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Nyarlathotep differs from the other deities of Mythos in several ways. Most of the Outer Gods are exiled to the stars, like Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth, and many of the Great Old Ones are sleeping and dreaming like Cthulhu; Nyarlathotep, however, is active and frequently walks the Earth disguised as a human being, usually a tall, thin and cheerful man. It has "a thousand" other forms and manifestations, most considered horrible and destructive of sanity. Some suggest that it will destroy the human race and possibly the Earth as well.

nyarlathotep's followers

Appearance: Because they are children of other deities, the Devotee's appearance can vary entirely.

Personality: Your followers are born manipulators, before killing your enemies they love to break them psychologically, even humiliating or demoralizing them. Unlike the rest of Nyarlathotep's followers, they are sadistic and like to use those around them a lot to achieve their goals, not because they feel incapable, but because they feel pleasure in it, and they don't like to contradict themselves, or when they try to do the opposite of what they do. he wants, they love giving orders. There are few beings that he respects, and only those who are at least stronger than him, although that does not prevent him from trying to manipulate or deceive them. If the follower does not follow the MANDATORY personality he will automatically lose his powers


Passive Powers

Super strength

Being devotees of an extremely powerful eldricht, they exhibit exponential levels of pure brute force, and these devotees are so powerful that they can break cosmic barriers and even interfere in the spiritual realm. Your body is also adapted to your own strength, so that you can fight without difficulty.

Level 1-10: Your body is strong enough to easily destroy entire regions including anything else that is in range such as souls, intangible beings, etc.

Level 11-25: Its strength is so powerful that it shows capable of affecting entire states being able to completely destroy them by reducing them to nothing.

Level 26-50: You can now destroy an entire country if you want, and your strength at that level can break the most varied types of protection and also physical resistance.

Level 51-99: Its strength is shown at a level where it manages to destroy a continent, managing to break changes in the reality of lower level beings as if it were glass, being able to cause vibrations where it is, hitting the air and it will break like glass and at the same time earthquakes, earthquakes, tsunamis will be created throughout the territory where the fist was.

Level 100-150: Your strength grows to exponential levels, managing to completely destroy a moon if you wish.

Level 151-200: Your strength reaches a level capable of destroying several medium-sized continents.

Level 201-250: Upon reaching this level, the follower becomes relentless, managing to destroy even a planet with his punches.

High Speed

Followers exhibit great speed, being one of the fastest beings in existence.

Level 1-10: They can reach speeds of up to 1,500km /.

Level 11-25: They can reach speeds of up to 3,000 km / h.

Level 26-35: They can reach speeds of up to 4,500km / h.

Level 36-50: They can reach speeds of up to 5,000 km / h.

Level 51-99: They can reach speeds of up to 6,500 km / h.

Level 100-150: They can reach speeds of up to 8,000 km / h.

Level 151-200: They can reach speeds of up to 9,500 km / h.

Level 201-250: They can reach speeds of up to 11,000 km / h.

Level 251-300: They can reach up to 12,500 km / h.

Cosmic Knowledge

Eldrichts are extremely ancient beings, even though they were trapped for ages in purgatory, they were able to follow events in the universe and transmit this to their followers.

Level 1-10: Initially, they will know everything that happened up to 3 years ago, also knowing facts that will happen in a time span of up to 3 hours, whether they may or may not involve campers or any other type of thing that is on the destiny. It can cover an area up to a neighborhood.

Level 11-25: They will have knowledge of up to 5 years ago, they will also be able to know facts that will happen in up to 6 hours. Instinctively, they will also be able to detect presences, threats, attacks, potential diseases and several other things as long as they are in the same residence where the follower is at the moment. It can cover an area of ​​up to several cities.

Level 26-35: Have knowledge of 8 years ago, having knowledge of up to 9 hours in the future. Its ability to detect singularities expands, covering an entire city at this level. It can cover an area of ​​several states.

Level 36-50: Have knowledge of up to 10 years ago, having knowledge of up to 12 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several countries.

Level 51-100: Have knowledge of up to 15 years ago. 15 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several nations.

Level 101-150: Have knowledge of up to 20 years ago. 20 hours in the future. It can cover an area of ​​a continent.

Level 151-200: Have knowledge of up to 30 years ago. 2 days in the future. It can cover an area of ​​several continents.

Level 201-250: Have knowledge of up to 50 years ago. 4 days in the future. It can cover a planetary area.

Level 251-300: They have complete knowledge of the past since the creation of the land. A week in the future.

Note: These beings are directly linked to pseudo-omniscience, being able to predict the actions of even beings that impede such ability, seeing through the target's destiny.


Physiology Of The Outer Deity

Nyarlathotep's followers received immense power which completely affected their entire existence so that their physiology would undergo divine changes.

Level 1-50: Chaotic Mind - The inner workings of the follower's mind are very different from what could be considered "normal" or "sensible" by the standards of most living beings. This condition has several beneficial effects, as the differences between the mind of the creeping Chaos follower and those of the normal demigods confer immunity to mental or dream-based powers of all kinds. Powers like Telepathy or Mind Control, do not work on the follower and backfire, turning against who is attacking the same. Anyone foolish enough to invade the follower's Inner World will encounter an uninhabitable death trap. Even using Mental Shield Penetration on the follower can be dangerous, as thoughts can start to leak and infect anyone nearby. Since the follower's mind is pure chaotic and cannot be deciphered by others.

Level 51-100: Eldricht organism - The follower's body is simply unique, despite acting like an ordinary human body like other demigods, the body of the follower is totally different, all organs, cells, tissues, oxygen, carbon , hydrogen and nitrogen existing in the body of another common demigod is NON-EXISTING in the Eldricht's body, if the opponent tries to control something like the blood against the Eldricht he will fail, or try to control his brain he will also fail, if a semi- god can see inside the body of the follower he will be having the impression of seeing the body of an alien, he will never be able to decipher how this body works, only the Eldrichts and semi-eldrichts themselves can decipher.

Level 101-150: Reconstitution - Nyarlathotep's physical body is able to passively reconstitute itself against any damage to its body, whenever it suffers any damage, be it a dismemberment, for example, at an atomic level, all the limb that was lost will simply return to its body, or even be able to restore itself if you still wear a single atom of your body.

Level 151-200: Constant Change - Any attempt to manipulate the body of Nyarlathotep's followers proves to be a failure, even those that aim to transmute the same directly or non-directly; their physical bodies are in a constant transformation from the simplest atom to blood, organs, cells, limbs, brain, etc. Whenever you try to manipulate your body the given effect will fail before it can even affect the follower undergoing a transformation making it ineffective. This also protects the follower against hostile environments and places, these transformations cause the follower to adapt naturally to such places.

Level 201-250: Constant Energy - The follower of Nyarlathotep just as his body constantly undergoes internal and external changes, the same happens with his energies making attempts to manipulate them completely ineffective. Passively it ends up undergoing mutations which makes followers the only beings capable of carrying them, and beings that try to absorb their energy-related attacks simply tend to lead them to certain death, as both the energies and the victim's own body become undergo involuntary transformations in a constant way by your body making any adaptation useless, dying soon afterwards.

Level 251-300: Strange Energy - Your energy is able to adapt against other types of energies, in a passive combat after the follower has knowledge about the types of energy that his opponent uses, his energies will be automatically adapted to face that being, having a energy capable of canceling his or even overlapping his.

Induction of Madness

Unlike the other outer gods for Nyarlathotep, causing Madness was far more important than simply destroying and killing everything around him, inducing Madness around him in his most vivid states. Like his followers, they are also able to passively induce the Madness around them.

Level 1-30: Nyarlathotep's followers at this level can absorb the Madness / Insanity of themselves, others, the energy of the madness or chaos around them, their power up to 5x, although they cannot absorb large quantities only medians. Whether through the manifestation of chaos or even the Madness itself.

Level 31-60: The follower is now able to steal the mental health of his victims making them go crazy having hallucinations and even suffering a horrible terror just by being close to the follower (beings with at least 30 more levels than the follower does is affected). The follower is also able to passively release psychic energies into the environment that seek to neutralize other forms of psychic powers, even mental energy itself. The hallucinations that he can inflict on his victims are strong and accurate enough to distract his targets, leaving them unable to judge what is real and what is not, even go crazy.

Level 61-90: The follower at this level is already able to impregnate the environment around him with the energy of madness causing psychological breakdowns and mental breakdown, causing the victim to relive old traumas, drive them crazy or make them completely catatonic through a complete mental breakdown.

Level 91-120: He is now able to drive mad not only his targets, but also nature and even elements themselves, managing to cause chaotic reactions that cause once they try to conjure elements they simply start attacking their own caster, managing to cause the same in any other aspect of nature, be it plants, animals and etc.

Level 121-150: Your induction of Madness now affects your targets so that they simply forget something, causing positive feelings in negative moments, as if everything is fine when in fact everything is being destroyed, affecting even the soul of its victims making restoration almost impossible.

Level 151-200: Your madness starts to affect the reality around you by distorting directional vectors, dimensional, spatial powers and even skill shot attacks, always causing the opposite effect, with directional vectors trying to increase the speed of an attack it will have the reverse effect, dimensional powers instead of allowing someone to enter these will simply be expelled back, space attacks will suffer from randomness never really reaching the desired objective, if you try to use it to appear behind your target for example it will appear further away from it; as for skill shot attacks they have their path changed, attacking allies instead of enemies.

Level 201-250: Your induction affects an area equivalent to a country.

Level 251-300: Your induction affects an area equivalent to a small continent.

Great Labia

Nyarlathotep played rather peculiar roles considering the other Outer Gods, Nyarlathotep seems to be deliberately deceptive and manipulative, and even uses propaganda to achieve his goals. In this respect, he is probably the most similar to the external gods. His great speech was also passed on to his followers making them masters of this art.

Level 1-30: The follower is still a novice in this capacity, managing only to tell things using real facts, needing to build a good lie, staging and situations not being good at it yet. With your words you can surprise the enemy, being able to say things so absurd so suddenly that it is impossible to predict and he will say. This ability will leave the enemy confused for a few seconds. The offspring's lies come out of your mouth as naturally as truths come out, and it is not even possible to discern when you are being sincere or not. Even the craziest of the offspring can cast doubt on the truth of their words. They are able to converse and understand all kinds of languages ​​and languages, even the oldest ones like angels or dragons for example.

Level 31-60: You can already tell good lies, and your opponents will believe it, but it is not completely perfect and easily undone if not improved.

Level 61-90: The follower of Nyarlathotep is already able to make up stories, create stories perfectly, managing to easily deceive his victims, they will not even be able to distinguish whether it is a lie or not. By being able to manipulate your victims skillfully, by getting them to do what you want to be manipulated in the right way.

Level 91-120: At its peak the offspring can manipulate their victims easily, their words enter the minds of their victims leaving them completely submissive to them. As if everything the offspring said was true, even if it is not the same, you will still believe and do as the offspring wishes.

Level 121-150: Your speech is perfect, even managing to persuade your victims to do exactly what you want them to do, managing to deceive them with such ease that even gods submit to your speech.

Level 151-200: They are already able to break resistances and psychic immunities by reaching their victim's mind easily, their voice becomes a curse to anyone who hears it. Even managing to persuade entire armies to fight for you.

Existential Influence

Like Nyarlathotep, his followers are also able to exert a certain influence on all seven existential plans, achieving great capacities and benefits.


Level 1-50: Perception: Nyarlathotep's followers are able to perceive when their opponents are using some kind of power by sensing the deformations in each plane. He can also perceive nature and also know what kind of power his opponent is using.

Level 51-100: The Journey: The followers of Nyarlathotep manage to manifest their consciousness in almost all seven planes of existence, managing to manifest in the mental plane of their opponents, in the spiritual plane. Being able to interact with other beings within these planes, despite not being able to attack at this level yet.

Level 101-150: Perfect Attack: The Follower is able at this level to hide his presence in any of these planes by successfully deceiving his opponents, however he is not able to hide from all of them only, the physical, mental and astral plane / spiritual. While hidden, it cannot attack.

Level 151-200: Breaking Reality: The follower of Nyarlathotep at this level already manages to extend his ability to manifest himself in other planes to his attacks (skill shot) allowing them to reach their opponents in more than one plane (mental, spiritual / astral, physical).

Level 201-250: Protection: The Follower can feel changes in reality or in space / time through the planes, managing to deform the same if necessary managing to undo changes in reality, in space and in time. (only from beings with a lower level / tier than yours). He is also able to remain conscious and able to move and fight normally when time is at a standstill.

Eldrichts World

The Eldrichts' World is where the Outer Gods, and other beings in the Lovecraft universe generally live and inhabit throughout their existence. This place has a connection to the Early Universe. This world is dark and looks lifeless by human standards. Plants and other standard things are never seen there, the world is surrounded by deserts that have several strange objects.

Level 200: By almost fully mastering their powers, followers become able to access the Eldrichts' World as a dimension of their own. The follower can live “outside” the Campgrounds area residing in its particular dimension and have practically absolute control while on it, thus being able to lock or freely release access to that dimension and create accesses and doors for it in the physical, spiritual or any other plans. It should be noted that other eldrichts and semi-eldrichts live in the same dimension, and possible conflicts may occur.

Level 300: At its peak, the follower of Nyarlathotep is now able to create portals or even cause a dimensional transmutation in space, bringing part of the Eldricht world to the territory where he is. The affected area is equivalent to 600 square meters, and can grant the follower the same capacities that he would have within the dimension. (Lasts 3 rounds, 2 times per event)

NOTE: This technique can backfire if used against another Eldrict as they may also benefit from this same ability.

The Black Man

Encruzilhada Man, the infamous soul negotiator, famous among Blues musicians for offering success and wealth in exchange for souls, was one of Nyarlathotep's human-shaped avatars. Known in some circles by the nickname Royal Pants, he has the appearance of a middle-aged black man who dresses in fine tailored suits and has a gold tooth. This avatar has no special interest in music and is always surrounded by famous artists who owe him favors. Sometimes he offers enchanted musical instruments to those who agree to bargain with him.

Level 100: The Nyarlathotep follower has the ability to create agreements or pacts between his companions or even with other beings, these agreements being made in writing or even verbally or by shaking hands. The same can fulfill the desire of this being in exchange for something he wants, such as his soul, truce, or the like or even to revive / recreate allies.

NOTE: He cannot use this power to grant powers. 3 times per event or saga.

Physical Invulnerability

Nyarlathotep's followers have their bodies extremely resistant to physical damage.

Level 1-10: Your body is as tough as iron.

Level 11-25: Your body is as tough as steel.

Level 26-35: Your body is as tough as titanium.

Level 36-50: Your body is as tough as diamond.

Level 51-99: Its body is as resistant as adamant.

Level 100-150: Your body is as resistant as vibranium.

Level 151-200: Your body is as sturdy as divine iron.

Level 201-250: Your body is as sturdy as heavenly iron.

Level 251-300: Your body is as sturdy as Eldritch iron.

Active Powers

Eldritch Magic

Eldritch Magic is the power to use magical forces beyond human comprehension, a form of magic that is generally derived from eldritch abominations. It is a form of magic that the followers and children of the eldrichts use. Practitioners of this type of magic are able to do things that may exceed many limitations of typical magic, but usually at the cost of their sanity or even their physical form. Eldritch magic is accomplished through the user's communion with their eldritch masters.

Level 50: At this level you have the following spells through Eldricht Magic.

Spiritual Interaction - Through this spell the eldricht is able to perceive the astral plane and even interact with beings from this plane.
Dimensional Theft - Eldricth is able to channel energy of higher or own dimensions, thus never having its energies exhausted. Due to the spell not having a determined time its powers can no longer be canceled / denied, attempts to cancel or withdraw its energies are useless because its energy is recharged. Your physical attributes are increased by up to 10x, however your area attacks are increased by 2x, and it continues to increase 2x every 50 levels.
Divination - A spell that allows you to have visions of the future (2 rounds ahead).
Interaction of Dreams - Allows Eldrict to enter mortal dreams and even affect the dreams of entire species.

Mental Invasion - Allows Eldrict to read the minds of their targets and even inflict psychic damage to their minds to the point of destroying it by leaving them in a coma.
Spray - Eldrict is able to project eldrict energy around your fists or on your body so that everything that comes in contact is destroyed at an atomic level.

Level 100: At this level you have the following spells through Eldricht Magic.

Transmutation - Eldricth is able to control the matter around it on a basic scale, only transmuting it into other forms.

Perfect Mental Invasion - You can manipulate your victims' minds even to enter them by accessing their subconscious.

Cancel - Due to the nature of this eldritch spell, it is possible that the follower will be able to deny the "regular" magic (spells, magical manifestations, curses and derivations thereof) of other beings, beings with a much higher power level than the follower is not much effective canceling only 50%.

Soul Thief - This spell allows the follower to absorb souls in order to increase their divine power (up to 2x for each soul), he can also use these souls to circumvent their death or erasure.

Level 150: At this level you have the following spells through Eldricht Magic.

Psychic Annulment - The spell allows the eldrict to be able to actively or passively release psychic energy around them that serve to cancel other psychic manifestations (powers).

Reality Rejection - Through this spell and his mind Eldrict manages to distort reality to undo manipulations of the reality of other beings (who are weaker than him in terms of power)

Eldritch Insects - The Follower is now able to conjure large quantities of locusts, these insects are able to feed on energy and matter, managing to devour both in a few seconds. Grasshoppers can also feed on poisons, diseases and elements.

Level 200: At this level you have the following spells through Eldricht Magic.

True Appearance - Eldrict can alter the awareness and perception of its targets, making their minds see the follower when they only see a creature that defies logic or even bizarre things, this control can extend to prevent your opponent from knowing the that is real and what is not, making it incapable of attacking you.

Strange Forces - This spell allows Eldrict to generate and mold primordial energies and materials created long before angels, such materials and energies cannot be manipulated by other individuals. The energy can be used to damage and destroy the soul, the mind, the body, and it can destroy even other energies. Foreign matter can be used to absorb other forms of matter in addition to being extremely resistant to damage. (Cannot use to manipulate your opponents' matter)

Eldritch Blood - The Follower manages to transmute all the matter around him into eldrict blood in a radius of 500 square meters, being able to use this spell in a limited way affecting only some beings or parts of someone's body. After transmutation the blood can be directed to your opponents who, when they come in contact with the blood, also end up becoming more blood, the follower can even mold the blood created in creatures made of this blood. Being able to use this spell even in rivers or against elementary powers. Beings with at least 50 levels more than the follower are not affected.

Level 250: At this level you have the following spells through Eldricht Magic

Rain of fire - The Follower manages to conjure Eldrict fireballs (the same can define the quantity and size), these flames are able to consume other elements naturally, being able to burn practically anything from ordinary matter, elements even other things going , protections and souls in addition to breaking immunities.

Angel of Death - The Last spell, the same within a radius of 600 square meters, manages to spread its energy at a speed of 10x greater than that of the offspring, all those who come into contact with the energy instantly have their life reaped, the energy ignores protections (including powers of reflection) and concealment abilities, and has the same effect on anyone trying to absorb it. The magic is so powerful that after being activated it cannot be contained.

Black Eclipse - The followers of Nyarlathotep manage through this spell to extinguish the sun, creating an eclipse, naturally powers related to light are canceled and also causes a 30% decrease in the capacities of beings related to light and the sun. Eclipse is capable of destroying the soul and spirit of beings who are exposed to their astral immensity, such a phenomenon would apparently not be perceived because it is similar to a simple eclipse. Those who are exposed to Eclipse are consumed by Darkness that appears inside their bodies and their souls, the process ends up being painless since mentally the victim has his reasoning capacity neutralized as well as all his senses removed. Once consumed by darkness the body and soul of the targets are undone / destroyed.

PS: All of these powers are variants of the Follower Eldricht Magic.

Divine Messenger

Nyarlathotep was also known by the following titles Mighty Messenger and Masked Messenger. Nyarlathotep represents the will of the Outer Gods and is their "messenger, heart and soul", "the immemorial figure of the representative or messenger of occult and terrible powers". He is also the servant of Azathoth, whose spasmodic and spasmodic desires he immediately fulfills. To perform his role as a divine messenger he possessed great powers, which he passed on to his followers so that they could spread his divine will.

Level 50: Nyarlathotep's followers manage to hide their presence in order to become completely imperceptible to powers related to perception and consciousness. Being able to invade places without even being detected or perceived, even managing to go undetected by sensory or instinctive powers.

Level 100: Nyarlathotep's followers are able to open cracks, passages and portals to any location they want to go to, without having to know the exact location of the location. However, he cannot open passages to places that are locked, for example, Divine worlds of deities when they are locked.

Level 200: Nyarlathotep's followers are not affected by the laws of the personal dimensions of other beings (with a lower or equal level / power) nor do their dominions begin to exert any influence over these followers.

Level 300: In order to deliver your messages with perfect speed and agility, Nyarlathotep's followers are able to actively increase their speed by reaching a speed equivalent to that of lightning. (1 time per fight)

Limitless Metamorphosis

Nyarlathotep was also known as an external deity capable of possessing an almost infinite number of forms, some of which were able to defy the logic of what was possible and what was not, some even caused side effects in the mind of those who saw them . The Nyarlathotep follower also acquired this same ability by becoming a master in the ability to manipulate his form on a physical, mental, spiritual and energetic scale.

Level 1-10: Initially, your metamorphosis involves simple abilities, always focused on your physical form. Managing to change its appearance to that of other living beings, such as animals and people of any size;

Level 11-25: Your metamorphosis is now able to change the properties of your body managing to change its shape to that of other materials such as ores, diamonds, divine irons and etc., whether in a complete or even partial way, the metamorphosis reaches a differentiated capacity because the follower is able to exclude and even add certain properties to the materials he chooses (he cannot create new properties, only edit existing ones).

Level 26-35: The follower is able to deform his physical body and can stretch his limbs, create holes, cause genetic and cellular changes and modifications in his body, managing to generate new members and appendages, managing to modify any part of his body at a level cell phone. At this level, the follower is able to defragment his body or parts of it in other forms, whether in gases, mists, water, fire, etc.

Level 36-50: The follower can now after understanding the divine body of his opponents, he can create an exact copy of it in his own, acquiring a physiology similar to that of the same (physiological powers), however while using this he cannot use the your eldrict physiology. At this level he is able to absorb matter in order to acquire its properties (limited to only items) as if they were part of his body.

Level 51-99: Your control now extends to an atomic level, managing to fragment your body into countless smaller versions of you, managing to fully control your body, managing to transform itself into other forms of energy or even generate them from your body, managing to create for example cannons of energy or elements in your hand.

Level 100-150: Manages to deform his physical form now not only in energy, elements, other types of matter but also in other mimicry, or in abnormal things like ships, bacteria, fungi, weapons, space port mountains.

Level 151-200: Its metamorphosis now extends to divine levels managing to transform itself into items as long as it has seen this during the event, and can also turn into armor. At this level, the offspring can already combine properties and physiologies into one.

Level 201-250: At this level it can transform itself into forms that completely defy logic and the laws of physics, managing to achieve forms that are only visible in a single dimension or even in more than one dimension for example, and can also be transform into forms that simply make their victims have their senses shaken or destroyed, the main one being affected the vision. At this level he also manages to use metamorphosis to transform himself into someone he has seen in a certain event or saga, managing to create a perfect copy of that someone in order to be able to clone even the essence, the soul and the energy of that someone being able to use of their powers, in addition to becoming immune to their powers. (1 time per event or saga, lasts 5 rounds, while using this mutation you cannot use your powers)

Level 251-300: The follower at its peak achieves almost absolute control over the metamorphosis and manages to turn into practically anything (except abstract things). At its peak it manages to use its metamorphosis to clone even a divine transformation, despite being a self-destructive process, since the more time it spends the more its existence destroys itself. At this level he is able to shape his energies so that he can use both his powers and that of the copied. (1 time per event or saga, lasts 4 rounds)

Primordial Sands

Nyarlathotep in addition to his titles as Pharaoh, he was also known as the God of the Desert, having great influence over deserts and control over the most diverse forms and types of sand. Being able to generate, mold and manipulate the primordial sands created a long time ago, even before angels, such capacities were passed on to his followers.

Level 1-10: The sand is yellow as gold. The follower has small-scale control of the same, being able to generate a small amount, but being able to make quicksand around it, without being affected.

Level 11-25: The follower has control on a medium scale of the same, being able to make constructs with the resistance of the claws, generating a greater amount of it now.

Level 26-35: The offspring have large-scale control of the medium, which can generate intense sandstorms. The sand starts to acquire metallic properties similar to iron sand, managing to severely damage the bodies of its targets. Its sand also has magnetic properties attracting matter

Level 36-50: The offspring have high control over the sand, and can even transform into the sand and change its shape freely, maintaining their normal powers. You can now create sandstorms that serve to hide your presence against sensory, instinctive and sensitive powers.

Level 51-99: The offspring have perfect scale control of the area, being able to generate such a large amount of sand to swallow a city with it, buried and crushed. The sand now absorbs the vital energy of its targets, as well as defragment the matter transforming it into nothing more than eldrict sand.

Level 100-150: The follower is now able to trap his targets in cocoons made of the eldrict sands, he is able to trap his targets, sealing them there. The sand when it comes in contact with its victims can also interfere with energy control, preventing them from accessing their active powers.

Level 151-200: The sands now start to affect even your opponents' souls, managing to damage them. The creation of Nyarlathotep manages to dye your body with sand in order to create a kind of armor on your body and soul, if your body receives damage it will be the armor that will suffer and not your body, managing to protect you even from fatal attacks (being need to redo the armature again).

Level 201-250: The follower manages to build before him through these sands a huge divine defense forming around him a creature in a completely bizarre way holding a shield where any attack that tries to hit the offspring will be reflected against his spellcaster.

Level 251-300: It can transmute the entire area (500 square meters) around it into sand including any type of matter and energy around it, affecting even immune systems. Beings with at least 50 levels above the offspring are not affected.

Primordial Manipulation of Nyarlathotep

It is the greatest manipulation technique developed by Nyarlathotep himself, it was even capable of affecting other eldricts affecting even chaotic beings, a technique that managed to scare even other eldricts. This technique was passed on to his followers despite the fact that it has a divine potential clearly inferior to his.

Level 200: The follower of Nyarlathotep after choosing a certain target the skill will then activate allowing it to enter his opponent's mind and manipulate him, giving him false experiences, making it appear as if they are doing things of his own free will. spontaneous will, managing to manipulate their victim so that she can do anything the offspring wishes. The technique is so powerful because the victim is entirely manipulated without knowing that he is being manipulated, in fact no one is able to discover that he is being manipulated if the offspring do not want to. Even immunities, protections or resistances do not work against this ability. It acts in an unpredictable and inconspicuous way.

NOTE: 3 times per event or saga. Beings with at least 100 levels of difference that the offspring are able to perceive when they are being manipulated.

Mist of Chaos

It is a form native to the eldrict world that only followers of Nyarlathotep are able to control, such a mist was created by their master. It is seriously lethal to your opponents in order to cause a series of effects on them just by being inside it.

Level 1-30: Your Chaos Mist manipulation is initially basic, and can affect beings that are at most 100 meters away and with no usual difference. At this level, the effects are not very serious. They only serve to stun your opponents' perception by preventing them from detecting something within the fog through their senses.

Level 31-60: Your manipulation of the Mist of Chaos becomes low-medium, which can affect beings that are at most 250 meters away. The fog can now suck the energy of those inside it (25% per round) and steal their memories.

Level 61-90: Your manipulation of the Mist of Chaos becomes average, and can affect beings that are at most 400 meters away. The fog can now thicken not only the fabric of reality, but the space around it and within it, reducing the locomotion of beings within it by 25% except the very follower who is within the fog or surrounded by it.

Level 91-120: Your manipulation of the Mist of chaos becomes medium-high, affecting beings that are at most 700 meters away. The Mist reduces the speed of those who are there by about 50% and can now limit the target's senses, thus reducing the speed of their abilities, senses, perception and other aspects. At this level, it is capable of simulating toxic and negative effects on its opponents, managing to induce a poison capable of killing its victims in up to 2 rounds, or even divine diseases that disable the use of active powers within it.

Level 121-150: Your manipulation of the Mist of Chaos becomes high, which can affect beings that are at most 1,000 meters away. The fog now deforms the temporal tissue as well, allowing the follower to control the space within the manipulative area of ​​the fog using itself, thus being able to teleport through the fog, transport and alter the position of anything within it imperceptibly, greatly limiting the affected.

Level 151-200: Your manipulation of the Mist of Chaos becomes almost perfect, affecting beings that are at most 2,000 meters away. The fog can now simulate more severe effects such as causing burns, causing effects capable of leaving the target's mind in a suggestive state, allowing the follower to give orders to them in an irrefutable way. Getting to break immunities.

Level 200-250: Your manipulation of the Mist of Chaos becomes perfect and can affect beings that are at most 3,000 meters away. The fog now slows your opponents' reasoning and movement by 80%, leaving them severely disabled within the fog.

Level 251-300: The chaos fog extends to a radius of up to 4000 meters around the follower. In addition, the use of any power based on manipulating space and time is denied within the fog, causing a time-lock within the fog. At this level, it acquires total control over the fog in order to create a perfect poison within the fog that is capable of not only killing its targets, but transforming them into its slaves through forced resuscitation. (only works against those inside the fog, not working via the implantation of the fog in the body).

Lord of Personifications

Throughout the tales about Nyarlathotep it is said that it always preferred to manifest itself in other forms that this referred to as Avatars, it is even said that Nyarlathotep is considered an Avatar of Azathot. Such power was passed on to his followers on a minor divine scale.

Level 100: The Follower after physically touching an individual chosen by him, he can transfer part of his energy to the same - Direct Contact - granting this access to his active powers, however the chosen one will no longer be able to attack the Nyarlathotep follower, everyone your powers simply won't be able to affect you anymore. In addition to the fact that if the follower is killed or his existence is erased during an event or saga, he can be reborn within the individual he previously gave his energy to, the ability is fatal because the existence of the target is simply consumed by that of the follower. Thus allowing him to gain both his powers and that of the chosen one, although they will be lost if he dies again.

Note: 3 times per event you can "be reborn" by the existence of another being.

Level 200: The same at this level, after granting the energy he manages to create a psychic link with the linked ones allowing the follower to share information. The link also allows him to give orders on them, breaking possible immunities.

Level 300: The Link is now perfect, being able to control them completely, their orders become irrefutable, being able to control even how they use their divine energy, managing to force them to use their powers if they wish, using them as their loyal puppets.

Creeping Chaos

Nyarlathotep was known as an Outer deity and one of its main titles was that of Creeping Chaos, its followers received from it a great power over the primordial forces of chaos, being a chaotic control so old and potent that it is said capable of overcoming even other beings that control chaos.

Level 1-50: Initially, the follower is able to manifest the energy of chaos in simple ways around him in order to destabilize the environment causing disharmony in the environment, making energies when projected unstable causing them to simply fall apart or explode when inside the body of someone. It is also able to detect chaos around you in practically all stages, from the simple use of one power to the use of several at the same time. The follower is able to induce discord and incite chaos around them causing their enemies to turn against each other, the same also starts to absorb energy and attacks based on elements of their enemies, although not in large quantities at that level.

Level 51-100: Through Chaos, he can undo transformations based on mimicry of beings weaker than himself and even beings with 50 levels more than the follower, and can also cancel attacks of psychic origin in a up to 100 meters. At this level, the follower is able to absorb attacks based on energy and elements with more intensity and on a large scale, managing to return such attacks 3x stronger. The follower is able to spread his energy around him in a radius of up to 200 meters, managing to undo dimensional manipulations, and time space of weaker beings and up to 50 levels more than the offspring, and can also induce anarchy in these environments so that laws created lose their validity by ceasing to function (the law will still exist, it will only affect no one else).

Level 101-150: The follower is able to imitate a telekinesis from his hands so that it can contain matter and also energy in a certain place, even managing to fragment both. If the energy is much stronger than the follower, he may face difficulties in containing it. At this level he is already able to exert influence over the probabilities, managing to change them bringing good luck to or unlucky for his targets, decreasing even the chances of them to hit their attacks (skill shot). The follower of Nyarlathotep also manages to cause physical, psychic, spiritual concussions allowing him to interrupt six enemies, preventing them or even delaying to complete his attacks; creating energetic shocks, the latter focusing on the energy of its targets creating "barriers" that make them unable to access their active powers, affecting weaker beings and beings with 100 levels more than their offspring.

Level 151-200: The follower is able to manifest the energy of Chaos in its purest and most destructive states, managing to create an aura around him that starts to protect him from space / time changes, from effects related to magic. It also manages to generate and shape the energy of Chaos allowing it to acquire properties of other forms of energies such as properties of Destruction energy which allows it to destroy its targets physically, spiritually and also mentally, or even properties of creative energy which allows the opposite effect, restoring body parts, healing wounds whether physical, psychic or spiritual. Managing to generate chaotic energies with anti-psychic, energy properties. Since these attacks are unable to be absorbed as this would result in the self-effacement of the target's existence. It can also generate chaotic energies in the form of any type of elements and can shape them in the way you want.

Level 201-250: The Follower can now exercise chaotic control at the psychic level by disrupting the minds of their enemies, even destroying them, managing to control their body, mind and soul by creating commands that allow them to restart their mind, their energy or their body to avoid submitting to negative effects. At this level, they manage to manifest chaos within a radius of up to 600 square meters causing all those present to be affected by their conflict handling, and can also create disasters, whether terrestrial, aquatic, solar, etc. It also exercises control over the matter of even beings from 100 levels above the offspring, manipulating them easily, even managing to transmute this. The offspring are also able to increase their capacities through Chaos, either in a natural way (strengthening themselves through the conflict generated by battles, wars, massacres for example) or by divine means converting part of their eldrict energy into chaos increasing their attributes in up to 10x.

Level 251-300: The Nyarlathotep Follower is now able to create domino effects so that he can link his opponents to each other allowing that by destroying one all the others will also be destroyed regardless of whether they received the attack, at last he attains full dominance about the chaos being able to nullify other types of powers based on chaos of beings of up to 100 levels more than the follower. They also acquire a grand feat at that level, being able to create a paradox by allowing them to temporarily ignore the laws of logic and physics by allowing them to perform feats that are almost impossible or would not normally be possible, like definitively killing someone so that annul his immortalities, that he can increase the speed of an attack made of energy without making it unstable, survive an attack that would be able to erase his existence or even kill him for example. Because it is an extremely exhausting technique it can only be used 3 times per event or saga.

The Bat God of L'gy'hx

Nyarlathotep also known as the God of a race of divine bats that inhabited the planet L'g´hx, his followers received teachings about such beings while also acquiring various abilities related to this species.

Level 1-10: Initially, the follower can only transform into a Lrogg whose appearance is similar to that of a huge bat with a divine metallic exoskeleton with two or more heads that seem to emit an unnerving ultrasonic hiss. Initially it does not have great capabilities involving this transformation, initially they can and are able to fly at a speed 3x greater than yours, managing to drain the blood of their victims through the bite.

Level 11-25: The bat now has an improvement in its senses allowing it to detect the presence of other beings around it by listening through eco-location that allows it to find the geographical position even of beings that are invisible or camouflaged, its body actively manages to reformulate itself and divide through the sands eldrict it also has claws that are adapted to its strength managing to create beams of wind against its targets.

Level 26-35: He is now able to suck the blood of his victims without the need for a bite, the blood literally starts to be sucked from the body of his victims into the mouth of the follower, affecting an area of ​​up to 100 meters, feeding on these blood heals your wounds and restores your energies. At this level, he manages to project sound waves directly from his mouth to the environment, although initially they are not so accurate, managing only to repel matter away.

Level 36-50: The follower is now able to fly even in outer space, surviving in this environment while transformed. At this level, your senses can hear even more by hearing the sound of the soul, thereby knowing exactly what your targets are thinking, in addition to being able to adapt your senses to places with low or virtually no lighting. Now being able to fall apart in a swarm of small bats, acting as a shared awareness of the follower.

Level 51-99: The follower now begins to create more accurate sound waves, affecting those who listen to them by reducing their vital force by half. The same through the flapping of his wings he manages to create tornadoes made of a kind of black wind, this wind once the victim is affected causes severe damage to his body ignoring mimicry and intangibility. The bat is now able to apply blood sucking to the divine energy of its victims by draining up to 50% of its victim's energy, this time the radius of reach for both blood and energy is 500 meters.

Level 100-150: The follower now acquires the ability to hibernate by decreasing his muscular, brain and vital functions temporarily (up to 5 rounds) through a psychic command in his mind, through which he can recharge his energies by 25% each round. The same now manages to generate and shape the black wind skillfully without the need to swing its wings, also managing to project a strange energy native to Lrogg bats. This energy manages to cancel other forms of energies, although its capacity is defined by the power level. of the offspring, if the enemy's energy is stronger he will not be able to cancel much (50%).

Level 151-200: Transformation is no longer mandatory, managing to transform both completely and partially to use its capabilities, some will not even be necessary to transform. The follower starts to control the vital energy around him managing to generate such energy to heal wounds or even absorb from other sources (it takes 3 rounds for the victim to die), managing to use the vital energy to resurrect people who came to die, managing to recreate their bodies, and can also manipulate the lethality of their attacks and even injuries and damages.

Level 201-250: It now controls the sound in order to generate sonic waves capable of causing debuff in the vital and physical capacities of its opponents, and can also now generate sonic waves that interact psychically with the minds of its victims, placing them in a hypnosis that even breaks immunities, leaving them vulnerable to the commands of Nyarlathotep's followers.

Level 251-300: The follower can now generate the energy of death and also shape it into attacks, managing to create an aura of death that serves to protect the follower from attacks related to matter and also energy, managing to manifest this energy around the victim consuming your body and your soul until nothing is left, not even a single atom; it also manages to shape energy in powerful energy attacks that destroy both the soul and the body. It can also control the life energy that has the ability to fight the energy of death, and can even heal damage caused by that energy.

Reality Manipulation

The Nyarlathotep follower manages to alter the reality around him, even space and time.

Level 1-50: Initially, the follower can only generate a form of null energy that he can use to deform reality on small scales using only to cancel other energies. This energy is generated in the form of orbs that when contacting attacks related to energy and materials undo it, it can also use this energy to undo effect abilities in your body (beings of up to 20 levels more than the follower becomes not be very effective)

Level 51-100: Can affect an area of ​​up to 2500 meters, now managing to change reality minimally managing to change the space around it by editing and shaping reality according to your imagination managing to change positions and geographical distances, change the landscape to what to please you more, in addition to being able to materialize inanimate objects or even make inanimate things cease to exist (it does not work against living beings). They can shape the odds in order to wish you luck or bad luck.

Level 101-150: The follower can now undo dimensional, spatial, temporal changes around him simply by regressing reality to its previous state, managing to apply the dematerialization effect on living beings that are weaker than the same, causing them to fall apart in powder. The follower can affect transmuting matter and energy into other forms in a way that pleases him, and can make various weapons turn into birds, or even projectiles become roses for example. It can also apply this to elements. Can manipulate the space and time around it, and can even cause a given space to cease to exist including everything within it. Affects an area of ​​up to 4500 meters

Level 151-200: It manages to transmute living beings in any other form, even to withdraw their powers or prevent them from using them either by denying their energy or simply creating energetic '' Barriers '' that prevent them from use your powers affecting only the assets in that situation. You can control logic by changing it, allowing it to bend reality by achieving things that normally would not be possible. They can create laws too, or even deny magical, temporal, spatial, energetic influences. in a given space. It affects an area of ​​up to 6500 meters.

Level 201-250: The follower starts to control reality in order to alter and manipulate various aspects that make up the same as the mind, the soul, the energy for example. It affects an area of ​​up to 8500 meters.

Level 251-300: Your alteration proves to be accurate to the point that he can simulate other powers managing to generate effects similar to those of other powers, managing to generate elements, generating different forms of energies, inducing someone to a desired psychic state, inducing fear in someone, although it does not fully exercise dominance over other powers, it can only generate and induce other powers, although it is not as intense as someone who actually controls that generated or induced power. It affects an area of ​​up to 10,500 meters.

Floating Terror

As soon as the follower enters his Eldricth form, his entire physiognomy starts to change, starting with his face that is deformed, acquiring a huge mouth with disappointed teeth, a horrible appearance presenting a completely absent face. His general exoskeleton starts to become thinner, adopting a skeletal shape, from his body, by the blacks they start to be born in his hands and arms up to the elbow, as such, his legs also acquire the same aspect, having at least the shins acting as gloves and boots. The rest of its corpulence is pale, almost gray, varying between white and the color previously mentioned. Wings emerge from his back, they have an old aspect and with several tears and holes, in them, several tentacles form, the follower in this form becomes aesthetically very close to an Eldritch aberration.

The tentacles in the lower part of your body are able to stretch, possessing something similar to a small mouth capable of devouring matter when there is physical contact, its appearance becomes unable to be understood, it awakens a fear and at the same time insanity in its victims, leaving those weaker than the follower frozen in fear (breaks immunities) as a sign of their complete impotence, whereas the stronger ones simply go crazy (break immunities). Its huge mouth starts to absorb attacks of energetic origin, as if it were food for the follower, even absolute energy attacks become food for the same (only skill shot).

Upon activating this transformation, its attributes increase by 30x, it starts to exercise control over Chaos on a scale superior to practically any other demigod, even superior to most chaos-related deities, reaching an almost omnipotent scale. Their control over the Eldricth sands reaches reach the absolute scale.

Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds.

Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds.

Level 261-280: Lasts 6 rounds.

Level 281-300: Lasts 7 rounds.

Note: This transformation can only be used 3 times per event or saga


The Yellow Subordination Mask

It is an ancient item created a long time ago by Nyarlathotep and delivered to his followers, this mask has great divine properties, in addition to a resistance compared to the Eldricth iron. The mask usually manages to clone it, creating replicas of it allowing the follower to use its effects several times during combat, or even recreate it in his hands if it is destroyed. When the mask is placed on the victims' faces, the mask connects physically, mentally and spiritually with the victim, making his targets subordinate to the follower, allowing him to give orders that are irrefutable to them, no matter how immune or resistant they will be. affected. To break this effect it is necessary to destroy the mask.





Sand Bat


Level 20: It is a creature with an appearance resembling a monstrous bat, it is different from any other species of Bat. Its matter is completely composed of the eldritch sands, being connected with its follower through its vital force, remaining alive as long as it is (also returning to life if the follower is revived). The bat has good reasoning skills, being able to understand several languages as well as the follower and can also speak and fly.


Level 40: At this level, the Bat manages to increase its size up to 100 meters. He can fly at speeds up to 10x faster than the follower, managing to emanate an eldritch energy around his claws capable of spraying his victims.


Level 60: The mascot manages to generate bursts of Chaos energy from his eyes, similar to the chaotic control of the follower, such rays of energy are able to assimilate acquiring properties of other types of energies.


Level 100: The pet is now able to temporarily become your follower by acquiring its active powers (lasts 4 rounds, 1 time per combat).


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