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Jinn [1] [ʤin:] (in Arabic : جِنّ, plural jinna, collective jān, adjective jinnī جني), translated as genius ( Brazilian Portuguese ) or genius ( European Portuguese ) indicates, in pre-Islamic and Muslim religion, an entity supernatural of the intermediate world between the angelic and the human, which can be associated with good or evil , which governs the destiny of someone or a place; although they are also described in an entirely virtuous and protective way. [2]

The Greek term for the same concept is daimon and can be used as a Portuguese equivalent to the Arabic "jinn جن", since in pre-Islamic Arabic mythology and in Islam , a jinn (genius or genius - also "djinn" , "djin" or "djim") is a member of the jinni (the geniuses and geniuses, or "djinni"), [3] a race of supernatural creatures.


Appearance: Djinn are humanoid creatures with tattooed skin (MANDATORY) who prefer to live in large ruins with lots of places to hide.

Personality: They are geniuses, personality can vary from Jinn to Jinn.




Physiology of Genius


Level 1-10: The Genie, at the beginning of his capacities, can run at up to 600 km / h, having his bodies entirely made of primordial Mist unmanipulable, his biological composition in itself simply does not exist, having an enormous emptiness in his body, whoever tries to enter the same (possession) will end up getting lost without a way to return and all those who invade the mind of the Genie will be lost there, since in mythology wizards who tried to decipher the thoughts of the geniuses to manipulate them succumbed within the magnificence of “mind” on Jinn, getting lost inside.

Level 11-25: The geniuses are already able to destroy steel and run at 1200 km / h and can transform part of their body into primordial smoke. The genie can become partially intangible (waist down). Jinn naturally has greater lightness and agility in its body, being superior to a human at its apex.


Level 26-35: The geniuses are able to run at 1,800 km / h, and can become totally intangible at this point, turning into smoke. The geniuses at this point can fly and float freely.

Level 36-50: The Genie can easily destroy titanium and run at 2,400 km / h, being able to control the smoke from his body from there, the primordial fog has characteristics similar to cosmic dust, being able to mold itself on any object if transmuted (equivalence), in addition to leaving all those inside the mist lost. Jinn can freely change the density of his body.

Level 51-100: The Genie can run at 3,000 km / h, being able to teleport anyone (including himself) that is surrounded by fog to anywhere, and can split into clones from the fog, Jinn can shape it to create identical replicas. The Jinns can now teleport wherever they wish. It can do a free-form metamorphosis process on your body, and may even increase in size. Only two clones.

Level 101-150: Geniuses can run at 3,600 km / h, having a destructive capacity to any form of matter that enters their body. It will automatically be destroyed and defragmented.


Level 151-200: Geniuses can run at 4,200 km / h.

Level 201-250: They can run at up to 4,800 km / h.

Level 251-300: Can run at up to 5,400 km / h.


Magic lamp

The Jinns were intangible magical beings capable of accessing cosmic powers, altering reality and achieving any possible feat. With that, the creations are capable of being invulnerable to practically everything, being magic invulnerable unlike Ifrits. However, the Jinns have their existence tied to this world from their magic lamp, so destroying the lamp means putting out their existence.

Level 1-100: The Jinns are not affected, damaged or injured by many things, However, the genie lamp must always be close to him, otherwise the geniuses will not recover their energies even by mystical means. The lamp has an iron resistance and if it is destroyed, Jinn is automatically extinguished from existence. In addition, while the lamp is attached, the Jinns have an immortal life condition, which can resurface once per event, regardless of the damage caused.


Level 101-200: The lamp has steel resistance. His condition of life makes the genie able to return even if he takes serious spiritual damage, sealing part of his soul and essence in his lamp, while the genius can exist from it.


Level 201-300: The lamp now has titanium resistance. The Genie no longer needs to carry the lamp permanently to recover its energies, being able to resurface right now if its existence is extinguished while the lamp still exists (1 time per event), linking its existence the genius cannot be easily destroyed.


Note: Any ability, power or attack of spiritual origin can affect the genie, even if it is weak, giving critical hits to it.





Jinns have an excellent healing factor that allows them to heal themselves for various damage their body receives. However, the genie can only heal if his magic lamp is nearby.


Level 1-10: Can heal from minor cuts and simple wounds.


Level 11-25: Can heal from larger, medium cuts, and recover from more serious damage.


Level 26-35: Can heal from burns and serious cuts and punctures.


Level 36-50: Can regenerate small limbs or parts that the body may lose, managing to regenerate eyes, ears, fingers and etc., also having the ability to regenerate mentally, as in Painlook, psionic burst or wake up from a coma in a way extremely fast.


Level 51-100: Your healing process manages to become more advanced and to heal itself from internal damage, depending on the extent of the injury it may fail. Now Jinn is able to regenerate from spiritual damage: If a fraction of his spirit is still intact, he can return.


Level 101-150: Your healing process becomes more advanced and almost instantaneous.



Cosmic Knowledge


Level 1-10: Jinns represent their own destiny, also being one of the first creatures in the universe and being above the gods. Initially, they will know everything that happened until 1 year ago, also knowing facts that will happen in a time span of up to 30 minutes, whether they may or may not involve campers or any other type of thing that is about the destination.


Level 11-25: They will have knowledge of up to 2 years ago, they will also be able to know facts that will happen within 1 hour. Instinctively they will also be able to detect presences, threats, attacks, potential diseases and several other things as long as they are in the same residence where the Genie is at the moment.


Level 26-35: Have knowledge of 3 years ago, having knowledge of up to 1:30 minutes in the future. Its ability to detect singularities expands, covering an entire city at this level.


Level 36-50: Have knowledge of up to 4 years ago, having knowledge of up to 2 hours in the future.


Level 51-100: Have knowledge of up to 5 years ago.


Level 101-150: Have knowledge of up to 6 years ago.


Level 151-200: Have knowledge of up to 7 years ago.


Level 201-250: Have knowledge of up to 8 years ago.


Level 251-300: Have knowledge of up to 9 years ago.


Note: You cannot use this knowledge as a kind of Omniscience.



Eternal Prison

Level 1-100: The inexhaustible power of the lamp arises: Instead of having 100% power, like normal creatures, geniuses have a 200% energy source and a potential of 5x while next to their magic lamp, possessing a high level of energy to coordinate so many powers.


Level 101-200: Being extremely powerful, the lamp can react if it is destroyed or someone approaches it with a bad intention, and can release psionic bursts in order to remain intact.


Note: They are not guided bursts and are without any coordination, and may even attack Jinn himself.


Level 201-300: The energy of the lamp becomes almost unlimited, as well as that of the genie if it stays close to it.

Note: The genie will only stay with such an energy buff as long as it is close to the lamp.





One of the meanings of the name Djinn is “hidden”, “hidden” or “mysterious”, so the geniuses are extremely stealthy and can easily hide from human visions, this is mainly due to the fact that the geniuses had to stay in places extremely isolated to be able to channel their powers and not be found by humans.


Level 1-50: The Genie can hide from super senses, being unable to be felt by any of the 5 senses, it is impossible to see the genie if he is stuck to the lamp.


Level 51-100: Geniuses having a certain unpredictability, geniuses cannot be magically felt.


Level 101-150: Geniuses have their lamps and essences magically hidden from those who choose to open their lamps, so the geniuses cannot be found by any magical means.


Level 151-200: The Genie can freeze his image in space, it may appear that he is in one space location but in fact he is in another, his spatial location cannot be predicted or measured.


Level 201-250 At the end of it all, Geniuses cannot be found by spiritual, mystical means or hunting methods, and their aura cannot be felt or their mind deciphered, the geniuses are totally mysterious in everything that involves them.


Level 251-300: At the height of skill, geniuses are mysterious in everything, having their mind totally unpredictable, even knowing Jinn's name is difficult if you don't know him, being practically immune to forms of Cosmic Consciousness and Semi Omniscience. The location of your lamp is also totally mysterious, being that beings who open their minds to knowledge from any location, semi omniscient and etc. are useless to find the ultimate treasure.


Note: The same is valid for your lamp, it only reveals itself to those who beat Jinn or that he allows.




The Jinns have extreme physical strength and brutality.


Level 1-10: Show themselves capable of destroying houses (they can easily destroy steel).


Level 11-25: They are capable of destroying entire neighborhoods (you can easily destroy titanium).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 26-35: Show themselves capable of destroying cities (you can easily destroy diamonds).


Level 36-50: They are capable of destroying entire regions (You can easily destroy adamantium).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 51-100: Show themselves capable of destroying entire states (you can easily destroy vibranium).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 101-150: Show themselves capable of destroying entire countries (you can easily destroy divine metal).


Level 151-200: Show themselves capable of destroying continents (you can easily destroy any type of solid matter).



Hallucinogenic Presence


The Jinns, as a means of protection, are able to passively release psychoactive chemicals from their bodies during their combat which induce their victims to some effects. Radius of 20 square meters.

Level 1-40: The substances cause hallucinations in their victims, making them see their worst fears and desires.

Level 41-80: Substances cause a difficulty to concentrate, failing to get them to use their skills at the peak of their abilities.


Level 81-120: Substances are now able to cause difficulty in formulating ideas and thoughts.

Level 121-160: Substances are able to cause a delay in sending information that the brain sends to the entire body.

Level 161-200: The substances cause their victims to be in a state of susceptibility to decisions, where the affected victims end up obeying Jinn's orders.





The Jinns simply could not be dominated by ANY being, in mythology even God could not control the will of the Jinns or subdue the deeds and so they were expelled from Paradise. Despite not being sent to hell, they were trapped in the world of humanity that they hated so much.


Level 1: Geniuses are immune to any form of pressure, intimidation, mental harm, compulsion.



Cosmic Magic


The Jinns, like the Ifrits, are magical and supernatural creatures, having most of their deeds done by magic, being considered legendary and extremely powerful.


Level 01-10: You can use simple magic, managing to make simple feats such as flares of cosmic energy, energy shields, time manipulation fields that delay enemies, and you need a magic conductor to recite spells, in addition to verbalization.


Level 11-25: Now they can suck part of the target's energy, being able to create several consecutive constructs, managing to increase their speed without difficulty, creating spells like curse, can slightly increase their abilities using spells.


Level 26-35: Its magical power makes it even able to suck all the physical energy of the target with the touch and create magical illusions in a basic way, even being able to master alchemical bases and creating magic potions and poisons.


Level 36-50: Even managing to enchant objects to be indestructible and create more complex spells, such as destruction or reconstruction spells, you can create magic circles and use channeling as you wish.


Level 51-100: Has excellent magical abilities, being able to use blessings, healings, restorations of souls, imbue or remove curses, can use circles of magic and channel energies even from demigods with up to 50 levels more than you, reaching high levels.


Level 101-150: Reach maximum spell point. Magic for the Genie will be extremely draining, even with its high capacity.






Primordial Fumokinesis


The Jinn has extreme capabilities in relation to the control of smoke, steam, gas and etc., in addition to controlling the primordial fog that has the individuality of being totally impassable and thickening the fabric of reality, preventing beings with hypersense or extra sensory gifts from being able to see beyond the fog. Besides that, the main feat of the primordial fog is to avoid semi omniscience, since it has the function of hiding the Lamp from the Jinn. Such a feat is possible to mask the presence of the lamp, being surrounded by primordial fog.


Level 1-50: Can generate smoke and turn into smoke, can cover the surrounding area (10 m radius), can feel in any smoke points and bring them to you and heal and restore their energy by sucking the same . The offspring can also make a stream of smoke that burns enemies and shoot small balls of smoke at high speeds, it can also reproduce the same feats with the primordial fog.


Level 51-100: The smoke now expands to an area of ​​25 meters. It can generate large balls of smoke with the force of a simple bomb, in addition to controlling the primordial mist in an advanced way.


Level 101-150: The smoke now expands to an area of ​​50 meters. It can generate mini smoke grenades that stun the enemy, affecting your senses. It can also remove all the oxygen from the surrounding area, replacing it with smoke or early mist.


Level 151-200: The smoke now expands to an area of ​​100 meters. It can turn into smoke totally, next to everything (objects or things) and everyone who is in contact with it, being able to reproduce the same deeds with primordial fog.


Level 201-250: The smoke now expands to an area of ​​500 meters. It can generate a large smoke bomb capable of devastating entire blocks, having perfect control over the primordial fog.



Subjective Reality

With this power, the user becomes able to realize almost all of their desires, thoughts and dreams. This power also gives the user the ability to simulate any power, be it kinetic, psychic, elemental, etc. The user can also generate and destroy whatever they want, such as planets, galaxies and even universes, in addition to manipulating matter, energy, time and space and rewriting all the laws of physics. Jinns are, literally, manipulators of reality and one of the beings that most influence the gears of existence, having their entire existence focused practically only on that.

Levels 1-50: At his initial level, the genius is able to change reality on an initial scale, and can only change elements to a limited extent. The extension of its powers allows the genius to transform one element into another, being able to make an unlimited transmutation, the genius can change energetic properties and states of matter, being able to make an object transit between them even if it is not possible (such as making liquid paper or gaseous), being able to control the properties of matter of any element freely, being able, for example, to transform a human being in several cubes instantly or not without killing or feeling pain.


Level 51-100: Acquires the ability to change the probabilities in general, reaching the power of accelerated probability and being able to absorb the energies of the environment to calculate all future possibilities. The only form of change that is not possible is something with a 0% chance of happening or not happening, but can create outbreaks of luck and bad luck without apparent limitations beyond the user's energy.

Level 101-150: Your change in reality now allows you to create objects from nothing, having an even medium size, can create and destroy objects at will, being able to create shields, barriers and weapons, their creation depends on the creativity of the Jinn in using his powers, being able to simulate almost any Elemental power easily, manipulating all the elements existing in the periodic table.


Level 151-200: Can rewrite the entire landscape of the place freely, being able to simulate other environments and conditions, being able to use it in the way that suits him, being able to create conditions of vacuum and absence of oxygen. Genius is immune to its own effects and the actual alteration of reality.


Level 201-250: Can automatically undo changes that powers like dimensional manipulation, time and others have caused, can prevent space powers like teleports and portals.


Level 251-300: Acquires the full capacity to create paradoxes, being able to distort reality, the genius manages to create paradoxes as unthinkable logics, making an infinite space. It can easily rewrite physical laws or modify current ones, being able to change the effect of a cause, having the ability to even control vectors and projections of physics.


Wish Grant

The Jinns were said to be able to grant wishes to other beings, managing to deform and alter the whole reality with these desires, managing to overcome even their own ability to change reality if necessary, being one of the only beings capable of circumventing the parameters of changing reality.


Level 1: Even at the beginning of his powers, Jinn already manages to access a large collection of powers, having his energy coming from ancient entities that are as or even more mysterious than Allah himself, can fulfill wishes freely, being able to resurrect people, materialize or dematerialize objects, grant powers or withdraw them freely.


Note: Once per event.



Hallucinogenic touch


This primary skill of the djinn can be used at different intensities. They can cause a loop in a victim to pass out and live his deepest desires in his dream. This is very effective, which over time, an ordinary person could waste, while in a deep sleep. People found in the victim's dream could even convince the victim that what is happening is real. Alternatively, the djinn can also choose to infect a target with a milder form of hallucination. This keeps the victim awake and still allows interaction with their environment, but it still creates hallucinations that can confuse or destabilize the victim's mental state.


Levels 1-50: A single touch of up to 20 seconds is enough to place the victim in a dream where they will live their dreams and will not be able to leave.


Levels 51-100: A 17-second touch is now required to get your targets into the world of dreams.


Levels 101-150: Only a 15-second touch is required to send the victim to the dream world.


Level 151-200: Only the Primordial Mist contacting the target is required to send the target to the dream world.


Level 201-250: It is only necessary to speak to send the target to the world of dreams unconsciously, being able to leave the opponent for long periods of time, such as deluding dozens of people simultaneously with just their speech, they do not need to perceive such influence.


Level 251-300: Only unilateral eye contact is necessary for the genie to leave his target in an illusion.


Note: The dream is immensely real, the only way out of the dream and rejecting all the temptations that will be offered to it, a perfect life for the victim in the case.



Akasha: Spiritual


Jinns were said to be beings who could control all elements of the spiritual pentagram and the representatives of the spiritual circle themselves.


Level 1-10: Initially, Jinn controls the element at the right end of the Pentagram, water. The user can control the water and all its states and sub elements in a medium way.


Level 11-25: Jinn controls the element at the left end of the Pentagram, air. The user can control the air and all its variations in a medium way.


Level 26-35: Initially, Jinn controls the element at the far right below the Pentagram, fire. The user can control the fire and all its states and sub elements in a medium way.


Level 36-50: Initially, Jinn controls the element on the left end below the Pentagram, the earth. The user can control the water and all its states and sub elements in a medium way.


Level 51-99: Jinn reaches the height of the four elements and manages to control all elements and sub elements perfectly.


Level 100-150: Jinn now manipulates the elements globally.


Level 151-200: Jinn reaches the top element of the Pentagram; Akasha. Akasha is a spiritual energy.





Geniuses are cosmic beings, being able to manipulate cosmic energy.


Level 50-100: Control on a small scale.


Level 101-150: Control on a median scale.


Level 151-200: They control on a large scale.


Level 201-250: Control in perfect scale.


Level 251-300: Control on a global scale.



Physical Creation


Jinns are able to create physical objects from their mind, being able to create extremely large and complex structures with just the blink of their eyes, Jinn can vary in resistance and change the properties of the object, despite not being able to destroy atoms, Jinn can manipulate them to create objects.


Level 1-10: JInn can create structures up to 2 square meters.


Level 11-25: JInn can create structures up to 3 square meters.


Level 26-35: JInn can create structures up to 4 square meters.


Level 36-50: JInn can create structures up to 5 square meters.


Level 51-100: JInn can create structures up to 6 square meters.


Level 101-150: JInn can create a structure of up to 7 square meters.


Level 151-200: JInn can create a structure of up to 8 square meters.


Level 201-250: JInn can create a structure of up to 9 square meters.


Level 251-300: JInn can create a structure of up to 10 square meters.





Jinn manages to dominate the dreams of the righteous to induce them to find their treasures if they really want to do so, in the hope that the being would release Jinn from his prison.


Level 1-10: The Jinns can invade the dreams of humans and demigods, but only see what they are dreaming of and use their telepathy to leave messages in the dreams, but they cannot control or significantly modify them.


Level 11-25: They are able to lightly control their target's dreams while they sleep, being able to create nightmares and taking control of a dream, being able to give prophetic messages and pre-cognitive dreams to their targets, whether ally or enemy.


Level 26-35: Through continuous suggestion, Jinn can manipulate his targets from his dreams and nightmares, can make someone have dreams that induce something or fear Jinn through nightmares, and can manipulate them directly.


Level 36-50: Jinn is able to manipulate dreams directly and as he wishes, by merging the ability to send beings to the world of dreams he can leave a being forever trapped there in a nightmare or eternal dream, manipulating oneirokinesis in a way high.


Level 51-99: Your oneirokinesis evolves, having the ability to influence in deeper parts of the mind such as memories (which are the basis of the dream), Jinn has a high control over the memories of those who are affected by the dream, and may also change your perceptions of reality freely from your targets.


Level 100-150: Manipulates the memories and memories of its targets with total affinity and mastery, having a Global Oneirocinese.



Free Genius


At this level, the genius frees all its power and becomes alien to the lamp itself, not needing it to activate its powers, the genius acquires a temporary position of Liberated.


Level 180-200: Lasts two rounds.


Level 201-220: Lasts three rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts four rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts five rounds.


Note: 1x per event.





The Genie increases his abilities to divine levels, the golden ties on his wrists start to shine and his eyes shine in a bluish tone, his tattoos shine in a matte golden tone, besides being able to use the powers that depend on the lamp without it. Your change in reality becomes absolute.


Level 180-200: lasts up to 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: lasts up to 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: lasts up to 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: lasts up to 5 rounds.



Note: The divine form can only be used three times per event.


Magic carpet


Geniuses are usually represented with a magic carpet that they use to get around. With the magic carpet, the jinn is able to sit on it and move around freely using it. Standing at a single fixed point on the carpet. The jinn remains stationary while all the space moves around him, which creates the illusion in others that he is in motion, and in fact it is all that is moving while he remains stationary.

If the carpet is destroyed, it will be recreated inside the magic lamp of the jinn.

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