with your skill.


Level 201-250: Can now affect a territory compared to a region with its ability.

Level 251-300: Can now affect a territory compared to a state with its ability.




Hypnos was the god of dreams, having full control of people's dreams while they slept. Some dreams are so real that they are brought into reality, as the phrase "a dream that has become real" says. The offspring can do this. Through your released energy, you will be able to bring people to your dream world where you will have absolute control over it, trapping your enemies there and turning the world against them.


Level 100: At this level, the world comes down to a platform where your enemies will remain in a dark blue environment. The offspring can fly around without any restriction and bring up whatever comes to mind (like, imagined an anvil, it will appear), but only objects and people, but no power will be presented (like, imagined Zeus appearing there for any reason, but it will only look the same, without any power). The offspring can keep an enemy trapped in that place for 2 rounds, the same ones returning to the normal world after that time.


Level 150: Now, the offspring can now change the environment of the dream world, being able to make enemies appear in the sky above a mountain, and plummet to their death if they do not know how to fly (as is a dream world, the offspring and their enemies will not actually be there, but the damage they receive in this world will be real). The offspring acquire the ability to raise mythological monsters (dragons, cyclops, etc.), who will attack their enemies and obey only the son of the god of dreams, since they arose from their mind. The offspring can keep 2 enemies trapped in that place for 3 rounds.

Level 200: At this level, the offspring can make copies of their enemies (less deities) appear in front of them, having 25% of their original power and making them fight for the offspring. It acquires the ability to create natural disasters during sleep, to distort the world of dreams at will and to create infinite objects in that world, which it controls with the mind, being able to launch them towards the enemies. Now, objects can be brought into this world. The offspring can keep 3 enemies trapped in that place for 4 rounds.


Level 250: The offspring are now able to make copies of people they met (less than gods) with 50% of their original power, in addition to being able to replicate weapons with 70% of the potential of the real ones (like, there is a weapon that nullifies elemental powers, the copy will cancel 70% of the attack). Offspring can also bring up endless clones of yours to fight your enemies, making it impossible to discern the real from the unreal. The offspring can keep 4 enemies trapped in that place for 4 rounds.


Level 300: At that point, the offspring acquire a condition in this world: if their enemy is defeated while inside, they will be sealed, in body, mind and soul. He will receive a "sanctuary" where he will be imprisoned, starting to live in a dream world, his ideal world or his most desired dream, without being able to remember his life outside that dream (if he does not receive any stimulus that reminds him), believing that that is the real world and living forever in that dream, until the offspring release him or himself can remember his life outside and defeat the "guardian" that holds him in that dream (it will have the form of the prisoner and the same powers that he ). Offspring can keep enemies (not defeated) in the dream world for as long as they want.


Divine Flute

Hipnos' offspring can create a beautiful divine flute around their hands, the same once it is played, it exhibits a relaxing sound which ends up awakening certain effects in its victims.


Level 1-20: The flute initially causes relaxation in the body and soul of its victims, weakening its attributes by 20%.


Level 21-40: The flute is now able to weaken its victim's attacks, decreasing 40% of its power.


Level 41-60: The flute is now able to weaken its victim's attacks, decreasing 60 % of its potency.


Level 61-80: The flute is now able to control the victims' powers, being able to redirect them or even control their movements (only skill-shot).



Just as much of the psychic powers also dominate, these offspring also exercise control over telekinesis.


Level 01-10: Hypnos' offspring can handle objects heavier than themselves, up to 5 times heavier than themselves. It can distort mundane metals (even iron) with extreme ease, as if it were bending plastic. Its control is low-scale and can manipulate the bodies of other beings, throwing them away and with force.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 11-25: The offspring of Hipnos can handle objects 10 times heavier than themselves, being able to distort materials like steel with extreme ease and control people's interiors, breaking their bones in moments with simple movements.


Level 26-35: Hypnos' offspring are able to twist materials like titanium with difficulty, being able to break things with a simple gesture and exert a great force on others, pressing against the ground as if it were gravity, or else throwing them high in the sky.

Level 36-50: The creation of Hypnos is able to easily distort materials like diamonds and make it take the shape it desires.

Level 51-99: The offspring acquire the ability to create telekinetic force fields, as well as improve their condition telekinetically. It even breaks adamantium.

Level 101-150: You already control telekinesis perfectly, managing to use it as you wish and even break vibranium.

Control of the Mental Plane

Hipnos' offspring can manipulate the mental plane of thoughts, one of the seven planes of existence, which allows them to read and control the thoughts, minds of others and project their thoughts into reality.

Level 1-10: Initially the Hypnos 'offspring are able to access their victims' minds, being able to invade them, in addition to also seeing their memories and memories.


Level 11-25: Hipnos' offspring are now able to improve their minds and delay the minds of their opponents, managing to acquire greater and broader knowledge about something he does not know in a way superior to their opponents, for example. Being able to make your opponents lose knowledge, having this transferred to their offspring. They are also capable of affecting their victims' brains to a state in which they end up losing knowledge each round, until they reach a point where they cannot even recognize themselves (3 rounds).


Level 26-35: The offspring are now able to create, model and manipulate parasitic psychic energy that drains their victims' psychoactive, neural, emotional, mental and vital energies, managing to weaken their victims, gradually losing their own mind, reaching a state in which it becomes an "empty shell" with nothing, also causing its victims the inability to formulate ideas, whenever they think of something they will forget instantly.


Level 36-50: Can now manipulate, modify and control higher brain thoughts, mentalities and functions, allowing the ability to knock others unconscious, suppress their memories and deny the use of skills (through mental blocks), increase / decrease mental capacity, modifying minds to be pleasant, controlling minds, influencing sensations to induce altered perception, granting / healing mental disorders, creating / penetrating mental barriers / resistances, etc.

Level 51-99: Hypnos' offspring can feel and manipulate the imagination of themselves, their opponents, and other beings, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or channeling the imagination, manifesting the imaginative energy at the physical level, and can give life to whatever you want, as long as you are superior to your opponents if it affects you directly.


Level 100-150: At their peak, the Hypnos' offspring can manipulate the wiring and functions in the cerebellum, allowing him to learn everything: play any musical instrument, have science insight and knowledge, play sports, speak any language, develop psionic powers , memorize anything, discover something and learn just about everything.

Manipulation of the Astral Plane

Because they are children of a psychic deity and strongly related to the mind, they can manipulate the astral plane, one of the seven planes of existence, the plane of the mind, consciousness and spirits. This allows them to manipulate astral energy, imitate spirits, etc.

Level 1-10: Initially, the offspring of Hypnos can only perceive and interact with what other beings naturally cannot, such as spiritual beings and also invisible beings. Being able to stay intangible and invisible as well.

Level 11-25: They are now able to teleport to other locations that are aware of the location, as well as being able to possess their targets and even transform themselves into spiritual beings, being able to project themselves on the astral plane, without feeling physiological needs.


Level 26-35: They can also create astral traps that seek to trap their opponents both physically and spiritually, through circles made of their own divine energy. They can also absorb vital energy from their victims.

Level 36-50: Through your eyes, you can paralyze your victims not only physically but spiritually as well, managing to "freeze" your victims' minds to a point where no information is processed or sent.


Level 51-99: It is able to create, model and manipulate extraplanar energy called ectoplasm, which comes from the ektos roots, which mean "outside" and plasma, which means "something formed or shaped"; therefore, it can be understood as a variable-state form of matter-energy coming from planes beyond the physical. Its shape can vary from raw boiling energy, a misty vapor, a viscous gelatin, a bundle of fine threads, a living membrane or a fine woven-like fabric, which can also be solidified and used for material purposes.

Due to its unstable and esoteric properties, ectoplasm reacts to normal matter / energy in unusual and useful ways, including the ability to ignore most of them. Some mediums secrete or emit ectoplasm to facilitate communication with ghosts.


Level 100-150: It is shown that other lower beings can project themselves on the astral plane or even affect the spiritual plane in some way.


Lord of Dreams


Reaching that level, the offspring reaches its divine transformation. Your hair will turn to gold, just like your eyes. Shoulder pads and black and gold strips will dress you while a single white one covers your body. Upon reaching this level, the offspring acquire absolute manipulation of dreams and their psychic powers break immunities.


Level 180-200: The transformation lasts 2 rounds.

Level 201-220: The transformation lasts 3 rounds.

Level 221-240: The transformation lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: The transformation lasts 5 rounds.

Note: 3x per event.


Sword of Sleep

With handle painted in white, when you see a sleep comes up, the blade half sacred bronze, half silver, bathed in the river Lethe, and then at the slightest touch, leaves a drowsiness

Sleep Shield

Round and firm, and half sacred bronze and half silver, it is painted in white, that at first sight, a sleep comes up, contains diamonds on the face

Sleep Lyre

Lyre made of pure gold, your strings are immune to any damage and are an important component of some skills

War Pajamas

Full gold Greek armor that can be transformed into any sleepwear, according to the user's wishes







Level 20 - The Albatross creates 8 clones of its own, only with super strength, the clones do not obey verbal commands but rather emotional commands, when Albatroz gets the feelings of the skin the clones gain a yellow aura and their forces double or even triple

Level 30 - Albatross makes a gesture with the wings similar to a "ninja seal" and eliminates (erases) any magic that the opponent uses.

Level 40 - This spell allows Albatross to copy any spell the opponent has used in front of him, but it is actually an illusion and only causes psychological damage (if the enemy believes). Only the mascot that has the magic that Albatroz copies can fall into this illusion. The psycho-psychological damage of the spell The
lbatroz copied is the same as that of the real spell.

Level 50 - The lbatroz trap their opponents in an illusory world where they can control their hearts and minds to believe what they want, and even knowing that it is an illusion, it is impossible to escape. Inflicted damage is primarily psychological, with few physical injuries and tiredness as the main damage, but if used for a long time it can destabilize the enemy's mind.

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