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Morrigan is the patroness of priestesses and witches.
She is also the Celtic goddess of war and her name means "Great Queen".
Morrigan or Morrigu, Macha and Badb form the triplicity known as the "MORRIGHANS", the war FURIES in Irish mythology.
Morrigan, like all Celtic deities, is associated with the forces of Nature, with the sacred power of the earth, the Great Womb from which all life is born and then must die so that the fertility and the creation of the earth can be renewed.
Imagine an extremely tall woman, long hair up to her waist that served as a kind of "cape" over her shoulders, penetrating eyes as black as night, almost translucent white skin and well-defined muscles that never failed to reveal feminine charms without pair and make anyone think of the carnal pleasures it could offer.
Now do not be fooled by its beautiful appearance, because behind them there is an implacable warrior, hunter of the most skilled, master in the handling of any weapon and invincible in the fight for its extraordinary strength and invulnerability.
In fact, in any battle, be it between gods or mortals, there she was leading troops with a battle cry as loud as that of ten thousand men and fully armed to the teeth where the two spears of the purest stood out in her combat outfit silver that he carried in his hands (when launched capable of breaking the advance of an enemy army and tearing whoever was closer to pieces).
Understanding death from the Celtic point of view makes us refuse the fact that many authors associate Morríghan with the Elder aspect. Death is the beginning of a new cycle, the entry into a new world, and not just the end. The Celts did not have our modern negative view of death. So before Elder, Morríghan Maiden is.
During the First Battle of Moytura, Morríghan, Macha and Badb, "The daughters of Ernmas", attack the Fir Bolg with "baths of magic and stormy clouds and fog, and powerful showers of fire, and a stream of blood spilled from the air over the heads of enemy warriors ", a perfect description of what can be expected from Celtic goddesses of war in action. Watching the fury with which the war was fought, the bard of the Fir Bolg says that Badb, which means crow "will be grateful" for the "pierced bodies" left on the battlefield.
On the eve of the Second Battle of Moytura, the leading king of the Tuatha De Danann, Dagda, meets Morrigan at the ford of the Unshin River, washing the bloody weapons and the corpses of those who would fall the next day.
The Goddess then gives Dagda information about the fight, revealing her prophetic gifts. Likewise, she shows her courage and power when she says that she herself will rip out her enemy's heart. In payment, Dagda satiates her sexual appetite, joining her right there, amid the corpses that will die, emphasizing the intimate link between life and death.


Appearance: They have extremely pale white skin, they have black hair that is camouflaged in the dark, the eyes of the goddess's children are cursed and are grayish.
Personality: They have a constant treacherous and dangerous expression and an ethereal aura and seem to think they are superior. Somewhat somber, not so much as the children of Hades, are more human and enigmatic and do not mix with others easily, and feel better in the moonlight.


Passive Powers

We are a family owned and operated business.



Level 1-10: Offspring speed is 600 km / h.


Level 11-25: The speed of the offspring is 1200 km / h.


Level 26-35: Offspring speed is 1800 km / h.


Level 36-50: Offspring speed is 2400 km / h.


Level 51-99: The speed of the offspring is 3000 km / h.


Level 100-150: The speed of the offspring is 3600 km / h.


Level 151-200: The speed of the offspring is 4200 km / h.


Level 201-250: The speed of the offspring is 4800 km / h.


Level 251-300: The speed of the offspring is 5400 km / h.


High Strength


Being a goddess of war, the offspring has an extraordinary force for battle.


Level 1-10: The offspring will have an extraordinary strength, surpassing even stronger normal humans. Its strength allows it to break rocks and steel with a simple punch, being able to break several bones of its enemies in this way, besides being able to lift things twice as heavy as the offspring itself. Your attacks allow you to easily destroy houses with few attacks. Its strength also gives it extraordinary resistance, allowing it to resist attacks that easily destroy buildings. Blades and piercing objects that are weaker than steel cannot penetrate your skin due to its resistance.


Level 11-25: Offspring prove to be far superior to ordinary people, at a level they could never reach. Its strength allows it to break metals with extraordinary strength, being able to break titanium without any difficulty, being able to destroy all the bones of its enemies without problems. Their attacks destroy buildings with few attacks. Your resistance also increases, giving you the ability to withstand attacks that sweep blocks without problems, blades and piercing objects weaker than titanium will break when they come into contact with your skin.


Level 26-35: The offspring reaches the supernatural level when it comes to their strength. Its strength allows it to break diamonds without any difficulty, its strength also allows it to jump to great heights and continue doing tiring actions without problems, as well as with punches and kicks causing incredible earthquakes, capable of destroying countless blocks without problems. Its resistance reaches a level that allows it to withstand destruction of cities, blades and piercing objects weaker than diamond having no effect on it, as well as other weapons capable of lower resistance than already mentioned.


Level 36-50: The offspring are able to reach the limit of the supernatural and unbelievable. Its strength gives it the ability to destroy adamantium without much effort, which can cause great damage to those of its level, being able to lift things 10 times heavier than the offspring. Its strength also gives it a resistance that allows it to resist the devastation of a large region without problems, anything weaker than adamantium being completely useless against it. Its strength also makes your hands and feet as sharp as blades.


Level 51-99: The offspring are strong to an unbelievable level. Its strength allows it to destroy vibranium without any difficulty, being able to kill weaker enemies or leave them in a state of near death before its strength. Never before seen earthquakes will be able to destroy everything in a large area around them, their jumps are much higher than before, reaching kilometers, as well as being able to fight with full force for a long time without difficulties. Its resistance makes it possible to resist the destruction of countries without problems, and any weapon used against offspring that is less than vibranium will have no effect.


Level 100-150: The offspring almost reaches their limit. Its strength allows it to destroy entire countries, any weaker being completely vulnerable to it in the face of its strength. His strength allows him to impale enemies and cut off parts of his body using his hands and feet, as well as causing waves of impact without any problems, as his strength is capable of destroying Divine Iron without problems. Strength allows you to resist attacks that do tremendous damage to continents and any item used against it that is weaker than Divine Iron will have no effect.


Crow Wings


Morrigan has always shown that he has an intimate relationship with crows, going so far as to manifest one of his main characteristics: his black wings.


Level 1-20: The offspring may reveal a pair of black wings, each more than three meters long. With their wings, the offspring can fly up to 25% faster than they normally would, they having the same resistance as their body.


Level 21-40: The offspring's wings now allow the offspring to fly up to 50% faster. Using the wings, the offspring can cut off their enemies and stuff.


Level 41-60: The offspring's wings allow her to fly 2 times faster than normally. The wings now have a special golden protection to better protect themselves from attacks, having resistance equivalent to that of the offspring.


Level 61-80: The offspring's wings allow her to fly 3 times faster than normally. Now, the offspring throw countless feathers of resistance equivalent to that of the offspring, going towards enemies at great speed.


Level 81-100: The offspring's wings allow her to fly 4 times faster than normally. Now, the offspring can control the trajectory of the feathers, which when reaching the enemy can paralyze some movements of their enemies.


Wolf's Claws


Morrigan also had a special relationship with the wolves, going so far as to manifest one of its main characteristics: its claws.


Level 1-20: The offspring may exhibit large nails, these with sharp points, with resistance equivalent to that of the offspring, being able to injure themselves with them.


Level 21-40: The claws can be larger, reaching up to 5 cm, and can be used in various ways by the offspring.


Level 41-60: Reaching that level, the offspring release a toxin that weakens the victim, leaving them extremely tired.


Level 61-80: The offspring can cause their claws to detach from their body and fly towards their enemies.


Level 81-100: The offspring can grow their claws to an absurd size, allowing them to return to normal without problems and freely.


Great beauty


Morrigan was also seen as the goddess of love, with great beauty and capable of arousing sexual desires in other beings through her.


Level 1-30: The offspring has great beauty, it is reaching the limit that a human being could reach anyway, that throughout history. Offspring can easily influence others and receive special treatments and favors, especially those of the opposite sex.


Level 31-60: The offspring have a superior beauty, which resembles princesses in the fairy tale books, having grace, physical beauty, social pose and style that are not seen anywhere. Her beauty is capable of arousing the passion of others, who are attracted by their offspring and able to do everything for them.


Level 61-90: The offspring have perfect beauty, without any flaws, nothing that has a detail that takes a hint of beauty from it. Nothing, not even fatigue, can affect the beauty of the offspring, making it possible for others to fulfill their desires without question.


Great Warrior Queen


Morrigan is known especially for being a goddess of war, who appears for combat being armed to the teeth. In this way, the offspring will also be a great warrior like their mother.


Level 1-20: Offspring have basic control over the handling of weapons, as well as combat knowledge and hunting knowledge will be basic.


Level 21-40: The offspring have intermediate control over the manipulation of weapons, as well as knowledge of combat and knowledge of hunting.


Level 41-60: The offspring have great control over the handling of weapons, as well as knowledge of combat and knowledge of hunting. At this level, he acquires the ability to implant a mark on his enemy and will be able to follow and hunt him to the ends of the earth.


Level 61-80: Offspring have perfect control over the handling of weapons, as well as combat knowledge and hunting knowledge.


Level 81-100: Offspring have supernatural control over the handling of weapons, as well as knowledge of combat and knowledge of hunting.




The goddess Morrigan has two animals that usually accompany her wherever she goes: a crow and a wolf. The offspring will have in their possession a small totem from each of them, from which they will be able to summon the animals to help them in combat, each with special powers.


Level 1-20: The offspring can summon a wolf and a crow to keep them company. Both will have highly improved and very sensitive senses, great resistance to elements and extreme climatic changes, their vigor and speed being twice that of their offspring. Both animals will have a mental connection with their offspring, not needing to communicate with them to know what they think and feel.


Level 21-40: Animals, as their offspring get stronger, acquire powers to fight. The crow has acquired a song that will affect enemies, being inaudible to the offspring and their allies, but practically deafening the enemies. The wolf has acquired the ability to consume anything that its enemy plays against it, being able to consume almost infinitely everything.


Level 41-60: The crow acquires the ability to steal any item without the owner noticing, and can become invisible and intangible when doing such an act, and can pass this effect on to the offspring and their allies. The animal in this way can also go to the spirit world and interact with that place. The wolf can divide itself into several other copies of itself, thus managing to injure its enemy with quick and coordinated movements.


Level 61-80: The raven can generate several copies of itself through its feathers, these copies that will advance against its enemies, disturbing them, attacking with its beaks and cutting wings. The wolf can completely hide its presence, passing the effect to the offspring and their allies, as well as releasing large puffs of fire.


Level 81-100: The raven may release feathers that have a sweet, soothing scent that attracts people, but it is actually a toxin that will make enemies weaken and then unconscious if they breathe too much. The wolf acquires the ability to see beyond the reach of any other, being able to open portals to places where the offspring wishes to be, even dimensions close to where they are (close dimension is used for dimensions that have passages connected with the plane the offspring is on) or whose portal was opened less than a round, thus being able to enter and exit it).


Note: Animals can be killed, but the offspring can summon them again after 2 rounds of recovery.


Cursed Eyes


Morrigan's children are described as having cursed eyes, which have special powers and abilities used by the offspring.


Level 1-30: The offspring's eyes allow him to see people's aura and, through it, feel how strong the person is, locate him and see what the person is feeling or if he is speaking the truth. Through these eyes, you can see the flow of energy through the powers used by others.


Level 31-60: The offspring's eyes allow him to paralyze his victims, induce fear and insanity, as well as causing pain to certain parts of people's bodies. Upon reaching this level, the offspring can control what their eye will do, as well as prevent any of their powers (from their eyes) from working.


Level 61-90: The offspring's eyes allow you to see 360 ​​° around you, and you can also force others even at your level to say what the offspring wants to know, being unable to hide what the offspring wants to know. Offspring will also be able to see beyond what others could see, even being able to see hidden things.


Level 91-120: The offspring's eyes will allow you to see the spiritual plane and see through illusions. When facing an enemy for a few seconds, the offspring can raise a crow from inside the enemy, and the animal will try to get out of his mouth, suffocating him.


Morrigan's Spear


Morrigan is commonly seen carrying a spear with him, which he uses for normal combat. The weapon can regenerate itself and return to the offspring's hand if the two separate. The offspring will have a tattoo mark on their shoulder in the shape of a crow, representing the spear. When you invoke the spear, the tattoo will disappear.


Level 1-30: The spear has the same resistance as the offspring and can be used for hand-to-hand combat naturally, but can also be thrown in the direction of the enemy. At this level, the spear can ignite what it touches or electrocute what it hits, being surrounded by flames or lightning.


Level 31-60: The spear now has the power to cause explosions to touch as well as dispel attacks of darkness and light with the weapon. When throwing the weapon, the speed of the weapon will be 2 times that of the offspring.


Level 61-90: The spear now has the power to concentrate the offspring's energy, then launch a beam of energy towards the enemy, devastating everything it finds. When throwing the weapon, its speed will be 3 times that of the offspring. Reaching this level, by driving the spear into the ground, the offspring will transmit their magical energy to the spear and then to the earth, causing a strong break in the earth and then an explosion.


Level 91-120: The spear can now multiply into multiple copies, all with the same power, but the offspring when holding the original weapon, will be able to freely control the copies over the air. The weapons will now have 4 times the speed of the offspring.


Patron of Magic


Morrigan is both known as the goddess of magic and the patroness of priestesses and witches, so she will have a magical aura that emanates naturally from her offspring. This magical energy is special and cannot be absorbed or consumed by enemies.


Level 1-30: The offspring naturally have this aura surrounding them, being constantly emanated. When you are in places with high energy, the aura will protect you from the worst effects of the place caused by the energy. Offspring can also emanate more energy, generating a thicker layer of that aura that will protect you from almost all the effects of powers used by others.


Level 31-60: The aura makes you more resistant to most energy attacks, especially magic attacks. By increasing your aura, your energy will be increased and, consequently, your attacks will become more powerful. Your aura can also be transferred to an object giving it elemental power (fire, water, ice or darkness).


Level 61-90: The aura makes you immune to magical energy attacks and can amplify your magical aura to be able to make big attacks or make many mass attacks to hit the enemy in various ways. Using the aura like this also improves all of the offspring's powers by 50% and heals deep wounds in a few seconds.


Level 91-120: Upon reaching this level, the offspring's aura power makes you immune to energy attacks and fully reflects magical attacks. Upon reaching this level, the aura emanating from the offspring allows their energies (any one) not to be absorbed or extracted from the offspring in any way.



Active Powers

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Magic Circles


Morrigan is the goddess of magic, patron of priestesses and witches, having a great affinity for magic. Thus, the offspring will also have various magical abilities. The main manifestation of his magic, after his magical aura, are his magic circles, circles made of energy with ancient writings around him. Through these circles, the offspring will have the ability to cast spells without the need for any intermediary.


Level 1-10:

• Summoning I: The offspring can summon any current mundane animal to help you in battle, being able to speak to them and they will only obey the offspring. It has a limit of 3 animals at a time.

• Barrier I: The offspring can create a barrier with twice as much resistance as their own, getting involved in it.

• Conjure: The offspring has a dimensional space in which they can store their items, in an almost infinite amount, and can invoke it whenever they wish.

• Moorings I: The offspring can generate ropes that will immediately go in the direction of the enemy and tie him up immediately.

• Key: The offspring can create a magic circle that can lock and unlock entrances. With the magic circle you can also open passages to sealed places in any way possible, practically opening a door for the offspring to enter.


Level 11-25:

• Protection I: The offspring can put a protection on an object, so that whoever is not allowed to catch it will suffer a great shock wave running through their body and their hand will burn when coming into contact with it.

• Portals: Offspring can generate portals that take them and their companions to places they know, especially those within close range (range of their vision), which can generate many and quickly, and can use them freely in battle.

• Miniature: The offspring can decrease their size and that of their allies, and can be the size of an ant if needed.

• Shots I: The offspring can generate 5 magic circles that condense magic energy in their centers and shoot at enemies, causing small explosions that send enemies flying a few meters away.


Level 26-35:

• Straps II: The straps acquire the same resistance as the offspring, causing those weaker than the offspring to have their levels decreased by 20 levels.

• Trap I: The offspring can place a trap on any surface, when the enemy enters it, it will activate it. This first trap will pass a combination of various energies to the enemy, paralyzing it for 2 rounds. Once implanted, the traps are undetectable, except for the offspring that I could feel and see.

• Giant: The offspring can increase its size and that of its allies, being able to be up to 60 meters high in this way.

• Arrows: The offspring can generate several circles of energy that will send several rotating arrows in the direction of the enemies, generating them in such quantity that it almost seems infinite.


Level 36-50:

• Barrier II: Up to 5 barriers can now be made expanding the area of ​​the same to protect the area equivalent to that of a house.

• Weapons: You can quickly generate circles that will invoke a weapon of your choice to use in combat.

• Golems: You can summon golems with resistance twice as good as yours, these having different shapes, each serving to help offspring. The offspring can see and hear everything they see and hear, as well as can use them for locomotion.

• Invisible: You can make yourself and your allies invisible. Reaching level 45, you can make any trace of your presence in the physical and spiritual world disappear (you will not be able to see them through the soul, sounds, footprints, etc.). Reaching level 50, you can make them undetectable by almost any means.


Level 51-99:

• Find: Generates a magic circle that allows you to find what and who you want anywhere in the globe, it can also serve to find enemies and feel their attacks even if you cannot see or hear them.

• Submerge: Through a magic circle, you can enter any solid surface and "swim" in it as if it were water, without having to breathe while on it.

• Summoning II: The offspring can summon common animals with any characteristics they want as long as they are not magical (like, summoning a giant crow, or with 3 eyes). You can also summon fantastic animals to help you (eg unicorn, dragon, etc.). The offspring can summon 10 animals at a time.

• Earthquake: Offspring can generate a powerful earthquake that strikes an area equivalent to that of a continental country, destroying everything in its path, except what and whoever is on top of the magic circle.

• Cage: The offspring can generate a cage large enough to surround a city, the cage being formed by wires as resistant as the offspring, which will cut everything that is less resistant than the wire itself, and cannot be broken. Offspring can decrease the area of ​​the cage, thus cutting everything in its path.

• Trap II: Now, the offspring can implant a trap on any surface, even on people and on itself, where the offspring will receive an attack, the trap will absorb its energy and then will return the same attack to the enemy , having up to 2 times the strength of the original attack, affecting the enemy regardless of their resistance. The offspring can also use it on the ground, so anything that attacks that enters the circle area will be absorbed and then sent towards the enemy with 3 times the original force. The first form can absorb up to 3 attacks at once and be used 3 times before disappearing. The second form can absorb as many attacks as possible, and can be used once before disappearing.

• Shots II: The offspring can make 30 circles at a time that concentrate their energy in all, being able to overcome the resistance of the offspring with the shots, the ones that cause explosions when they hit a surface cause medium explosions that knock down buildings.

• Mine I: The offspring can implant a mine in the ground that when the enemy steps on it will cause a big explosion under their feet. The magic circle disappears after implanting a mine, becoming undetectable, except for the offspring that I could see.

• Marionette: The circle will appear in the hands of the offspring and invisible, fast threads that cannot be broken will fly to the enemy, trapping them with the threads. From there, the offspring will be able to command their body as they wish for 5 rounds. Offspring can control up to 4 people at once.


Level 100-150:

• Moorings III: The offspring can secure enemies with a string of energy, this time reducing their powers to the basic level (ie level 1).

• Purify: The offspring can take an object with negative (or demonic) energy and purify it, injecting their own energy, taking away the effects of it. It does not apply to curses or debuffs.

• Summon III: Offspring can summon monsters and lesser mythological beings, these obeying you without question. The offspring can summon 50 animals at a time.

• Mine II: The offspring can implant up to 15 mines at once, these now that they will be in constant movement, being undetectable for the others, less for the offspring.

• Barrier III: Offspring can make up to 50 barriers that can cover the area of ​​a city.

• Protection II: The offspring can put a protection on an object, so that everyone who is not allowed and tries to touch the object or the person will be repelled.

• Trap III: The offspring can implant this trap even in the air, and whoever touches it will be trapped in it, unable to release it. The offspring can also place a trap on the ground, which will open a hole in the ground, causing it to fall in there and then trap it inside. If the offspring wishes, it can cause the enemy to be crushed or to free him. The hole is enveloped in the offspring's energy, so it won't be impossible to manipulate to get out of there.


Level 151-200:

• Mirror dimension: The offspring can transport themselves and their enemies to another dimension, this is a reflection of the real world, but no damage done in that place will affect the real world. The dimension cannot be erased or destroyed and can only be exited through the offspring or powers of dimensional travel. Offspring can, however, distort that dimension at will.

• Transfer: The offspring can concentrate the damage they suffer and their tiredness together with their magical energy to create a magic circle that can transfer all their injuries and exhaustion to a nearby enemy. 1 time per event

• Destruction: The offspring can create several magic circles in a large area that will generate energy tornadoes that will move towards enemies, and can destroy an area equivalent to that of a city. 1 time per event

• Super Nova: The offspring can create a magic circle that will concentrate a large energy that will fire a ray of white energy towards the enemy, devastating and burning everything in its path. 2 times per event

• Gravity: The offspring can create a magic circle that will increase or decrease gravity up to 50 times.

• Undo: The offspring can create a magic circle in the palm of your hand that any object it touches will be disintegrated. 3 times per event

• Corrupt: Offspring can infect an object with their own energy. Those who touch the object will feel their senses very weak, their body heavy and a great sleep that will leave them incapable of thinking.




Morrigan was said to have the ability to turn other animals, even other people, thus being a shape-shifter. Your offspring will also have transformation capabilities.


Level 1-30: Offspring can change their appearance, making their skin, eyes, clothes and hair change, look different, but nothing that changes the shape of their appearance (for example, making their hair longer, becoming a other sex, etc.). Offspring can, however, transform into any mundane animal.


Level 31-60: Offspring can turn anyone, changing their appearance in such a way that it "changes" even their existence, becoming totally another person. Offspring can turn into mythological and fantastic animals (eg, dragon, cyclops, minotaurs).


Level 61-90: Offspring can do, by donating their aura, they can transform people, beings and objects into new forms, forcing them to change their appearance.


Level 91-120: The offspring can transform into other people, temporarily acquiring their powers. In this form, you can only use passive powers up to level 50 and remain transformed for 3 rounds.


Level 121-150: The offspring can remain transformed into a person and use their passive and active powers up to level 100 for 4 rounds.


Level 151-180: The offspring can remain transformed and use the person's powers up to level 150 for 5 rounds.


Note: The project can transform itself into others and use its powers 1 time per combat up to 2 times per event, however it cannot become the same person in the same event.




Morrigan is a goddess commonly associated with darkness, in some cases also with the moon. The offspring will have a strengthening in dark places and / or with the moonlight, as well as being able to control the shadows.


Level 1-20: The offspring can manipulate darkness on a small scale, making constructs with the equivalent strength of steel. Offspring can absorb powers of darkness, camouflage themselves completely in darkness, see in dark places, even in total darkness, and generate darkness / leftovers. In dark places, all offspring's attributes increase by 25% and in places lit by the moon, it can restore 25% of its energy and improve its healing by 25%.


Level 21-40: The offspring can manipulate darkness on a medium scale, making constructs with the equivalent strength of titanium. The offspring can teleport through the shadows, by fully camouflaging themselves in the darkness, they will become one with the darkness. In dark places, all the offspring's attributes increase by 50% and in places lit by the moon, it can restore 50% of its energy and improve its healing by 50%.


Level 41-60: The offspring can manipulate darkness on a large scale, making constructs with the equivalent strength of the diamond. The offspring can transform their body into shadows, being able to dilute and change their shape, diluting almost completely in the shadows, but still being tangible. In dark places, all the offspring's attributes increase 100% and in places lit by the moon, it can restore 75% of its energy and improve its healing by 100%.


Level 61-80: The offspring can handle the darkness perfectly, being able to make constructs with the equivalent resistance of adamantium. The offspring can generate and release shadows mixed with their energy, these capable of infecting their enemies and causing injuries that will inhibit their enemies' regeneration abilities, causing them to see themselves at the same speed as an ordinary human. In dark places, all of the offspring's attributes increase by 150% and in places lit by the moon, it can restore 85% of its energy and improve its healing by 150%.


Level 81-100: The offspring can manipulate darkness on a global scale, making constructs with the equivalent resistance of vibranium. The offspring can become totally shadow, merging with the other shadows of the place and being able to use them to fight. The offspring also acquire the ability to bathe their weapons with their aura of energy mixed with the shadows, now releasing the dark energy in the form of lightning that unleashes a strong energy that drives the enemy away, sending it away. In dark places, all the offspring's attributes increase by 200% and in places lit by the moon, it can restore 95% of its energy and improve its healing by 200%.




As the daughter of the goddess of magic, the offspring have at their disposal a grimoire to be able to use spells. Despite the power of magic circles, grimoire spells are more powerful and complex, which is why they cannot be performed simply with the magic circles of the offspring, which apply strong and practical spells. The offspring owns the grimoire since childhood, taking the form of a diary, but upon awakening their powers, the diary will acquire the form of a grimoire (description is up to the player), with which he can use spells. These spells do not reach the offspring in any way, even if they are cast back against them.


Level 20-40:

• Ice Stakes: The offspring create ice stakes, which can be both in the air and on the ground, and the terrestrials will be attached to the ground, but they can propagate through the ground according to the offspring's command while the aerials can be moved freely , but they will be individual stakes, and cannot increase or propagate like the others.

• Healing: Offspring can heal allies at the same level as their regeneration.

• Sword of Light: The offspring can create flying swords of light, which can go in a single direction, but can overcome materials of resistance equivalent to that of the offspring, and when they do not, they explode immediately, with the force equivalent to offspring.

• Strengthening: The offspring can strengthen their resistance, strength, power or speed, which can be up to two at a time per person, up to 50% better, but for up to 4 rounds, requiring 1 round to use the same strengths of the same attributes in the same person.


Level 41-60:

• Storm Bomb: The offspring can create a large sphere of electrical energy, and launch it towards the enemy, causing an explosion capable of overcoming the resistance of the offspring.

• Electric Orbs: The offspring can create up to 5 orbs of electric energy that are flying around the offspring, following it. They will explode when destroyed, but in compensation will hit enemies that destroy it with a strong electrical discharge. If they are not destroyed, they will fly around the offspring, shocking all those who touch it. The offspring cannot summon new ones until all are destroyed and 2 rounds have passed after the last one has been destroyed.

• Poison Goo: The offspring can invoke a slime, up to twice its height, with a poisonous characteristic, affecting even immune systems that have lower levels than the offspring. The acid also has an acidic characteristic, corroding materials less resistant than the level of the offspring.

• Poison Needle: The offspring can create small needles made of poison, and can have up to 2 different poisons. A poison weakens the enemy, taking away his senses and decreasing his attributes by 50%. The other is a hallucinogen that takes the victim to a berserker state, with a 100% bonus in strength and speed, but an energy expenditure 3 times greater, which can lead the enemy to exhaustion or even death.


Level 61-80:

• Shadow Cut: When using any weapon, you can put a magic on it that can generate a flying cut (displacement of the air with such force and speed that it appears to be a cut in mid-air) wrapped in shadows. This cut will have the incredible cutting ability, but it will also have the ability to suck the energy of an attack that hits, both disappearing after that. Weapons involved in this energy can do the same, but they are destroyed as soon as they absorb the energy.

• Ice Whip: The offspring can generate a whip made of solid light, which moves towards its enemy, having up to 10 times the speed of the offspring, and can grow up to 5 km in length.

• Black Hands: The offspring can cause black hands to appear on a surface of up to 500 meters in radius around them, these arms attacking with equivalent strength of the offspring. Upon reaching level 80, the offspring can make them appear on the opponent's body, and can reach them that way.

• Crystal Prison: The offspring can make a wind loaded with fragments of crystals which it launches in the direction of the enemy and the fragments will accumulate around the enemy until he is completely wrapped around him, staying in a crystal prison, capable of breathing and staying alive, but you will not be able to use your powers if you are at the same level as your offspring, if you are stronger, you will only be able to use your basic powers. The only way to break free is with an attack from outside that overcomes the resistance of the crystal, equivalent to that of the offspring, or the offspring want to release it.


Level 81-100:

• Eruption: The offspring can implant their energy in the environment, thus being able to change the environment for up to 5 rounds. At this time, the offspring is capable of causing a volcanic eruption (basically, it will cause a volcano to appear) involved in its magic. Not only will the heat in the room increase, but the air will also be enveloped in its magic, making it impossible to change the temperature or control the fire / magma generated by the volcano unless you have a higher level than the offspring. The offspring, however, will not have any control over that area or the events generated by the place (who will control will be the minister). After the 5 rounds, the disaster will stop and so will the effects, but the damage will remain.

• Lightning Vortex: The offspring can generate a large vortex of energy surrounding dozens of electrical discharges that will follow towards the enemy. The vortex is not large, being quite concentrated, which allows it to change direction until it reaches the target, causing concentrated damage, being able to overcome the resistance of the offspring.

• Energy Whirlwind: Similar to the Lightning Vortex, but the energy attack hits a large area around it, and may even have one hit by this single attack, being able to overcome the resistance of the offspring.

• Miasma: The offspring will cause a strong storm around them for 3 rounds. The storm is concentrated to a radius of 1 km² and the offspring cannot move from the location, but the storm will have an intense and highly poisonous wind that can kill the enemy in one round after breathing this poison. Immunes will also suffer from its effects, and they may have major burns. Offspring moving or summoning new spells will disable this spell, which can only be used 2 times per event.


Level 101-130:

• Temporal paralysis: The offspring can generate up to 5 blue spheres surrounded by a strip with runes written on it. Spheres can be launched at enemies, paralyzing your body for up to 5 rounds, and can trap up to 3 enemies per sphere. Even if the enemy's body is paralyzed, his senses and his mind will be spared, acting as if they have normal time, that is, they can see and hear without time seeming to stop, but their body will be frozen in time. Time also affects your powers.

• Sacred Tree: The offspring can cause a small tree to appear from the ground, but its roots will grow, sucking all the energy in front of it (except the vital, chaotic and destructive), thus enabling the tree to acquire the ingredients to grow , converting all energies into vital energy for you. Your vital energy cannot be manipulated by anyone other than your offspring. Even if the tree is destroyed in the middle of its growth, its deep roots will allow it to grow again and gather enough energy. After 3 rounds after its creation, the tree will grow, becoming large enough to cover the center of a city, and its roots will generate other trees the size of normal trees. These trees will advance and attack enemies, trapping them against their trunks and sucking all their energy until they are unconscious. After 2 rounds in this way, the tree will disappear, along with the energy it sucked. Offspring can only cast this spell once per round.

• Blizzard: Works similarly to Eruption, but will cause a large snowstorm, capable of reaching -100 ° C. The operating rules are the same as those for Eruption.

• Meteor Shower: Offspring can create spheres of rock and molten flames that will fall on the environment for 3 rounds, getting stronger and stronger with each round. In the first round, you can destroy blocks. In the second round, you can destroy cities. In the third round, you can destroy a country. Offspring can make meteors reach a more concentrated area, increasing damage, or increase range, decreasing damage.


Level 131-160:

• Sanctuary of the Beasts: The offspring can summon 8 pillars that will create an area that will allow the offspring to summon spiritual forms of various monsters that can only be reached on the spiritual plane, however the monsters can reach the enemies on the physical and spiritual plane, so they affect both their bodies as well as their souls. Each of the pillars has 50 monsters (description of appearances is up to the player), totaling 400 monsters. The pillars will disappear when the enemies are defeated or when all monsters are destroyed, however the offspring can only use 1 time per event and if they pass 5 rounds summoned, the offspring will stay 3 rounds without being able to use any other magic.

• Light and Dark Explosion: The offspring can concentrate their magic in two spheres, one of pure magic of light and another of pure magic of darkness and send it towards the enemy. The offspring can concentrate to make the attack more potent. Shooting as soon as you finish graduating allows you to destroy a city. Shooting after 5 seconds allows you to clear a mountain. Shooting after 10 seconds (your limit) can destroy an entire mountain range, potentially the area of ​​a camp without defense. You can use it 3 times per event.

• Rupture: The offspring can create a small sphere made solely of its magical energy (undetectable by any means) and it will move to the side of the target. The sphere will cause the target's energy (whether object or living) to concentrate at the point where it is closest, then, after concentrating the energy, the offspring can cause the energy to explode, causing great damage. The greater the energy of the object or the enemy, the greater the concentrated energy and the greater the damage (in living beings, it will not make a hole in the body, like concentrating and exploding in the arm, it will not pull the person's arm, but will cause great damage the same; the same cannot be said of objects).


Level 161-190:

• Queen's Law: Morrigan was the goddess said to get everything she wants. This truth is manifested by this ability that can only be used once per event / saga. The offspring will be able to concentrate all their energy in the palm of their hands then release all the energy, in a powerful impact wave. This power is based on the offspring's heart, on their desires. Anything she wants to protect will be spared from the attack, but everything she wants to get rid of will suffer incalculable damage, leaving unconscious enemies if they are stronger than her or in a coma if they have her level.

• Thunder Palace: Summons orbs similar to the Electric Orbs, but larger and that will surround a certain area. There are 100 orbs that will surround a certain area with the same characteristic as if they are destroyed, they will attack enemies with a strong electrical discharge, 10 times stronger than the Electric Orbs. However, when the offspring wishes, it can release all the energy contained in the orbs at once, reaching and destroying everything and everyone within the attack area. You can use it once per event.


Dark Magic


Level 100: Upon reaching this level, the offspring can use dark magic. This spell will involve an ability to draw a certain amount of vital energy from living beings, up to a maximum of a quarter of the energy of the offspring. With that energy inside, your eyes will become totally black and you can change the reality during that round that has the vital energy within you. The offspring will be able to use this ability a maximum of 3 times per event, but never in consecutive rounds, having to wait 2 rounds to be able to use this ability again.




Upon reaching a certain point, using his or her library, the offspring can summon an elemental to help him, but he can only summon him once per event.


Level 50-90: You can keep the elemental for 3 rounds and it will have control over your element even on a large scale.

• Gnome: The offspring may be a gnome, a small being with powers to manipulate the earth and rocks, and may generate large constructions with the earth and cause disasters involving the same.


Level 91-130: You can keep the elemental for 4 rounds and it will have perfect control over your element.

• Salamander: The offspring will be able to summon salamander, a dragon that can generate and manipulate common flames. It has a special green flame that cannot burn anything or be extinguished, but with a dragon's roar, the flames will become crystals of emerald color, transforming any being and object that is burning into emerald. It is only reversible with the dragon's will or power greater than that.


Level 131-170: You can keep the elemental for 5 rounds and it will have global control over your element.

• Sylph: The offspring will be able to invoke sylph, a little fairy related to the wind, being able to control these freely, even causing storms of sharp winds.


Level 171-210: You can keep the elemental for 6 rounds.

• Siren: The offspring will be able to invoke an undine, a kind of mermaid with powers to manipulate water in all its physical states, which can cause countless disasters.




Through their eyes, the offspring can put their enemies into illusions, which the offspring can manipulate illusions in any way they want (that is, they can define what the illusion will affect their enemies). No eye contact is required to put enemies in an illusion.


Level 1-20: The offspring can put the enemy in an illusion that will make him see the different environment and people as well. The enemy will still be able to interact with the environment around him, but with the distorted vision that he created through illusion.


Level 21-40: The offspring can create an illusion that makes the enemy feel that he is experiencing an adverse situation, but in real life he is stopped. Through this use of illusion, the offspring can easily snatch the information they want from the enemy.


Level 41-60: The offspring can create an illusion where, even if the enemy knows they are in an illusion, they cannot escape, as well as making people see their worst fears, even if the offspring do not know what they are. Offspring can reach a large number of people in this way.


Level 61-80: Offspring can make people feel false pain, created through their illusion, preventing them from fighting, without the person realizing it. The victim can also go crazy or be tortured with illusions in this way.


Level 81-100: The offspring can make illusions become solid, create monsters and beings that can affect their enemies, really injuring them, but because they are illusions, they cannot be reached in any way, except by psychic attacks.

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Morrigan's Faces


In some interpretations, Morrigan is said to be a goddess of 3 faces or 3 goddesses who form a triad called Morrigah. This characteristic of the offspring allows him to develop another power. The offspring can make 1 clone or extra body parts.


Level 1-10: The offspring can, through crows created by their energy, create a clone of themselves with all their passive powers or up to 20 extra parts of their body.


Level 11-25: The offspring can create two of their clones with all their passive powers or up to 40 extra parts of their body.


Level 26-35: The offspring can create 3 of their clones with all their powers or up to 80 extra parts of their body.


Level 36-50: The offspring can create 6 clones of themselves with all their powers or up to 150 extra parts of their body, being able to make 1 limb with 5 times its original size.


Level 51-99: The offspring can create 12 clones of themselves with all their powers or up to 300 extra parts of their body, being able to make 2 limbs 10 times their original size.


War cry


Morrigan was said to have an equivalent scream of ten thousand men. Often, she was always accompanied by a powerful army, usually victorious in wars. The offspring will have the same capacity, being able to give an equivalent cry from their mother.


Level 1-10: The offspring can give a big shout equivalent to that of 10,000 men. The cry can summon 10 Celtic warriors with the same strength as you and half your speed.


Level 11-25: The cry of the offspring can induce fear of the person in others, if the offspring so desires, and can summon 25 Celtic warriors.


Level 26-35: The scream of the offspring can paralyze and / or stun their enemies for 1 round (the offspring can switch between characteristics, being able to use none, one or more than one at the same time) and can summon 50 Celtic warriors.


Level 36-50: The scream of the offspring can be concentrated in a small area, which can be used to destroy diamonds, and summon 100 Celtic warriors.


Level 51-99: The scream of the offspring is now so loud that if the enemy is within a radius of 10 meters, his eardrums can burst and if he is less than 5 meters from the offspring, he can blow up his brain, killing him. The cry can also summon 250 Celtic warriors.


Level 100-150: The cry of the offspring can summon 1000 Celtic warriors.


Level 151-200: The cry of the offspring can summon 5000 Celtic warriors.


Level 201-250: The cry of the offspring can summon 10,000 Celtic warriors with the same physical characteristics as the offspring.


Moon Weapons


Morrigan was a goddess of Celtic warfare, where it is said that she was always armed to the teeth when it came to wars and battles. Even if the weapons are taken from the hand of the offspring, they will immediately return to her. The weapons will be mainly black with silver parts and details of another white, each weapon having a resistance equivalent to that of the offspring.


Level 1-20: The first weapon is a bow and arrow. The arrows will naturally have ice powers, meaning that what they hit will be partially frozen from them. Upon reaching level 10, the arrow can slow the enemy down. Upon reaching level 15, the arrow can create ghost copies of itself that it remains the same to disguise itself. Upon reaching level 20, the arrow can multiply, becoming 100 of them, each reaching a wide area.


Level 21-40: The second weapon is a pair of daggers. The daggers have a special toxin that makes the victim, in case weaker than the offspring, unable to heal their wounds (bleeding). Upon reaching level 30, the dagger will have an effect that paralyzes the victim. Upon reaching level 40, the dagger when being stuck in the enemy's shadow will prevent him from leaving (basically, if the shadow starts to come out of the dagger, the person will not be able to leave), and only the offspring can remove the dagger in that state.


Level 41-60: The third weapon is a claymore (upstream sword). The dagger has a large base that allows it to cut and cancel out most of the energies (the common, elemental and energy of the demigod powers). When you reach level 50, you can repel them, causing double damage. When you reach level 55, you can absorb these energies and release them in flying cuts.


Level 61-80: The fourth weapon is a whip. The whip can grow up to 500 meters away from its base. Upon reaching level 70, the whip can become plasma and can be divided into 3 whips. From that level, the offspring can use up to 2 weapons at the same time.


Level 81-100: The fifth weapon is a pair of blades in the form of cyclones (like shurikens). They can be launched at great distances, returning to the offspring after a few seconds, having twice the speed of the offspring when thrown and three times their speed when rotating. Upon reaching level 90, the two blades can multiply up to 5 when thrown. Upon reaching level 95, they can generate strong sharp winds.


Level 101-120: The last weapon is a special sword. The same is a common sword that can be used normally, but at level 110 the offspring awakens a power that allows the blade to be enveloped in an aura that reflects the moonlight, so the sword starts to move alone in the hand of the offspring, the guiding the offspring against movements she cannot see and causing them to execute blows at twice their speed for 3 rounds. The offspring need 3 rounds to use again.


Queen's Form


Upon reaching this level, the offspring awakens a new power, a new transformation. Upon changing, the offspring will acquire magical green eyes and their hair will turn red. Your body will be covered by a black suit / armor, close to your body with red details, with silver shoulder pads and armbands, your boots will have a black metallic color. This garment of yours will have the resistance of the Divine Iron, the same as the pair of platinum-colored blades that appeared in your hand. Both your armor and weapons will be decorated with raven wings. The offspring will also have a black mask that covers their nose and lips, as well as a black hooded cape made of raven feathers covering their body. Upon reaching this transformation, the offspring will acquire omnipotence over the shadows and the strength to destroy a continent with one punch. Its speed is 10 mach and next to the offspring there will be 10,000 warriors with the same physical characteristics as the offspring. The offspring will also have energy copies of their spear, each copy having the strength to blow up a building, the weaker ones.


Level 180-200: The transformation lasts 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: The transformation lasts 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: The transformation lasts 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: The transformation lasts 5 rounds.


Note: Reload time of 10 rounds after the end of use.

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