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In North American and Nordic Indian legends, a Shapeshifter or originally 'Shapeshifter' 'is a creature or person with the supernatural ability to transform into an animal or other person, wherever he wishes, just shedding his skin to change his shape. .


Appearance: Since they can change their appearance as they wish, shape-shifters do not have a specific type of appearance.

Personality: Women shapeshifters are calm, while men tend to be more aggressive.




No Avatar


Level 1: It is a unique ability of the Shapeshifter's son, neither Uncle Sam or any other deity can have such a capability, the Shapeshifter does not have a fixed avatar.



Immortal Body


Level 1: The shapeshifter because he has a body entirely made of "rubber" (his cells act like a rubber) and an advanced regeneration, they have a form of immortality, their DNA is totally different from any being and cannot age, besides they react as a repellent for other materials, however the cells that make up your heart do not react well to the silver element because this element acts as a poison for its cells, which means that, if your heart is pierced by something made of silver (pure ), the Shapeshifter dies.


Superhuman strength


Even though they look human, they have incredible physical strength. They can easily dominate humans.


Level 1-10: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying iron, its resistance is equivalent.


Level 11-25: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying titanium, its resistance is equivalent.


Level 26-35: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying the diamond, its resistance is equivalent.


Level 36-50: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying adamantium, its resistance is equivalent.


Level 51-99: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying the vibranium, its resistance is equivalent.


Level 100-150: The shapeshifter has a force capable of destroying the divine iron, its resistance is equivalent.


Mastery over the Mind


Level 50: Some Shapeshifters were able to deceive even telepaths, this is due to the control of your own mind, which makes you have the ability to read the thoughts of other individuals and also acquires a block in your mind, thus preventing others can enter it.


Note: It is not possible to access the minds of those who are immune.



Copied Immunity


Level 1: The shapeshifter tends to be immune to the being he is transformed into at the moment, that is, if he is transformed into a mermaid, he will be immune to the same.


Improved Speed


Levels 1-10: Can move at 200 km / h.


Levels 11-25: Can move at 400 km / h.


Levels 26-35: Can move at 600 km / h.


Levels 36-50: Can move at 800 km / h.


Levels 51-99: Can move at 1000 km / h.


Levels 100-150: Can move at 1200 km / h.


Levels 151-200: Can move at 1400 km / h.


Levels 201-250: Can move at 1600 km / h.


Levels 251-300: They can move at 1800 km / h.


Shapeshifter Eraser


The shape-shifter's body can stretch like rubber, grant it immunity to issues like hand-to-hand combat, bullets or even cannonballs and can be reinforced, and thanks to the shape-shifter's creativity, both in and out of combat, this ability has consistently shown to be among the most formidable, versatile and unpredictable within RPG. The body of the rubber shape-shifter also allows the shape-shifter to survive falls from heights that would kill a normal person. The shape-shifter's ability to stretch and twist like rubber to extremes not only makes them immune to injuries that originate such, but it also lets it move, which can give them a big advantage in battle or not. Stretching also allows the shape-shifter to dramatically increase the range of what would be considered a powerful short-range attack, transforming it into a devastating mid-range or long-range attack. An elongated limb can also be used to store potential energy like a stretched spring, increasing the rear arm's stretching speed, resulting in increased power.


Levels 1-10: They can decrease to their size as they wish, taking any shape.


Levels 11-25: They can increase their size dramatically by reaching up to 25 meters, and can take any shape you want.


Levels 26-35: They can increase the size up to 50 meters, and can take any shape you want.


Levels 36-50: Now your rubber body acquires immunity to climatic conditions, so no matter the temperature, it cannot be frozen or even burned.


Levels 51-99: Now the Shapeshifter will be able to stretch his body parts at impressive speeds capable of matching his running speed, which makes the shapeshifter a deadly being able to perform super fast strangles.


Levels 100-150: Now the shapeshifter can separate the parts of his body in order to throw them at enemies, being able to shoot spikes made of his body having the same resistance.


Levels 151-200: Their hair is ultrafine rubber threads, the Shapeshifter is able to loosen his hair in places, tying it as if it were webs, the difference is that they will throw the target away with the elastic force.


Note: The Shapeshifter is immune to any type of body manipulation and this immunity cannot be broken (as long as the shapeshifter's level is higher than that of his opponent) since the shapeshifter's body composition is completely unknown.




Because they change shape easily, shapeshifters demonstrate an unmatched regenerative capacity, their cells are easily malleable so they can heal non-fatal wounds, and even replace parts of the body instantly.


Level 1-25: The shapeshifter will be able to recover from brain traumas such as head trauma in seconds and also recover from broken bones and even loss of limbs. It takes 1 round to heal completely.


Level 26-50: The previous healing process takes place in a matter of seconds. Now the shapeshifter will be able to recover from internal damage in most cases, but there may be a failure of the healing factor if the wound is very extensive. Cuts close instantly, now managing to regenerate lost limbs in seconds and also burns. It takes 1 round to heal completely.


Level 51-150: The previous healing process takes place in seconds. Its regenerative capacities reach an enviable level, as long as there is an accessible part of its body, there will be regeneration (only the heart that has a weakness, being it silver). It takes 1 round to heal completely.


Levels 151-250: The previous healing process takes place in seconds. It can regenerate your body at a sub-molecular level, allowing you to survive almost anything, as long as there are some accessible cells, the shapeshifter can regenerate itself (it still has the weakness of the silver element in the heart). It takes 1 round to heal completely.


Damage Absorption


The shape-shifter's rubber body causes damage to its body to be reduced, that is, to injure a shape-shifter with certain forces, a greater force must be applied.


Levels 1-30: At this level, the shape-shifter's rubber body absorbs a level of force scale (eg blows that destroy divine iron, the damage is reduced to vibranium).


Levels 31-60: Your rubber body now absorbs two levels of strength scale (ex: blows that destroy divine iron, the damage is reduced to adamantium).


Levels 61-90: Your rubber body now absorbs three levels of strength scale (eg blows that destroy divine iron, the damage is reduced to diamonds).


Levels 91-120: Now your rubber body absorbs four levels of force scale (eg blows that destroy divine iron, the damage is reduced to Titanium).


Levels 121-150: Your rubber body now absorbs five levels of strength scale (eg blows that destroy divine iron, damage is reduced to iron).


Levels 151-180: Now its shape-shifter rubber body absorbs all impacts caused, acquiring an immunity to physical damage.


Levels 181-210: Now, in addition to absorbing all the impact, the shape-shifter's body, upon receiving a physical hit, will immediately strike back with three times the force.


Levels 211-240: At its peak, the shape-shifter's body will strike back five times the force almost instantly.


Note: From level 181 onwards, the shape-shifter's physical immunity cannot be broken since all the impact will be absorbed and immediately dissipated.


Biological Memory


Level 100: Up until now, the shapeshifter, in order to transform himself into another being, had to see what was going to change, but when he reached this level, the same when he transformed into another being, he acquired the ability to keep in memory, the genetic information linked to being transformed, so the shapeshifter can transform himself into these beings without the need to see them again.






The Shapeshifter can create identical clones that have the same genetic makeup which allows them to also use the shapeshifter's powers (will not have additional skills).


Levels 1-10: You can make a copy of yourself.


Levels 11-25: Can make up to two copies.


Levels 26-35: You can make three copies.


Levels 36-50: You can make five copies.




The shapeshifter through genetic manipulation may cede some of his powers to an ally.


Levels 1-40: Can lend 1 power to the target.


Levels 41-80: Can lend 2 powers to the target.


Levels 81-120: Can lend 3 powers to the target.


Levels 121-160: Can lend 4 powers to the target.


Levels 161-200: Can lend 5 powers to the target.


Note: When lending a power, the shapeshifter will be unable to use them. The powers of the shape-shifter return when he wants to or at the end of each event, mission or saga.


Genetic Manipulation


The shapeshifter has full access to the entire genetic code in DNA straight to atomic levels, allowing him to use all the individual traits and user skills that he didn't know he had, even traits that disappeared many years ago. It can also access encoded information hidden in a DNA lineage, and with this type of data storage, users can get new courses of possibilities for DNA code and genetic potential, its modification, and etc ... With this, the shape-shifter with genetic access can find any form of disease and remove it, keeping the user perfectly healthy and curing any type of virus at the genetic levels, such as any type of cancer. The shapeshifter can change and decode all the information that allows the user to change back to its original form, reversing any change, without more serious side effects and potential bodily harm.


Levels 1-20: Having a basic control over the technique, the shapeshifter will be able to manipulate its own genetic code in order to alter the evolution processes and then acquire animal characteristics such as wings, beaks, claws, etc ... Not yet able to transform into a animal completely.


Levels 21-40: Now with a medium control over the technique, the shapeshifter will be able to alter his entire evolutionary process thus transforming himself into an animal completely.


Levels 41-60: With a high control over the technique, the shapeshifter can alter his evolutionary process, becoming completely mythological monsters such as a Cyclops or even a Gorgon, having their skills according to their own level.


Levels 61-80: Now having perfect control over the technique, you can change your genetic code in order to become identical to that of other beings, and they must contain genetic information from ordinary humans, thus being able to transform into any semi deity and you will have your powers according to your own levels.


Levels 81-100: Already attaining global control over the technique, the shapeshifter can become fully deities.


Note: From level 61 on, transformations have a limit of rounds, and for any semi deity the transformation lasts 5 rounds, for gods lasts 4 rounds, for titans lasts 3 rounds, for primordial lasts 2 rounds and for supreme and similar primordials only lasts 1 round. The shapeshifter can transform again after 10 rounds. Bearing in mind that the transformations of the shape-shifters are perfect, it is impossible to distinguish differences from the original individual unless the shape-shifter wants to. The shapeshifter needs to see what is going to change, from level 100 on, that need is no longer valid.




The Metamorph will be able to take advantage of all the chemical elements being able to metamorphose your body the way you want.


Levels 1-30: You can make your body composed of a single chemical element (eg, Hydrogen Body).


Levels 31-60: Now you can perform transformations with the body composed of up to 4 chemical elements (ex: Water Body).


Levels 61-90: Now you can perform all combinations between the chemical elements, even being able to perform combustion, oxidation, electrolysis and etc ... (ex: Fire Corps).


Levels 91-120: Now the shapeshifter can transform into any element of pagan origin (ex: Black Fire Corps).


Note: The shape-shifter's body cannot be manipulated / altered / canceled by anyone during these forms.




Through the manipulation of its genetic code, the Shapeshifter will be able to merge with another person, making genetic combinations, thus becoming able to use its abilities becoming a new being.


Levels 1-10: The merger will last 1 round.


Levels 11-25: It will now last 2 rounds.


Levels 26-35: It will now last 3 rounds.


Levels 36-50: It will now last 4 rounds.


Levels 51-99: It will now last 5 rounds.


Note: The level of this new being will be equivalent to the level of the Shapeshifter. The merger can be redone after 10 rounds.


Transmutation of Matter


It is the only ability in which the Shapeshifter can transmute matter that does not belong to his body.


Levels 1-50: Its ability to transmute matter is something at the atomic level, the shapeshifter can only transmute elements of solid compounds.


Levels 51-99: At this level your skills on the transmutation of matter are something at the atomic level such that you can transmute most elements with the exception of rays, fire and light. You will also not be able to make human transmutations.


Levels 100-150: Now you can transmute matter at the level of structures that make up atoms, transmuting electrons and also various forms of energy such as fire or light.


Levels 151-200: Now you can perform human transmutations, but you cannot bring people back to life because it is something more complex that transcends the laws of science.


Total Camouflage


The shapeshifter has the ability to camouflage itself, being great in espionage and ambush operations.


Levels 1-10: The shapeshifter can only camouflage his body by being invisible to others as long as it is stopped.


Levels 11-25: Now the shapeshifter can camouflage his scent while standing still.


Levels 26-35: At this level, the shapeshifter already acquires the ability to camouflage the sounds produced by him.


Levels 36-50: Now he can camouflage his body temperature while standing still.


Levels 51-99: At the height of the technique, he is able to hide his shadows and the shapeshifter can camouflage himself while moving.


Pheromone Manipulation


It is the ability of the shapeshifter to create and control pheromones in order to attract people, make them sleepy, change the personality of the beings that inhale these pheromones, making them feel angry, anguished, among other factors, they can also at higher levels to be able to put individuals into illusions (nothing too exaggerated) having complete mastery of what happens in each situation.


Levels 1-30: Can manipulate pheromones on a basic scale affecting an entire area of 10 meters radius.


Levels 31-60: Now they can manipulate on a median scale already managing to affect an entire area of 50 meters in radius.


Levels 61-90: With high control over the technique, it can affect an entire area of 100 meters in radius.


Levels 91-120: With perfect control it can affect an entire area of 500 meters in radius. You can now make small illusions.


Levels 121-150: At its peak, with global control over the technique, it can already affect an entire area of 1 km, making illusions a little more complex.


Levels 151-180: Now the illusions are extremely complex, thus opening up a range of possibilities to do whatever you want with targets.


Levels 181-210: Now the illusions will remain even though the targets know it is an illusion.


Levels 211-240: Illusions affect even immune (as long as the shapeshifter level is higher).


Note: Pheromones (invisible to the naked eye) enter all parts of the targets' body.


Potential Elevation


The Shapeshifter has a unique ability that allows him to raise his potential in order to unlock his other abilities thanks to genetic manipulation, thus developing powers that he would only achieve with greater training. In this form, a red aura covers the shape-shifter's body making his skin appear to have sunburn.


Levels 1-10: You can increase your abilities by unlocking the powers of levels 11-25.


Levels 11-25: You can now unlock the powers of levels 26-35.


Levels 26-35: You can now unlock the powers of levels 36-50.


Levels 36-50: You can now unlock the powers of levels 51-99.


Levels 51-99: You can now unlock the powers of levels 100-150.


Levels 100-150: You can now unlock the powers of levels 151-200.


Levels 151-200: You can now unlock the powers of levels 201-250.


Levels 201-250: You can now unlock the powers of levels 251-300.


Note: The elevation of the potential lasts 5 rounds, it can be used again after 10 rounds. Clearly the potential increase does not work to use this skill.


DNA absorption


The Shapeshifter, touching a being, is able to steal the DNA of others, with which he will acquire skills of his choice.


Levels 1-40: Able to steal 1 power from the target.


Levels 41-80: Able to steal 2 powers from the target.


Levels 81-120: Able to steal 3 powers from the target.


Levels 121-160: Can steal 4 powers from target.


Levels 161-200: Can steal 5 powers from target.


Note: It is literally stealing the powers, so the target will be unable to use the stolen powers. At the end of the event, mission or saga, the powers return to the target.


Alpha Shapeshifter Shape


It is about the state in which only the most experienced shapeshifters are able to reach, the same having absolute control over genetics, can become whoever they want with the exception of beings who are like the elves. Not only that, the shapeshifter will not only be able to manipulate his own genetics, but will also manipulate the genetics of other beings, not affecting beings above paramount supreme. In this state the shapeshifter manages to modify practically everything through genetic manipulation (being able to modify the most diverse forms of life and) and also through the transmutation of the matter that becomes absolute for the same, being able to modify any existing matter (with the exception of celestial materials or stronger) at a distance (according to sense), if something takes place in space then the shapeshifter can change.


Levels 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.


Levels 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.


Levels 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.


Levels 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Three times per event. The shapeshifter cannot take advantage of additional skills.

Complaint Gifts

Lucid Heart

It has a heart shaped pendant. The Heart when used by the Shapeshifter, will revive within two days if he dies.

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