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Phýsis (in Greek Φύσις, "Nature") also called Prôtogéneia (in Greek Πρωτογένεια, "Primordial"), in Greek mythology, was the primordial divinity of nature and one of the first beings to emerge in the beginning of time. In Roman mythology it is called Natura. Both sexes are attributed to him, and generally it was identified with Gaia (the Mother-Earth), with Eros (the sexual desire), with Fanes (the light) or Tésis (the creation).


Appearance: Because their mother is nature itself, the children can be found in the most diverse combinations because they have enormous genetic variability (blond hair, with black skin and blue eyes for example), however they are always perfect in appearance, because nature itself it's just perfect. The appearance of the offspring can cause effects of envy even in Aphrodite's children, as Physis has all the genetics at his side, never failing in the information that his children will inherit.

Personality: They are intelligent and always like to demonstrate high intellect, especially when it comes to matters relating to nature, in which he is an expert. Physis fathered his sons and daughters to be just, loving, kind and generous, they also like to seduce members of the opposite sex, or of the same sex when they are single, but when they commit it is for real.


Passive Powers

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Pocket animals


Level  1: The children of Physis carry a suitcase locked with vital energy from nature, because of this only those who have access to this magic and the concession of the offspring will be able to open it. Inside there is a perfect ecosystem with different phytophysiognomies and environments, in which pets and pets (purchased in the store, at RPG events, etc.) of the semi-prime will be kept and this way he will be able to take his mini-zoo wherever he goes. go, being able to open and free the animals to help you in combat.



Primordial Physiology


Levels 1-10: The offspring's physical conditioning already shows more ability than demigods, the offspring can hit with the fist the rocks that are thrown against him and reach a speed of 600km / h.


Levels 11-25: They can reach 1200km / h, their body is strong and resistant enough to bend an iron bar with their hands with a little difficulty. 


Levels 26-35: They can reach 1800km / h.


Levels 36-50: At this level, the semiprimordial runs up to 2400km / h and can bend a steel bar.


Levels 51-100: Now they reach up to 3000 km / h and double titanium bars 


Levels 101-150: Can run at 3600km / h Now they can double Vibranium bars


Levels 151-200: They can run at 4200km / h and destroy diamond.


Levels 201-250: Can run at 4800km / h.


Levels 251-300: They can run at 5400km / h and break divine iron.



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Levels 1-30: Only the presence of the sons of Physis will cause the restoration of polluted environments such as rivers, lakes, tributaries, etc. However it will purify only within a 1km radius. 


Levels 31-60: Semi-primordials can restore a forest to the climax stage within a 2km radius that has been cleared or burned, it can also restore atmospheric air by absorbing any and all types of toxins present there and your body will do all work to neutralize them including those that are generated by your opponents.

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Levels 61-90: Your body is able to absorb greater amounts of toxins in the air as acid in gaseous form and restore entire ecosystems, increasing the purification effect radius to 5km.

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Levels 91-120: At this level the children of Physis can differentiate Ph, which has a scale from 1 to 14. Having the ability to control these levels with extreme mastery, the offspring can use it as a way to normalize acidification rains and oceans, which thanks to constant pollution, can end up arriving in alarming conditions. The effect radius increases to 10km.


Levels 121-150: Now you can restore an entire devastated environment, even by nuclear bombs, that is, the offspring of Physis will absorb all the radiation in the soil and in the atmosphere to purify that environment and thus make nature go its way again .


Ps: The offspring of Physis can decide whether to neutralize what it has absorbed, or reuse as an attack, or form of energy (poisons and acidic substances absorbed can be reused as an extra source of energy for the body as nutrition, while radiation will be used as a source extra energy to use their powers, intensifying them).

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Natural immunity

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Level 1-50: At this level the offspring will never be negatively affected by the four elements of nature, however if they are under the control of someone with higher levels it can cause damage to it. The same goes for those who try to control the plants against the semiprimordial, the plants will deny the opponent's control and will turn against him. Their body is resistant and they are able to withstand blows of the same level as iron through their regeneration and natural adaptation, with time such punches, in addition to not dropping the offspring, may be delivered equally.


Levels 51-99: Nature acts in the same way in any period of time, at this level the offspring will develop respect for him and vice versa, due to this time will no longer influence the primordial semi, which in turn will have resistance to time so that it will not age or rejuvenate under the control of other people, just as it cannot be paralyzed by temporal attacks from levels below yours.


Levels 100-150: Children of Physis already know how to differentiate what is part of their mother from what is not, that is, what is not part of nature, so the offspring will know how to differentiate the real from the unreal, never falling into any kind of illusion. 

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Levels 151-200: Now they are able to resist more powerful physical attacks, resisting punches with strength potential equal to steel, using their adaptive capacity, the offspring will still receive damage from physical blows, however they will regenerate and adapt to them.


Level 201-250: Nature is certain and continuous, always finding a way to overcome the difficulties imposed and always succeeds, the destination is always the same and nature always excels even on the most difficult occasions and therefore nothing and no one can handle your wills.

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Adaptive Evolution


The Physis offspring was given the ability to adapt to the most diverse environments such as: temperature, pressure, aerobic or anaerobic environments and among others. 

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Levels 1-50: The children of Physis can adapt to any climate, both in the cold and in the cold, however valid only in climates on planet Earth. This makes the offspring immune to hypothermia and highly resistant to the extreme cold levels of the North and South poles. If exposed to heat they can withstand even 200 degrees Celsius

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Levels 51-99: In aquatic environments they may develop gills, fins, larger and more capable eyes and smoother skin similar to cetaceans to protect from low temperatures, however they do not support the pressure difference very well, so they do not reach abyssal areas. however, the respiratory system is highly evolved, enabling breathing in toxic environments and oxygen-poor air. 

Levels 100-150: They can already bear to go to the depths of the oceans, so the pressure equivalent to that region had not had the least effect on the sons of Physis. The body withstands conditions that would be difficult for other demigods such as the outermost areas of the atmosphere and the senses also adapt to the situation in which the offspring is (hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste can become more acute as the offspring needs ).

Levels 151-200: Adaptation passes to the brain making it more apt to develop problems deemed difficult, allowing the offspring to have resistance to mental powers and muscles, so in a race, the demigod will become 10% faster than the fastest sprinter. 


Levels 201-250: The offspring can adapt to the weather of any climate and environment, being able to survive the vacuum of space or even more inhospitable planets.

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Levels 251-300: You can now adapt to the conditions of stars and volcanoes. 


Eternal nature


Level 1: Nature will always be eternal, that is, it has always existed and will always exist, so my children inherited my eternity for themselves, this way while there is still nature they will be immortal and can never be killed, always rising and if it is precise your soul will be reintegrated through the life energy that flows in the universe itself.


P: The offspring will return within 7 days of their death. Twice per event.


Empty dimension


Level 200: At this level, the offspring will have access to a completely white and empty dimension, in which they can freely manipulate and create a perfect environment with life and nature with its laws. By touching someone's head, the offspring can take him to his dimension.

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Life cycle


Level 100: Apart from nature, which is eternal, everything else has a natural cycle of life: being born, growing, reproducing and finally, dying. Right in the presence of the semi-primordial any and all types of immunities except those that are acquired naturally throughout life through experiences. Only from beings of lower or equal power level.

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Wise nature


Levels 1-10: Children of Physis have a very advanced knowledge for their age, having a more evolved brain allowing them to read and learn about books on different topics. In addition, he has extensive knowledge in the areas of health, physics, chemistry and biology, knowing all species of plants and animals on the planet.


Levels 11-25: With a much more evolved brain, they will be able to recall events that occurred since the creation of the planet such as cataclysmic events and species that previously lived on the earth's soil. At this level the offspring will be able to know who is around them in a 5km radius, however it is only valid when they are in contact with nature, that is, if they are in a city they will not be able to feel the presence. 

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Levels 26-35: In contact with nature, the children of Physis will be able to know who is in the region within a radius of 10km. The views become clearer and can encompass humanized events such as the colonization of the Americas, etc.


Levels 36-50: The sensitivity range reaches up to 15km, the offspring may not only know who is in the range, but see through the eyes of animals that are in this region. In this way the offspring can spy without others knowing or suspecting.

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Levels 51-100: The visions of the past become quite accurate when the offspring want to know something that has happened before, so they can better control this ability.


Levels 101-150: The children of Physis acquire a certain degree of “Natural awareness”, having the ability to know everything that is happening in the midst of forests, oceans, deserts, etc. In other words, everything that is part of nature will be under the surveillance of the semi-prime.


Family nature

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Children of Physis can communicate with nature, become instantly familiar with the environment, the connection is so deep that the earth can respond to emotions and desires (bloom with flowers and calm the weather when happy, make storms or cause earthquakes when angry, changing the landscape to gain an advantage in a fight, etc.)

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Levels 1-10: Recently acquired their powers, the offspring will be able to be guided by animals in the middle of the forest, in which they will treat them as if they were old acquaintances as well as the plants, which will grow fruits around the semiprimordial and in case of danger they will create poisonous vines and spines to protect you from threat. Physis' children will have maximum authority when it comes to nature, animals will never attack them and if they are under the control of someone even more powerful the offspring will be able to use communication and empathy to get them out of the trance.

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Levels 11-25: Now you have developed the ability to communicate with animals of all species, the offspring will understand perfectly and naturally.  


Levels 26-35: Now the sons of Physis will be able to call on an army of animals that will fight alongside them, in the same way that the plants will start to act on their own as if they have an active conscience and will literally attack the one that offers danger to the offspring.


Levels 36-50: At this level, not only biotic but also abiotic beings will act in favor of the offspring: the ocean, for example, will have a mutual empathy with the semiprimordial so that it will always help them as if they have a certain “friendship”; 


Levels 51-100: Now if the opponent becomes an animal or plant, he will enter the domain of the semi-prime and will be under his control. Before the children of nature they will lose the immunity (if any) that prevents any kind of control and elementary powers will become null and void and nobody will be able to control them except the offspring of Physis.



Laws of Nature


A Law of Nature is a description of reality, it is a description of how nature behaves, so as children of Physis, the primordials directly receive some properties of these laws:


Level 100: The offspring's powers work the same way anywhere in the universe and at any time (Principle of Universality).


Level 200: Nature is absolute, so the offspring's powers will never be nullified or removed by demigods or other pagans (principle of absolutism). Only beings of higher power achieve this.


Level 300: Nature is omnipotent, so in the presence of the Physis offspring, those who have absolute control over the four elements become null (Principle of omnipotence). Only beings of higher power achieve this.

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Active Powers

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Mastery over life


Everything that is alive and material is part of nature, from the smallest bacteria, to celestial bodies like stars, black holes, supernovae, etc. Returning to the side of life, the children of Physis will be able to take advantage of the abilities of other animals and living beings (this power works as an extension of biokinesis).


Levels 1-30: It can develop the abilities of fungi, algae, bacteria and other microscopic deres for example: elaborate toxins ( Bacillus antracis, Clostridium botulinum , etc.) and release in different ways by the body, as well as entering into the form of a spore, in which the capsule manages to have the same resistance as the spores of other microorganisms having resistance against explosions and bursts of energy, radiation, temperature, pressure, etc. However, the offspring will be held in there in a latent state and will not be able to attack unless it returns to normal shape. On the wall of the capsule, as a second defense mechanism, the offspring may release toxic substances in liquid or gaseous form.


Note: Unlike microorganisms, the spore is not microscopic, being about 1 meter in diameter.


Levels 31-60: You can develop the skills of small invertebrate beings such as worms, earthworms, crustaceans, mollusks, etc. and of smaller vertebrates such as fish,

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Levels 61-90: At this level the offspring can be fined to develop the capacities of amphibians and to elaborate their toxins and among other adaptations and reptiles.


Levels 91-120: Children of Physis can take advantage of the skills of more advanced animals such as birds and large mammals.

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Levels 121-150: Nature encompasses all the material environment, so when it comes into contact with any animal from another planet, the offspring will be able to replicate their adaptations. 


Levels 151-180: At this level the offspring will be able to exploit the physical abilities of creatures, however much they have powers, the children of the primordial will not possess them, having only the physical characteristics of these creatures (some passive abilities of them).




Levels 1-50: Children of Physis have the ability to read phenotypes and interpret them as genotypes, knowing perfectly the genes and how they are expressed in organisms. This way you can make small aesthetic changes through genetics manipulating the codons to change the color and texture of hair, eyes, skin, etc. You can also manipulate features of the features and accelerate healing processes of cuts or blows injuries, both of yourself and other companions by accelerating cell reproduction by mitosis and developing small genetic diseases and small mutations.


Levels 51-99: At this level, it has the ability to accelerate or reverse the biological aging of an organism, however it cannot do this with Geras' offspring and the like (such as those with immortality, etc.), on the other hand, timeless beings are susceptible to age, not through time, but through the alteration of the body's cells and they can still camouflage themselves in the environment by developing more efficient mutations. Offspring can heal punctures and deeper injuries, in addition to developing control over blood and metabolic processes. 

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Levels 100-150: You can now control the organs of an organism so that it stops working, or simply “shutting down” a victim's body by making the whole body stop and that also includes the senses. offspring can heal from more serious injuries like broken bones and regenerate your body from dismemberment.The semiprimordial can control the blood as well as the water itself and also control other organic fluids such as sweat, sweat, etc., and can develop heart attacks and blood problems like hemophilia.


Levels 151-200: The offspring have great biokinetic capacities, being able to create a life, a new species or a new human being that can be given as the son of the semi-prime (only 1 and in sagas). It can also create more alarming mutations in other bodies, such as a thicker and more resistant dermis, thus inducing evolution. The cure takes place in a few seconds in any part of the body, restoring entire limbs and being able to control the blood of its victims with extreme perfection.


Levels 201-250: In their extreme power, the children of Physis will be able to control the genetic material as they wish, however it must be aware that messing with life in this way without knowledge, can develop future congenital problems.


Levels 251-300: The semiprimordial will have total power over biokinesis, being able to manipulate genes and organic matter at will, being able, for example, to inactivate certain genes to inhibit some trait, to develop even more powerful mutations and incurable genetic errors.


Ps: The power is not instantaneous, taking from one to three turns so that you can complete some feat depending on the modification and the use is painful, not for those who have it, but for the possible victim. 

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Ecosystem manipulation


As children of Physis, they will be able to shape and manipulate the environment around them, enjoying skills such as geokinesis, hydrokinesis, aerokinesis, etc. So that you can, for example, create a lake, a river branch, a rocky terrain and among others besides also using it for defense or attack.


Levels 1-10: At this level the offspring have control of some elements: Water, earth, fire and air however they do not have the ability to create them, but they can use them for defense or to attack with great mastery. The offspring can manipulate the plants as they wish, as well as generate and manipulate the toxins that some of these vegetations release.

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Levels 11-25: Now they are able to control the weather, occasionally they are able to launch lightning bolts through their hands, but still do not control it. Offspring have the ability to generate storm clouds in a few cubic meters if necessary, or to drastically alter the weather in a region; develop tornadoes and other weather events. 


Levels 26-35: It has the power over temperature, so it can manipulate the thermal conditions of objects, organisms and elements such as water and earth to create ice, steam and lava. You have a greater control over the weather, extending to the climate: making it rain in a region according to your will and controlling the sea currents to permanently change it. The children of Physis can control metals and electricity with greater influence and also their magnetic field, not only of metals, but also that of other organisms.

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 Levels 36-50: The offspring will now have the potential to manipulate and generate both light and shadows, control over climate, temperature, electricity, etc., become perfect and enviable. The semiprimordial can also control and generate metals present in the periodic table as well as radiation, being able to emit radioactive energies through your body.

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Levels 51-100: The children of nature will be able to create the elements with the simple “will” and in this way they will shape the environment around them so that they create a perfect ecosystem as they please: temperature, relief, vegetation, climate and among others, giving offspring the ability to generate and manipulate light and darkness perfectly as well as almost all elements of the periodic table, failing to generate those created by humans.

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Vital force

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Vital force ta is the energy that flows in the organisms and is responsible for their life, creation and existence. As children of their own nature, these semi-primordials will inherit this power from their mother and will be able to create, shape and control the essence of life (This is the same energy used for the offspring to create new lives).


Levels 1-10: Initially the children of Physis will be able to feel the presence of other people within a radius of 20 meters through the vital energy that the person emanates, still cannot generate such energy, but develops empathic capacities through it as well as a certain degree of mediumship. The offspring will not be able to see spirits or souls, but they will be able to feel the presence of something "supernatural". In some moments, when touching a wound, they will be able to heal it as long as they are as small as cuts and scratches, when touching the wound by hand from the semiprimordial a green light will emanate, this is the vital energy being released by the offspring.


Levels 11-25: At this level the offspring will understand more of their powers, discovering that it also involves more energy and can exhale it from their body in green tones. You will already be able to feel the presence of other people within a radius of 40 meters, as well as see shapes and spiritual presences in the form of blots and better control your empathic side, not only feeling the feelings of others but now you will be able to neutralize them. They can cure bruises and burns and serious as 3rd degree. Flight is also a capacity of the children of Physis at this level, without the need to manipulate elements, just using the vital energy in their body as a means of propulsion, but they can only fly at maximum at the height of the treetops. 


Levels 26-35: The children of Physis are already able to generate and control their power more efficiently, projecting the energy in their hands and in certain objects or organisms to levitate them. They can detect the presence of people and other beings within a radius of 80 meters and see spectral beings more clearly; Your tied side becomes more sensitive and you can easily manipulate someone's feelings and can heal deeper wounds such as perforations and other damage to vital organs as well as the flight makes it more efficient being able to fly up to 2x the speed at which you would run.

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Levels 36-50: Children of Physis can track any and all forms of life as long as they are on Earth (or on the same planet as their offspring) feeling their vital energy; You can also levitate heavier things with precision and throw like a telekinesis projecting your energy into them and restore a lost limb. The mediumship of the offspring at this level and through this energy is already strong enough to be able to banish spiritual forms to the place they came from; They are also able to release bursts of vital energy from their bodies, it has repelling power and can destroy powerful metals, but it will not burn or disintegrate organic matter.


Levels 51-100: In the end, the offspring will be able to manipulate the vital energy around them, this will allow them to absorb the vital energy of living beings for themselves, having an increase in their muscle mass and powers, or transfer from a body. To the other. Transferring vital energy means being able to give one's life to another, so it is a sacrifice for a life in which there must be the consent of those who will sacrifice for this to occur. 

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Ecological Relations


In nature it is possible to find different types of behaviors of both plants and animals that favor their existence, so the offspring will also acquire these behaviors that will favor themselves and some allies, or cause damage to them.z 


Level 30: Parasitism: Type of interaction that damages the life of a host for its own benefit, without the intention of causing its death. Through this, the sons of Physis will develop energy tentacles that are up to thirty meters long and ten centimeters in diameter, in addition to suction cups along their entire length, such suction cups are capable of sucking vital energy and stamina.

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NOTE: It takes up to two shifts for the suction cups to steal a quarter of the victim's energy and stamina.

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Level 60: Mutualism: Mutual behavior between living beings in which two species work together and both benefit. Physis has given his children the ability to create a green aura that will allow his powers to be shared with those who are within the radius of effect being a maximum of 2 people. The aura lasts up to 5 turns.


NOTE: The golden only grants the sharing between two beings, whether or not the Physis offspring may be included and the additional powers given by the golden will disappear along with them in the five subsequent rounds of that of Physis's son.


Level 100: Predatism and cannibalism are the interactions of killing to survive, through predation the balance between species is maintained, as well as cannibalism. The most terrifying of the interactions are applied to the Physis offspring as a way to survive in the hostile world, just as the law of the most adapted survives, the semi-primordials will be able to prey on other demigods and cannibalize their brothers in extreme cases of survival and in this way they will acquire the victims' powers for a while.


NOTE: You can only do this once per event / saga, as it has enough energy to digest only one body and works only with victims of lower levels. The powers will last for a period of 12 hours (real time), after that they will be scarce and the offspring will not be able to use them again unless they eat another individual.


Level 200: Symbiosis is when two individuals come together for the benefit of both, for example, lichens which are a symbiotic association between fungi and algae. Following this line of reasoning, the Physis offspring will merge with a camper, so the levels of both are added up in the same way that the powers in general will also be. The fusion lasts six rounds.

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Ancient power


It represents the power of mass extinctions. Events that occur occasionally between ages to start and possibilities for new beginnings, and however cruel they are, are necessary for nature to continue its path, opening doors to new mutations and genetic variability, that is, the emergence of new species, or that is, as much as extinctions take lives, it causes a new life to resurface. Based on this concept, the sons of Physis have within themselves an ancient energy with mass destructive power that, when invoked, will appear in the form of several animals extinct on the earth like a golden behind the primordial while from their hands the energy will be focused and released by hand or in the area.


Levels 1-50: The sons of Physis's son will shine pure energy, the aura of the animals will appear roaring towards the target and the offspring will release the energy from their hands. At lower levels it can destroy the body's cells through necrosis, however when the energy hits stronger targets, it will cause third degree burns or slightly worse damage if there is no regeneration. 

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Levels 51-99: The offspring can now exhale energy within a radius of 40 meters, carbonizing and destroying the life present in the affected area at the cellular level. If focused, the energy beam will permanently destroy and extinguish the affected region if focused on a single point, but if it is a beam of radius over 50cm, this will cause the intensity to be more dissipated and obviously will not cause permanent destruction of the target . At this level, the effect is not limited to just lower level characters.


Levels 100-150: At this level, the radius of effect reaches 80 meters. After use, it is possible to observe a crater with the same radius of depth, the victim will be totally disintegrated having its cells destroyed at the molecular level. If you really kill someone with this power, the offspring can bring back someone who has died (representing the flowering of life and starting over after the extinctions).


Note: This power requires a lot of energy if there is no replacement, so it can only be used once every two real days regardless of the level. If you try to use it even more, the offspring will succumb and the power will consume causing a reverse effect.

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Genetic replication 

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Through a DNA sample, the offspring can replicate the cells with the genetic information obtained. In this way, you can obtain different feats as the offspring advances in level. 


Level 1-50: You may be able to make a clone of yourself with some DNA sample, this power allows you to know and perfectly know the expression of each genetic code of your chromosomes passively, however to replicate in a clone there may be imperfections such as divergence in personality, appearance and powers, in which they will be a little weaker.


Level 51-100: Now you can make three clones, this time with less imperfections and you can also make a clone of someone with a lower level.


Level 101-150: You can make up to four identical clones of yourself, without genetic flaws.


Level 151-200: At this level the Physis offspring is able to make 5 clones, all with the same abilities as the original. This ability goes beyond the creation of simple copies, because it interferes with the basic singularity for the existence of a life, which is DNA and cells. On the other hand, to unravel the genetic codes of other people is more complicated, requiring more experience in the skill and therefore the clones of third parties are still not perfect. 

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Elemental mutation


Semiprimordials acquire genuine abilities to manipulate organic matter (biokinesis) and elements (Ecosystem control). At a certain level, the offspring can fuse these two skills to create new mutant beings by fusing an element with the genetic material created from organic molecules.

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Levels 11-25: As they have just discovered this ability, the offspring will be able to breed small animals weighing up to 10kg and fuse one of the 4 elements of nature in their genetic code.


Levels 26-35: Now you can raise animals up to 50kg based on electricity and can also make integuments based on ores and other elements


Levels 36-50: The animals reach 200kg and manage to fuse radiation in their organism, causing the animal to release this energy for up to 1M / 2kg. 


Levels 51-100: Now the animals raised can reach 500kg


Levels 101-150: The animals raised by the sons of Physis exceed one ton, however they have a maximum limit that reaches the size of a blue beauty.


Nature's Primordial


When you unlock this ability, the children of Physis will take the form of Mother Nature herself. It cannot be seen, but it can be felt because wherever there is nature the semi-prime will be there, becoming semi-present. The features, features of the face may appear in contrast to the environment, such as trees forming the image of an eye with its branches and so on. In this form the offspring will be able to use biokinesis and ecosystem manipulation on an absolute scale.

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Level 180-200: Lasts 2 rounds. You can use Mermaid's active powers up to level 1-25.


Level 201-220: Lasts 3 rounds. You can use Driades' active powers up to level 26-50.


Level 221-240: Lasts 4 rounds. You can use the active powers of Naiades up to level 51-99.


Level 241-260: Lasts 5 rounds. You can use the active powers of Pan and all others mentioned below up to level 100-150.


Note: 3x per event.

Complaint Gift

ზ Dark Matter Ring - It will make the son of Physis invisible to everyone and intangible, it will be like dark matter, it will be there, but it will not interact with anything, nor with itself (or interacted very little with itself) [O effect is two shifts, you can only use it three times a day]



ზ Dark Energy Shuriken - A shuriken that follows the person, every moment expands the more the enemy flees, the more it will increase, increase by 5 cm per minute, the opponent must stop the shuriken before it kills and hurts several others people, as it will grow infinitely until it reaches the person [It goes back to normal size after killing who Physis’s son launched the shuriken or when the enemy stops it] {Can be destroyed by mixing all the elements} (Its size normal is 10 cm}



ზ '' Star ' ' Necklace - My children, when putting this necklace on someone's neck, the touch will cause someone to die because they will feel a temperature of 50º degrees, the person will have convulsion and will die slowly, if the person takes the necklace off the same will come out of the effect of the charm.

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