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Ophion (in ancient Greek : Οφίων; " serpent ") or Ophionus, in Greek mythology , ruled the world together with Eurínome until both were defeated by Cronos and Reia , who hurled them into the Ocean . [1]

There is little information about this Greek deity. The oldest known reference is the Heptamichia of Ferecides de Siro (6th century BC).


Appearance: They are pale, almost albino and have brown eyes.

Personality: They are quiet, usually stay in theirs, however when provoked they will not hesitate to kill whoever provoked them.


Passive Powers

Marine metamorphosis

Level 1-10: Initially, your offspring can partially transform into various types of (common) aquatic animals, obtaining crab claws instead of hands, shark teeth, etc.

Level 11-25: They have already achieved a complete metamorphosis of these animals, now being able to freely transform into them, in addition to being able to combine the shapes, being able to acquire crab claws and at the same time teeth of other animals, and so on.

Level 26-35: Metamorphosis is able to acquire hybrid traits (characteristics) of monsters that exist on the bottom of the sea, such as mermaids, newts and other types.

Level 36-50: His metamorphosis is complete, and he can now transform into any animal, or sea monster, being able to transform both partially and totally, into sea monsters like Leviathan and among other legendary monsters.

Level 51-99: It reaches its peak now being able to transform itself even into deities like Ocean, Amphitrite, Poseidon and etc., being able to deceive your opponents when you are in a fight.

PS: You will not be able to enjoy the powers of those who have been transformed (only natural abilities). This metamorphosis, completely changes the offspring, not being able to distinguish whether or not he is in metamorphosis.

Super strength


Levels {1-10}: Ófion's children have large body muscles, mostly male and female, with normal women, but with the same pressure. They are able initially to be able to lift enormous buildings and cars, their strength since small is enormous, being able to disfigure the area where it is when their fists collide with a force greater or equal. They are capable of opening craters in the ground of 20-25 meters having a huge area of ​​destruction. Thanks to his super strength his body adapts and can have great physical resistance and be able to perform jumps up to 70 meters high.

Levels {11-25}: After improving in the camp, the offspring now acquire a much greater strength than when they arrived, and can now destroy with their strength a camp like the half-blooded camp easily with their punches, having the ability to create craters up to 40 meters on the ground. The offspring can lift buildings with just one hand and hold them as if they were just a toy in their hands. His resistance now rises, being able to withstand punches of the same power as that of the sons of Ófion, without feeling almost any damage, thanks to his body adapted to strength his body can last incredibly longer than other campers. Their jumps are now elevated and can make great jumps up to 130 meters high.


Levels {25-35}: Your resistance now rises dramatically, withstanding great shock waves and can even withstand a super nova by your arms for 60 seconds with difficulties in your arms, suffering an incredible difficulty to throw it to the opponent or to another area. Its ability to jump reaches a level where it can jump up to 200 meters above the ground, its strength reaches an enviable capacity, being able to devastate cities easily, the offspring of Ófion expands on a continental level and can destroy continents in a few hours with his punches and his strength, in a fight his punches manage to increase the area of ​​destruction according to the strength of his opponents. Its strength reaches catastrophic physical levels and can destroy even physical divine materials.

Level 36-50: Your strength now expands to a level being able to interfere in the other plane, being able to destroy intangibles or beings in conventional ways, nearby souls are sprayed when in the range of the offspring. His resistance rises to a level where a biokinetic field is formed around his body, repelling the most varied types of magical and physical damage, even the most spiritual. Its strength is even able to break magical barriers with a combination of consecutive blows, in addition to being able to deform at large scales an area of ​​up to 100 meters causing major earthquakes in almost an entire continent.

Level 51-100: Your body adapts in an unimaginable way, being able to destroy almost a whole planet, its strength reaches a level where it is able to rival Atlas, reaching an incalculable force, being able to destroy any existing material with its strength becoming a real destroyer with his own physical strength. His resistance reaches a level where he is able to withstand a super nova with medium injuries. His ability to jump rises up to 500 meters above the ground, managing to do this for several hours, and he can perform up to 1000 meters jumps.

Ocean calling


Level 1-15: Through physical touch in the water the primordial semi will be able to ask for help from animals in the sea (such as sharks, fish, eels, etc.) they will come at your request and execute any order you ask for.

Level 16-35: You will now be able to ask for help from small sea monsters such as telkines, mermaids, hippocampuses and among other sea creatures existing in the sea. These animals can help you as well to ask them. In addition to being able to handle small water (only liquid water).

Level 36-55: You will be able to ask for help from large sea monsters like Caribidis, Ceto, Cila and others. These monsters are not very easy to control, requiring some effort from the offspring. He had already managed to control the water at medium size.

Level 56-99: Your control over creatures existing in the sea, reach immeasurable levels being able to call monsters similar or as powerful as the Kraken. You will already be able to control the water at large

Level 100-150: Its control over the water extends to great capacities being able to rival against beings like Ocean and Poseidon easily.

Immune to Olympians


Level 1-50: The offspring of Ófion are incredibly immune to attacks by the offspring of minor deities. Their attacks are almost useless against these offspring. (if the level of the minor deity offspring is higher, this ability will act as a great resistance, still being affected, but to a lesser extent)

Level 51-99: Demonstrates immunity to the powers and attacks of offspring of Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Hephaestus, Hera and Dionysus becoming immune to the powers of the minor deities. (if the level of the minor deity offspring is higher, this ability will act as a great resistance, still being affected, but to a lesser extent)

Level 100-150: Demonstrates immunity to powers and attacks by offspring daughters of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon.

Level 151-200: It is immune to all deities that have a relationship with Olympus and its offspring (if the opponent's level is higher, it will be as a resistance as in previous levels).

PS: Weapons, items, additional powers and so on will be effective against these offspring.

Healing and regeneration


Level {1-10}: The offspring of Ófion, are endowed with amazing regeneration, being able to easily regenerate from small injuries, which are capable of regenerating from mental trauma, small burns in seconds, depending on the extent of the injury, the time increases . At this level, if the offspring lose members they will not be able to recover.

Level {11-25}: The regeneration now undergoes an exponential increase, being able to regenerate from medium wounds, being able to embed mental wounds, being able to close various types of wounds, being even immune to the most varied types of poisons, diseases and toxins. As the injuries are done your body is able to close and even reject (expel) intruders from inside your body.

Level {26-35}: Your regeneration now encompasses the ability to heal from burns and long, serious injuries in a matter of minutes, your regeneration proves to be extremely powerful, and in other words, it can recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely. They can rebuild the lost limbs, if you put the limb back in place, faster regeneration will occur.

Level {36-50}: Offspring can regenerate not only their cellular tissues, but also DNA, undoing genetic mutations and degradation. This also gives them immunity to diseases and infections, undoing any unwanted symptoms, in addition to providing a form of self-support, which precedes the needs for oxygen and food intake. Offspring are able to stop the body from aging as cells are regenerating and dying in balance.

Level {51-99}: At this level your regeneration now becomes even greater and can regenerate vital organs since their physiological capabilities become completely nil, thus being able to regenerate from heart damage or serious injuries such as perforations in the lung (if the brain be destroyed, there is no way to regenerate) and among other things, hemorrhages at this level have already completely healed before the damage even becomes serious. The offspring at this level acquire a new ability being able to absorb anything (energy, matter, biomass, elements, etc.) to be able to increase their own regeneration, the more resistance the longer the regeneration proves to be puffed. The offspring just touch some kind of thing and it will have its energy transferred in the form of regeneration to the offspring suffering a buff of 100% in their regenerative capacities. (The ability acts as soon as it touches something, if it is unconscious, and is in physical contact with something, it will then be consumed by regenerating the offspring and may even revive the offspring's body if it is dead.)

Level {100-150}: Reaching its peak, the offspring is able to regenerate from any damage even if their brain is damaged (cerebral hemorrhage or even its removal or destruction), at this moment the semi titans have an extreme regeneration, allowing them to not only recover from any wound almost instantly, but even to regenerate separate body parts into full bodies, each as powerful as the original. This tremendous life force is usually associated with some type of biological immortality, all bodies can be connected in a single mind. It expands to extreme levels, such as when your body is totally destroyed or broken into pieces, if any part of the offspring's DNA still acts, they are able to regenerate in seconds.

Jaw dilation


Just as snakes can swallow bigger things than she can easily, your children will be able to swallow attacks and objects without anything happening to them inside.


Levels 1-20: You can swallow an attack by battle.


Levels 21-40: You can swallow two attacks per battle.


Levels 41-60: You can swallow three attacks per battle.

Levels 61-80: You can swallow four attacks per battle.

Levels 81-100: You can swallow five attacks per battle.

Detect conditions


Ófion's children are able to detect specific conditions around them, including threats, living beings and abilities.


Levels 1-10: Can detect up to 150 meters around you.


Levels 11-25: 250 meters around you.


Levels 26-35: 350 meters around you.

Levels 36-50: 450 meters around you.

Levels 51-99: 550 meters around it.

Levels 100-150: 650 meters around you.

Serpentine Speed

Ófion's offspring will be able to move at superhuman speeds.


Level 1-10: reaching 200 km / h.

Level 11-25: Reaches 350 km / h.

Level 26-35: Reaches 550 km / h.

Level 36-50: Reaches 650 km / h.

Level 51-99: Reaches 750 km / h.

Level 100-150: Reaches 950 km / h.

Level 160-200: Reaches 1050 km / h.



Levels 1-15: They can turn into black smoke, becoming totally intangible and moving at superhuman speed. This smoke causes fainting in everyone who comes into contact with it.


Levels 16-26: They can turn into darkness and move at its speed. In this form it cannot be controlled, in addition to being immune to blows of darkness.


Levels 27-40: They can turn into light and move at its speed. In this form it cannot be controlled, in addition to being immune to light strikes.

Levels 41-60: They can transform into a mixed form of light / shadow and reach beings that are transformed into light / shadow, in addition to moving at speed above a jet. In this way your opponents cannot control or manipulate you, in addition to acquiring immunity to dark and light blows (and their derivatives).

Surprise attack


When Ófion's son is about to be caught by a surprise attack, he will transform into several snakes, which will disperse around the scene, soon regrouping, assuming the appearance of the semi-primordial.

Level 1-10: It will take 4 seconds for the transmutation.

Level 11-25: It will take 3 seconds.

Level 26-35: Take 2 seconds.

Level 36-50: It will take 1 second.

Level 51-99: It will take 0.1 seconds.

Advanced Toxinokinesis

The offspring of Ófion is capable of generating, molding, controlling and feeding or absorbing poisons / toxins, these poisons / toxins can come to be in water, fog and so on.

Level 1-10: Ófion's son is initially able to feed or absorb exorbitant amounts of toxins or poisons and can use this as a source of energy or as a regeneration. Your body can regenerate quickly when consuming poisons. It is also capable of generating known and already created poisons but these will not be as strong, it will only paralyze the offspring for a few rounds (up to 2 rounds, with difficulties).

Level 11-25: You will already be able to absorb all the poisons that come in your direction or in the direction of your allies and can feed on them, even if they affect the immune, the offspring can feed on them. Your body is resistant to disease and bacteria and is not caught or influenced by these beings. Its poisons will now prove to be far more dangerous, and can develop serious damage to the body.

Level 26-35: The offspring will be able to generate, mold, control, absorb or feed on any type of poison or toxin, being able to change or alter its properties or mixtures, compositions and among other factors to be observed by the tastes of the offspring, developing new types of lethal poisons.

Level 36-50: Will be able to develop new poisons, such poisons can cause brain problems, cardiac arrest, blockage of the airways and and among other types.

Level 51-99: Reaches its peak, being able to use its powers in great capacities being able to surpass other demigods in this category (second only to Jormugandr's offspring).

Ophion Immunity

The offspring of the Greek primordial serpent are endowed with great immunities and resistance, managing to fight in great battles through them.

Level 1-10: Ófion's offspring are very resistant to physical attacks, including punctures, lacerations and bleeding, also showing unlimited vigor and never getting tired. Your body is resistant to pain and psychic / mental abilities.

Level 11-25: I acquired climatic resistance to hot or very hot places, being able to withstand these types of environments easily. While in cold environments their resistance is weak but able to protect the offspring by leaving them in hibernation for a while.

Level 26-35: The offspring already demonstrate an organized mind, acquiring immunity against psychic attacks, not having to worry about illusions and other types of mental attacks.


Being the son of the primordial serpents of Greek mythology, they acquire the ability to metamorphose both partially and totally in a reptilian, whether hybridized or metamorphic. The offspring are also able to communicate with snakes and also to control them freely.

Level 1-10: The offspring will initially demonstrate the natural abilities of Squamata reptiles which will always be able to help you in certain situations (such as elasticity and can move easily in combat as if you had no bones in your body, making it easier to avoid attacks; also having ecdysis being able to perform this when he wishes, in addition to countless others), his body is made up of thick scales which guarantee him a great resistance to physical blows, making blades or projectiles derived from diamonds or inferiors useless, his aging is shown to be slowed in addition to to be able to contract or retract your teeth making them sharp and being able to tear or deform diamonds or objects derived from them (or which have the same durability), you will already have claws capable of tearing or deforming diamonds easily. His senses are improved to the point of being able to do great feats, especially his sense of smell, vision he can see in infrared when he wishes (this will undergo a passive alteration in Iris and retina according to the feelings of the offspring if not transformed) and hearing .

Level 11-25: Your lungs will become stronger by being able to hold your breath for hours, and remain calm and without feeling any difficulty for this. Being able to increase its resistance and durability to advanced levels being able to withstand large explosions or impact waves with its body. At that level, the offspring acquire a self-support reducing it to a level where physiological needs do not affect them, and can survive normally.

Level 26-35: Its scales will be thicker and can receive large waves of impact. Its body will be incredibly hard, being able to resist the most varied types of existing perforations (except adamantium). Their claws will be able to rip rare metals like adamantium easily and can surprise many campers. Their fangs destroy adamantium. At this level a thick tail is already manifesting, that tail is capable of crushing bones through constriction, and may even kill someone for lack of oxygen or for the pain of feeling their bones break. The strength it possesses is capable of tearing off a person's head with just a tap of it.

Level 36-50: You will be able to tear or deform other types of solid matter compared to vibranium easily, being able to break them only with the teeth of your mouth. At this level, the offspring acquires the ability to hibernate, being able to deceive their opponents easily and being able to stay for hours like this and their opponents will not even suspect, in this state the victim may be able to slow the metabolism to the point of effective death, making his opponents believe that you will be dead (it may seem dead to all ways of detecting your condition, altering the physical evidence surrounding your alleged death to make it look real. This can be so powerful that any type of evidence, such as medical equipment, will align with the idea that the user is dead. This allows them to wrap their enemies in a false sense of security and avoid chase.) In that state your wounds will begin to heal at an almost instantaneous accelerated rate.

Level 51-99: Your attributes will be shown to be greatly expanded and you can deform things with resistance compared to styrene iron easily and you can even overcome them with your claws or your teeth. Being able to manipulate all the senses of all people (Touch, Smell, Vision and Hearing and Taste), Ófion's children are able to dazzle in any area, not being noticed or perceived by all the people who pass by the place. It works in an active way, so you only do it when you want.

Level 100-150: Now he is able to disappear and appear elsewhere, the offspring diminishes his presence and is not noticeable by the victim, thus managing to take him by surprise easily. At this level it is also able to leave the mouth of snakes when it wishes, and can go anywhere, as a means of teleportation (it can do this with any snake, anywhere in the world, as long as it contains one) similar to a teleportation .

The sound

Level 80: Offspring have the ability to listen to a person's soul, allowing them to say whether they are afraid, what they are going to do next and even allow them to hear their thoughts. This skill is so precise that it can be mistaken for mind reading, when in fact it is not. With that, the offspring are able to predict all attacks against him and react accordingly, avoiding them effortlessly.

Active Powers

Blue Blade

Level 10: The offspring may emanate a bluish aura around their hands, which will be open and straight. This aura will harden it to the point of making it an extremely durable and sharp blade compared to pure diamond. This weapon can be used both to help your allies and to hurt them, because unlike regular blades, these blades can make cuts inside the body, without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection. Being able to fatally injure his victims when offensively causing internal cuts without necessarily having an open wound (he needs to touch his palm on the body area) and etc.


The camper will always be accompanied by a snake, that snake is like a mascot for the demigod, who will always try to protect you. This snake has several abilities, including the ability to fly through wings that are hidden inside its body, the ability to inoculate large amounts of poisons that are extremely dangerous, and can kill a person quickly when in physical contact or when inhaled ( she is able to turn her poisons into mist). Strength and its resistance / durability is compared to diamond, managing to withstand great challenges.

Level 1-10: The snake is 10 meters long.

Level 11-25: The snake is 20 meters long.

Level 26-35: The snake is 30 meters long.

Level 36-50: The snake is 40 meters long.

Level 51-99: The snake is 50 meters long.

Level 100-150: The snake is 60 meters long.

PS: The snake can decrease or increase its size (according to the levels) it can also communicate mentally with the offspring in a kind of telepathic connection.



The offspring of Ófion are capable of creating several spines which will cover their body, these spines serve as a defensive means for the offspring and also as something offensive (as well as the hyphenated Atheris).

Levels 1-10: It is capable of creating a layer of thorns around your body which will protect you from external attacks. These spines are extremely poisonous, with just a single physical contact and can lead someone to death (less immune to poison / toxin)

Levels 11-25: You are now able to launch these spikes in large quantities, or create weapons to use during combat (the offspring are immune to their poison)


Levels 26-35: You are able to create thick layers of thorns on your body, but now you will be able to control where you want the thorn layer to be made. Their spines will show a tracking ability, allowing the offspring to track victims who are in contact with their spines.

Level 36-50: Now you will be able to increase or decrease the size of the spines, being able to make them in very small sizes or in large sizes, being able to make thorns become extremely large, even being able to increase thicknesses, widths (not much) , lengths, etc.

Manipulation of Fear


Snakes are dangerous animals capable of arousing fear in their victims, being able to use this ability to their advantage, manipulating the fear of their opponents easily.

Level 1-10: It is able to make a person avoid your presence or avoid the presence of something close to you. The sensation is like a fear, the beginning of fear. He also manages not to be afraid since he sees everything from the point of view of what is dangerous and what is not.

Level 11-25: The ability to control fear rises and can scare people just by looking at them or panic someone. It can also generate illusions in your opponents, and you can use fear to make the experience as real as possible.

Level 26-35: Your character can read minds to explore people's greatest fears and make them come alive. Your character can also make people afraid of you or someone else.

Level 36-50: Your character manages to cause trauma in a person and can leave them for life with fear of something or someone.

Level 51-99: Can generate phobias in people and can make them blind from fear by diverting their attention to everything and everyone.

Level 100-150: You can now use artifices as constructs to make experiences real, but strong attacks going towards them deconstruct them.


Level 100: The scaly skin of these offspring then started to get thicker, taking on a brownish appearance, providing an invulnerability to physical and kinetic powers, the eyes of these offspring then started to take on a yellowish tone, showing extremely sharp and retractable claws and fangs, able to paralyze the body of their victims if they come into contact with the opponent's skin, in addition to exhibiting an inoculated poison in their prey capable of causing failures in the functions of the body of their enemies for 3 rounds. Its capacities increases 5x more including its speed that exceeds the sound speed. When these offspring in this form, when they feed on the flesh of divine beings (Angelic, primordial, titans, etc.) they have their capacities expanded by 150% in addition to regenerating their wounds almost instantly, no matter how severe they are, these offspring also manifest 4 tails.

Level 120: My children reaching that level then, from his body will begin to exude a purple and poisonous aura that will paralyze the opponent's entire body including his cardiac functions, killing him a few seconds later. From this purple aura, if a gelatinous cocoon will be formed made of your poison it will cover you, this poison can affect any being immune to poison, at that moment the offspring cannot be affected by any power or even powers involving souls.

After 1 minute, the offspring will leave the cocoon, their appearance is totally different in this state. Their eyes darken completely and it is not possible to see anything, their claws decrease in size but the poison is still present both in their claws and in their prey. The offspring's skin is extremely hardened, in this state not being affected by anything, its wings before they were not so developed, are extremely developed, being the same way as their skin. The creature appears to be about 3 meters tall with its body fully developed. Its capabilities are increased by 10x with its speed bordering on the radius, now having 7 huge tails of 10 meters, while its body will expand to 15 meters in length.

Primordial form

Ófion's offspring then began to pulse faster and faster. At that moment his body begins to change taking on a black, scaly and extremely thick skin, having his chest and neck totally white, his face changes drastically. The body of the offspring becomes totally that of a morphing snake, its feet resemble those of a lizard. Around his neck is a necklace made with a kind of snake with 4 eyes in different regions having 2 eyes in one of his long ears that reach up to his waist. The offspring's eyes have a black color mixed with green with a black pupil. The offspring also acquire a kind of spear made of several different snakes, having 2 small eyes and one above the blade. The blade is made of a divine material that allows it to pierce any being. Each eye present both in the spear and in different parts of the offspring is extremely sensitive to movement, always warning when someone moves, having a reaction similar to the speed of lightning. In this form, the offspring of Ófion acquires absolute control over poisons and toxins, also acquiring superior control.

Level 180-200: Maintains your shape for 2 rounds.

Level 201-220: Maintains shape for 3 rounds.

Level 221-240: Maintains shape for 4 rounds.

Level 241-260: Maintains shape for 5 rounds.


Poisoned Katanas

When claimed my children will receive two poisoned Katanas, which he will never part with, in contact with the enemy's skin will eat him to the point of killing him.

Sharpener Ring

My children, when claimed, will be able to receive a ring from me that when placed will increase all their six senses to an incredibly impossible level, their vision will be the best of all, their touch, taste, smell, hearing, their sixth sense, EVERYTHING will be better than anyone who has ever been born.

Ofion Mascot

I gave my children the opportunity in the form of a necklace, that is, in a battle, my son shaking his hand in the emerald, my "girl" will appear below his enemy, it is a giant snake which will arrest the opponent and leave him powerless to carry out an attack. {Once per mission}






Level 20 - When the snake releases poison or bites someone, the person will be paralyzed for 5 rounds. {The poison will stay in your blood until you buy the cure from the store or find a half-blood with healing gifts}.

Level 30 - When the opponent looks into the serpent's eyes, he will be unconscious and will lose the notion of time as if he were turning into stone for a certain time {the estimated time is 2 rounds}.

Level 40 - The snake may take on the size of an anaconda and may strangle the enemy to death.

Level 50 - The serpent according to the owner's desire may, through its mouth, spit several of them to attack the enemy. The process is quick and disgusting.


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