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Drake is a calm, strong, proud, slightly arrogant man and likes to keep quiet. He doesn't like talking to strangers very much, but if he wins his friendship he will be very faithful to this bond. In your facial expression you will always be neutral, neither happy nor sad in some cases, it does not show feelings, when irritated your heart is consumed by fury, but does not hold a grudge. He really likes calm and peaceful places because it helps him to think, but he also loves fights and does not fight for little, he will always be faithful to his camp, even though he suffered a great prejudice when he arrived, he will never betray his companions. .



FULL NAME: Drake Storm

GOD: Zeus

HEIGHT: 1.89





RACE: Semi-God

1st God of Destruction

2nd Holy Grail



At 16, a blond-haired woman named Alyssa Storm worked in a league of professional killers located in the United States in the state of California in the city of San Diego, such a woman was the general of the entire division of the league, the league had a name complex but abbreviated would be RIVALS! Alyssa was walking around the city accompanied by 4 subordinates to recognize the location, in one of these walks the blonde was called to attention by a man with white hair and beards, the man approached but soon afterwards he was stopped by the 4 subordinates but apparently the man did not present threats to the woman, the same ordered the subordinates to leave, and with that the two started a formal conversation, as the day passed the conversation became a kind of flirtation between both, at the end of the day The act of sex started, after that day the blonde did not hear from this man. After 2 months the woman learned that she was pregnant with the man, the responsibility for raising a child alone was very great, but she had privileges due to the high position she had in the league and that helped her a lot. 7 months passed, the child was born and it was a boy, his name is Drake Storm, the boy grew up training in the league, becoming stronger and more specialized in martial arts and in the domain of hand-to-hand weapons (Swords, shields and etc) with each month that passed the training became more intense and more difficult to follow, but Drake adapted to that. When he turned 15 in one night, the league started to be attacked, the enemy was a division of RIVALS renegades, there were many enemies to fight, the league was over, but before everything was over Alyssa went to Drake's room save, she removed it from the building with a black suitcase, but before it could be saved the building was blown up, so Drake was saved, but the rest of the league was decimated, her only survivor was Drake, the legacy of RIVALS, inside the suitcase had specialized clothing from the league and a GPS with a fixed location, without thinking twice it followed to that location, it took 1 year to arrive, but when it arrives, it would be a kind of camp, but it was not a camp any but a Camp of semi-gods, upon entering it was received by a centaur, and in that camp he discovered his divine origin, his father was Zeus, Drake decides to stay in the camp, to live and learn about his divine powers s, and so began his life as a semi god in the half blood camp

Best friends

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Gabriel Chastel

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-10 at 13.55.41.jpeg

Hope Rhee


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Yuri Ludwig

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Grey Rhee




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