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Jiraiya (児 雷 也 - literally "young thunder"), the title character of the Japanese tale Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari (児 雷 也 豪杰 物语, "The Tale of Gallant Jiraiya").

It is a famous Japanese story written between 1839 and 1868 by several authors, being adapted to a play in "2018".

In ancient Japan, 5 types of magic were practiced: Frog, Snake, Slug, Bird and Spider. These types of magic were supposed to be incompatible with each other, but in this story, love managed to counter this trend.

Jiraiya was the heir to a powerful Kyushu clan. At a time when his family was experiencing financial problems, Jiraiya went to the province of Echigo (which is now Niigata) and became a pirate and head of a group of bandits. Years later he met an immortal hermit (sennin) who lived on Mount Myoko, who taught him frog magic (not only invocations, but all kinds of things).

After a few years, Jiraiya meets Tsunade, a beautiful young woman who used slug magic. The two fall in love and get married. Later one of Jiraiya's followers, Yashagoro, was bewitched by a snake and became a master of snake magic and turned against his former master and friend. Yashagoro took the name of Orochimaru and attacked JiraIya. JiraIya and Tsunade fought together against Orochimaru, but were poisoned by the snake's venom and became unconscious. Fortunately, one of Jiraya's followers, whose life had been saved by him, came to his aid and killed Orochimaru. At this point the story ends abruptly.


Appearance: As they are children of other gods, even though they disown their powers, they still have their characteristics.

Personality: They are kind and always use their skills to help their companions.


Passive Powers

Big force

Levels 1-6: Tsunade's followers have quite considerable strength, and can break rocks with punches.

Levels 7-12: Tsunade's followers can now break houses with their physical strength.

Levels 13-20: You can now break even a building with punches.

Super Jump

Levels 1-6: Can jump up to five meters.

Levels 7-12: Increase to ten meters.

Levels 13-20: Increases to fifteen meters.

Magic Immunity

Level 1: Your character is immune to magic, sorcery and curses.

Enhanced Powers

Levels 1-6: When fighting alongside a follower of Orochimaru or Jiraya, your powers double.

Levels 7-12: Now triple.

Levels 13-20: Quadruple.


Levels 1-6: Can withstand punches with ease.

Levels 7-12: Withstands even cuts.

Levels 13-20: Resists burns.

Active Powers


Levels 1-6: Create a clone of yourself.

Levels 7-12: Create up to two clones.

Levels 13-20: Create up to three clones.

Destroyer Fists

This is a skill in which the follower concentrates vital energy with precise control in his hands or feet and releases the energy with extreme time, which increases his strength.

Levels 1-6: Can break iron with concentrated parts.

Levels 7-12: Can break steel.

Levels 13-20: Can break diamond.

Energy Knives

Level 1: With spiritual energy focused on his hands, the follower can do serious damage to his opponent's internal organs if he strikes. This technique can even kill if it reaches the heart or throat or vital region. This technique leaves no external damage.

Absurd Regeneration

It is the ability created by the legendary Tsunade, which she used against Orochimaru, and this prevented her from dying in battle. Absolute regeneration consists of the rapid and immediate multiplication of cells to recover the injured body of its follower. The technique is able to restore any and every tissue or organ instantly, being considered the supremacy of medical skills. This rapid and forced multiplication makes the cells reach the state of aptosis more quickly, that is, they reach their dead state faster, causing their follower to age prematurely, thus their life expectancy falls. Due to its negative effect on the follower, it is used only on special occasions.

Levels 1-6: The follower regenerates 90% per round.

Levels 7-12: The follower regenerates 95% per round.

Levels 13-20: The follower regenerates 99% per round.


The Tsunade follower, through a special ability, can control someone's body, without having to be vulnerable, just by facing the victim. If anyone who is being controlled by skill tries to ignore the will that was imposed on him, he feels uncontrollable pain, until he accepts the order.

Levels 1-6: Just stare at your opponent for 15 seconds.

Levels 7-12: Just face your opponent for 10 seconds.

Levels 13-20: Just face your opponent for 5 rounds.

Illusion Cancellation

Level 1: Ability used to cancel illusions or mental attacks, remembering that it only works completely if the level of the follower is higher than the one who launched the illusion.

Regeneration for Allies

Levels 1-6: After placing your hand on a wounded person, 50% of injuries will heal.

Levels 7-12: Will regenerate 70% of injuries.

Levels 13-20: Will regenerate 90% of injuries.

Remove Poison

Level 1: By concentrating energy at the fingertips and reaching the right places, the follower causes the poison to be extracted from the patient.


Level 1: It can revive someone, however the body must be in good condition, and not completely mutilated.

Queen of Slugs

Queen of Slogans, and the only one of its kind. The slug can divide its body into several small slugs, and then regroup them into their original shape, it can also expel an acid corrosive. One of the main uses of the slug is in conjunction with the Tsunade follower, where it splits into different parts and adheres to people, and then the Tsunade follower can pass on its energy to heal people through the Queen. It has an extreme ability to withstand physical attacks, when, although divided into several parts, it survives atomic explosions. Fidelity and competence, two attributes that well define the usefulness of the queen of the slugs.

Levels 1-6: Capturing it is impossible! As she is a boneless mollusk, she has a fantastic ability to transform at will, she can divide the whole body and put it back together. All physical attacks are canceled using this technique. No matter how violent the attack, it will be nothing more than an attempt in vain. The enemy will only run out and eventually fall to the ground.
It can give Tsunade's follower the ability to transfer his own energy to any other being through the divided slugs, to heal others.

Levels 7-12: A highly concentrated acid paste is suddenly thrown from your mouth. The acid has such a high density and concentration that it even dissolves rocks, vaporizing them. There are no preparation moves to make before activating this ability. Thanks to this, one can easily catch the enemy off guard, denying any possibility of dodging.

Complaint gifts



Necklace that when touching it releases a bluish aura around the follower of Tsunade, causing anyone who tried to attack her the attack would come back to her, and whoever tried to approach would be repelled. Lasts 03 rounds.

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