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Jiraiya (児 雷 也 - literally "young thunder"), the title character of the Japanese tale Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari (児 雷 也 豪杰 物语, "The Tale of Gallant Jiraiya").

It is a famous Japanese history written between 1839 and 1868 by several authors, being adapted to a play in 1852.

In ancient Japan, 5 types of magic were practiced: Frog, Snake, Slug, Bird and Spider. These types of magic were supposed to be incompatible with each other, but in this story, love managed to counter this trend.

Jiraiya was the heir to a powerful Kyushu clan. At a time when his family was experiencing financial problems, Jiraiya went to the province of Echigo (which is now Niigata) and became a pirate and head of a group of bandits. Years later he met an immortal hermit (sennin) who lived on Mount Myoko, who taught him frog magic (not only invocations, but all kinds of things).

After a few years, Jiraiya meets Tsunade, a beautiful young woman who used slug magic. The two fall in love and get married. Later one of Jiraiya's followers, Yashagoro, was bewitched by a snake and became a master of snake magic and turned against his former master and friend. Yashagoro took the name of Orochimaru and attacked JiraIya. JiraIya and Tsunade fought together against Orochimaru, but were poisoned by the snake's venom and became unconscious. Fortunately, one of Jiraya's followers, whose life had been saved by him, came to his aid and killed Orochimaru. At this point the story ends abruptly.


Appearance: As they are children of other gods, even though they disown their powers, they still have their characteristics.

Personality: They are happy, they usually socialize with practically everyone, however when provoked they will not hesitate to challenge you to a fight.


Passive Powers

Big force

Levels 1-6: Followers of Jiraya have somewhat considerable strength, and can break rocks with punches.

Levels 7-12: Followers of Jiraya can now break houses with their physical strength.

Levels 13-20: You can now break even a building with punches.

Super Jump

Levels 1-6: Can jump like a frog, up to five meters.

Levels 7-12: Increase to ten meters.

Levels 13-20: Increases to fifteen meters.

Magic Immunity

Level 1: Your character is immune to magic, sorcery and curses.

Enhanced Powers

Levels 1-6: When fighting alongside a follower of Tsunade or Orochimaru, your powers double.

Levels 7-12: Now triple.

Levels 13-20: Quadruple.


Levels 1-6: Can withstand punches with ease.

Levels 7-12: Withstands even cuts.

Levels 13-20: Resists burns.

Active Powers


The skill makes the semi-deis take on the exact texture of the colors of everything behind it making it invisible.

Levels 1-6: Can be camouflaged for three rounds.

Levels 7-12: Can be camouflaged for five rounds.

Levels 13-20: Can be camouflaged for seven rounds.

Trickster Frog

This ability calls a giant frog, an original species of frog indigenous to Mount Myouboku, this ability is used to capture and isolate a victim by dragging them into the frog's stomach. Isolated from the outside world by a barrier, the space inside the frog's stomach. The environment inside the frog's stomach is a huge cavernous chamber, which includes a lake of strong corrosive gastric acid that can dissolve anything that should happen to fall into it, together with coasts around the acidic lake, and in formations that stick out of the lake. Once trapped inside, an opponent is eliminated from all allies and susceptible to attack, and can then be easily defeated.

Levels 1-6: The frog is three meters long and captures enemies at a speed of 300 km / h.

Levels 7-12: The frog is six meters and captures enemies at a speed of 600 km / h.

Levels 13-20: The frog is three meters and captures enemies at a speed of 900 km / h.

Spiky Hair

The follower of Jiraya's hair grows into spikes, which protects him from attacks and pierces whatever he touches.

Levels 1-6: They can expand up to three meters.

Levels 7-12: Can expand up to five meters.

Levels 13-20: Can expand up to seven meters.

Transform into Frog

This ability has the power to transform any human being into a frog indefinitely.

Levels 1-6: Just touch the enemy for 20 seconds.

Levels 7-12: Just tap the enemy for 15 seconds.

Levels 13-20: Just touch the enemy for 10 seconds.

Atomic Annihilating Fingers

Level 1: The follower of Jiraiya concentrates vital energy at his fingertips, after which he uses those fingers to be able to destroy even atoms he touches.


A swamp appears, sinking everything on top. There is no way for the opponent who is over the swamp not to sink. Its creator can stay on the swamp without sinking, controlling the energy of the swamp. Even if it is pulled, the swamp does not allow its creator to sink, unless its creator wants to be sunk.

Levels 1-6: The swamp expands to an area of ​​5 meters around.

Levels 7-12: Expands to an area of ​​10 meters around.

Levels 13-20: Expands to an area of ​​20 meters.

Fire Spit

Levels 1-6: Can fire a fireball through the mouth.

Levels 7-12: Can shoot up to two.

Levels 13-20: Can shoot up to three.

King of Frogs

The offspring of Jiraya summons the King of Frogs, a gigantic frog whose length is 30 meters and carries a huge sword with it.

Levels 1-6: The frog will be able to use physical force against the opponent.

Levels 7-12: The frog will be able to use his sword against the opponent.

Levels 13-20: The frog now releases oil in its mouth in large quantities, and the follower of Jiraya burns all the oil with a fireball, melting whatever is in the way due to the sea of ​​flames that is formed, or the very Frog can shoot a fireball.


Level 1: In this mode, the follower of Jiraya is able to hit the opponent with a physical attack even if he misses the blow by centimeters, as the natural energy around him can hit him. Sensing the natural energy around him, the follower is also able to sense the presence of any living being through the energy at a great distance. Upon activating this ability, the follower is in a hybrid form between man and frog, and summons two elderly frogs at his side, and his overall abilities are increased by 10x.

Elder Toads

Levels 1-6: The two ancient frogs release a large sound wave which leaves opponents stunned, creating an opening in the enemy's defense and thus attacking them.

Levels 7-12: Release a large amount of wind from the mouth and decrease it until it becomes thinner than a razor's edge, which cuts everything in front of you.

Levels 13-20: They release a vast amount of water through the mouth, leaving the length of the jet thin, so the jet becomes extremely powerful and sharp, and can even destroy very resistant materials.

Levels 21-24: They release a curtain of smoke with sand from their mouths that blinds the sight of whoever enters.

Summoning of Illusionist Frogs

An illusion that acts through sound, through a song where two green frogs enter a duet. This illusion penetrates the enemy's inner ear, paralyzing his nervous system, and thus preventing him from making any movement. In the illusion, four giant Samurai Toads appear and extending their hands (paws) to the center, where the enemy is located, and hold it in a kind of crystal cube. It is only possible to leave this Illusion if the follower of this technique is attacked by someone who has not been caught in the Illusion. The only flaw of this illusion is that when starting the song, the user's position is detectable.

Levels 1-6: Just listen for 10 seconds.

Levels 7-12: Just listen for 5 seconds.

Levels 13-20: Just listen for three seconds.

Heavy Frog

It is an Summoning skill used by the follower of Jiraiya. Using the size of the summon to its advantage, it summons a giant frog on top of its target, crushing it completely.

Levels 1-6: The frog weighs 200 kg.

Levels 7-12: The frog weighs 500 kg.

Levels 13-20: The frog weighs 1 ton.

Warrior Frog

Level 1: The follower of Jiraya after summons a giant frog that has a kind of forked spear at the tip, and a large and powerful shield.

Swordsman Frog

Level 1: The follower of Jiraya can summon a gigantic swordsman toad that can destroy everything around.

Frog House

Level 1: Summons a frog that has the ability to transform into a house (similar to Kubisaki Kouza's Chameleon), and after its enemies fall into the trap it returns to its normal frog state.

Supreme Frog

Summons the stomach of a giant frog that lives in the mountains and breathes fire. With this summons, a building or a certain place in this stomach can be transformed, which can hurt the enemy, trap him, leaving his friends intact. It can also be used to protect against external attacks.

Levels 1-6: The technique lasts 3 rounds.

Levels 7-12: The technique lasts 5 rounds.

Levels 13-20: The technique lasts 7 rounds.

Complaint gifts



A slate gray stone sword. A chain connects the hilt to the hilt of the sword that joins the blade. The blade of the sword has severe marks that resemble veins, which when piercing the enemy releases a poison that will make you hallucinate.

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