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Serena has an immensely strong personality, always faithful to her goals and unstoppable until she conquers them, not because she is stubborn, but because she believes in her own ideals, her belief in herself, and above all, in her sense of justice and will. For those who do not know her intimately, she may appear to be a little self-centered, arrogant and proud, not that she cares to give those first impressions, maybe it is even true, and she really is all of that, which makes her interesting decipher. But don't get too excited, it's hard for the girl to have emotional attachments, but she keeps close to a certain group of people, who have earned her respect and haste. Conquering and earning your loyalty is not really difficult, but it can be an extensive journey for those who are not willing.


FULL NAME: Serena Blavatsky D'Martell

GOD: Initially Daughter of Azazyel, but now she has the powers of Chaos

HEIGHT: 1.65

WEIGHT: 55 kg




RACE: Initially Semi-Demon, currently Semi-Primordial


1st Madame of Theosophy

2nd First Holy Queen

3rd Holy Grail

4 ° Five Supreme Gods

5th Greek Elite

6th Former Grand Duchess of the Court of the Fallen

7th Queen of Hell

8th Demon Queen

9th Virgin Rider

10th Camper Highlight of the Great Games - 5th Edition

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Serena's story started long before her birth, still in the early days of humanity, and for you to be situated, I need to point out some aspects. First, Serena is a daughter originally if Azazel, or in modern vocabulary, Azazyel, in antiquity, the fallen was directly linked to a Hebrew ritual named Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), where a lamb was sacrificed by the priests in the name of Jave and another was sent into the desert to the fallen so that the tribe's sins could be paid for. Second, after years and years, the ritual was corrupted by Azazyel himself, who sought his personal good, giving rise to a sect.
The sect established a city in the interior of Russia, called Sudak, over the years, a tradition has been established. Only women would lead the sect, and at 40, she would carry two other children, girls, twins, conceived through consummation during a blood moon, between the current leader and future mother and the fallen himself.
The night was cold when the ritual began, Lilian, Serena's mother rested naked on the delicate fabric that covered the cold altar, the woman's white skin, reflected the moonlight, while she waited for her sovereign to appear in the midst of shadows. And so it was done, the blood moon was beginning, and from the shadows of the forest the man with immense black wings will appear, and in that short time, he ferociously possessed the body of his servant, planting in it, the corrupted seed of life .
The fate traced by the girl's parents forced her, along with her twin sister Agatha, to become exemplary, dominating the most diverse areas of knowledge and the demonic energy that flowed from her body, but the goal was cruel. The day before the sisters' 18th birthday, when at last their fates were revealed, Serena opened her eyes, in her mother's words, Azazyel looked forward to the most delicious sacrifice for 17 years. Serena was destined to dispute with her sister for her life, the daughters' birthday ritual, would consist of a duel, in which the strongest would rise as the youngest leader of the sect, while the weakest would be sacrificed and given to the fallen so that it consumed her. Agatha, faithful, was flattered by the honor, but Serena, enraged, judged all those who agreed, including mother and sister, as mad.
The long-awaited day had come to an end, and while the ritual was being prepared, Serena found herself fearing, and motivated by fear, she fled, leaving behind those she once called family.

Best friends




Joseph Martell


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