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A long time ago, an unexpected calamity arose. From the unknown, ten suns appeared on the horizon. The incessant light and the infernal heat devastated the earth. They burned fields full of grain, dried up whole rivers, melting even the toughest metal. Devastated by the scalding power of the Suns, the people begged the Emperor-God Di Jun to help them. In response, the emperor called the great archer, Hou Yi.

Armed with his Mystical Red Bow and a white quiver of arrows, Hou Yi traveled to Earth. What he found was a devastated field with no life left. Shading his eyes, he looked up at the sky, where the ten suns were burning everyone very cruelly.

Shooting a warning arrow, Hou Yi hoped to scare them, but all ten suns remained motionless. Then, Hou Yi drew his bow again and fired, only this time it was not a warning shot, which hit his target fatally. Hit, the sun exploded and a giant red leg with three legs fell on the earth, which was killed by Hou Yi's magic white arrow.

Eight more times, Hou Yi fired his arrows at the suns that were still destroying the earth. Eight shots, enough to blow eight more suns and eight more crows fell dead. Hou Yi was ready to fire again, when the remaining sun was afraid of his power and decided to behave himself, diving into the horizon.


Appearance: They are children of other gods, so they still have their original features.

Personality: They are brave and maintain their honor regardless of what happens, they simply do anything to defend moon-related demigods.


Passive Powers

Solar Sufficiency

With contact with sunlight, the demigod will have double resistance.

Levels 1-6: Only on sunny days.

Levels 7-12: You will now be able to use this ability in closed time.

Levels 7-12: You will now be able to use this ability with contact with the lunar glow.

Bow Mastery

Hou Yi's children are experts in archery by nature, as if they've been arching for years.

Levels 1-6: You will have a good aim, missing your target a few times.

Levels 7-12: You can hit a vital point of your opponent from 10 meters away.

Levels 13-20: You can shoot 3 arrows with your bow at the same time, hitting the same target.


Flaming Eye

The demigods can cover their eyes in flames as they wish, this gives them an eagle vision that facilitates shooting with a bow.

Levels 1-6: The demigod will withstand 25% of surprise attacks whenever possible, aiming at a target up to 50 meters away.

Levels 7-12: The demigod will withstand 50% of surprise attacks whenever possible, aiming at a target up to 100 meters away.

Levels 13-20: When looking at the person, he will feel his body burn, as long as he is at least 10 meters away.

Tip: Rule of 3.

Mark of the Golden Crow

Hou Yi's son has a burning raven mark on his wrist, if you concentrate enough, you can teleport, just twice a day.

Levels 1-6: With a lot of time and concentration, the demigod can teleport up to 10m from himself.

Levels 7-12: With less concentration and time, he can teleport at a distance of 15m from himself.

Levels 13-20: Can teleport over an area of ​​300m from himself.


Raven Power

The demigod will have the ability to fly and will create clones of himself.

Levels 1-6: The demigod can fly for 2 minutes and create 2 clones of himself.

Levels 7-12: The demigod can fly for 5 minutes and create 3 clones of himself.

Levels 13-20: The demigod can fly freely and create 5 clones of himself.


Empathic link with Crows

The same can talk to crows by telepathy.

Levels 1-6: You can chat freely with crows.

Levels 7-12: You can give them orders, to exchange or send information, etc.

Levels 13-20: Can summon an army of crows against the enemy.

Active Powers


The demigod can rely on handling fire.

Levels 1-6: You can only control a small amount of fire.

Levels 7-12: You can create a small amount of fire and manipulate it at will, normally control fire, but creating it will make the demigod very tired.

Levels 13-20: You can create and handle fire freely, but you will be tired after 5 minutes when used in large quantities, 10 if used cautiously, creating fire uses a lot of energy anyway.


Levels 1-6: Can create light rays that cause blindness for 30 seconds.

Levels 7-12: Can handle a small amount of light and shoot rays of warm light.

Levels 13-20: Can make light solid for 10 seconds and create small melee weapons.


Flaming Bow

The demigod can cover his bow with special flames, each arrow shot can ignite the opponent.

Levels 1-6: The arrow could set a person on fire.

Levels 7-12: The arrow could set a tree on fire.

Levels 13-20: The arrow could set a forest on fire.


Touch of the Sun

The demigod can cover his hands with flame, which grants him additional damage when attacking his enemy.

Levels 1-6: Ordinary flames will cover your hand.

Levels 7-12: You can shoot fireballs.

Levels 13-20: You will be able to cover your fists with flames that will not go out for 5 minutes.

Crimson Quiver

A special quiver that each arrow placed in it, the arrow changes to white. The special arrows duplicate the heat of the fire placed in them and has twice the cut of a common one.

Levels 1-6: The arrows may be 100º in the flaming arc.

Levels 7-12: The arrows may be 200º, and will be as resistant as bronze.

Levels 13-20: The arrows may have 300º, they will have an incredible aerodynamics that will not be shaken by the wind, even against the wind they will continue on their way.

Scarlet Crows

The demigod can summon red fire crows that will attack the opponent.

Levels 1-6: The crows are 150º, they will always fly towards the opponent, however the user can take damage for them.

Levels 7-12: The crows are 200º, they will chase the opponent, the user will not take damage for them, they can serve as a distraction as for attack.

Levels 13-20: The crows have a telepathic link with the user, this can help them with better aim, exchange of information, etc.


Destroyer of Suns

The demigod can create spheres of heat that can attack the opponent.

Levels 1-6: The spheres are the size of a hit ball, but have 500º and explode when reaching their target, their explosion can break a house.

Levels 7-12: The stones are the size of a soccer ball, when they explode they release a large amount of heat that burns everything around, in an area of ​​100m².

Levels 13-20: The spheres have a circumference of 5 meters, their explosion is so devastating that it devastates 2 football fields.


Solar Disks

The demigod can create cutting discs that can attack an opponent.

Levels 1-6: They can create discs a day, their cut is layers of breaking stones in half.

Levels 7-12: You can create discs at any time of the day, with 30cm in diameter you can split trees in half.

Levels 13-20: Can create larger discs up to 1.8 meters in diameter, can cut almost anything.

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