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He was the second angel who followed Lucifer, and who, believing that men were inferior, was the first to encourage angels to have sex with human beings.


Appearance: They are similar to all the other children of Anjo Fallen, they have very clear skin and black hair.

Personality: They are manipulative, treacherous and only think of themselves.


Passive Powers

Reverse Form

Level 01: Kasabel had both a male and a female form, which made it easier for him to instigate the sin of lust in people more easily. Their offspring also have the ability to access a female (if the character is male) or male (if the character is female) form.

Note: These characters can have up to 2 avatars, one female and the other male and two different names.



Sadistic Mind

Kasabel had been known for spreading the sin of lust in the form of a woman to men, which is why his offspring have a slightly different mind from other children of the fallen.

Level 01: The minds of these offspring are somewhat difficult to read, as it is totally vast with fetishes and countless sex scenes. His personality has somewhat sadistic and masochistic traits which make the offspring find the pain amusing, as well as knowing the pleasure points of their victims easily, which can cause more intense damage than normal.


Improved Strength


Naturally children of warriors, these offspring acquire a superhuman strength, which differentiates them from others.


Level 01-10: Can destroy iron.


Level 11-25: Can destroy steel.


Level 26-35: Can destroy titanium.


Level 36-50: Can destroy diamond.


Level 51-99: Can destroy adamantium.


Level 100-150: Can destroy vibranium.


Level 151-200: Can destroy divine iron.


Dark Wings


After their fall, these fallen angels had their wings obscured, turning from white to black, similar to the darkness itself. So their offspring nephilins inherit those same wings.


Level 01-10: Initially the fallen has difficulties to make their wings appear feeling a little pain. They have bone-like resistance. It can reach up to 40 meters of altitude, besides being able to reach speeds of up to 450 km / h.


Level 11-25: The pain now becomes minimal, barely feeling it. The wings have a resistance compared to iron, reaching speeds of up to 850 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 80 meters.


Level 26-35: They have a resistance similar to steel, being able to reach speeds of up to 1250 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 120 meters. He feels no pain.


Level 36-50: They have a resistance similar to titanium, reaching speeds of up to 1650 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 160 meters.


Level 51-99: They have a diamond-like resistance, reaching speeds of up to 2050 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 200 meters.


Level 100-150: They have a resistance similar to Adamantium, being able to reach speeds of up to 2450 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 240 meters.

Level 151-200: They have a resistance similar to Vibranium, being able to reach speeds of up to 2850 km / h, in addition to reaching altitudes of up to 280 meters.

Attractive Body

Kasabel's offspring usually have a very attractive body. Thanks to this they passively manage to make their victims not stop looking at it once they are in front of their eyes.

Level 01-10: You can initially make your victims feel attracted to you, but it is necessary to make sensual and flashy movements for this.


Level 11-25: You can make your victims fervently notice you, feeling a certain desire for your body, but it is still necessary to draw attention.


Level 26-35: The fallen man now manages to make his victims wish him to a point where they cannot help wanting him in his mind, making it difficult for the combat to develop. At this level, it doesn't take many movements.


Level 36-50: The semi-Fallen manages to make his victims feel extreme desires, which makes people around him even those of the same sex want to have sex with her.


Level 51-99: The fallen one achieves the fact of causing a huge desire in his victims, where his mind is automatically full of images and thoughts related to his own lust, which in a way makes it difficult to reason, when his body and mind only they only think about having sex with Kasabel's offspring.


Level 100-150: Can now affect even people who are married in the RPG. The desire becomes so deep that if they don't think about their wife all the time, they will automatically give in and just think about having the body of Kesabel's offspring to themselves, completely forgetting their vows to their beloved.

Note: It is necessary to think about your wife all the time, if not specified in all the scenes during the combat, the victim will instantly fall into the ability.

Resistance to Seduction

His father was the angel who induced others to have sex with men and he himself induces men to sin through lust. However, because he uses seduction to affect others, he developed a resistance to it, not being easily affected by powers related to seduction or sexuality.

Level 01-10: In the beginning, the semi-fallen will not have as much resistance to powers related to seduction or sexuality, and may resist human attempts to attract him sexually.

Level 11-25: Stronger, the semi-fallen can now withstand the passive powers of other demigods below his own level.

Level 26-35: At this level, the semi-fallen can resist passive and active powers of other demigods with levels equal to his.

Level 36-50: The semi-fallen can now resist passive and active powers from other demigods, even with powers greater than his.

Level 51-99: The power of the semi-fallen goes to the point of not only making him resistant to the skills of seduction and sexuality of other demigods and pleasure-related beings (less than gods), but he can also make the effects of the ability turn against them.


Level 100-150: The resistance of the semi-fallen reaches such a point that it resists the powers of seduction and sexuality of even gods.




One of the many types of pleasure comes through pain, either your own or inflicting it on others. Kasabel's son, however, could be injured and not feel any pain.


Level 01-10: In the beginning, the semi-fallen person will not feel pain from minor and superficial injuries. Pains inflicted by skills will also seem less to you than they will to others.


Level 11-25: Stronger, the semi-fallen person will not experience pain from medium injuries and pain inflicted on him by skills will seem much less than others.


Level 26-35: Now, the semi-fallen person will not feel pain from serious injuries and pain inflicted on him by skills will only give him great discomfort.


Level 36-50: At this level, the semi-fallen person will not feel any pain from injuries caused to his body, regardless of the severity of them, and pains inflicted on him by skills will be a minor inconvenience.

Level 51-99: At its maximum, the semi-fallen person will not feel pain even if it is inflicted on his soul and pain inflicted on him by skills does not bother him.

Note: There is a disease that allows people not to feel pain from any injury, but it can cause the death of the person itself. This skill is not the case. Unlike those affected by the disease, the demigod will know when he is injured or hurt in some way, but he will not feel pain so that it does not affect his movements.


Unconditional Passion

The semi-fallen, when looking directly into someone's eyes, will put that person in a trance and make him fall in love with the first person who comes in front of him, be the semi-fallen (if he stays in front of them for some time) , other people, or herself (if you're looking in a mirror). The lover will love unconditionally, being able to commit the worst acts for the person he loves if he so orders, such as killing or turning against a loved one. You cannot ask the lover to kill himself.

Level 01-30: The semi-fallen will need to look in the eyes of the person for a few seconds and also speak a few words that will put him in a trance. After 10 seconds, the first person the target sees in front of you will be the person they fall in love with, however this effect lasts for 2 rounds only.

Level 31-60: The semi-fallen only needs to look at the target for a few moments to put him into a trance. The effect now lasts 4 rounds.


Level 61-90: The semi-fallen is powerful enough to hold the target for as long as you want in that state, needing only a brief eye contact to put you in a trance.

Note: This ability cannot be controlled by the semi-fallen, so anyone who looks into the eyes for a long time can cause the person to be affected by this ability, for this reason the semi-fallen avoids looking at others in the eyes. unless it wants to cause the effect. Dark glasses also avoid trance, whether the semi-fallen wears it or his target.


Special Kiss

Level 30: The semi-fallen, when kissing someone attracted to him, will leave a "blessing" on that person. The person, whether human, monster or demigod, will become stronger than he already was, however that person will have an unlimited loyalty for the semi-fallen, fighting by his side even if he goes against what he previously believed. The "blessed" will not feel pain and will have extreme self-confidence, believing that he can fight anyone even knowing that he cannot, but he will fight for loyalty to the semi-fallen, regardless of his injuries. He will fight for the semi-fallen until he dies or until the curse is broken.

Note: Those with whom the semi-fallen share some affection will not be affected.


Celestial Swordsman


Level 01-10: The semi-fallen will know how to handle swords. When you arrive at the camp, you will have knowledge of the basic concepts of handling them, unlike other demigods.


Level 11-25: The semi-fallen will no longer handle the weapon like a novice, being on the same level as a medium-level swordsman.


Level 26-35: With his level of experience and skill with the sword, the semi-fallen will be able to use swords like a true master.


Level 36-50: The semi-fallen can use any sword to perfection, making any possible movement with it, overcoming great swordsmen in history very easily and being among the best swordsmen among the demigods.


Level 51-99: The skills of the semi-fallen with the sword are such that he can make any move impossible with any sword that falls into his hands.

Active Powers


The angel Kasabel was recognized for his ability to alter his physical appearance so that he could serve the interests of his victims. And so spreading sin across living beings. Thanks to this, their offspring acquire metamorphic abilities.


Level 01-10: Can transform yourself into other people, both female and male, both partially and totally.

Level 11-25: Can transform into animals either partially or totally.

Level 26-35: Can transform into other beings in the Milky Way both partially and totally.

Level 36-50: Can transform into monsters or creatures either partially or totally.

Level 51-99: They can deform their appearance according to their will.


Lust Mode

When entering this mode, the offspring's body then undergoes a small mutation, with its reddish skin with a pair of horns and its wings are black with golden eyes. of your opponents. In this mode the speed of the offspring is shown to be faster as well as their ability to fly at high speeds also increase, presenting fangs and claws.


Level 20-40: Initially in this state the offspring acquire a certain intolerance to pain, together with a better motor coordination, acquiring a great flexibility that allows them to easily perform quite complex movements; being able to create an empathic connection with their victims through physical contact.


Level 41-60: It shows itself capable of projecting a kind of golden energy which causes sexual and pleasurable desires, desires, feelings and emotions in its victims, managing at this level to increase the sensitivity of its victims through these energetic rays or physical contact itself , being able to steal the victims' vital energy through kisses, certain places that bring pleasure to the victim, etc. It can also generate blades through your body.


Level 61-80: The offspring are now able to make several pheromones spread around the scene causing their victims to be in a relaxed state where they become slaves to the offspring, who can ask them for anything through verbal commands. At this level it demonstrates the ability to change the sex of your enemies for up to 3 rounds making them become the opposite of your sex (once your sex has changed, they will be crazy with desire and excitement).


Level 81-100: At its peak, the offspring can already control the desires of their enemies, which can make them hallucinate with what they most desire, be it any type of desire. Then they will follow Kesabel's offspring who will promise to fulfill their wishes, making their enemies their slaves. The pheromones of the offspring may cause their enemies a great desire and sexual pleasure and when surrounded by them, they will have a great capacity for regeneration during 2 rounds.


Note: Lasts 5 rounds. It affects other offspring related to sexual gods and when affected by their powers, they only increase their power.




Arrows of Black Lust


Kasabel's offspring acquire the ability to project their own angelic energy and shape it into a bow and arrow.


Level 01-10: Initially, the arrow causes damage to the victim's body, which can induce diseases and sexual problems in the victims, such as premature ejaculations, diseases such as AIDS, genital problems such as infertility, gonorrhea, etc., and can also affect the female sex as well.


Level 11-25: The arrow when touching the victim, arouses a strong sensation of surprise and erection, similar to a person when he is caught by surprise by another, through a slap on the butt or a silly hand, etc., which does everything the body trembles for a few quick seconds, which will cause the victim to lose rapid concentration.

Level 26-35: Now the arrow causes a kind of electric shock throughout the body which makes the person feel more "fire" (sexual desire), making him lose focus as he will see in his mind the image of the nearest person from you, where you will imagine quick love scenes.


Level 36-50: The arrow now causes abdominal spasms in the victim, making parts of his body hurt, as if he had tried too hard.


Level 51-99: The arrow makes its victims feel orgasms, feeling with each arrow strong shakes through their body, making things more difficult for their opponents.


Level 100-150: The arrow is so strong that it now causes the ability to imitate a sensation. Being able to imitate the sensation that a woman feels during a certain penetration (being able to define the centimeters of the sexual member, thus making it more painful and pleasurable), also being able to imitate other things like the blowjob, and even sensations like the tightness of breasts (defining if it was too strong or not and etc) causing sensations caused by kisses and etc, and may cause sensations related to sexual acts.


Level 151-200: At its peak, the arrow is now able to cause the victim to release several hormones, when sperm release, causing a great euphoria in the victim during the hit which will make him somehow relax completely forgetting the combat for 5 seconds, this with each hit.




Healing Powers


The fallen angel has the ability to heal wounds through physical touch.

Level 01-10: It can initially heal minor cuts and minor injuries.

Level 11-25: Can heal more extensive cuts and less severe wounds, and can heal illnesses and certain physiological deficiencies, such as the inability to move arms, legs, etc.


Level 26-25: Can heal burns of up to second degree, in addition to being able to reallocate lost limbs when fitted in place.


Level 36-50: Can heal severe burns, and very severe external damage, and can regenerate small limbs, such as ears, fingers, nails, etc.


Level 51-99: You are now able to heal external wounds, as well as heal minor damage or genetic changes. There may be failures to cure.


Level 100-150: Can heal minor damage to the soul, but not so severe. Because it is the soul, the fallen person usually loses more energy when healing damage like this.




Control over Pain


Pleasure consists of several types one of which is pain, many love to feel pleasure through pain. As well as their offspring who most of the time have somewhat masochistic traits, enjoying feeling the pain, not finding it bad but fun. They have the ability to control pain, being able to induce physical, mental and spiritual pain in their victims, being able to control their levels of pain at will.


Level 01-10: It can induce pain in up to 5 people.


Level 11-25: It can induce pain in up to 10 people.


Level 26-35: It can induce pain in up to 15 people.


Level 36-50: It can induce pain in up to 20 people.


Level 51-99: It can induce pain in up to 25 people.


Level 100-150: It can induce pain in up to 30 people.


Level 151-200: It can induce pain in up to 35 people.






When falling in hell together with Lucifer and the other angels who rebelled, these same fallen ones acquired new abilities, one of them was the ability to control the flames coming directly from hell. Their offspring inherited this ability.

Level 01-10: Initially, the offspring of Kasabel can generate small potions from these flames, which can be shaped into fireballs or solid constructs. At this level, they can generate these flames into small fragments or particles which burn the skin of their victims slowly, as it mixes with air.


Level 11-25: You can release these flames in greater proportions now being able to release bursts of fire against your opponent, being able to control these flames better. The offspring are also able to control the heat around them and can increase the temperature to extreme levels.

Level 26-35: Your flames are able to materialize in an aura around your body which allows you to quickly burn everything that comes.


Level 36-50: Achieves an excellent control of these flames, being able to generate, control and mold them freely, but still not being able to affect the internal of its victims.


Level 51-99: You are now able to control the flames skillfully and can easily make an entire city devastated by these flames, managing to affect and manipulate the internal and external of your victims with these flames, creating combustion and etc.


Level 100-150: They acquire perfect control of the flames, being able to affect the whole planet with these flames and can increase the climate in the whole planet if desired and among other feats.

Note: Being flames from hell, they naturally affect the souls of their enemies and can easily burn them, once your physical body is burned by them, it will take at least 24 hours for all wounds to heal (slowly), for not even powers of healing or regeneration work very well when exposed to these flames.




Sex Demons


Being the angel who instigated lust to angels, these offspring are able to summon agents capable of affecting their opponents by instigating love to them.


Level 01-10: Initially you can summon a group of 10 women, almost naked and extremely beautiful. These women exhale a pheromone from their body which makes everyone around them except their offspring feel a strong desire for them, even if they are in a battle they have stopped fighting and will go after the women, with the Guard wide open. The semi-fallen can also summon in place of 10 women, 10 men who will cause the same effects.


Level 11-25: You can now summon 20 women or men, they will have the ability to change their shape to suit the tastes of their victims.


Level 26-35: You can now summon 20 succubus, which are demons related to pleasure and lust. Initially, they can only suck the vital energy of their victims by physical touch or by illicit and sexual acts (such as a kiss, a touch on the breasts, etc.). He can also summon 20 inccubus (male sexual demons, the opposite sex of succubus) in place of succubus.


Level 36-50: You can now summon 30 of these demons, they are now extremely flexible and agile, being able to instill pleasure in their victims easily. In addition to absorbing the vital energy of its victims on a larger scale.


Level 51-99: You can summon 40 of those demons who will now be able to manipulate lust at will, causing all those below the level of their offspring to fall under that demon's charms.


Level 100-150: She is now able to summon a single succubus, which is extremely powerful. Having the appearance of a unique succubus, she appears to be a virgin, with a somewhat provocative and somewhat innocent face, besides having the ability to enlarge any part of her victims' bodies to a disproportionate level, becoming swollen and causing spasms. very strong muscles, it also has the capabilities mentioned in the previous levels. Once this demon looks into the eyes of his victims, several chains will bind his victim preventing him from moving, being trapped in the charms of this succubus. She, in place of the succubus, can summon a great demon related to pleasure and lust. It will be extremely disproportionate, and may increase the size of its victims' body parts through physical touch. Its appearance resembles demons like Big Red, it has the ability to cause sexual effects on its victims through an exchange of looks, making the victim's blood turn into pure sperm, which can make it leave the body pores victim and other places such as the mouth, even the sexual member and the anal orifice. It can also make your victim think that she was raped by this same demon when in fact she wasn't.


Dark Aura


Kasabel had been the second angel to follow Lucifer in his ideals and in his war against his own, for he also shared the feeling that living beings were inferior and unworthy beings. That is why their offspring have the ability to project an aura on their body which makes every living thing close to the offspring die quickly.

Level 01-10: Initially, this aura only causes small living beings to die like plants, land and animals.

Level 11-25: Now she causes the human beings around her to die in a somewhat agonizing way, for the fallen to recognize them as inferior beings.


Level 26-35: The aura now causes discomfort in monsters and higher beings, causing them a bad feeling as if they are dying.


Level 36-50: The aura now causes a great weakening in the beings around you, having your vital energy drained as the combat continues.


Level 51-99: The aura now causes its opponents to induce viruses and pests causing their victims to contract diseases, viruses and pests that are extremely harmful to the human body.


Level 100-150: The offspring at their peak, having their aura much more powerful than before, are able to easily kill their victims within a radius of up to 30 meters, managing to suck the victims' souls through the mouth, absorbing their vital energies , and use that as a means of recovering from damage that you cannot recover from alone.

Note: You can only suck the soul of your victims if they have at least 20 levels below you. Otherwise they will be able to resist but they felt a strong malaise that could lead to fainting.






As an angel referring to lust, Kasabel will obviously have some abilities related to illusions.


Level 30-60: Your offspring can create, shape and manipulate illusions, making targets see, hear, touch and smell or taste things that don't really exist, or cause them to perceive things differently than they really are.


Level 61-90: You can now create extremely powerful illusions, managing to change the whole reality in these illusions making your victims realize everything the offspring desires.


Level 91-120: Can make the damage done to the illusions real.




Scent of Passion


Kasabel's offspring, upon opening its wings, can change its coloration, assuming a kind of purple color, where the offspring will be able to release an extremely pleasant and almost imperceptible perfume.


Level 01-10: It can cause those who exhale a strong pleasure and also a high euphoria.


Level 11-25: Causes a strong temptation in the victim, inducing them to fulfill their deepest desires without feeling any remorse, sometimes not even realizing it, falling completely into a vicious cycle.


Level 26-35: Now causes muscle relaxation, which causes all the muscles in the victim's body to repair to the point of losing the strength and resistance they previously had (lasts 3 rounds).


Level 36-50: Now causes a decrease in the levels of pain and pleasure, causing the person not to feel pain and increasing the levels of pleasure in the victim, making a simple ordinary person, become an extremely perverted and naughty person for an hour to the other.


Level 51-99: Decreases the protection that the victim has, as if the victim somehow felt literally and completely vulnerable, disabling his immunities and protections (for 2 rounds). Your skin also acquires a great malleability leaving it much more sensitive than before.


Level 100-150: Can increase the heart rate of the victim, and can also paralyze his legs completely for 1 round, in the victim's mind he will feel as if he did not feel them, similar to a very aggressive post-sexual intercourse.




Nephilim Form


By controlling all its inherited powers, the offspring reaches a new level, reaching immense power, and can then access the form of a complete Nephilim. He will undergo a transformation that will completely change his body, with his face becoming completely black, his eyes will become red, his body will be covered with feathers, his legs will look like a bird and a large pair of wings will appear of his back, the colors of which are as dark as that of his face, which is covered by a hood made of the same feathers that cover his body. Its power is shown to be extremely high in comparison with the power of a first generation titan. Being able to feel and manipulate lust, sexuality, sexual attraction and sexual desire of oneself, people, animals and other creatures, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling lust, even manifesting emotional energy at the physical level and between other things.

Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.

Note: Once per event.

 Presentes de reclamação  



É uma espada de lâmina escura com linhas em cinza e é equilibrada e bastante poderosa. Tem um punho preto conectado a um protetor de mão que desce do lado direito. Anexada a esta área alongada do protetor de mão faz parte da lâmina de Elucidator para melhor auxiliar o usuário na retenção de seu controle sobre a espada quando ela está sendo usada. A lâmina é completamente escura como o resto da espada e dita ser esboçada em um cinza claro. Seu poder consiste em aumentar a potencia do usuário junto com sua capacidade de corte ao iniciar uma batalha, quando a prole de Kasabel inicia um combate a mesma fica envolta com uma aura negra podendo ser moldada em livre e espontânea vontade do ser. Sua capacidade de ataque é descomunal podendo quebrar defesas de alto nível.

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