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Pluto (from ancient Greek Pluto = rich) or Dis (from Latin dives = rich) is how the god of the dead and riches became known in Roman mythology , after the introduction of Greek myths and literature. Originally, the Romans did not have a notion of a kingdom for happiness or unhappiness after death, like the Greek Hades - but an immense cavity, called Orco , which later came to identify itself with the Greek underworld. The god who commanded him, then, incorporated Hades , under his epithet Pluto. [1]

He was also responsible for everything that is underground.


Appearance: In general, they have black, opaque hair and eyes so dark that there is no way to differentiate between iris and pupil. They have pale, white, or black skins and strong, rigid features. They don't like the camp uniform very much, as they always try to put on a black to match.

Personality: The children of Hades generally have a dark aspect, having characteristics similar to those of their parents. They are not very social, as they are also sometimes shy. They usually bring fear to other demigods, making them alone. They are able to communicate with the dead sometimes, making offerings for that and they are almost the only ones who can enter and leave the underworld without being killed.


Passive Powers


Metals Expertise


Level 1: Because the offspring were found in their father's domain, they established a strong connection with metals, being able to handle weapons made of metals or other materials extracted from the depths with great ease, as if they were already experienced with them, considering them as extensions of their bodies. They are also great for forging / manufacturing items and the like whose raw materials used are metal alloys.


Note: the rarer, or the deeper one must dig to find the metal / material, the more the affinity / ease of Pluto's offspring with it will be.


Princes of the Underworld


As sons and daughters of Pluto, the offspring were born with prestige and respect among monsters and other beings, always receiving the title of "Prince / Princess of the Underworld". Thus, they were able to dictate orders, as well as summon help in certain situations.


Level 1-10: Initially, in addition to being able to communicate with the dead and monsters and rarely being attacked by both, demigods are able to summon and dictate orders to skeletons and zombies, who will rarely deny them. 


Level 11-25: Offspring can now summon spirits and hellhounds, who will follow you faithfully.


Level 26-35: Furies and basilisks started to obey the orders of the offspring with total obedience, and will never hurt them if they were summoned by them.


Level 36-50: Pluto's children are already able to summon Cerberus himself to help him, as well as any other monster that is in Tartar. Furthermore, no monster will attack the demigods.


Level 51-99: Demigods whose powers come from the underworld and who are below your level will be unable to harm you.


Elemental Transmutation


Pluto's children are able to mimic themselves in a form of shadows and / or darkness, as well as to mix with existing shadows, reaching in both ways an intangible and hardly visible shape.


Level 1-10: Initially, when they are in their shadow form, the offspring will not be able to properly attack their opponent, but they have high speed.


Level 11-25: The demigods will now be able to enter the shadows and travel through them, a way that shortens distances, being able to travel up to 500 km away. In addition, they have twice the speed in the dark form.


Level 26-35: The offspring are already able to transport themselves over distances of up to 1,000 km without a great drain on their energy. When they are in their shadow form, their speed is tripled.


Level 36-50: It is now possible to carry out attacks in a limited way while in intangible form. In addition, the maximum distance to travel through the shadows is 10,000 km.


Level 51-99: The maximum distance to travel is 50,000 km, and you can now transport other people or objects adjacent to you. In addition, demigods are already able to carry out their attacks normally while in mimicked form.


Level 100-150: The offspring are already able to travel through the shadows anywhere, as long as there is a shadow there, following the following rule: the further it goes, the more tired you will be.


Level 151-200: When the light that fills an environment goes out, the place is soon covered by shadows, at the same speed as the light spreads or, sometimes, even faster. In their dark form, the offspring have acquired the ability to reach such speed, however, such an act is very exhausting, limiting them to using this ability only once per event.


Level 201-250: Now, the offspring will be able to use this speed three times per event without taking any serious risks.


Level 251-300: At their peak, demigods are able to reach the speed of shadows five times per event.


Note: both mimicry and travel can be done through land, rock, ores and etc; however, the process demands more from the demigods, in addition to not being intangible, like shadows and darkness, and speed buffs do not apply in this way.


Bathed in the 5 Rivers of Hell


Shortly after birth, Pluto visited his children and took them to the underworld for the first time, where he plunged them into the waters of the five rivers that flow in his domain while performing a series of blessings that would manifest themselves during their lives.


Level 1-50: 

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Aqueronte: The first blessing to manifest is that which comes from the river of pain and affliction. When Pluto plunged his children into it, they made them feel the greatest physical pain imaginable and now, when the blessing manifests, the offspring have stopped feeling pain, being completely immune to torture and the like.


Level 51-100: 


Cocyte: Reaching this level of power, the offspring acquire the second blessing that was granted to them, when they were plunged into the river of moaning and lamentation. Having heard great lamentations and calls that pulled them further down, the heart of the offspring was shielded, granting them immunity from sentimental attacks. 


Level 101-150:


Flegetonte: The river of inextinguishable flames and healing left to the demigods, through the blessing of Pluto, in addition to an immunity to attacks involving fire or flame, a great resistance to temperature, since the offspring were immersed in the river of fire itself. when newly born, the ability to have their wounds healed and energy restored by coming into contact with the infamous element (fire), of any kind.  


Level 151-200: 


Lete: When plunged into the river of oblivion, the children of Pluto resisted the erasure of their memories, having their minds strengthened, and blessed so that they also resisted other mental attacks, becoming immune to them.


Level 201-250: 


Stige: Being the last of the blessings, the demigods receive the power that was given to them when they were plunged into the icy river of hatred and invulnerability, acquiring a magical protection that stiffened their body, making it as resistant as the strongest divine metals and completely immune to damage of all kinds (physical), that is, complete invulnerability.


Divine Physicist 


Through the divine blood that runs through their veins, Pluto's offspring have an enviable physique, which gives them great strength and agility.


Level 1-10: Initially, the offspring will be able to run at 400 km / h and destroy materials as resistant as iron without much difficulty. Your physiological needs are already minimal when compared to a normal human, being able to stay 5 minutes without breathing, a week without drinking water and a month without eating. In addition, they are able to withstand temperatures ranging from 0 ° C to 100 ° C 

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Level 11-25: Now they are able to run at 800 km / h and destroy materials as resistant as steel without major difficulties. They are able to go 10 minutes without oxygen, two weeks without water and two months without food; it can also withstand temperatures ranging from -10 ° C to 200 ° C.

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Level 26-35: The demigods already reach the 1200 km / h mark when they run, and have enough strength to destroy titanium. Also spending 30 minutes without oxygen, one month without water and six months without food. They will be able to withstand temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to 300 ° C.

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Level 36-50: In addition to having enough strength to destroy diamonds, the offspring already reach the 1600 km / h mark when they run. In addition to being able to spend an hour without oxygen, three months without water and one year without food; but also withstand temperatures from -70 ° C to 400 ° C.


Level 51-99: Pluto's children now reach 2000 km / h when they run, and manage to destroy materials as resistant as adamantium with their strength. At this level, you will no longer have physiological needs, being able to survive without food, water or oxygen, as well as in the vacuum of space; and it can withstand temperatures from -100 ° C to 500 ° C.

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Level 100-150: The demigods now reach 2400 km / h when they run, and have the strength to destroy the vibranium. 


Level 151-200: In addition to having enough strength to destroy the divine iron offspring already reach the 2800 km / h mark.


Level 201-250: The children of Pluto have already reached the 3200 km / h mark.


Level 251-300: Offspring now reach the 3600 km / h mark.




From the day of his birth, Pluto's son has a room for himself in his father's palace, where he can store items and return whenever he wants, recovering his energy and vitality easily. In addition, the room is the destination of your soul after death and is linked to it (as well as a part of the camper's existence); avoiding a trial, facilitating its resurrection.


Level 1-50: In a period of up to 14 days you will be resurrected. For this to happen, it is necessary that your body is anatomically intact, that is, with all its large limbs in it. Wounds will regenerate in the process.


Level 51-100: You will be resuscitated within 10 days, and it is now necessary for your body to be in a reasonable state, that is, without the loss of vital limbs. Wounds and lost limbs will be regenerated during resuscitation.


Level 100-150: Only a small part of your body needs to be preserved for you to resuscitate, which will occur within 7 days. Your soul still needs to be intact, just like at previous levels.


Level 151-200: The maximum time for your resurrection to happen is 5 days. Your body is no longer needed, only the soul that may be damaged, but it must still be healthy. A new body will be created for you to return, this being 100% new.


Level 201-250: You will be resurrected in up to 3 days, being able to return even if your soul has been seriously injured.


Level 251-300: With just 1 day of waiting, you will be resurrected.


Note: Only once per event.


Heartwood Treasures


As a god of wealth and treasure, Pluto was able to know and find those who were hidden; not only material treasures, but also secrets.


Level 1-10: Thanks to this gift, your character is able to find out when people are telling the truth or lying. As a beginner in the technique, it is not always 100% correct.


Level 11-25: The chances of the process working out increase, becoming more effective and preventing you from dribbling your technique.


Level 26-35: You will rarely fail to differentiate false information from the real thing, second only to beings of remarkable speech. In addition, he became able to identify the feelings of those close to him.


Level 36-50: Your perception of the truth becomes infallible, thus unmasking the greatest divine liars. When reading someone's feelings, you can manipulate them to confuse the target, exchanging joy for sadness, love for hate, etc.


Level 51-99: You acquire the ability to read your targets' minds to discover their secrets, being able to navigate through the deepest memories of the being to discover what they need.


Level 100-150: While visualizing someone's mind, you will also be able to damage it, being able to alter the memories, erasing or manipulating them, in the most favorable way for you.




Because they are your father's domain, darkness and depth do you good, making you stronger in some situations.


Level 1-10: When in dark environments, you will be able to see perfectly in the dark, having already an accurate vision, as well as an audition, which will allow you to detect what happens in up to 50 meters; its attributes will be increased by 50%; and you will be able to heal your wounds, both external and internal, including minor cuts and bumps. When underground, or in a cave, you will feel the tunnels, entrances and hazards (physical, like risk of collapse, not beings), like a kind of sonar.


Level 11-25: In the dark, you will see the distance perfectly; you may notice movement near you; its attributes are increased by 75%; and its regeneration manages to heal deep cuts, as well as diseases and infections that affect your body. You have also become able to feel precious stones and metals, and you can feel them from an extensive depth.


Level 26-35: You can distinguish camouflages and see miles away with perfection; your hearing makes you hear the minimum of movement, preventing you from being caught off guard. In the dark, you will also have your attributes doubled, and your regeneration will be able to heal broken bones, dismemberment, and serious injuries, as well as bleeding.


Level 36-50: Your senses have become even better, allowing you to see and hear the miniscule, that is, the world of insects, just like their movement and so on. Its attributes are tripled, and the shadows join with your body to regenerate it, curing you from spells and curses, and you can break them.


Level 51-99: With your concentration, you will be able to see even the microscopic world, and also listen to it. Your attributes are multiplied by 5, and your body will regenerate completely from now on, as will your energy, but this is slower.


Level 100-150: Your body starts to regenerate faster, being able to recover even from mental wounds in a few minutes.


Level 151-200: Your body will now completely regenerate in a few seconds, also regenerating spiritual wounds.


Aura of Fear


Even though he was not as sinister as his Greek equivalent (Hades), Pluto was feared and respected by those who saw him, whether they were mortals, creatures or even gods. Pluto's children also cause these feelings in people, which gives them advantages.


Level 1-10: Initially, you cause the people around you to shiver and make them reluctant to approach you. During a fight, your opponents will act more slowly (10%), which will give you the opportunity to react.


Level 11-25: When facing someone, you will emanate enough fear to slow down (25%), which will give you the opportunity to dodge attacks or hit someone in the face.


Level 26-35: The fear that comes out of your body becomes enough to make people retreat in fear. During combat, your opponent will have the first failed attack scene if he has a lower level than you.


Level 36-50: Your fear will paralyze your opponent in the first moments of the battle, causing your first attack and defense scene to be flawed, if he has a lower level than yours.


Level 51-99: Now, the fear has become so intense that it makes opponents with a lower level than yours refuse to fight, fleeing or even fainting on the battlefield.


Underworld Friends


Thanks to living in the underworld, death and dreams are friends with the children of Pluto, which gives them the following abilities:


Level 1-10: You are able to feel death. When it comes, you will feel a ringing in your ears, 5 seconds before the death of someone close to you.


Level 11-25: Your ears will start ringing 10 seconds before something happens. In addition, you acquire the ability to navigate through the dream zone, entering the dreams of other demigods to communicate and so on.


Level 26-35: Your tinnitus starts to alert you to the possibility of death after 20 seconds, also feeling the possibility of death around you, that is, the danger.


Level 36-50: You are notified 30 seconds in advance of someone's imminent death, and will know how to interpret tinnitus to find out who. Furthermore, it has the ability, when looking into the eyes of a corpse, to see reflected the last thing it witnessed; and if you touch him, you'll discover instinctively who he was.


Level 51-99: In addition to traveling through dreams, you acquire the ability to put other demigods in deep sleep, inducing them in your own way.


Active Powers

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Shadow Manipulation


Campers are able to manipulate the darkness at will, always having a greater affinity with the darkness coming from themselves.


Level 1-10: Initially, campers will have small-scale control over the shadows, a factor that does not prevent them from making simple and precise movements controlling them.


Level 11-25: The demigods already have average control over the shadows element, also acquiring the ability to expand them in quantity, which facilitates their achievements with them.


Level 26-35: Control over the shadows becomes high, and campers manage to condense them into a more dense and powerful version, the element of darkness, in addition to being able to control other darkness if it exists in the environment. Control over darkness will be moderate.


Level 36-50: Now, the campers' control over the shadows becomes perfect, and the control over the darkness high. In addition, they are capable of generating darkness through their own bodies and, since they have a much greater affinity with them, they control them with greater ease.


Level 51-99: Campers achieve global control over the shadows, being able to control them without the slightest difficulty. In addition, control over darkness becomes perfect.


Level 100-150: At their peak, the offspring begin to manipulate the darkness with global control.


Master of Black Flames


Pluto's children are able to conjure black fire - a flame that can be both hot and cold, which, in addition to reaching the physical, also reaches the spiritual, causing damage to the opponent's soul - directly from the underworld, and controlling it at your leisure, thus carrying out a variety of attacks.


Level 1-50: Initially, the offspring will have little control over the black flames, being able to perform simple and small-scale movements.


Level 51-100: Your control over fire becomes average, now performing bigger and better actions.


Level 101-150: With a high control over black flames, demigods have become able to control the temperature of the fire they conjure, being able to vary it from temperatures exceeding 1000 ° C to temperatures of -100 ° C.


Level 151-200: The control of the children of Pluto over black fire becomes perfect, and now they have acquired the ability to transform ordinary fire into black fire, controlling the converted fire normally. In addition, the offspring can do the opposite, attacking the opponent with black flames without magical properties, that is, that are not capable of causing him spiritual damage.


Level 201-250: Campers became masters of black fire, gaining global control over the element. In addition, they are able to use the flames to extract their opponent's soul through a vortex or a direct current; or even create spiritual protections for the soul, instead of damaging it.


Styrian Ice Control


By touching water, demigods are able to freeze it and turn it into Stygian ice, which is as cold as the billions of souls traveling down the underworld river


Level 1-50: Initially, demigods have small-scale control over this technique.


Level 51-100: Your control over the ice has already become average, and it is no longer necessary to touch the water to freeze and transform it, just to be close.


Level 101-150: The demigods' control over the ice has become high, and it can now be invoked from nowhere, both in solid form and in the form of bursts capable of freezing the soul of the affected opponent.


Level 151-200: The demigods now have perfect control over Stygian ice, and can invoke it in gaseous form, cooling the environment, freezing that desired without great difficulties.


Level 201-250: At its peak, the demigods' control over the ice became global.


Lord of all that beneath the earth


Pluto's real domain was not the underworld or the riches, but everything that is below the earth, leaving the right division of the world: For Jupiter everything above the earth, for Neptune everything that is in the water, and for Pluto everything that is below. Thus, your children will control what is in their father's domain, as presented.


Level 1-10: Initially, you will have little control over your father's domain, being able to control mainly the soil, such as earth, sand and gravel.


Level 11-25: Your control becomes average, allowing you to control rocks of all types. You also acquire the ability to shake rocks and earth, causing tremors, landslides and small earthquakes.


Level 26-35: With a high level of control over your father's domain, you start to control the ores and minerals in the soil, being able to use them to your advantage.

Note: It is easier to control precious metals.


Level 36-50: Your control becomes perfect, allowing you to control gems and everything in the first layer of the Earth (Earth's crust).


Level 51-99: With more than perfect control, you start to influence the tectonic plates, making your tremors extremely powerful and accurate, in addition to being able to open entrances to the mantle and the underworld.


Level 100-150: You are able to control what is contained in the mantle, that is, the rocks in a state of lava; thus being able to alter the flow of currents, promote eruptions, etc; in addition to now controlling the lava itself and, because it is molten rocks, its control remains at the same level.


Level 151-200: Its control extends to the core of the planet, being able to control the entire planet, that is, globally; as well as other rock stars when you are in them.




Offspring have control over some of the forms of magnetism, using this control to manipulate ferrous metals among other variety of effects.


Level 1-30: Initially, your control will be small over the magnetic force, which will allow you to create magnetic force fields that, due to the beginner control, will be restricted to spherical shapes; besides manipulating the metal. The strength field strength evolves as you get stronger.


Level 31-60: With a medium control over the magnetic forces, you are able to fly by intertwining with the lines of the magnetic field around you, being able to travel at variable speeds, up to twice as fast as your movement speed. You can also, by concentrating, see the world through patterns of magnetic and electrical energy, in addition to seeing the electromagnetic auras emitted by living beings.


Level 61-90: Your control over magnetic and electrical forces is now high. In addition, you are able to generate electromagnetic pulses, a high-energy, broad-spectrum pulse that travels through space generating an outdated electric field from a magnetic field. This pulse will damage all electronic and electronic components it reaches; it will overload energy attacks, causing their owners to lose control over them; and they can cause damage to those in the wrist area, especially the closest ones, changing the amount of energy in your body, which can cause cardiac arrhythmia, heart attacks, etc.


Level 91-120: Already having perfect control, you will be able to condense the energy of your electromagnetic pulses to launch them in the form of rays. In this form, they will be more lethal, as all the energy goes to a single target, instead of an area. In addition, its magnetic force fields come to respect your wishes for shape and size, even managing to reinforce the fibers of a fabric or armor with magnetic fields, increasing its resistance countless times and making it superior to that of mundane metals.


Level 121-150: Thanks to your high control over magnetic and electromagnetic forces, you are able to control the gravity around you by reversing the polarity of the magnetic fields.


Level 151-180: You can now manipulate the organic iron present in someone's body, which is about 3.5 grams (2.5 grams in the bloodstream and 1 gram in the rest of the body).


Level 181-210: At this level of power you control electromagnetic fields from entire planets and stars, which amplifies all of your previous capabilities. Its magnetic force fields are already capable of withstanding the most powerful attacks, such as nuclear explosions and volcanic eruptions.


Level 211-240: You start to manipulate metal at the molecular level.


Level 241-270: Your control over metal is now at an atomic level, thanks to the merging of your control by magnetic forces with your control of that below the earth.


Level 271-300: Thanks to its atomic control, you are able to atomically bond metallic alloys with matter, thus creating new components, which you can manipulate.


The Orco


Orco is the place where souls go to eternal suffering, being empty and as deadly as Tartarus, for the Greeks. The Romans were in the habit of swearing by the Orco, thus taking oaths that could not be broken, or would suffer the worst of the punishments.


Level 101-150: When you swear on behalf of the Orco, you are able to change the probabilities of an event occurring, making them turn in your favor. Example: When you swear that you will complete such a thing, your actions become more certain, you make less mistakes, and your instinct starts to tell you what to do.


Level 151-200: You can force someone to swear by the Orc, making that person's promise a debt. If the person does not do what he promised, he will be punished by the spirit of hatred in the cavity, which may imprison him in the Orco without his powers, kill or even erase existence, depending on the severity of the situation.


Level 201-250: In addition to changing the odds, you will be able to change the destination for what you have sworn to happen, being able to change past and future events for that. Example: When swearing someone's death, a future event will be changed (their victory over you) and some pasts may also be changed, such as skills that the opponent has that he will not be able to use.




You are able to shape and manipulate bones, whether they are yours or those of other beings, and you can control them in different ways.


Level 1-50: Initially you will have a small control, being able to control only the bones of the environment; invoking buried bone and the like


Level 51-100: With medium control, you have become able to control your opponents' bones, softening them so that they are slow.


Level 101-150: Now, you can make your opponents' bones fragile and brittle, to the point that they break as they advance.


Level 151-200: By gaining high control over bones, you can harden your bones and those of your allies, giving you greater resistance in close combat.


Level 201-250: Your control over the bones has become perfect, being able to generate new bone mass by shaping and projecting them out of your skin. You can also affect the bones of the enemy in any way you want, as their control is perfect.


True Necromancers


Necromancy explores the cosmic forces of life, death and death-life. Pluto's offspring, because they are often observing the natural cycle of life and death, had the opportunity to study and learn to manipulate the energy that animates all living things. Learning to draw a creature's life force while magic destroys its body, the offspring transform the life energy into magical power that they can manipulate.


Level 1-30: Initially, they will be able to perform only a few simple spells, since they are not yet used to the necrotic energy they are dealing with, and can use the list below:

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Animate Dead: Through this magic, the offspring manage to create an undead servant, which they control mentally. After choosing a pile of bones or a humanoid body and using magic, an energy fills the target with a corrupted imitation of life, raising it like an undead creature. The target becomes a skeleton, if you chose bones, or a zombie, if you chose a body

Note: The undead created by you are incomparably stronger than the rest.


Blindness: When focusing on a creature in its field of vision, the offspring is able to make it magically blind, being unable to see regardless of factors such as brightness and etc.


Stabilize: By touching the body of someone who has just been "killed", the offspring are able, through this magic, to prevent their soul from being mown by keeping them in a stable state between life and death until it is healed.


Sound the Dead: You point to a creature you can see, and the sound of a painful bell fills the air around it for a moment. Such a sound, almost deafening, causes great damage to the creature, which destabilizes itself. If the creature is already injured, the spell is more effective.


Deafness: Concentrating on a creature in its field of vision, the offspring is able to make it magically deaf, being unable to hear regardless of any factor.


Creepy Touch: You create a ghostly skeletal hand and have it attack a target of your choice. In addition to causing physical damage to it, it disturbs and deconcentrates it, making it difficult for it to attack you.


Level 31-60: The offspring begin to have a greater knowledge of the energy they are dealing with, even learning how to extract it from other creatures.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Cause Fear: you awaken a sense of mortality in a target that you can see and it will be frightened by you until the end of the spell. Such fear can force the target to retreat, as well as become paralyzed with fear.


Weakness: By focusing on a creature in its field of view, the offspring is able to imbue the effect of weakness on it, causing its strength and resistance to be halved.


Infringing Wounds: Several wounds and bruises begin to appear on the target's body, and these become increasingly serious and deep as the spell unfolds, requiring the concentration of the offspring to do so. The wounds can become so severe as to be fatal to the target. The spell also makes existing wounds worse.


Sickening Ray: A ray of greenish energy whips towards a creature. Upon reaching it, the creature becomes poisoned and begins to suffer the damage of the poison, and can be taken to death after a certain time.


Revive: By touching a creature that has recently died, the offspring is able to bring that creature back to life, even though it comes back injured and exhausted. This magic cannot bring back to life creatures that have died of old age, nor can it restore any lost body parts.


Vampiric Touch: The touch of your shadowed hand is able to drain the life force of others, causing damage to them, while transferring the energy to you, healing your wounds. Offspring are able to extend the shadows to drain energy, but not over great distances.


Level 61-90: The demigods begin to understand the concepts of life and death that their technique explores, even learning to imitate them.


Absorb Shadow: Through touch, you are able to extract an enemy's shadow and join it to yours, doubling its initial power. The number of shadows absorbed will be equivalent to the number of times its power is multiplied.


Create Undead: Since this spell is an addition to the “Animate Dead” spell, the offspring are able, instead of animating the body in a zombie, to transform it into a ghoul, faster, stronger, more resistant and intelligent creatures than zombies, also having an insatiable craving for meat.


Forge Death: When you touch a creature, you place it in a cathodic state indistinguishable from death, leaving it blind, incapacitated and unable to wake up until you dispel the magic. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to detect that the creature is actually in a trance, even by magical means.


Revive: You bring a dead creature that you touch back to life, assuming it has not been dead for more than 10 days. If the creature's soul is both willing and free to join its body, the creature comes back to life quite hurt, but far from being enough to die. This spell closes all deadly wounds and gathers body parts, although it does not restore lost parts. In addition, magic also neutralizes any poisons and cures non-magical diseases that affected the creature at the time of death. 


Pray Curse: By uttering words aloud, the offspring is able to cause a curse to fall on one or more chosen targets. The effects of the curse are very variable, and can affect the physiological characteristics of the being, such as leaving the targets in an insatiable thirst or hunger; make a small change in the probability, making it miss attacks more often, for example; or even change the destination (on a small scale), making something negative happen before it should happen, if it should happen.


Life Transfer: With your hand towards the target, you suck the vital energy from the target and transfer it to you, healing your wounds and restoring your energy. The offspring are also able to do the opposite process, sacrificing their energy to heal allies.

Note: the healing performed is always double the damage done.


Level 91-120: Campers start to better control the energy they are dealing with, being able to use it to perform basic spells that go beyond necromancy, in addition to increasing their bond with it. However, performing other types of spells is extremely exhausting for the offspring, consuming a large part of their vital energy.


Flood of Negative Energy: You send ribbons of negative energy in the direction of a target, which starts to fill the body of the target with such energy. The energy imbalance causes the body to collapse, paralyzing it at first, and leading it to death after a few shifts. If the target is an undead, the negative energy will have another effect on it, leaving it many times stronger, even able to match demigods in terms of power.


Failure: The target is surrounded by necromantic energy from the most corrupt and unscrupulous source, which soon starts to suck the vitality and moisture from the body of the being, leaving it in a few seconds in a stage close to that of a decaying corpse within days.


Plague: By concentrating your power around you, you are able to release a plague or disease in that region, which will begin to infect everyone who approaches that area and consequently you.

Note: if you release a pest, the insects will start to come out of your mouth and then attack the area.


Arcane Container: Your soul and consciousness leave your body towards the container, which was created with magical energy; while you are away your body will act and defend itself instinctively, being mostly neutral and immobile. In this form, you are able to own and control someone's body, causing your soul to pass into the container and remain trapped in it until you return to your body.


Resurrection: You touch a dead creature, and if the creature's soul is willing and free, it receives the gift of life back. This magic neutralizes any poisons and cures normal diseases that affected the creature at the time of death, as well as completely restoring the body, including lost parts.


Shadow of Disorder: Flame-like shadows envelop your body, and will remain so until the magic ends. While surrounded by the shadows, you gain protection against all attacks launched against you, especially those in the form of energy and light. 

Note: If the attack is very powerful, you can break this magical barrier.


Level 121-150: Being more experienced with transforming vital energy into magical power, the children of Pluto are able to perform more complicated spells from other magical strands, even if it is exhausting for him. Evolution has also made its necromantic spells stronger.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Visual Attack: Your eyes become empty, being filled with dark energy. You will have full access to the mind of the enemy that makes eye contact, being able to change it, stirring memories; cause mental damage to the target; and even control your mind, possessing your body in a way.


Finger of Death: When you point your finger at a target, it is surrounded by negative energy, which damages your body and turns you into a living dead of your choice (zombie or ghoul). Once the spell is successful, the energy of the transformed creature is passed on to you, regenerating its vigor and energy.

Note: it is not possible to reverse the spell, since the target was killed in the process. Once the negative energy leaves the body, it returns to normal, but the individual remains dead.


Full Disease: You are able to release a virulent disease throughout an entire city, infecting the area like a divine plague. You can choose whether the infection will show more aggressive symptoms or act silently until the patient dies, with complete freedom to do so.


Soul Cage: This magic snatches the soul and conscience and imprisons it in a small cage made of condensed necrotic energy. While with the soul imprisoned, the prisoner cannot be revived, and you can explore it in two ways: 1- you ask a question and receive an obligatory answer, the being can only answer what he knew in life and sincerely in the best possible way; 2- Three times per event, you will be able to use one of the skills of the one you imprisoned of your choice.


Summoning the Shadows: After having absorbed someone's shadow, the camper becomes able to summon a spectrum of that being, who will have all his powers, but the levels divided in half (since it is not a complete version). This spectrum will be loyal to you, taking your orders, and it can be controlled.


True Resurrection: being nothing more than an increment of the resurrection spell, being able now to break any spells, enchantments or curses that were on the dead and that may also prevent his return to life. In addition, the offspring is capable of creating a whole new body so that the dead can be resurrected, in case their previous one has been destroyed.


Level 151-180: You become a master of necromancy, being able to create your own spells and improve existing ones, maximizing them, as well as other magic schools. In addition, you have become able to exercise a little control over one of the forces you observe so much, the life force, being able to control it in a being, being able to rejuvenate; heal and regenerate any type of injury, be it physical, mental or spiritual; restore the energy of a being completely; giving life to inanimate beings or creating new forms of life; and resuscitate any dead person, regardless of their condition. Because it is an unstable and delicate technique, you can use it only once per event / saga.


Evaporate: You are able to remove all moisture from the environment around you, leaving the air, plants and bodies completely dry and, consequently, lifeless. If you do this where there are water sources, the water will evaporate instantly. 


Immortal Servant: Using various pieces of bodies and imbuing them with necrotic energy, you are able to give life to a unique being, whose existence is completely linked to yours. As long as you are alive he will be, regardless of your injuries. Your connection will also allow you to see and hear everything he hears or sees, and you can also feel his touch. If you are killed, your faithful servant will sacrifice himself in your place, being killed or extinguished in the process.


Astral Projection: You project your astral body onto the Astral Plane, which is only possible if you are not on the plane. Your material body is unconscious, protected and hidden, so that it is not affected while you travel. Your astral body is similar to your mortal form in almost everything, the only difference is a cord that extends behind your shoulder blade and traces a path behind you, disappearing after 30 centimeters. This cord is your connection with your material body. His astral and material body do not share damage, and the only way to be killed is to actually have the cord broken, which is only possible with very limited powers; otherwise, you will return to your material body. In astral form, you can travel freely on the plane, and access other planes and dimensions through the paths to them. Once this is done, 


Level 181-210: You start to exercise a little control over the other strength you were studying, and you can now control the force of death. With this control, you will be able to put someone in a state of death or half death, being able to decide the cause of death, detailing how, when and where they will die, thus being able to make it seem as if it is of natural causes, or not. Because it is a delicate and powerful force, you will be able to use it only once per event / saga.


Erase: When you control the energies of life and death simultaneously, you will have an unstable and incredibly powerful force in your hands. Thus, you will be able to direct that energy to a target, erasing it from existence. After doing this, you will fall from exhaustion.


Observation, once per event / saga.


Level 211-240: After so much study, you gain an understanding of its existence and the like, becoming a complete understanding of it in all its aspects, both of life and death. You are also able to control the energy of life twice per event / saga.


Level 241-270: You can now control the energy of death twice per event / saga; and, consequently, you will be able to merge the two energies twice. 


Phantom Transformation


Level 100: You emit a wave of pain and anger that hits your target, causing him indescribable suffering, as you bring justice from the underworld to the surface. Your target starts to be pulled down, and your body starts to dematerialize. He becomes a ghost without language, memory, or the ability to influence the physical; getting stuck in the underworld for eternity.

Note: The target can escape this ability only if they have not committed any crimes in their lifetime, but can still be affected, as their intentions will be judged.


Soul Manipulation


Level 1-30: The offspring will be able to steal the soul of any human or supernatural and have total control over it and may even destroy it, if they wish, or just absorb it. Each soul that the offspring absorbs will be like an extra life, being able to be sacrificed if it dies. Initially, it can absorb up to three souls.
Level 31-60: Now the number of souls that can be absorbed becomes 6 and, if the offspring is erased and has a full stock of souls, you can sacrifice the six to return to life.

Level 61-90: Now just sacrifice 5 souls and you can come back from a blackout.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Level 91-120: It is enough that 4 souls are sacrificed for the offspring to return.

Level 121-150: Now 3 souls are enough for the offspring to return.

Level 151-180: 2 souls are enough and the offspring will return from the erasure of existence.

Level 181-210: The law of one life for another becomes effective, and it is enough for the offspring to sacrifice one of their souls for it to return from being erased.




When entering this form, your body grows, easily exceeding two meters in height and, in some cases, reaching very close to the mark of three. The same happens with his hair, thus becoming a monstrous and hirsute being. 


In this form, you will cause such fear that you will be able to avoid all attacks by beings whose level is lower than yours, if they are still willing to fight, besides causing fear even in immune beings. You move at the speed of the shadows, and you gain absolute control over the shadows and souls, being able to control them at will.


The moment it is activated, the environment where the battle is taking place also changes, causing a huge crack to open in the ground, this being a direct path to the Orco. The fissure will suck the souls of all those on the battlefield, sending them into your personal stock, so that you can use it. If you are fighting where there is no ground, the crack will appear in the form of a portal, and only you can walk on it without falling into the realm of punishment.


Level 180-200: The divine form lasts for 2 rounds.


Level 201-220: The divine form lasts for 3 rounds.


Level 221-240: The divine form lasts for 4 rounds.


Level 241-260: The divine form lasts for 5 rounds.


Obs; Three times per event.


Necklace with skull-shaped pendant

After being pressed, it turns into a Stygius iron sword, the hilt is made of black gold, covered with leather from the wing of a Benevolent, manipulates and collects souls.

Mini terror helmet

Helm similar to that of the God of the Dead. Leaves the user invisible for an indefinite period of time and terrorizes opponents

Stygian iron shield with an embossed skull on the front

Turns into a wristband and is semi-impenetrable

Styrene iron chains

Short chains made of styrene iron with reach hooks at the ends






Damn dog

Level 20 - A small purple gravity sphere that comes out of the dog's mouth.

Level 30 - The dog increases gravity tremendously over a wide area. It is so powerful that the pressure exerted on a person can cause his body to self-combust.

Level 40 - Creates a huge spherical gravitational field that attracts the enemy to its interior, where it is crushed by the black spheres present within the field. It has enough power to destroy a mountain.

Level 50 - This spell creates a super concentrated gravity sphere around a target, to then implode, taking the target along.


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