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In Greek mythology, Lissa or Lýssa (in Greek Λύσσα) was a Daemon who personified anger, rage, unbridled fury, in animals, the madness produced by rage. The Athenians wrote their name as Lýtta (Λύττα). It was born of Nix fertilized by the icor that poured from Uranus when being castrated by Cronos, although Higino places it between the children of Ether and Gaia.

Lissa was a figure in the Athenian tragedy. In Aeschylus, she appears as Dionysus' agent sent to madden the Menades and, Euripides describes her with serpents on her head and sparkling eyes. In her work Heracles tells how the vindictive Hera ordered Lissa, through her messenger Iris, to drive the hero crazy, of which she was a great enemy. Daemon tried to dissuade Iris without any success, and against its will, it was introduced in Heracles urging him to kill his wife and his own children.


Appearance: Sometimes with black hair, sometimes with whitish hair, Lissa's descendants have yellowish or water-green eyes. They are usually tall and thin, rarely athletic, strong or defined. Their hair can be either curly or straight, but they are, as a rule, extremely long.

Personality: Endowed with a triple personality, the offspring of the goddess of madness are extremely insane. However, once they fit into a group, they tend to stay in it permanently. They are loyal to their purposes, but always individualistic, rarely thinking about what will happen to other people.


Passive Powers

Psychic Resistance

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The minds of Lissa's children are shielded by the madness and anger that consume them, for this reason they become resistant to mental actions from reading the mind to illusions.

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Levels 1-20: Lissa's offspring are totally resistant to attempts to read her thoughts. When someone tries to invade your mind, you are greeted by a whirlwind of voices, making it extremely difficult to figure out what the offspring's thinking is.


Level 21-40: Lissa's offspring are now resistant to attempts to be controlled through mental commands. The typical madness of Lissa's children and the natural conflict that she has, makes her extremely resistant to these types of attacks.


Level 41-60: When trying to plant an illusion in the mind of Lissa's offspring, her invader is hindered by the chaotic mind that is that of the offspring due to her enormous mental resistance.


Supernatural escapism


Lisa's children have the supernatural ability to escape from any place, thing, object or anything that holds them, regardless of what it is. They will always break free, even from paralysis skills. It also extends to them to open anything. A greater force makes sure that they never get stuck or immobile, always getting away with it.


Levels 1-30: At first, you can get rid of handcuffs, ropes and any other object that holds your hands and feet. You can open simple locks with your own hands or with small objects.


Levels 31-60: You can get rid of bigger things like straitjackets for example, or anything else that holds your body, and with that already opens more complex locks that present secrets.


Levels 61-90: It is extremely resistant to paralysis abilities and now opens locks for safes, saddles, doors with passwords, etc.

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Sixth Sense

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Lissa's son has an advanced mental flow, having direct reactions from neurons and detecting from an unusual 360 ° radar or even diverging an unusual sense of heightened senses, he also works as an alert in occasional dangers, never being able to be caught off guard or avoiding possible attacks most of the time, like a bee sting, for example.

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Levels 1-10: Your sense is weak and quite inconvenient, in addition to being mentally stunned when alerted of a possible danger, the cerebellum suffers a shock where there is the sensation of a punch in its face. You still have to visualize the person in order to be alerted, and your senses help a lot during a fight. 

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Levels 11-25: During the development of the demigod's senses, the alertness becomes less intense and more noticeable, like a wasp sting in the arm or leg. The alert is much more noticeable by raising an angle of up to 75 ° degrees, managing to deflect frontal attacks more easily and being an expert in physical combat. Your body becomes accustomed to the type of sense reaction and then your metabolism doubles the pace.

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Levels 26-35: Now the camper is completely evasive and an “acrobat”, his senses improve psychological development, having a superiority, and his viewing angle starts to receive warnings of 90 ° at right or obtuse angles (187 °). During development, the so-called "sting" becomes just a weak headache and generally does not suffer from seizures or agitations.

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Levels 36-50: You are already able to face difficult situations with the evolution of meaning, such as dodging thrown rubble or even staying in a not so comfortable position for a long time. The meaning starts to be given only as petelecos or bumps causing a greater mental strengthening, it also manages, with ease, to disarm an opponent (armed with melee weapons) and avoid possible corporal attacks, also gaining a little photographic memory of the environments.

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Levels 51-99: Do not suffer from mental disorders or even headaches, the sixth sense is seen only as a slight instantaneous and rapid tingling, which can cover even a football field or take 360 ​​° angles without a blind spot, his acrobatic skills are immense and his combat is agile and unique, also deflecting projectiles or stopping the opponent's heartbeat with a punch. Any objective is seen as secondary, its meaning is highly quick and canny, giving no chance to the opponent that can be felt or alerted without the need for eye contact. 

Active Powers

Mental Manipulation 

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The demigod will have a great ability to read other people's thoughts and talk to others telepathically, but he will also be able to move certain objects with his telekinesis.


Level 1-20: The demigod will be able to transmit his thoughts and also listen to the thoughts of others, however, he cannot focus on a specific group, so everyone who is close to the demigod will be able to hear his thoughts as they are transmitted and he will also be able to hear the thoughts of everyone close to him. When trying to manipulate objects telekinetically, because he does not have much control, he will end up carrying out the action, but affecting everything and everyone around him. To do so, it will still require a lot of concentration from him.


Level 21-40: The demigod will be able to concentrate his thoughts so that they are sent to a specific individual or group, he will still hear the thoughts of everyone around him and he will not be able to fully control his telekinesis, even though he can already control objects without having to control people together by mistake. At this level, the demigod is able to induce a weak illusion to others, not being enough to leave them paralyzed while in this illusion, however it will leave the enemy quite confused with it.


Level 41-60: The demigod will now also be able to control who he hears the thoughts of and who hears his own, being able to show images in their minds without much difficulty. He also acquired the ability to more easily control the objects around him, having full control over what he will affect with his telekinesis. His ability reaches the point that he can maintain a mental connection with others, even without having to concentrate, forming a link between them.


Level 61-80: The demigod can modify the personality of others temporarily or while concentrating on them. He can manipulate the mind to the point of causing illusions in it, alter some of his memories and influence, even if minimally, in his decisions. With telekinesis, he will be able to manipulate any object with extreme ease, hardly having to concentrate for that.


Masochistic empathy


Lissa's son, on the basis of pure madness, has the capacity and courage to harm others by inflicting damage on his own body. A limited form of wound and pain transfer. The process, in some way, "unites" your body with that of your opponent. Once this connection is established, the camper takes on an appearance with black skin with white markings. In this state, he literally becomes a voodoo doll with his opponent's life, where any damage done to him, the target opponent also suffers. This technique is only activated when the camper touches the opponent's blood.


Levels 1-20: At first Lissa's son acquires his target's blood turns his body into a voodoo doll, and manages to transmit the attacks made on his body to his target, not causing the same damage yet, just leaving him with severe internal pain. The transformation lasts 2 turns.


Levels 21-40: When inflicting a blow on oneself, it transmits the pain to a certain person and leaves minor sequels. For example, if you cut your own arm the pain will go to the target and only the cut mark will appear on the target's arm. Transforms for 3 turns.


Levels 41-60: The effects of the skill extend not only to the camper's attacks on his own body, but to anyone who attacks him. While transformed, the damage will go to the specific target, and now, the damage to the whole is transmitted to the opponent. The transformation lasts for 4 rounds.


Levels 61-80: Lissa's offspring are able to pierce their own organs harming their opponent's body. Your body becomes a complete voodoo doll and with that it becomes semi immortal while in such a shape. The duration goes up to 5 rounds.


Levels 81-100: Immortal in this ability, the camper can amputate the limbs of his body and by giving such pains to the opponent, as well as damage, you can kill the target with a simple move now, but by doing this it automatically returns to normal form . is transformed for 6 shifts.


Hunting Festival


Lissa had control over the animals' enraged actions, making these weapons deadly at her command. For this reason, their children have the ability to summon animals from the spirit world, which in turn will hunt their prey until they manage to catch them. If they succeed, their attacks will be standard like normal animal attacks, but such attacks affect both the physical and the spiritual.


Levels 1-10: At first, the demigod can only invoke a soul of any animal, whatever it may be. This spirit has the capabilities that the real animal has, but with the ability to pass through solid objects and to attack the target's soul. Such an animal will hunt its prey until it catches it, it will only stop if it is destroyed.


Levels 11-25: Summons 3 animal souls that may be the same or different, with the same abilities as before, except that now the animals will have twice their natural abilities.


Levels 26-35: You can summon a total of 5 souls, these can be any existing animal, or that already existed, and can even be prehistoric animals, such as dinosaurs, mammoths, saber tooth tigers, among others.


Levels 36-50: Summons 7 spiritual animals, and with greater mastery with such skill. It gains the ability to fuse their souls, creating new beings, such as merging a leopard with a bear, and this creation will adopt the skills of the two beings used, the speed of the leopard, and the strength of the bear, for example.


Levels 51-99: At the summit of summons, you can summon as many animals as you want, and now you have the ability to summon mythological beings, 5 at most, (the 6th will not be created if you try), remembering that the more animals, the more energy will be spent.


Vitality shirt


Offspring if Lissa can instantly invoke a straitjacket around their targets. They are magical and, therefore, difficult to get rid of, they have the ability to absorb the vitality of those trapped by them and they are also super resistant and resistant to natural elements, and alchemy, which is the ability to transmute a object on another, after a certain level.


Levels 01-10: Attaches a single target to your shirt, and steals 10% of its vitality per round. The shirt has the strength of iron.

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Levels 11-25: You can arrest two opponents at once, stealing 20% ​​of vitality in total, and after that process they are completely unwell. The resistance becomes that of steel.


Levels 26-35: Summons the shirt on three targets, stealing 30% vitality in all. The resistance becomes that of titanium and it gains resistance to elemental attacks.


Levels 36-50: Steals 50% of vitality as a whole, and can hold up to 5 opponents, and if someone tries to transmit vitality to them, they will be at risk of overload, leading to death.


Levels 51-99: Summons the shirt on as many as you like, stealing 100% of vitality in all. It gains resistance to forms of transmutation.


Internal Madness

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Level 20: This ability gives the son of the goddess of madness the possibility to drive his opponent's body completely mad, meaning that if he tries to walk forward he will go back, if he tries to use his right arm, he will use his left. His body will be the opposite of his normal actions, as well as his intentions which will also be opposite from those he wants, everything in his being will be the opposite of the original commands. This lasts for 5 rounds.

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Dimensional Eyes

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Just like her mother Lissa's son has sparkling eyes, they vary in color from son to son. With these eyes, the offspring can form a spiral vacuum from the center of your eye, which sucks the target inward and distorts its shape until it is transported to another dimension, the dimension of madness, where everything and everyone is moved for the personification of Lissa, (you have total respect in there). The dimension is pure chaos and hardly anyone can survive inside it despite its powers, remembering that once there, it is impossible to leave, its appearance is like a true apocalypse, everything in there acts to kill, unless the camper wants to. Absorbing his own body for distortion, the demigod can teleport to almost any location he wishes, as well as enter intangibility.


Levels 30-60: At first, you only activate one of your eyes and this is the right eye that will change color while it is used and with it you can only transport your targets to another dimension with extreme approximation, physical contact is necessary so that proceed with the technique, only small targets can be carried. You can also bring them back.


Levels 61-90: When the right eye is activated, any part of the demigod's body that overlaps another object has its physical consistency teleported to the dimension of madness, making it appear that it can pass through solid objects, and it really can. By making your whole body intangible, it can hide your presence completely. This also allows the camper to travel freely across the floor, allowing him to ambush from the bottom up. This intangibility can be extended to whatever it is touching at the time of activation, as long as it is able to maintain physical contact with at least part of the desired object.


Levels 91-120: Uses the left eye that has the ability to use a long-range version of the teleport, which can transport targets from anywhere within the camper's field of vision. The target is surrounded by a space barrier, where the location of the barrier varies, and when the demigod focuses on the target, the space in the center of the barrier distorts and transports everything inside to the other dimension. (The barrier has the size of 20 square meters) while using the left eye, the right is activated, however it is not able to use both at once, varying the use as you wish. You can transport bigger, bigger things, but nothing exaggerated, at most the size of a car.


Levels 121-150: You can now use both eyes together on the same target. The teleportation process works much faster, compared to the speed of a son of Hermes at its peak. With both eyes, the user can also create two distortions at the same time by focusing on two targets to send them to the dimension, or can simply connect them. By absorbing his own body for distortion, he can teleport to almost any location he wants. When using the distortion to teleport, anything that it is touching will be sucked up next to it, and now it is not limited to the size of things, as well as the space barrier that can be the size that Lissa's son wants. This has one more advantage, using both eyes, can "score"

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Note: The repeated and abusive use of the technique puts a great pressure on Lissa's son, causing physical and mental wear and a great loss of energy, causing his eyes to begin to bleed, leading to a great loss of blood, too you have the possibility of being blinded by one eye, or both. Even intangible, the parts of the demigod's body that are in the dimension can be hit by other things that are also there, causing damage to him in the real world. Despite being a complex technique, this one has some flaws, such as: if the demigod is intangible, he will have to become tangible to transport himself or other things to the dimension or to another place, not being able to perform both actions simultaneously, this it provides a small opportunity, in which it is unable to pass through objects and, consequently, is vulnerable to damage. The demigod's intangibility lasts for about 3 rounds, and after that, you need to stay 2 rounds without using this ability.


Chain Manipulation

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As a way to arrest the madmen, some hospices use chains to immobilize their patients, being the son of the goddess of madness, the demigod can create, and manipulate completely indestructible and "magical" chains, these can be manipulated as the camper wants, and can repel from your body or the floor. They follow the enemy as a form of attack, or surround the offspring as a useful form of defense. The camper can also control these currents with a kind of telekinesis. 


Levels 1-10: Expels 2 steel chains from your hands, these can grow in length up to 10 meters and easily protects the demigod, being very effective for attacks and defense.


Levels 11-25: You can summon 4 titanium chains from your body, or simply summon them from the ground. The currents reach a length of 15 meters.


Levels 26-35: Summons 6 diamond chains that reach a length of 20 meters.


Levels 36-50: It is capable of invoking 8 chains, these are already made of adamantium, and handles them with extreme ease despite the large amount. In addition to gradually absorbing the energy of those who touch them, they are 25 meters long.


Levels 51-99: Summons 10 chains, which are made of vibranium and are 30 meters long.


Level 100-150: The chains are now made of divine iron and their newest ability is to attack and injure their victims' souls, convulsing them with each attack. They reach 35 meters in length.


Level 151-200: Now the chains are as long as the offspring wishes, and they can follow the opponent anywhere their eyes reach.


Fear Control


Through the madness of beings, Lissa's offspring have the ability to interfere with the part of their target's brain that controls and produces fear, a defense mechanism of the body. Using this to the advantage of the camper, it creates new fears and phobias in anyone who wants and even hallucinations.


Levels 1-10: Can make a person avoid your presence or avoid the presence of something close to you. The sensation is like a fear, the beginning of fear. He also manages not to be afraid since he sees everything from a point of view of what is dangerous and what is not.


Levels 11-25: The ability to control fear increases, and it can scare people just by looking at them, or generate panic in someone. It can also generate illusions like ghosts or scary things.


Levels 26-35: You can read minds to explore people's greatest fears and make them come alive. The camper can also make people afraid of him or someone else.


Levels 36-50: Can cause trauma to a person and can leave them with a fear of something or someone for life if the scare is well done.


Levels 51-99: Can generate phobias in people, which can make them blind with fear, diverting their attention to everything and everyone.

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Level 100-150: You can now use artifices as constructs to make experiences real, but strong attacks going towards them deconstruct them.




Personification of Darkness and Wrath

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As children of the goddess of madness, anger and rage they represent these negative feelings that inhabit any existing being, with that Lissa's offspring have the ability to manipulate such feelings at will, inducing someone to attack their ally madly, or with insane rage, among other things.


Levels 1-10: The offspring can control the feelings of rage and anger around them, in addition to the madness of course, it can make their targets feel angry at their ally to the point of making them fight without any reason, or implant madness in the whoever wants it, making it hallucinate, thinking anything at all random and other effects.


Levels 11-25: Manipulates such feelings on a larger scale in addition to inducing some target, manages to give a small order for it to do something on the basis of anger and madness, nothing too exaggerated, but it can take this for different purposes.


Levels 26-35: You can already implant and control 2 beings with more precision, Lissa's children can also remove these negative feelings from someone, leaving them calmer. In addition to making it impossible for anyone to fight in your presence, if they are angry, wrath, hatred, or any feeling similar to these, they will be paralyzed as long as the demigod remains there.


Levels 36-50: This ability becomes even stronger, as soon as you implant your feelings in someone, they will be willing to obey what has been implanted, that is, the demigod will have absolute control over the individual, a single order, whatever it may be. . You can now order up to 5 beings.


Levels 51-99: At the height of her ability she now becomes global, Lissa's son can leave anyone and as many as he wants in pure madness or anger, and order a group of 10 beings with 2 orders.

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Unconditional Wrath


Facing someone stronger than you, Lissa's offspring are able to increase their power to fight the individual on equal terms. This also extends when the demigod is seized with anger, his power will increase even more, as will his physical abilities. However, such power is risky, when releasing this “buff”, Lissa's offspring automatically lose their sanity without differentiating a friend from a right enemy, becoming an almost irrational being on the verge of pure madness. Depending on the situation, you can protect your allies, or simply attack them as if they were another target. Attacks in the offspring area start to hit EVERYONE nearby.


Levels 1-10: When facing someone stronger than you, your abilities will increase 2 times. When he is furious or very injured he can resist medium pain and his body goes into a battle trance taking his attention away from anything else, becoming more focused on the fight, this helps to avoid future blows easily and execute attacks more accurately . At first, the speed of Lissa's son reaches 200 km / h, with his strength he is able to destroy bone, with his resistance he can resist attacks with the ability to destroy bone with ease.


Levels 11-25: Raises your skills 3x and now your senses are refined, with your vision you are able to see the silhouette of someone or something behind objects in addition to being able to zoom in on your vision. You can hear the least sound possible at an incredible distance and can hear the movements of something regardless of size or distance. With smell, you are able to track someone by smell, know what or who is around them, and the smallest details. Your touch is not left behind, just touching something knows everything about it, what it is made of, what it is for, how long it has been and so on. Its resistance and strength are comparable to wood and its speed reaches 400 km / h.


Levels 26-35: Increases your abilities by 4x and now your body prepares for battle, starts to have a larger, larger, and defined physical size, ensuring great strength and speed, but its size does not interfere with its agility that expands in battles, your body made for combat allows you to learn varied fighting styles and with great ease. It already reaches 600 km / h. Stronger, it can resist and destroy the iron.


Levels 36-50: You can already raise your capabilities by 5x, your physical skills become better, with your strength you are able to break steel, your speed reaches 800 km / h, you can run on vertical objects as well as run on water, its resistance is able to withstand blows that destroy steel.


Levels 51-99: Now your capabilities are expanded by 6x, your body becomes a fighting machine, you completely lose your sanity by going crazy in battle. It deflects and attacks your targets at the same time with extreme ease because your body is acting alone, without your brain needing to send information about the next actions. So it becomes completely unpredictable. It is already stronger and has the strength to crush titanium. It has an improved speed reaching 1,000 km / h, with its resistance at the limit it can reduce attacks that destroy titanium.


Levels 100-150: Now your speed reaches up to 1,200 km / h, your resistance equals diamond, as well as your strength.


Levels 151-200: Now your speed reaches up to 1,400 km / h, your resistance equals adamantium, as well as your strength.


Levels 201-250: Now your speed reaches up to 1,600 km / h, your resistance equals titanium, as well as your strength.


Absorption of Negativity

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You can restore your energies and heal from wounds by feeding on the feelings of anger, anger and madness from the people around you. All those who have such feelings will be able to feed their energy. He who is sucked by Lissa's offspring, has a clear mind and is free of impurities.


Levels 1-10: Can be cured of diseases and radiation, never contracting symptoms and damage as a result. When suffering cuts and scratches, they heal easily, however, they are a little painful for the camper. In addition, it recovers 20% of its energy.


Levels 11-25: The pain of demigod regeneration is nil, closing wounds and recovering fingers and small limbs quickly. And now it regains 40% energy.


Levels 29-35: The regeneration undergoes an evolution, expelling any intruder that enters the meat. For example, if the demigod is shot by bullets or a shower of arrows, they will be expelled and the wound left will be healed. Recovers 60% energy.


Levels 36-50: Recovers removed arms, legs, bones or any damage to the camper. In absorption it recovers 80% of energy 


Levels 51-99: Your cells are constantly replaced by new ones, and so you recover from any damage you receive. It already recovers 100% energy.


Corvinata Manifestation

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Lissa's children have the ability to use their energy through the immeasurable manifestation of crows, whose functions are the most varied imaginable.


Levels 1-10: You can summon crows that surround you, these that only obey calls and send messages to anyone, are great for disrupting an opponent's vision and explode in various feathers when killed.


Levels 11-25: In addition to summoning, you can summon crows out of nowhere and wherever you want, these that now obey any call, and can seriously hurt an opponent.


Levels 26-35: Causes the crows to gather in feathers creating a kind of shield of darkness capable of withstanding any type of physical attack, it is lasting until it is undone.


Levels 36-50: Causes several crows to gather in feathers and protrude from their backs, causing huge pairs of black wings to appear, allowing them to fly freely, it also has the ability to summon crows from its body and give shapes to these, creating weapons, objects, animals, among other feats. He has an arsenal of things on hand. In addition, you can disperse your body in crows to escape an attack (once per battle).


Levels 51-99: Now you can get all crows to wrap your body in a storm of black feathers, allowing you to teleport up to 100 km away, and to teleport whoever you want with you. Through a torrent of crows around the target, the demigod throws it and holds it in a black dimension, the target is on a cross. Trapped in this, the victim is plagued with the sensation of having stakes driven through his limbs, taking freedom from his body. At the same time, the physical pain that accompanies the dimension reveals that the greatest use of this technique is torture. Within the dimension, the demigod can easily change the perception of time to make a few seconds seem like many days as another way to torture the target.



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For some reason, Lissa had a connection with the snakes, controlling them freely. In some Greek legends, it was said that it could take a form with snakes in place of its fingers, and that it contained snakes on its head and sparkling eyes. For this reason, Lissa's children can take the form of snakes and speak to them, acquiring their peculiar abilities. In addition, it has the ability to generate and control poisons and acids.


Levels 1-10: It can transform into small snakes and induce other snakes to do small actions, as long as they are not fatal. You can also chat with them freely, as a dialogue between people. It is able to release a liquid through the mouth that can only be impregnated in food, drinks and objects. The toxin's effects leave the victim panting and overcome by muscle pain, prevented from practicing activities that require a lot of effort. It is also able to produce small acidic particles that, when touched, propagate a strong burning sensation.


Levels 11-25: Can transform into medium sized snakes that are not venomous, and can persuade reptiles to perform small actions, in addition to creating a layer of resistant scales around their own bodies. The lips or touch can release a cloud of color of choice, which when inhaled or in contact with mucous membranes, applies hallucinations and indisposition to the target, leaving it weak for a long period of time. It is already resistant to any existing poison, including acids, and now it is able to expel acidic spheres from the inside of its body by throwing them through the mouth.


Levels 26-35: It partially transforms into a snake, becoming a mix of human and reptile that has the lower part of the body as a large and frightening tail and the upper part as that of a normal human, only covered with scales at some points. The creation of poisons evolves considerably, causing visible effects again. You can use the toxins on your fingertips, lips, liquid or smoke. Upon contact with the target's skin, it will effervescence with incredible acidity, leaving a trail of blisters and burns. It gains control of the acid in all states of matter, being able to solidify or even vaporize the liquids formed. Now, the acids decrease in the pH scale, corroding the affected surfaces.


Levels 36-50: He is the king of the reptiles. You can control the mind of any reptile, inducing it to perform the act you want, in addition to being able to transform into any type of snake. Toxins can flow to your nails, and you can use them to scratch or send poisonous “darts”. The camper releases medium smoke that has the ability to make the victim pass out, triggering excruciating pain. When the poison comes into contact with the opponent's dermis, it can reach the point of necrotizing. It can already launch long-range bursts made of corrosive acid and can also secrete acid.


Levels 51-99: It can completely mimic a reptile, even a giant lizard or crocodile with extremely resistant scales. It is already considered a natural manipulator of the poison, being able to create jets of great magnitude. It acquires complete control of acids, enabling the body to mimic in an organic form of acid, completely covering the interior.


Evil Illusion


The demigod disperses in dozens of crows, which begin to fly around the place covering it entirely, soon the crows surround the opponent's body, making it impossible to move their muscles, and to perform abilities due to supernatural cause, the enemy becomes totally vulnerable, and soon he is put into an illusion where he is in a collapsing asylum, the place is undergoing a rebellion of the madmen. This illusion is much more real than it seems, everything that the opponent's immaterial body suffers within the illusion will result in real damage to its material body outside it. The skill lasts 3 turns in the real world, but within the illusion it lasts for months if Lissa's son prefers. Remembering that everything that happens within the illusion is under the control of the demigod, down to the smallest details.


Levels 1-10: Performed on a single target, the technique throws the opponent into the aforementioned illusion, and everything that happens to him within it will result in real damage to his body, but as he is at the beginning of the skill, he does not suffer anything fatal , only damage that can survive.


Levels 11-25: The damage inflicted on the target's immaterial body will be more severe on his material body, depending on what he suffers, he may come out of the illusion passed out.

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Levels 26-35: The damage exposed on the target inside the hospice is more complex, and can return from the illusion in a coma, staying in such a state for 2 to 3 days. And while inside her, her abilities are nerfed and become very weak.

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Levels 36-50: The illusion of the hospice becomes more brutal, now the target may suffer losses from its members and when it comes back from the illusion, and is not rescued in time, it has great chances of dying. 

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Levels 51-99: The hospice has already become a fatal place, everything and everyone inside is moved to kill the target, it will not be "marked" or hunted, or anything like that, but anything there can kill the same in the illusion , resulting in his death in the real world. 



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Lissa's son can manipulate and create shadows around him to create a large area covered in darkness (as if it were a carpet on the floor, under everything). Then, everything on this "carpet" of darkness will be taken to another dimension, where everything there is subjected to a powerful gravity that will crush everything until it is in pieces. Then, everything will be stored within this dimension, until the demigod opens a hole that leads to this dimension, however, as the carpet was a one-way ticket, the hole is a return ticket. Everything inside will be expelled out through that hole, without the demigod being able to control what or how much comes out. Darkness can swallow anything but living things and attacks of energy or elements.


Levels 1-10: The area affected by darkness is 10 meters away.


Levels 11-25: The area that darkness reaches is 20 meters.


Levels 26-35: The area that the darkness reaches is 30 meters, but now the demigod can control what comes out of the hole and what does not.


Levels 36-50: The area that darkness reaches is 40 meters.


Levels 51-99: The area that darkness reaches is 50 meters.


Levels 100-150: The area that darkness reaches is 100 meters, but now the demigod can also swallow living beings.


Levels 151-200: The area the darkness reaches is 150 meters, but now the demigod can also swallow energy or elemental attacks.


Levels 201-250: The area that darkness reaches is 200 meters.


Levels 251-300: The area that darkness reaches is 250 meters.



We are a family owned and operated business.

Anthropomorphism is a form of thought that attributes human characteristics or aspects to animals, gods, elements of nature and constituents of reality in general. Lissa's children can make that thought a reality by assigning human characteristics in pictures as explained earlier. A clear example of an anthropomorphic being is Alice's rabbit in Wonderland; or in the pictures that appear in Harry Potter or the famous "Sorting Hat".


Level 1-30: The camper will be able to exercise his control even more with certain difficulties; having greater ease with animals. The target that has been given human characteristics may have too strong a personality and be somewhat rebellious. Only one at a time and will gradually lose assignments in 1 shift.


Level 31-60: It already has greater ease and mastery, being able to even shape the personality and etcetera of the target, being able to now use the ability up to 3 at a time and this will last for 3 turns.


Level 61-90: The demigod already has more control over the ability, and can give a human appearance to animals (become people) and plants (acquire a body from the same plant). Objects, however, will only gain one face. The skill can be used 5 at a time and will take 5 turns.


Level 91-120: The demigod already has enough control to transform objects, plants and animals into human beings for a certain period of time, even shaping their appearance and personality. He can do this 7 at a time and last 7 shifts or focus on just one that will remain indefinitely.

Complaint gifts



white gold bracelet with a smiling emoticon printed. This bracelet has an infinite reserve of hilarious gas and, when triggered by Lissa's son, launches it at his enemy making him laugh frantically for four turns.



in the eyes of ordinary people, it is a simple straitjacket in white, but when worn by Lissa's son or daughter, it turns into silver armor, protecting the breastplate and arms of the offspring. The agility also increases, giving the ability to dodge attacks launched against the offspring and make movements with jumps in the air.

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